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How To Fix The Xbox Game Bar Not Working Problem

Xbox Game Bar Not Working

Do you know how to Fix the Xbox Game Bar not working issue? Microsoft’s Xbox is the most frequently used gaming platform, and it provides a wealth of capabilities to its customers.

The Xbox Game Bar is one of these features. The Xbox Game Bar, while underappreciated in comparison to other features, can occasionally cause problems. As a result, many users are curious about what to do if the Xbox Game Bar not working.

What to Do If Your Xbox Game Bar not working

The Xbox Game Bar allows users to communicate, take screenshots, and broadcast live games, eliminating the need for third-party applications to perform these tasks. For a variety of reasons, the Xbox Game Bar not working. There are a variety of fixes for the Xbox Game Bar not working for various reasons. Let’s have a look at these options and how you may test them out for yourself.

1. Make sure the Game Bar is turned on

It is critical to check if the game bar has been activated in the settings before proceeding with any solution. Follow the instructions below to check if the settings are correct:

After that, see if the Xbox Game Bar is still not working. However, if you’re still having problems after this step, look into the options listed below.

2. Ensure that your firewalls are up to date

The reason you should check your firewalls is that they can cause many problems like Xbox Game Bar not working and prevent games from running smoothly when it comes to gaming. The Xbox app can be blocked by the Windows firewall at times.

If the Xbox game’s executable files are found in the firewall, turn it off and try running the game again. A third-party app can sometimes block and disable the Xbox game bar. Make sure there’s no such software obstructing the Xbox game bar in Windows 10 when you check your firewall.

3. Do Not Run Game Bar in Full-Screen Mode

Let’s say you open a full-screen Xbox game and then try to access the game bar, but it won’t open. It could be that the game bar is already active but does not appear in full-screen mode. However, this isn’t to imply that you can’t use the game bar options when playing in full-screen mode. The functions can be performed using a variety of keyboard shortcuts.

4. Using the Registry Editor, enable the Game Bar.

If you use third-party programmes, they can cause the Xbox Game Bar to stop working by modifying a registry value. In these circumstances, you’ll need to open the registry editor and make the appropriate changes to get the game bar to work.

Go down the following path:


Then, in the right pane, double-click the AppCapturedEnabled Dword.

5. Look over the hotkey configuration

The settings for the Xbox Game Bar are occasionally modified automatically. You should keep an eye on the settings to see if they aren’t the source of the issue. On your desktop, open the Xbox app, go to Settings, and select Game DVR. You can inspect and change the game bar hotkeys if the Record game clips and screenshots using Game DVR option is activated.

6. Get the Windows Media Feature Pack and install it

The Windows Media Feature Pack is a collection of apps that aren’t available in Windows 10 KN or N. There’s a chance you don’t have those apps if you have one of these versions. As a result, the Xbox Game Bar not working.

7. Relaunch the Xbox App

The Xbox Game Bar Not Working problem can be solved by resetting the Xbox App. This problem may be resolved by resetting your settings to their defaults.

The ms-settings: appsfeatures command in the RUN section can also be used to access this page.

In a few seconds, the Xbox app will revert to its original default settings. After you’ve completed the steps above, try running the game bar. If the first solution doesn’t work, try the next.

8. Uninstall and reinstall the Xbox App

Reinstalling the software is one of the greatest remedies for the game Xbox Game Bar not working problem. You must, however, uninstall it from Powershell because it is a core Windows application.

9. Shut down your computer

If none of the Xbox app solutions work, the best option is to do a system repair or reset your computer. This solution has been reported to have fixed the problem by several users. Details on how to reset a Windows 10 PC may be found here.

10. Clean Your Boot

Restarting your computer is another option for resolving the Xbox Game Bar Not Working problem. If users choose a clean boot, they will have more control over the programme they are running.

If that’s the case, start activating all of the necessary procedures to figure out which one was the source of the issue.


The Xbox Game Bar not working, but it does include features that gamers can’t live without. You can effortlessly stream live games, record movies, and snap screenshots without having to rely on third-party applications. That’s definitely the most straightforward explanation of how the Xbox Game bar works.

The game bar, on the other hand, contains numerous flaws, which is why many users have reported it disappearing multiple times. While there are a variety of reasons for this, there are also answers for each of them. Users who are experiencing issues with the Xbox Game Bar not working should first try the simple fixes described in this article before moving on to the more advanced approaches. Depending on why you’re having trouble with the game bar, different remedies will work.

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