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Are you looking for the best sites like WatchCartoonOnline to watch cartoons online in 2022? There was a time when I would binge-watch every cartoon on Cartoon Network, the most popular channel, when they aired fantastic episodes like Johnny Bravo, Swat Kats, Flinstones, and so on.

Nowadays, cartoon channels are a waste of time, broadcasting garbage that has no sense and provides no value to the viewer. If you’ve heard of WatchCartoonOnline, a popular cartoon streaming service that was banned from Google because of DMCA strikes, you won’t be disappointed.

The site (WatchCartoonOnline) serves as a one-stop shop for 90s kids who want to relive their childhood memories and re-watch their favourite cartoon series. However, as the administrators indicated in a message, the site may go down at any time, and in that event, you’ll need some backup options, right?

In this article, we’ll go over 14 of the greatest WatchCartoonOnline alternatives so you can keep having fun even if the site is momentarily unavailable. WatchCartoonOnline is a website that allows you to watch animated cartoons online.

What is WatchCartoonOnline?

WatchCartoonOnline.com is the greatest website for watching cartoons online. The site has been on the internet for a long time, but Google has deleted it from its index owing to DMCA violations.

If you know the correct domain name, you can still access the site and watch your favourite cartoon show; if you don’t, check below. You may watch anime, movies, dubbed anime, and OVAs on the site in addition to cartoons.

14 Sites Like WatchCartoonOnline

So, without spending any more time, let’s get to the alternatives to WatchCartoonOnline. Here are the best sites similar to WatchCartoonOnline.com.

Disney Now

Disney is every kid’s favourite channel, and they’ve created a separate platform called Disney Now to meet the demand for online cartoon streaming. It includes a list of all the Disney channels as well as the shows they broadcast. Although the streaming quality is unquestionably excellent, you are unable to download anything from the site because it prohibits the illicit distribution of copyrighted information. Overall, the site is fantastic and a viable legal substitute for WatchCartoonOnline.

Visit here


Another cartoon streaming site to add to the list, CartoonsOn, has great streaming quality and a simple layout, but their catalogue lacks a lot of old and amazing cartoon series. There aren’t many vintage cartoon shows, but if you’re happy with what’s there, you’ll enjoy it. I also had problems with the video player, which stopped operating as soon as I turned on the adblocker. Overall, the site is a good substitute for WatchCartoonOnline, although it lacks a large number of cartoon series and essential features like subtitles, offline streaming, and the ability to create a favourite list.

Visit here


CartoonCrazy is a good platform for watching cartoons and anime episodes online. The site’s database contains a list of all the cartoon series available, making it easy to select the one you want to watch. The site’s database currently contains over 26,000 cartoons and anime shows. The movie player and streaming quality will not let you down. CartoonCrazy has everything you’ve been looking for, but you won’t be able to download anything.

Visit here


Kimcartoon is a KissAnime-owned and operated cartoon streaming site. It features a large collection of cartoons that you will enjoy watching. An adblocker can be used to block advertisements on the site. Although the streaming quality is quite good, subtitles are not available, and not every cartoon show is available in several languages. If you can’t locate your favourite cartoon series on the site, you can submit a request and wait for the administrator to upload it.

Visit here


CartoonExtra is an intriguing cartoon streaming site with an old-school user interface and a large database of classic and new cartoon series to watch. The shows are available to stream online or to download without a watermark to watch later. You may browse comic books or watch movies on the site if you get weary of binge-watching a show. There isn’t much to say about CartoonExtra; simply click the button below to try it out.


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It is one of the most popular OTT media platforms, offering a diverse selection of material to its users, including Netflix originals, web series, movies, and documentaries. Netflix isn’t just for adults; it also caters to children, with a variety of cartoon shows available in a variety of languages. The streaming quality is excellent, however it is dependent on the plan you have chosen, therefore it operates on that premise. You can also download the content to watch offline, but you won’t be able to transfer it to another device.


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AnimeToon is a great place to go if you’re looking for anime series, Korean dramas, comics, and other entertaining material. The site may not have a sophisticated user interface, but it does deliver full cartoon episodes, anime shows, and movies in great resolution, which is what a viewer like you and me wants. The UI, on the other hand, is clean, with simple navigation and fewer advertisements. What more could we ask for from a free cartoon streaming website? It also comes with an Android app that allows you to watch content on the go.

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ToonOva is an excellent alternative if you want a simple user interface with fewer advertisements. The user interface may not be flashy or minimalist, but the streaming quality is what matters most. In that case, ToonOva is doing an excellent job by providing excellent streaming quality, albeit there are a few minor problems that may be resolved by restarting the website. Furthermore, there is a surprise button on the top that will show you a random cartoon show, which you can use if you are unsure what to watch. You may also watch Korean dramas, read manga, and watch anime dubbed in English.

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Hulu is an OTT platform similar to Netflix, except it is less popular outside of the United States. Its monthly subscriptions start at $5 and include a specific section for youngsters with a variety of cartoon shows and movies. It also features an Android and iOS app for watching videos on the move. You may also watch Hulu originals, web series, movies, and documentaries in addition to cartoons. The streaming quality is excellent, and subtitles are available for many types of entertainment.


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Boomerang TV

Boomerang TV is a children’s website that includes games, quizzes, and short cartoon clips. The site doesn’t have a large database of all cartoon series, but it’s a nice place to go if you’re searching for something to keep your kids or younger ones entertained.

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Youtube is the most popular video streaming platform, where you can both watch and upload videos. If you haven’t spent much time on YouTube, you should be aware that there are a plethora of cartoon series available, both new and old. You may also download the videos to watch later, utilising free YouTube downloader sites and programmes. You can also use YouTube’s auto-generated subtitles if the show isn’t in your native language.

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Watch Cartoon is a cartoon streaming site that, in my opinion, is an excellent replica of WatchCartoonOnline, with a great user interface and simple navigation. You may watch dubbed anime series, subbed anime series, cartoons, movies, and OVA episodes on the website. On the home page, there is a search bar where you can type in the name of the anime series you want to watch. The streaming quality is unaffected, but the content cannot be downloaded for offline streaming. If that isn’t a problem for you, bookmark this page and return to it whenever you want to watch cartoons.


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Cartoon Tab

Cartoon Tab, a cartoon streaming site with a simple user interface and a white and orange colour scheme, is a decent alternative to WatchCartoonOnline. During the show, no pop-ups or advertisements bothered me because I was using an adblocker. However, the video would occasionally fail to play, which could only be fixed by turning off the ad blocker. Although the video quality is excellent, the video player lacks several essential features. Furthermore, you cannot download the content from the website, but you may stream it.

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Cartoon8 is another excellent option for watching cartoons online. With a simple user design and easy navigation, the site does not appear cluttered. There are a few advertisements here and there that you may remove by using an adblocker. There is an option to register on the site, which will give you access to other functions like playlist creation.

However, creating an account is not required; streaming cartoons has no connection to a user account on the site. I was able to find practically every cartoon show I wanted to watch, although there are a few that aren’t available on the site. There is no way to request a particular episode or show, and there is no way to report broken links.

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So that is our list of 14 websites that are similar to WatchCartoonOnline. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top cartoon streaming sites in this article. On illegal sites, you can use an adblocker, but if you go to a legitimate site, you can sign up for a plan. Let us know if you have a better suggestion in the comments area.

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