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How to Fix Xbox Game Bar Not Working Updated For 2022

Xbox Game Bar Not Working

The Xbox Game Bar Not Working attempts to replicate the Xbox magic on Windows desktops. You may bring up the Game Bar at any time by pressing the Windows key and G.

This allows you to easily review your gaming-related notifications and activate options like game recording. It’s generally quick and easy, but some users are reporting that when they try to summon the Xbox Game Bar Not Working, nothing happens.

The Game Bar, on the other hand, seems to be working as intended, although some of its features aren’t working.

Fix Xbox Game Bar Not Working Updated For 2022

1. Make sure the Game Bar is enabled

Even if your Game Bar was working correctly before, it could have been disabled due to a Windows upgrade or some background system change. As a result, you should always check the game bar toggle.

Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  1. Start by going to the Start Menu.
  2. Go to Settings > Gaming to get started.
  3. Choose the Xbox Game Bar.

Xbox Game Bar Not Working

Make sure that the option to record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using the Xbox Game Bar is turned on. If it’s already turned on, try turning it off and on again. If that Xbox Game Bar Not Working, it’s time to consider more serious steps.

2. Turn off your computer

Yes, simply restarting the machine should be your next step. This fixes a surprising number of Windows issues, including the Windows Game Bar on occasion.

3. Ensure that Windows is up to date

Because Game Bar is a Windows feature, it is possible that a Windows update will enhance game compatibility and overall reliability. It’s worth checking if any updates are required if you haven’t updated Windows in a while. Update your GPU drivers and software while you’re at it, as they can sometimes cause the Game Bar to malfunction.

4. Use Borderless Windowed Mode to play games

By default, most modern video games operate in a borderless window, but many older games default to full-screen mode. Check the game’s options to determine if it’s in full-screen mode, and then, if possible, switch to a borderless window.

When a game is in full-screen exclusive mode, certain games block the game bar from showing, which could be why you aren’t seeing it. Just keep in mind that running some games in a borderless window can degrade performance. When utilising a borderless window, you won’t be able to use HDR modes.

5. Taking Advantage of Direct Shortcuts

It doesn’t mean the Xbox Game Bar Not Working just because it doesn’t appear when you use its shortcut in certain games. For example, if all you want to do is start or stop a recording, you can use a keyboard shortcut to do so.

  • Press Win + Alt + R to start or stop a recording of the game you’re now playing.
  • Press Win + Alt + Print Screen to take a screenshot.

Just make sure you test it out first to make sure it’s working before you try to capture something important.

6. Verify the hotkey configuration once more

The default shortcut key for the Windows Game Bar is Win + G, but it can be changed. As a result, one probable reason Xbox Game Bar Not Working is that the combination has been modified. To see what the current shortcut is, type in the following:

  • Start by going to the Start Menu.
  • Go to Gaming > Settings.
  • Select the Xbox Game Bar option.
  • Make sure that the Win + G combination is still available under Keyboard Shortcuts.

Of course, you may swap things around while you’re here; just remember which new hotkey combinations you’ve picked!

7. Increase the number of KN and N installations of Windows 10

Some versions of Windows 10 don’t come with all of the media components installed due to legal issues that are too long to go into here. If you have Windows 10 KN or N, you’ll need to manually download and install the Windows Media Features bundle before Game Bar can function correctly.

8. Clear the Game Bar App’s cache

Resetting your game bar to its default settings is a nice way to get it working again. So, if something gets corrupted, you may simply restore it to the state it was in when you first used it.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Search for “Add or Remove Programs” in the Start Menu.
  • Then choose it.
  • In the list of applications, look for Xbox Game Bar.
  • In the Xbox Game Bar, go to Advanced Options.
  • Choose Reset.

Keep in mind that all app data will be erased, so make sure you have backups of your recordings to be safe.

9. Check to see if your game allows you to record it

Xbox Game Bar Not Working

It’s possible that all of your aggravation stems from the fact that some games just do not allow recording for various reasons. If Xbox Game Bar Not Working to function with a single game and it’s not a full-screen issue, look up the title on Google to see if others are having trouble recording it as well. You may be out of luck if it turns out that it isn’t just you. However, it’s possible that something other than Game Bar will be able to do it.

10. Make use of Game Bar Substitutes

The Game Bar is wonderful because it comes with Windows and works most of the time, but it isn’t the only option. It’s also far from being the most powerful! Both main GPU companies have developed their own software. It’s called ShadowPlay by Nvidia and is part of the GeForce Experience software bundle.

Xbox Game Bar Not Working

ReLive is how AMD refers to their solution. In both circumstances, you’ll get a game overlay that works similarly to the Xbox Game Bar. However, software created specifically for your graphics card may offer more game compatibility and have a lower performance impact. There are other third-party solutions.

Many professional game streamers use OBS, or Open Broadcast Software, which is an open source tool. While OBS is less slick and takes longer to master, it is highly versatile and can simultaneously record from several sources. There are no limitations when it comes to gaming.

Hopefully, these quick repairs (Xbox Game Bar Not Working) have re-started your quest to become a famous video game god. After all, if you don’t have video evidence of your mastery, how is anyone meant to know? Whether you use Game Bar or one of the many other fantastic options available these days, keeping your achievements is as simple as pressing a button.


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