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Complete Guide And WPX Hosting Review In 2023

WPX Hosting Review

Guide And WPX Hosting Review will be described in this article. A WordPress managed hosting company called WPX makes the claim that its services work better than those of other companies. Is it the quickest, though? Do your website make sense with it? I’m sharing my own experiences as a WPX customer since 2014 in this review. It used to be known as Traffic Planet Hosting back then.

Complete Guide And WPX Hosting Review In 2023

In this article, you can know about Complete Guide And WPX Hosting Review In 2023 here are the details below;

This isn’t your standard hosting evaluation, so no. I’ll outline the main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, cost, available options, and anything else you should know.

Let’s get going:

WPX Hosting features

WPX Hosting features

Starting off this WPX Hosting review by examining its main components.

Here are some of the more blatant characteristics you would anticipate:

Free CDN (XDN by WPX)

A free CDN is offered by WPX Hosting. It stands for Content Delivery Network, in case you are unfamiliar with the phrase. Also check Sidus NFT Heroes Review

Here is how they function:

It usually takes longer for a website to load the farther away a visitor is from the actual location of your website’s server.

Once enabled on your website, a CDN provider will serve your website’s assets from a location that is closer to the visitor. By doing so, you decrease latency and accelerate page loads.

WPX’s CDN can currently be accessed from more than 30 different countries across the world and is easily configured from the dashboard.

You must adjust your DNS using the IP addresses of the CDN in your account or use WPX’s nameservers.

If your website goes down, responsive customer service and free site fixes are provided.

Responsive customer support + free site fixes if your site goes offline

Responsive customer support + free site fixes if your site goes offline

One of the main problems I’ve had with many hosting providers, especially cheap ones, is how they handle assistance; they don’t seem particularly interested in resolving sites when they break.

If your site goes down while using WPX Hosting, they’ll fix it at no cost to you. However, in general, they constantly seem eager to find solutions.

The majority of my problems have been quickly fixed through live chat. Rarely are problems forwarded to email ticket support. But even then, problems are resolved very quickly.

And I appreciate that they don’t frequently refer support questions to lengthy pages in the knowledge base and then expect you to resolve them on your own. They’ll really be helpful.

Malware recovery

If you were to purchase a competent malware recovery service independently, it would likely set you back at least $200 a year.

It is a part of WPX Hosting’s offering. Fortunately, I’ve never needed this service, and I sincerely hope you never do either.

However, if necessary, they’ll remove malware from your website.

Automatic backups + manual backups

Your website will receive daily automated backups from WPX Hosting, and those backups will be stored for 28 days.

You might decide to manually backup your websites as well. To guarantee that you don’t lose any modifications in the event of a problem, it is a good idea to do this before any update.

These days, the majority of managed WordPress hosting providers come with automated backups as standard.

But there’s a crucial reason I’m going into further detail about this feature: recommended practices.

Although it’s good that web hosts provide automated backups as part of their service, you shouldn’t ever depend on them. Instead, I strongly advise you to take advantage of this function whenever it’s available.

Using a third-party backup service is recommended. Redundancy is important. Because BlogVault runs backups incrementally to prevent my sites from loading slowly, I use it for this. However, you may utilize one of the many WordPress backup plugins available.

For any of my websites, WPX Hosting’s backups have worked flawlessly. However, I’ve dealt with businesses that experienced problems with other hosting providers.

Free speed optimization

WordPress hosting that will optimize and speed up your website for free is quite rare.

I haven’t yet benefited from this offer. It is a very new addition to their inventory.

Open a support ticket and request that WPX Hosting improve your website if you want to take advantage of this offer. They will perform some tests to determine what is causing your site to load slowly, make some adjustments, and give you some additional ideas.

For this service, other businesses charge anywhere from $100 to $200 and more.

Usage based pricing

In the market for WordPress managed hosting, there is a pricing trend where prices are based on monthly unique visits. However, their definition of a “unique visitor” is always changing.

I personally don’t like this pricing method because it can result in high hosting costs because of overage fees. Larger companies can easily cover these fees, but I’d rather not spend money on hosting services if I don’t have to.

This is not done by WPX Hosting. Instead, their pricing schemes are based on resource utilization.

In the event that problems arise, you could employ Cloudflare to balance resource utilization. But I’ve never even come close to exceeding my WPX Hosting account’s bandwidth restrictions.

How fast is WPX Hosting?

How fast is WPX Hosting

You’ve probably seen a ton of hosting reviews that include tests of page load times.

For this WPX Hosting review, I’m going to test WPX Hosting differently than I would with a development site that receives no traffic and has few plugins loaded.

I’m going to display the page speed information for a site that more closely resembles the experience of the typical user. Several key points regarding the WordPress website I’m testing are listed below: The website is active and popular. I’ve lagged behind on site optimization; it could use a lot more work. Instead of testing the main page, I’m testing a blog entry.

The Kadence theme is used by the website. WP Rocket is built up primarily using the default options. Not the settings that WPX Hosting advises. I should probably replace a few resource-hungry plugins on the website. Not simply the one that looks best, but also the pagespeeds for desktop and mobile, will be displayed.

The majority of WordPress websites, I’m trying to say, are not fully optimized. They are imperfect. The majority of website owners won’t be receiving 100 pagespeed scores.

And for precisely that reason, I’m displaying to you test findings from one of my more problematic websites.

I’ll also demonstrate a concurrent user load test to you in addition to static “one-shot” PageSpeed tests. This test will demonstrate how response times alter as the number of concurrent users on the website rises.

Desktop page speed tests

Mobile page speed tests

Tests of mobile page speed

Speed tests for mobile pages at WPX

Overall, not bad for a website with errors. Although the mobile page speed isn’t as strong as I’d want, I will eventually solve that.

Furthermore, the site doesn’t appear to be suffering from weak Core Web Vitals at all. In comparison to several major competitors in the music industry, it is performing well.

Additionally, businesses insider and fail to surpass a mobile page speed of 50.

Recall that WPX Hosting offers free website performance optimization if you’re wanting to speed up your own website. They are the finest at knowing their servers; I haven’t utilized it yet.

Also a wonderful “quick-fix” for WordPress performance concerns is NitroPack. Based on their less aggressive ‘automatic’ optimization settings, Colin’s tests for Blogging Wizard when he wrote his evaluation revealed some really amazing page speed improvements. Also check Payhip Review

Concurrent user load test

I used to gauge how quickly WPX Hosting’s server responds as the number of concurrent users rises.

Budget hosting providers typically do poorly in these simultaneous load testing. Since WPX Hosting is a reputable web host, it ought to function efficiently.

WPX Hosting Pros and cons

The test scaled to 40 concurrent users and ran for one minute.

I deliberately chose a number of users that would be significantly higher than what most WordPress blogs would receive, especially smaller ones. In order to prevent response times from spiraling out of control, this was done to ensure that WPX Hosting could manage brief traffic spikes.

My WordPress site had an excellent average response time of 131 milliseconds and a peak response time of about 250 milliseconds.

And these outcomes would be considerably better with future site modifications.

What makes WPX good? What is the negative? Let’s look at this:


Excellent for new users – The dashboard is very simple to use. WPX Hosting is a good choice because it removes all technological obstacles.

Excellent performance, although I wouldn’t argue that WPX is the quickest WordPress managed host available. Having saying that, they do perform really well.

Looking at my uptime tracking, I can see that my sites on WPX Hosting have seen extremely little downtime. And in the previous 8+ years, there has only been one notable downtime.

Customer service that responds quickly – Some hosts don’t appear overly concerned in fixing issues. But WPX Hosting is unique. On live chat, you can typically talk to someone in a few minutes. They’ll be able to resolve the problem in the majority of circumstances. If they are unable to, you will be sent to email support, which is typically slower but still rather quick.

Free CDN – WPX Hosting has its own CDN, named WPX XDN, which runs out of more than 30 locations across the world. Within your dashboard, a few clicks will activate it.

Automated backups and the establishment of staging sites are relatively common among web servers, but they are still crucial.

Free malware recovery – WPX Hosting will repair your website for you if it is hacked or infected with malware. There is no need to pay more to Sucuri.

WPX Hosting offers email hosting, in contrast to many other WordPress managed servers. It’s simple, and I would advise using an outside supplier for more redundancy, but it’s still helpful to have and saves money.

The cost is determined by bandwidth; I don’t like the visitor-based pricing that other WordPress hosting employ because it adds up quickly. Since WPX Hosting bases its cost on usage, this is not a problem. I didn’t use all of my available bandwidth, not even on my busier websites.


Despite WPX Hosting’s excellent website load times, it’s still shared hosting with constrained resources. You do receive dedicated resources, so servers aren’t oversold as they sometimes are with shared web hosting companies. More resources are available in higher plans.

Only a few PHP workers are needed because they’re what let your site do dynamic tasks. Your site can manage more dynamic duties the more you have. Unfortunately, regardless of your plan, you don’t get many with WPX, making it a poor choice for managing an online business.

Limited scalability – WPX Hosting is not suitable for websites with large traffic. You would need to switch to a new web server if you needed more resources than their highest plan offered. This probably won’t be a problem for the majority of bloggers and content producers, but it’s still important to be aware of.

WPX Hosting pricing and plans

Three pricing tiers are provided by WPX Hosting. Each is discounted and offered monthly or annually.

Here is a summary of what each one contains:

Business ($24.99/month)

Professional ($49.99/month)

Elite ($99.99/month)

35 or more webpages

60 GB of space

Unlimited bandwidth (subject to WPX Hosting’s discretionary acceptable use policy).

Additionally, all plans come with free daily backups, free performance optimization, free malware removals, staging sites, unlimited site migrations, free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, free site fixes (if your site goes down), a 99.95% uptime guarantee, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Additionally, higher plans now have more server resources, which is important to note. On their pricing website, WPX Hosting does not, however, make them publicly visible. If you ask support, they’ll be happy to explain what they are.

For instance, Elite plans receive 3 CPU cores whereas Professional plans receive 2 CPU cores.

Alternatives for WPX Hosting

Alternatives for WPX Hosting

Check out these options if your website’s requirements don’t match those of WPX Hosting and you’d rather look into other web hosts:

I use Cloudways | (Read our review) as my primary web host for my busiest websites. You just need to decide which cloud service to use and how many resources you need. It’s simple to upgrade server resources. I’d advise individuals who have prior web hosting knowledge to choose this provider because of the more sophisticated interface.

Kinsta | (Our review) – Kinsta powers sites like Flippa and Drift and is a well-known managed WordPress host. I use them to host a few of my company’s WordPress websites. It’s expensive because they bill based on visits rather than consumption, but it’s quite good. Excellent support and performance.

Nexcess – Nexcess provides specialized web hosting packages for WooCommerce and regular WordPress websites. The high availability of PHP workers is one of Nexcess’ best features. In fact, their WooCommerce plans feature advertisements for it.

Final thoughts

Here are a few closing remarks for this WPX Hosting evaluation.

Affordable managed WordPress hosting is available from WPX Hosting. Their product is perfect for beginners who seek reliable website performance without added expenditures or hassles. Or anyone looking to move up from cheap web hosting while keeping costs in check.

Great features include the built-in CDN, malware recovery, and a beginner-friendly dashboard. Budget hosting companies don’t typically offer malware recovery, which is one of the benefits of choosing WPX Hosting over providers like Bluehost.

Although WPX isn’t the quickest WordPress hosting provider available, their site speed is excellent. And my sites have had amazing uptime.

The cost at WPX Hosting is one of its best features. Many WordPress managed hosting base their pricing on the number of unique monthly visitors. Additionally, they specify in the fine print that they stop what they consider to be individual visits once every 24 hours.

This could result in very expensive hosting costs.

WPX Hosting, however, does not. They base the cost of their plans, which I think is more fairly, mostly on bandwidth use.

Nevertheless, not everyone would benefit from them. As an illustration, I don’t advise WPX Hosting for e-commerce websites. WooCommerce just needs more PHP workers than they are now available. Additionally, it is not a good fit for sites with heavy traffic because there is no way to scale beyond their Elite plan.

Because I needed to be able to easily increase server capacity to match the site’s traffic growth, I migrated Blogging Wizard to Cloudways. I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it.

I still use WPX Hosting to host a few of my smaller websites, though. Because the additional features (CDN, Firewall, and Malware Removals) help to keep these sites’ operational costs low. And they have amazing customer service, in my experience.

I therefore feel secure in the knowledge that these modest websites powered by WPX Hosting are doing their jobs and I don’t need to pay attention to them. And if something goes wrong, they’ll be fixed.

Will WPX Hosting, however, work well with your WordPress website? Your needs will determine how. Small site owners and novices can’t truly make a mistake. And if it turns out that WPX is not the right web host for you, there is always that 30-day money-back guarantee.

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