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7 Working Hacks To Promote Your Instagram Page In 2023

Working Hacks To Promote Your Instagram Page

7 Working Hacks To Encourage Your Instagram Page In 2023. Instagram was founded in 2010, and today this social media net has over one billion active monthly users – over 1000 photos per second are uploaded here and more than 60% of people who have IG visit it daily. Isn’t that impressive? That’s right – all of the above makes Instagram a platform that gives great possibilities to those people who want to spread a word about their products, services or informational properties. IG is a platform that suits not only for chats and exchanging photos with friends, but also for business; we’d say that in 2023 this is very much a business platform.

7 Working Hacks To Promote Your Instagram Page In 2023

In this article, you can know about 7 Working Hacks To Promote Your Instagram Page In 2023 here are the details below;

This is why many people keep on logging in here and trying to find a channel to communicate and interact with their audience. However, if you live one of those people and want to reach success asap, you’d need lots of help from the side – at least in gaining enough subscribers to make your profile look decent and weighty. In this article we have gathered several hacks that you can utilize to reach that goal: some of them are paid, like an opportunity to purchase Instagram followers, & some of them are free. We’d recommend you look through all of these and use all of these at once, so that you’d maximize the advantages that you are able to take from the organized promotional campaign.


This method is completely free, but will take some of your time and effort. This is an activity that takes leaving comments under the posts of bloggers in your niche. Pick the ones that have gained a huge audience and are quite popular, and interact with people who come to comment on their publications. Don’t be rude and intrusive, don’t ever try to discredit the blogger – leave interesting comments and have a very “saying” and catchy main picture and username while doing that. People who will see you in a comments section should have a clear understanding of who you are and what you’re doing on this platform. Otherwise, they won’t want to click on your profile and check out your content – and this is the main goal of commenting as a promotional hack. Also check Instagram Likes

Free mutual PR or influence marketing through big bloggers

The first option is free, & the second one is paid – but both of those are highly efficient. Choose whatever you find more convenient; but if you’re a total beginner, we’d recommend you to start from free mutual PR for sure. You’d be surprised at how many beginner bloggers are out there on Instagram, waiting for a chance to collaborate with somebody and enlarge their audience. Don’t be like them: write an offer and reach out to several interesting content creators who have the same number (or a little bit bigger) of subs as you do. You will be able to collaborate and exchange the audiences – for example, if both of you have 100 subs individually, together you can have 200, and so on.

But if you’re here for quicker and better results, write to a big blogger who monetizes their blog by taking profiles for PR. They can tell their huge and loyal audience about you in a form of recommendation, either in post or in stories. Choose the format (we’d say, that posts are more decent in this case) and write what you want them to say about you. After you pay the price, the content creator is going to do the work and you’re going to see a serious increase in your followers count and the peak of activity under your posts and stories.

Activity chats and mutual support

This one is suitable for beginners only, as it brings kind of a “general” audience to your profile, plus, it is almost surely not permanent. But if you’re in need of a visibility of success, this one is going to work great. Marketing is all about illusions, isn’t it? So you can come to a chat on Telegram and What’s App and join a chat of content creators who need support and provide it to one another. They usually are sharing the links to posts and stories which they need to promote, and other content creators click on them and do what’s needed for a favor in return. You can easily join that party; an additional benefit of that method is that in chats like this you resolve be able to meet buddy-bloggers whom you can come back for more mutual PR in the future. Also check Dumpor

A chance to buy Instagram subscribers

This option is a must for everyone: for people who only start off on this platform and for people who have run into stagnation while trying to develop their IG pages. The only thing that you should hold in mind is that you need to purchase exclusively real subscribers – it means that you should find a company that “hires” actual IG users to do what their clients need. They can become somebody’s subs, leave likes and comments, watch stories, etc – all of that is done for a payment or for a nice bonus afterwards. Companies give away coupons, free content and other pleasing stuff like that; this way you can stay sure that all sides of the bargain are going to be satisfied.

But if you run into a company that sells bots and fakes instead of real subs, run for the hills. This is not a decent way to promote your page – inactive users are only going to pull your stats down and bring you to the moment when IG algorithms might put your page into the shadow ban. It means that from that moment your content won’t be shown to anybody at all, because the algorithms have noticed too much of a suspicious activity in your profile. So make sure that you’re checking the quality of the services that you’re about to buy and ask the questions from a manager beforehand if you have any.

Targeted advertisements from Instagram

This one is also key to bringing lots of interested viewers to your profile. Instagram offers a unique system of ads circulation that makes sure that each ad is seen by people who are really inquisitive in it. It is done by collecting and saving the data of users’ searches and subscriptions on the platform, and although from the first sight it might seem a little bit intrusive, in fact it helps people find the goods they were thinking about and sell the products and services if you create them.

However, this option might be pricey, if you’re willing to get great results – you can spend up to $100 and more on one ad, and because of that we’d recommend you to make small, but sure steps. Start off with an ad on a budget and set “smaller” audience reach settings, so that you’d be able to test the rest of your settings for an ad and become sure that you’re not making any mistakes. After that you resolve be able to expand the audience reach and change the settings a little bit, so that more potentially interested people would be able to see your clips and posts.

We’d also like to note that this paid option should be taken on only after you’ve used all the previous methods; people who will come to you because of the target ad should see that you’re already successful and have lots of validation and approval signs from your audience; because targeted ads mean, that you’re taking your IG profile seriously, that you’re a pro and that you have already had lots of experience in what you’re doing. So make sure to match that or at least create a decent visibility of that before using the target.

Cross posting

Last but not most negligible, if you have any somebody following you on any other social media platforms, don’t forget to inform them about your new page. If they support you on other social media, they are certainly going to be interested in what you’re doing on Insta. If you’re selling some products or services, you can motivate them to subscribe by giving away gifts or discount codes – this will help with increasing the loyalty and building up the reputation, so don’t lose that chance. Find balance: don’t choose the gifts and codes that are going to cost you big money, come up with something pleasing for your audience and relatively effortless for you.

Summing Up

You will be competent to contact the most reasonable of results by using free and paid methods that we have stood talking about in this text. Start with the free ones and then slowly and gradually add them up with the paid tools to reach the top as soon as possible. However, remember, that none of those methods will work without your own efforts and time spent on the platform – you should put your creativity and skills into generating high quality content and interacting with the audience, otherwise all of your investments into the promotional tools are going to be for nothing.

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