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What the First Bitcoin Makeover in Four Years Means to Users

Bitcoin technology is undoubtedly one of the leading innovations in the world today. Bitcoin has made numerous strides from a mere payment option to the most successful cryptocurrency. Initially, the technology received a lot of criticism from the public. People didn’t like the scamming incidents on the platform and Bitcoin’s link with illegal activities such as money laundering. Moreover, trading on advanced crypto exchanges like the has become more seamless and profitable.

Most users also never liked Bitcoin because they had tested no cryptocurrency before. Therefore, they stuck to the conventional currency instead of prioritizing Bitcoin for payment. Experts argue that most people didn’t welcome the concept of cryptocurrency because they didn’t know about its future.

In 2021, the Bitcoin blockchain platform received a crucial upgrade. The update was the first one after four years and improved various aspects of the cryptocurrency. From enhancing sensitive data security to adding more functionality, the Taproot Upgrade opened a new chapter in Bitcoin’s journey to success.

What Does the Taproot Upgrade Entail?

The Taproot update involved various improvements to the core software running Bitcoin cryptocurrency. This incredible improvement took years to approve, develop, and deploy. The Bitcoin community is always careful whenever handling any software update. Members don’t want anything to go wrong because they know any error could be catastrophic.

So before deploying the Taproot Upgrade, the development team conducted numerous tests. They repeated the same tests for months before the November official deployment. Thanks to their commitment, it ensured high efficiency on the Bitcoin blockchain network.

With Bitcoin’s Taproot improvement in action, the Ethereum blockchain will no longer dominate as the ideal platform for digital projects. Things can’t be the same because Taproot is redefining everything. The following are some ways the Taproot Upgrade will benefit the Bitcoin community.

More Opportunities

One critical thing that matters to investors is the availability of various options. Nobody wants to be confined, so the Taproot improvement is a game-changer. The enhancement increases the blockchain’s capacity to host many projects. For example, software developers can create and deploy various applications from which they can earn money.

The update also opens the way for more flexible financing options like Decentralized Finance (De-Fi). And this makes cash readily available to those seeking it, thus speeding up business.


Before the landmark Bitcoin software upgrade, some transactions were unsustainably high, especially those that involved small amounts. However, Taproot changed the story by minimizing the disc space and energy requirements, thus lowering the platform’s operational costs.

As a result, paying for goods and services with BTC is now more affordable than ever. And this means you can also join the thousands of cryptocurrency investors making money on the platform.

Smart Contracts 

Smart contracts are sophisticated software enabling investors to create projects that execute automatically. The Taproot Upgrade increased the capacity of the Bitcoin-based blockchain to hold smart contracts. Users can automate various operational processes and cut production costs with this functionality.

For example, a smart contract can check if the part has met the set conditions of a given project before releasing payment to the intended recipient. Also, you can use smart contracts to automate the payment of salaries to your workers. Most importantly, these advanced functionalities enable users to automate the transactions of their monthly bills. And this can ensure timely payments and avoid lateness fines.

The Bottom Line

Bitcoin technology didn’t receive any significant improvement on its core software after 2017. But in 2021, the network’s community announced it plans to deploy a revolutionary upgrade in November of the same year. They called the proposed improvement the Taproot Upgrade, opening a new chapter.

Taproot increased security on the Bitcoin network by concealing sensitive transaction information on the blockchain. Also, this update increased the capacity of the Bitcoin-based blockchain to host smart contracts. With this, users can automate various processes and minimize operational costs.

Another notable benefit of the Taproot project to Bitcoin users is the availability of more investment options. For example, the BTC network can host De-Fi applications, making financing services more available. Thanks to the update’s top-notch efficiency, users can transact rapidly at lower charges.

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