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Why M1 is the best place to buy your new high-end Samsung phones

Do you want to own the latest 5G Samsung phone and looking for the best deal? If yes, then M1 has exactly what you are looking for. M1 has made it easy for its customers to own the latest high-end Samsung phone by selling them at the best price. So, whether you are looking for a Galaxy Z flip 5g, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy S20, or Galaxy Note 20, you can be sure that you will get them at the best price at M1.

Genuine phones

High-end Samsung phones are very expensive. The last thing you want is to find out later that you have bought a fake phone. When you buy the latest 5G Samsung phone at M1, you are guaranteed that it is genuine and of high quality. All their phones come with a 2-year warranty, meaning that if something happens to the phone and the warranty is still valid, your phone will be fixed at no extra cost. They also have a wide variety of high-end Samsung Galaxy phones including Galaxy 20 series, Note 20 series, Galaxy Z flips 5G, Galaxy Z fold 2, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and more. This means that you will have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Seamless purchase process

Unlike other networks that require customers to sign multiple contracts and paperwork to get a new Samsung galaxy phone, M1 has made the process incredibly easy and stress-free. You can walk into any of their shops or you can order from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is create an account with M1, then choose a phone that you want and it will be delivered to your doorsteps safely. That’s it.

Very affordable price

M1 offers the latest 5G Samsung galaxy phones at the best price. If you buy your new Samsung phone at any of their shops, you will save up to 10% of the money that you will use if you purchase it at a local retail shop. Additionally, you can choose to pay the phone on a contract or a non-contract deal. For instance, if you choose a non-contract deal, you can own the latest Samsung model on a bespoke Flexi plan with zero upfront payment and enjoy a repayment period of up to 36 months. If you want to buy a high-end Samsung phone at the best price, then look no further than M1.

Great customer care service

The quality of customer service that you are given when purchasing any product matters a lot and M1 does not disappoint. M1 offers excellent customer service to all its customers. So, if you have any questions you need to ask about a certain phone, payment options, data and talk time deals and more, you can contact their customer care team and they will offer satisfactory solutions. If you need help when buying a Samsung phone, their expert will give you professional advice to help you make the right choice.  Click to find the best deal on high-end Samsung phones. Below are reasons why M1 is the best place to buy your new high-end Samsung phone.

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