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Top 10 Toggl Alternatives & Competitors for 2023

Toggl Alternatives

This post will explain Toggl Alternatives. Toggl is a time-tracking application with some hiring and project management functions. Furthermore, Toggl may initially seem like a tiny magic wand that can fix all of your time management problems.  However, if you examine closely, you’ll notice that Toggl has significant limitations. In this section, we’ll quickly go over Toggl’s definition and some of its most significant shortcomings.

Then, we’ll explore the top ten Toggl alternatives and look at their key features, benefits, drawbacks, prices, and user ratings to help you choose the best time management program. Toggl was initially created as a productivity-enhancing time management application. It determined how much time you spent on tasks, provided insights into group collaboration, and helped determine how successful your business is. A popular time-tracking tool is Toggl. However, technology has advanced to provide more than just an automatic time tracking tool.

Toggl now offers three products:

Here are some of Toggl’s main flaws up front:

Top 10 Toggl Alternatives & Competitors for 2023

In this article, you can know about Toggl Alternatives here are the details below;

Toggl might have been your preferred time tracking tool if those glaring issues hadn’t existed.

Let’s look at the key characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, costs, and customer reviews of these Toggl alternatives:

1. ClickUp

200,000+ super-productive teams at companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Google as well as startups from many industries use the most widely used project management application in the world, ClickUp.

But you’re looking for a product specifically for time monitoring, right?

Do not fret. On ClickUp, you can rely! 💪

The free time monitoring software from ClickUp and other productivity management tools can be used to track and analyze the time spent on tasks and projects.


To start, ClickUp comes with a Native Time Tracker that you can activate right away in your Workspace.

Project management using ClickUp

Start a timer to keep track of the time while working.

since ClickUp

Start a timer or manually input the time to keep track of how much time was spent on each task.

Utilizing the global timer is easy:

You can start and stop time using any device because the desktop program, mobile app, and web app are all functional.

To rapidly transition between the numerous projects or tasks you are working on, create new time entries.

To ensure that you never forget to stop tracking after a task is complete, keep the Timer in the Mini Mode.

But that’s not all.

Additionally, you can add Labels to time entries for straightforward filtering, designate time as Billable for quick invoicing, & even add Notes to time entries to accurately describe what you’ve been working on.

click-up list view

Utilize filtering options to locate activities that satisfy particular requirements.

since ClickUp

You may easily connect ClickUp with other time tracking software, such as Everhour, Time Doctor, Toggl, TimeCamp, Harvest, Clockify, and others, for further functionality.

utilizing Harvest’s connection with ClickUp

In order to start tracking time in ClickUp, connect external applications.

Pros of ClickUp

A clear and uncomplicated user interface

Using Offline Mode, you can work remotely and sync your tasks with internet access.

You can set up reminders wherever in your workspace to assist you in remembering important project deadlines.

Project managers may arrange work and keep track of deadlines extremely easily using the interactive Gantt view.

Accessible through apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms as well as iOS and Android

Receive project notifications by your email address, smartphone app, web browser, or other channel.

Cons of ClickUp

Users are unable to export Dashboards from ClickUp.

Check out our development roadmap to see how we want to solve these minor problems and enhance the enchantment of ClickUp! ✨

Click-up Pricing

ClickUp gives users three pricing choices. ClickUp’s Free Forever Plan is brimming with features and offers an unlimited number of projects and users. The free options have a $5 per user monthly fee.

ClickUp Rating

4.7/5 on Capterra (more than 2,390 reviews)

G2 has 4.7/5 from 3,720+ reviews.

2. TimeCamp

You can find out more about the efficiency with which projects are managed and completed with the aid of the well-known time-tracking tool TimeCamp. Also check Chegg Alternatives

But can you still track output while you hike away from your basecamp using it? 🌄

What TimeCamp does best

The amount of time you spend on chores or at work is monitored automatically.

With the use of productivity tracking, you may gauge your active and passive periods and establish goals.

The amount of time spent on specific programs, websites, and documents is tracked by website and app usage monitoring.

Features of TimeCamp

Able to create accurate invoices with time-tracking

Attendance monitoring makes it simpler to monitor clock-ins and clock-outs, leaves, and overtime.

Staff timesheets may be handled quickly with one-click approvals.

Pros of TimeCamp

Utilizing the user interface is difficult.

Customizing the dashboard is not an option.

Because productivity reports’ flexibility is constrained, you cannot fully comprehend time utilization information.

TimeCamp Price

TimeCamp offers three different price options. The monthly and per-user cost of the Basic Plan is $7.

Evaluations of TimeCamp

(530+ reviews) 4.7/5 on Capterra

170+ reviews for G2, 4.7/5

Check out these TimeCamp alternatives!

3. Clockify

Use the time tracking and timesheet tool Clockify to keep track of the hours spent on different jobs.

But should Clockify serve as your main timer? 🙇

Let’s look into it.

Clockify features

The time tracker allows you to manually enter hours or have it track time spent on tasks automatically.

On their timesheets, you can record weekly activities, make notes, and track how much time was spent on each activity and day.

To find out who worked on what, how much your billable hours are, and who worked on what, you can export this data from its reports.

Pros of Clockify

Delivers tasks, estimates, statuses, and other basic project management software capabilities.

Enables you to monitor the amount of time you spend using various web apps, including Jira, ClickUp, GitHub, etc.

Available as mobile applications for iPad, iPhone, and other Android and iOS devices as well as desktop software for Linux, Windows, and Mac PCs.

Cons of Clockify

Most users agree that the application can occasionally be a touch glitchy.

The user interface presents difficulties.

Because there are no alerts to let users know the timer is still on, users who forget to turn it off may tack on extra time.

Costs of Clockify

Clockify offers three levels of pricing. Paid plans start at $9.99 per user per month.

Clockify user reviews

(more than 1,590 ratings) 4.7/5

G2 has received more than 100 reviews with a 4.4/5 average.

View the comparison between Clockify and Toggl in its entirety!

4. Time Doctor

Remote team workers enjoy using the employee time tracking and productivity management tool Time Doctor.

But can Time Doctor help your team’s productivity problems? 😩

Time Doctor features

The time tracker allows you to keep track of how much time is spent on each activity, project, or client.

Productivity reports, which also help you spot unproductive behavior patterns, are a summary of the hours tracked each day, week, or other time period.

The use of timesheets and payroll enables automated bulk billing and batch payments.

Time Doctor pros

Offline time monitoring enables you to keep track of the progress of your projects even if your internet connection is lost.

Monitoring websites and apps guarantees that an on-site employee or a remote employee only utilizes applications that are useful for their duties.

On devices running Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS

Time Doctor’s cons

Only offers a 14-day trial period; there is no free version.

Users cannot schedule tasks the same way project managers can.

Instead of having the ability to edit time directly from the desktop client, you must log in to the web app in order to make changes.

Time Price Doctor

Time Doctor offers three different price categories. Paid projects start at $8 per user per month.

Scores for Time Doctor

(more than 390 reviews) 4.5/5

4.4/5 (more than 250 reviews) for G2.

5. Everhour

Teams have a single place to view and organize workloads thanks to the workforce management platform Everhour, which includes time tracking and project management features. Also check Flickr Alternatives

Everhour key features

A time log that can be modified and projected

Browser extension that measures time

Tracks time by integrating with numerous programs, such as ClickUp, Basecamp, Asana, and others.

Pros of Everhour

Receive alerts when timers run constantly.

Lists and boards are used to manage tasks.

iPhone timer app for tasks and projects

Drawbacks of Everhour

There isn’t a free plan available.

There is not much room for customization within project management views

If a small team has four or fewer members, they must pay for a minimum of five users.

Everhour starts at $5 per user per month for the first five users.

Everhour user reviews

4.7/5 (more than 120 reviews) for G2.

260+ reviews on Capterra, 4.5 out of 5

6. Harvest

Harvest is a free alternative to Toggl that offers time tracking, reporting, and online invoicing features to help you understand how well your workforce is performing.

But are you able to reap the rewards of your labors here?

Produce Essentials

When working, you can use a timer to keep track of the passing of time or manually add hours later.

Using invoices that pull up your billable time makes it easier to exchange information with and charge clients.

With the help of Harvest’s interface with the project management tool Forecast, you can plan your work and manage deadlines.

Harvesters key Features

Automated reminders to upload your timesheets for evaluation

Integration with PayPal or Stripe for quick client payment processing

Detailed reports to help you understand and control the amount of work that your team members handle

harvest Pros

The paid package is expensive in comparison to other time tracking apps.

No capability to take screenshots

Does not permit tracking of online or app usage activity

Harvest Cons

Harvest provides two price ranges. The monthly price for the premium plan is $12 for per user.

Harvest Scores

4.5/5 on Capterra (450+ reviews)

4.3/5 (from 720+ reviews) for G2

See our in-depth comparison of Harvest and Toggl.

7. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is an all-inclusive project management solution that includes reliable time tracking capabilities for team members to keep track of their projects and tasks.

Hubstaff Key features

Payments can be sent from the platform via connections for PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, and Bitwage.

Detecting idle time to halt tracking or redistribute time

Plan shifts, assign them, and monitor team attendance.

Pros of Hubstaff

Available on Chrome, mobile, browser, or desktop

Team members receive automated reminders

Time entries with notes

Cons of Hubstaff

Workers may feel that it infringes their privacy.

It can be difficult to monitor desk-based employees who perform jobs offline.

Simple features are scarce on the free plan.

Hubstaff Cost

Three pricing tiers are available from Harvest. Paid plans begin at $7 a month for per user.

Ratings for Hubstaff

4.3/5 (370+ reviews) for G2

4.5/5 on Capterra (1,180+ reviews)

Look at these Hubstaff substitutes!

8. RescueTime

RescueTime is a web based tour management tool that provides metrics to assist users in effectively managing their time and maximizing chances for deep focus work. Also check Strava Alternatives

Key Features of RescueTime

RescueTime Assistant monitors success in achieving a unique daily Focus Work goal.

evaluates a user’s focus work, communication applications, and distractions, and provides reports on those findings

When concentrate Session is activated, blocks sites for deep concentrate.

Pros at RescueTime

offers a page of activities divided into sections for work and personal.

Multitasking warning to assist in refocusing a user

An online tool provides a summary of a user’s goals and work week.

Cons of RescueTime

Lacks proficiency in task and project management

Lack of collaborative tools

Lack of ability to customize

Pricing for RescueTime

A free trial is available for RescueTime. Ask RescueTime about user/team pricing.

Ratings for RescueTime

(70+ reviews) G2: 4.2/5

4.5/5 on Capterra (120+ reviews)

9. Timeneye

Timeneye is a project management tool that helps remote teams keep track of the time spent on various tasks and projects.

Timeneye key features

Get project updates, reporting, and budget notifications.

View the calendar dashboard and the team’s status.

Data import and export

Pros of Timeney

Make time entries manually or automatically.

Add details, notes, and tags to time entries.

Utilize the customized recap chart to monitor activity in real-time.

Timeneye cons

There is no free plan offered.

There will be limited project management for agile teams.

Ineffective for collaborating with cross-functional teams

Price Timeney

Timeneye offers all-inclusive pricing with a monthly minimum of $7 per user.

The Timeneye Ratings

4.6/5 (10+ reviews) for G2

5/5 on Capterra (over 100 reviews)

10. DeskTime

DeskTime is a time management tool that provides a thorough analysis of work activities and a productivity bar to monitor and gain insight into daily app usage.

DeskTime Key features

Provides cost estimation, the choice of private time, and billing

Records the amount of time spent on applications, documents, and URLs.

Customized offline time tracking for productive, ineffective, or neutral time

Desk Time Pros

Pomodoro time management tool integrated to remind users to take breaks at work

Calendar that may be shared outside of the office to schedule duties

A collection of team business cards for easy communication

Cons of DeskTime

Not appropriate for teams that work without a screen

Simple features are scarce on the free plan.

Lack of a task tracking system

Desk Time Pricing

DeskTime offers four different price tiers. Paid plans begin at $7 a month for per user.

DeskTime Scores

G2: 20+ reviews, 4.7/5

4.5/5 on Capterra (230+ reviews)

Choose a toggle TimeTracking alternative today

When it comes to time tracking and labor management, Toggl is a really good tool. It simply isn’t the best option available, though.

The application has a restricted range of reporting options, doesn’t enable website blocking, and necessitates the purchase of separate plans for project management, hiring, and time tracking.

Better is due to you.

Fortunately, you can always count on ClickUp, the ideal Toggl substitute.

You can easily track your time using ClickUp, and you can even add manual time inputs. Additionally, you can track project progress using a Gantt chart, define goals, assign tasks to multiple assignees, construct mind maps, and do so much more.

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