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Top 7 Best URL Shortener Services In 2022

url shortener

A URL shortener is an internet programme that converts a lengthy, heavy URL into a shorter URL that directs users to the same location. With capabilities like click analytics, UTM parameter support, and retargeting, some URL shorteners can also assist you in tracking and manipulating those links.

You may profit from those tracking and retargeting tools while also creating shorter, more appealing URLs with URL shorteners. In a previous piece, we also provided a simple explanation of what a URL is.

Top 7 Best URL Shortener Services In 2022

In this article you can know about url shortener here are the details below;

1. Bitly


While the premium service allows you to use a custom domain name, the free service only allows you to shorten URLs using the domain name. The commercial edition of Bitly includes features like link retargeting.

You can monitor certain connections and receive pertinent analytics on your dashboard. Even the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns for a certain area is measured. Features include: fully responsiveness, cloud hosting, analytics dashboard, audience intelligence, custom URL, integration with Zapier, and URL retargeting. This is another url shortener alternative. Also check mailroom management software

Price Bitly provides its core service without charge.

Subsequently, premium plans with a custom domain and other features cost $35 per month with monthly payment or $29 per month with annual billing.

2. Sniply


This is another url shortener alternative. Sniply may be the right solution for you if your goal is to use content curation to significantly increase conversion rates. Sniply allows you to make brief, personalised links to articles, blog posts, and websites. It’s simple to post these links on social media. Users are directed to the pertinent content when they click on these succinct “Snips,” but the web page also features the Snip you prepared beside your Call-To-Action. Not only that.

The CTA can be used as many times as you like, or you can make new CTAs for various campaigns. On the analytics dashboard, you can see the numbers for clicks, conversions, and campaigns.

Features include connecting to your own custom domain and integrating with other marketing and analytic tools to fine-tune campaigns. Custom URL shortener features include customised CTAs on each shortened URL, embeddable on articles and pages you share, dashboard monitors to track user interaction, and integration with other marketing and analytic tools.

Price Basic, Pro, Business, and Agency options are offered for $29/mo, $79/mo, $149/mo, and $299/mo, respectively.

All options include a 14-day free trial and an annual payment savings. The customization choices and the amount of team members, brands, and monthly clicks range between the various plans.

3. TinyURL


The finest URL shortening service for anonymous use is TinyURL. The text that displays in your abbreviated URL can be changed.  There is no need to create an account because TinyURL is fully anonymous. The drawback is that it doesn’t provide analytics or other sophisticated capabilities.

Features include quick redirection, the ability to personalise the abbreviated URL, anonymous usage, and ease of use.

Price TinyURL is totally free.


Popular social media management software includes Hootsuite. You may shorten your links to use on social media or in other places with the Hootsuite function If you already use Hootsuite, you can access from the dashboard of that programme. You can also examine metrics for your shortened URLs from there.

Features: Trackable short links, link retargeting, mobile platform support, rank monitoring, and social ROI demonstration. This is another url shortener alternative.

Price Both the free and paid Hootsuite subscriptions integrate Therefore, even though you must register for a Hootsuite account in order to utilise it, there is no cost.

5. Rebrandly


Rebrandly provides cutting-edge URL shortening technology that is jam-packed with functionality. This online tool lets you make personalised, branded, and succinct links that people will remember. This URL shortener can be used to create and distribute short links across different social networks. Also check construction estimating software

Rebrandly may be the finest URL shortener for teams because it also enables you to segregate workspaces and teammates. It also has additional features like support for link retargeting.

Features: Emojis on short links; GDPR compatibility; rapid auto-scaling servers; private reporting; custom reports; click tracking; API access; 100+ app connectors; UTM parameters;

Price Rebrandly has a limited free plan that allows for 500 links and 5,000 monthly clicks.

Then, there are several paid plans to choose from:

  1. Beginning at $29
  2. Pro – $69
  3. Premium ($499 )
  4. Speak with sales at the company

6. T2M


This is another url shortener alternative. T2M is another intriguing competitor on our list of the top URL shorteners. The ease of use of this link shortening service will win you over. They offer two distinct dashboards to make URL tracking simpler. The first is for location analytics, and the second is for a platform or device.

In addition to the brief URL, a QR code is also generated. Because T2M uses dedicated instances, each user will receive a server response that is entirely focused on them. This guarantees a quick redirect to your desired URL.

You can choose where the link should go or make short, customised URLs that will attract more hits. You can build more sophisticated URLs with the premium subscription, including vanity URLs and password-protected URLs. It’s the ideal option for online businesses looking for flexible, brief URLs.

Features include a no-spam policy, customised short URLs, full analytics, one-click domain mapping, bulk URL creation, unlimited API, no-expiry URL, dedicated instance, automatically produced QR codes, and CSV import.


For a one-time fee of $5, T2M offers a basic tier if all you want to do is use the basic T2M service.

There are no recurring costs; the $5 is solely for verification and to reduce spam. Following that, there are four continuing programmes that charge on a monthly or annual basis:

Standard: $9.99/month; Pro: $29.99/month; Premium: $89.99/month; Dedicated: speak with sales If you pay annually, you’ll also receive three months for free.

7. ClickMeter


ClickMeter is more of a click-rate optimizer than a URL shortener. There are numerous features that will enable you to construct a URL with few clicks. ClickMeter is more geared for marketers and marketing firms that work with Google AdWords or other ad networks. This is another url shortener alternative. Also check work order software

For webmasters with a worldwide readership and who speak several languages, it works like a charm. You may easily interface with well-liked content management systems like Shopify and WordPress in addition to location-based targeting.

The dashboard for Clickmeter offers a thorough analysis report. Features include: device-based targeting; geotargeting; URL encryption; bulk link creation; branded tracking links; multiple API keys; compatibility for Google Analytics UTM; multilingual support; and clone links.


There are three premium options offered by ClickMeter, each of which has a 30-day money-back guarantee:

X-Large costs $349 a month, Large is $99, and Medium is $29.


You can watch and analyse the performance of your URLs as well as make them cleaner and more user-friendly by using a URL shortener service. Get your blog’s best URL shortener if you plan to share posts.

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