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Top 14 Best WorthPoint Alternatives And Similar Sites

WorthPoint Alternatives

Best WorthPoint Alternatives  will be discussed in this article. Are you a person who used to collect items but now wants to sell them? If so, you should check out these WorthPoint alternatives. Well, you can always use WorthPoint, considering lots of features are helping you get the right price.

However, many other sites on the internet can provide excellent exposure to your collectibles. Besides, you need a buyer, right?

Top 14 Best WorthPoint Alternatives And Similar Sites

In this article, you can know about WorthPoint Alternatives here are the details below;

Regardless of the purpose of selling your collectibles, you will find a index of the best places to sell them. Some of them come with free services and free plans, while others will charge you a series of costs.

What is WorthPoint?

WorthPoint is an online platform where you can sell collectibles and antiques. Besides selling items, this platform also provides a tool to track or find out how much an item could cause.

Of course, it is highly useful especially if you own a rare item and have no idea how valuable it is. WorthPoint, on the other hand, is highly popular among vintage enthusiasts and sellers. Even eBay users often go to this platform to look for antique collections.

However, this site doesn’t offer any free services. You have to pay for subscriptions so that you can list your items on this site.

Other than that, it is crucial to have good skills at reading the market trends to avoid losing more money in the first place. Many sellers would use WorthPoint as a way to sell items at eBay too – of course, it takes knowledge and experience.

Generally, WorthPoint is a great platform and offers lots of useful things for sellers. However, it is not a free site. So, if you are looking for a free website to list and sell your collectibles then you better try other platforms.

Best WorthPoint Alternatives to Sell Vintage Stuff

If you are scrutinizing for a place to sell collectibles, rare items, vintage furniture, and other similar things, WorthPoint may not be able to handle all those things at once. Thus, you need to check out this list below and find a perfect platform to sell and buy vintage stuff.

1. Etsy


WorthPoint provides the best way to sell collectibles. You can even find the right value for any item you want to let go of. And if you are looking for a similar place that may give you exposure to buyers with similar interests then Etsy is what you need. The listing fee is relatively small and you only need to set aside 5 percent of your sales price.

This place is also a perfect spot to create your own brand. Hence, this platform will be suitable for those who sell vintage items, textiles, and so on. And if you have many items to sell then you should go to Etsy. Millions of people go to this site to look for vintage items.

2. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane

The business of vintage stuff has expanded its wings which allows users to find e-commerce for collectibles. Ruby Lane is one of those places you can head to whether you are looking for something or want to sell collectibles in the first place.

Besides, this platform is like a virtual antique mall. By that, you have to pay to be part of its premium service and you get great exposure.

Even though the monthly service subscription is higher than others on this list, Ruby Lane allows you to post up to 80 items. Also, there are no commission fees for everything you’ve sold. Since this site is an online antique mall, you can sell your stuff at a better value.

3. Zibbet


Zibbet provides the best place to sell antiques online, especially for small vendors. This platform has been around quite a while now but WorthPoint and other platforms might still be bigger.

This site focuses more on handmade stuff and vintage items. Even though the UI design is similar to Etsy, Zibbet looks much more minimalist. Thus, if you are looking for a pleasant experience then you should go to this platform.

One of the multiple exciting things about this platform is its free plan. Users can sell up to ten items by using the free plan – but with limitations of features. On the other hand, the subscription model utilizes a flat rate, ranging from USD 5 to USD 20 – depending on how many items and features you want.

Zibbet also allows users to create a website separated from the platform. So, why don’t you give this platform a try?

4. Bonanza


Meanwhile, Bonanza provides an excellent spot to buy and sell antiques as well as collectible items. You can say that this place is a vintage version of eBay, considering it focuses on second-hand items and fashion. Also check  AdThrive Alternatives

The only thing that makes you a bit uncomfortable is the lack of separate categories for collectibles and vintage items. And if users want to buy them, they need to scroll through the fashion and beauty categories.

More than anything, Bonanza is such a flea market but with better and more responsive customer service. It is not a free listing site, however.

5. Selency


When it comes to alternatives to WorthPoint, it will be unfair to not include Selency. This platform uses a quite specific niche. People go there to find unique home décor, vintage furniture, and other collectibles.

More than anything, looking for the best vintage furniture has never been this easy. You will find lots of collections with various design styles.

Other than that, Selency has a group of professionals that hand-pick all items sold in this place. This place suits those who want to buy items in the first place.

6. Craigslist


Even though Craigslist is not specifically one of those online antique sites, you will most likely find vintage items through the list. Whether you will buy or sell items, this platform is worth considering in many ways.

Listing your products on Craigslist is effortless. You can even set the prices as you want to so that you may get better cash. Other than that, it opens the possibility to meet the buyers in person. It is highly convenient if you sell locally.

So, why don’t you give this platform a try? Buying and selling antique items will be as easy as it could be on Craigslist.

7. Webstore


WorthPoint is not a free site to sell antiques. However, if you prefer free WorthPoint alternatives then Webstore might suit your style. This platform is a free auction site supported by donations and ads.

With those kinds of support, Webstore keeps the operation going even though the cost is lower than other sites on this list. On the other hand, users don’t even need to pay for membership or listing. Even though users can try this platform for free, your stuff may get good exposure. It is also a good place to find collectible items, even though the users are not as many as eBay or others.

8. eBay


eBay is surely a popular one. You can sell almost any kind of item on this platform and get huge exposure. Generally, millions of people go to this site because it’s great for buying and selling collectibles or vintage stuff.

This platform is not specifically designed for rare items, after all. This is why you may get a bigger exposure in the first place. You can use the free plan to list up to 50 items. Later, you have to pay 30 cents per item.

The only drawback of eBay is that the commission fee is kind of high – 10% from your sale. Still, you should consider this platform, especially if you often sell high-valued stuff.

9. Sotheby’s


Sotheby’s is one of the WorthPoint best alternatives available out there. This site has an excellent reputation and you can sell almost any kind of antique.

This platform is simply the definition of an online auction house where lots of antique enthusiasts come over. Other than holding auctions, Sotheby’s also handles private sales. You will find lots of fine art, collectibles, real estate, and many more. Also check  self storage software

Of course, you can sell items on this platform as well. Make sure you’ve prepared the documents and other necessary information about your items before submitting them.

10. Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions is also one of the best websites like WorthPoint which provide a place to sell valuable items. As its name suggests, this platform holds auctions for years – almost five decades not.

This platform has been certified by the Better Business Bureau and got an A+ rating. In Heritage Auctions, you can sell memorabilia, books, sports memorabilia, fine art, vintage decorative items, and so on.

Final Thoughts

WorthPoint becomes one of the best platforms in the market due to its interesting features. Other than allowing you to sell vintage items, collectible, and rare stuff, you can check out how much you can sell those things in the first place.

Thus, WorthPoint is suitable for anyone who’s not sure about how much an item could cost. This feature might be lacking on many similar sites. Still, other platforms mentioned on the list above will make a good place to sell antiques for cash.

For instance, you should try an auction house to get the most money; Sotheby’s and Heritage Auctions could be a perfect place for that. Meanwhile, Bonanza, Etsy, and Craigslist could provide great exposure yet give you more control over the price. So, have you tried those WorthPoint alternatives? What kind of items have you sold on that platform?

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