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15 Top TikTok Analytics Tools In 2022

tiktok analytics tools

This post will explain tiktok analytics tools. Establishing a presence on TikTok is a wise move if your target audience is primarily younger members of Generation Z and millennials. It was the second-most-downloaded iPhone app in 2020. Additionally, if Apple and Android downloads are added together, it was the most downloaded app globally in 2020.

TikTok was not only downloaded by users from every continent, but it was also used. This is what matters most, after all. TikTok presently has substantially higher interaction than YouTube and Instagram, according to data from Upfluence. For instance, microinfluencers experienced engagement rates on TikTok that were over 18% greater than those on Instagram.

Setting goals should be one of the initial stages before starting a marketing strategy. You will require the assistance of a TikTok analytics tool to see whether your campaign objectives have eventually been met. These tools can gather all the information you require to adjust your TikTok campaigns and make it simpler for you to accomplish your objectives as well as measure your success.

We searched the internet to identify the top TikTok analytics tools that are currently offered. Since TikTok is still a young app, we anticipate that this list will continue to expand as more social media analytics tools incorporate TikTok features into their programmes.

15 Top TikTok Analytics Tools In 2022

In this article, you can know about tiktok analytics tools here are the details below;

1. Brand24


While Brand24 isn’t a full-fledged TikTok analytics tool, you can use it to monitor how your hashtags are being used on TikTok as well as Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch. It is basically a useful tool for tracking online mentions of your company or product. Additionally, it is a tool for measuring the buzz about your brand, item, or phrase.

You can learn about the quantity of hashtag mentions, their social media reach, sentiment, and the most influential profiles using them with Brand24’s Hashtag Analytics tool. It is a comprehensive tool for hashtag analytics. The volume chart will show you how your hashtags are trending. Utilize hashtag analytics to then determine the social media reach that they produce on various social media platforms and from other sources. To let you know when your hashtags become popular, Brand24 provides you with immediate notifications of changes in hashtag performance.

Key features (of Brand24 Hashtag Analytics):

Features & Pricing

Audience division

Competitive Research

Adjustable Alerts

Customer Interaction


2. Iconosquare


In addition to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Iconosquare, a social media analytics and management tool, has recently added TikTok to its list of social networks. They see their offering as an enhancement to TikTok’s existing native analytics.

Iconosquare offers the required analytics so that companies and influencers can determine whether their strategies are working and can make informed decisions based on solid information.

Pricing is divided into three categories: Pro (aimed at small enterprises and seasoned marketers), Advanced (aimed at marketing teams), and Enterprise (best for agencies and larger social media teams). Pro’s monthly price, when billed annually, is $49.

Important characteristics:

Most interesting videos

History of views, likes, comments, shares, and other interactions Posting density and history

3. Analisa


This is another tiktok analytics tools. Despite being only a year old (it was only introduced in 2019), Analisa is already empowering brands in more than 57 nations. It is designed for influencers, brand marketers, media publishers, and agencies and is powered by artificial intelligence. You may access both analytics and raw data with Analisa, such as the amount of likes (an analysis of this raw data).

Sadly, Analisa’s free plan does not include any data or analytics for TikTok, despite the fact that it is available. You must subscribe to one of its three paying plans if you want to utilise it for TikTok. The most affordable plan starts at just $59 per month, however it only provides a little amount of data for TikTok. The Plus plan ($109/month) or the Pro plan ($199/month) are therefore the two options that are recommended.

Important characteristics:

Campaign Reporting, Influencer Analysis, Audience Analysis, Fake Follower/Fraud Detection are some of the key features.

Channels: TikTok and Instagram

4. TrendTok


Influencers may track, identify, and forecast TikTok trends by location, category, and location with the help of the TrendTok app. With the use of this knowledge, you’ll be better able to capitalise on emerging trends earlier, make viral videos, and ultimately gain more organic followers. Artificial intelligence is used to tailor the trend ideas for you as well. Then, you can quickly keep track of how your favourite trends are performing by saving them.

Important characteristics:

TrendTok is an AI-powered algorithm that analyses everything happening on TikTok and tells you where to focus your efforts on creating videos.

5. Popsters


You may compare and assess the effectiveness of your TikTok postings with Popsters. For instance, you can look at the most popular post types among your target audience or assess performance factors like the posting time or hashtag usage. This is another tiktok analytics tools.

Like most other tools, it has a slightly distinct pricing structure. Instead of basing its pricing on the features provided, it bases the costs of its plans on the length of the accessible historical data. Popsters charges a one-time special pricing of $89.99 for a year’s subscription while only charging $9.99 for a 30-day pass. Every plan is designed for a single user on a single social network.

Important characteristics:

6. Pentos


Monitoring and analytics are the two main functions that Pentos delivers. Since analytics are the topic of this post, we shall solely concentrate on the latter feature. The analytics section allows you to get detailed performance information for profiles, posts, hashtags, and music as well as maintain track of your organic activation initiatives. You can attract new users and expand your audience by using these insightful metrics for videos, songs, and hashtags.

Important characteristics:

Analytics for songs

Analytics for video

Data export in CSV or PDF format

7. Quintly


The tool, which was initially created in 2010 as a way to compare Facebook pages, has grown to be used by 100,000 people, including companies like Adobe, Warner Bros., and Neil Patel, the co-founder of Crazy Egg.

Since it provides a simple-to-read dashboard that you can share with clients and business leaders, it is especially well-liked by social media managers, companies, and marketing agencies. Additionally, it has robust reporting capabilities that let you turn your analytics into repeating, automatic reports to which you can add remarks.

Only custom plans are available, with the least expensive starting at $345 per month. So, to get more specific pricing information, get in touch with Quintly.

Important characteristics:

8. Exolyt


This is another tiktok analytics tools. Exolyt is entirely focused on TikTok, although some of the other systems also provide analytics for other social media sites like Instagram. You may use it to track statistics, view analytics, and gain a deeper knowledge of engagement. It is geared toward agencies, influencers, content providers, and marketers.

The ability to side-by-side compare two TikTok profiles is one of its most helpful features. You can discover not only the influencer with the largest following, but also the one with the highest level of engagement.

With Exolyt’s free plan, you get access to a four-day history and fundamental data. You can subscribe to its $12 per month Influencer plan for access to more in-depth analytics and historical data. If you are an agency, you may get in touch with them to learn more about a more comprehensive strategy that includes influencer research and marketing campaign analysis. Additionally, they want to provide an Influencer Pro plan later, according to their website.

Important characteristics:

9. Socialinsider


While one of the most effective Instagram marketing tools, Socialinsider also has analytics capabilities for TikTok. It is designed for digital agencies and makes it simple to analyse and evaluate your influencer network or to quickly obtain an overview of how your various marketing efforts are performing. Overall, it is among the most complete and effective social media analytics tools available.

You can construct side-by-side comparisons, similar to Exolyt, to determine which influencers have the highest engagement. Additionally, you can use it to compare your competitors head-to-head to gain a better understanding of how you compare.

It is not the most inexpensive instrument in tools of price. Its cheapest package starts at $83 per month. If your company has more requirements, you can check out Socialinsider’s Small Agency plan, which costs $166 a month, or get in touch with them to learn more about a personalised plan.

Important characteristics:

Leading hashtags

10. TikRank


TikRank is a free tool for analysing TikTok influencers. Its simple goal is to assist passionate consumers in characterising TikTok influencers. TikRank is fairly simple compared to many other analytics tools. Users can access a database of roughly 1 million influencers to learn more about each one’s number of views, fans, and videos. This is another tiktok analytics tools.

Future features will include more features. These comprise the capability to monitor and assess brands as well as identify unfollower and fan growth.

11. Melody Socials

tiktok analytics tools


This is another tiktok analytics tools. The two founders of Melody Socials spent many hours looking for influencers before creating the company. They were so disgusted by the procedure that they made the decision to develop a tool to automate this search. Although it is not a genuine analytics tool in the traditional sense, TikTok’s automated recommended profile search does rely on data.

A word of caution: it is not inexpensive. The most affordable option has a staggering monthly fee of $199. You must subscribe to the Agency plan ($349 per month) or the Platform plan ($699 per month) if you want to search by sounds and be able to schedule searches to run sequentially.

12. Storyclash


You can monitor your brand, influencer campaigns, and rivals on the platform using Storyclash. You can utilise Storyclash to find out what is trending right now, much like TrendTok. This feature’s benefit is that it can aid in the development of your marketing plan. You can find countless content ideas for your next campaign by looking through thousands of trending videos. This is another tiktok analytics tools.

You must contact Storyclash in order to learn more about the costs. They exclusively provide completely customised programmes, just like Quintly.

Important characteristics:

TikTok brand mention tracking

13. TikTok Pro Account

TikTok Pro Account

An alternative to purchasing separate third-party software is to register a TikTok Pro account. You may access specific analytics with TikTok Pro, including the day and time that your video was most frequently viewed or engaged with. Once you keep this knowledge, you can change your platform activity.

It is free and simple to open an account. You can choose to “Switch to Pro Account” if you go to your privacy and settings and click “Manage my account.”

14. TikBuddy


This is another tiktok analytics tools. An add-on that directly connects with TikTok is called TikBuddy. It is a solution designed specifically for TikTok and analytics for short videos to support marketing efforts on the social media app. For TikTok makers, TikBuddy can gather open data, filter it, organise it, and reconstruct it. It can also produce insightful analytics.

You can view any TikTok statistics, access them in real-time, and look at any creator data through their analytics thanks to the addon. It might help you beat out rivals.

TikBuddy is a subscription service with a basic plan costing USD 69 per month, although it offers a risk-free trial period.


15. YouScan


A social media AI tool is called YouScan. However, YouScan examines thumbnail content, trends, post descriptions, and visual analysis in addition to the typical metrics from other tools.

The AI-powered platform may display data on scenes, demographics, logos, and activities for visual analysis in particular. Most metrics now used do not yet include these, yet they can provide crucial social listening insight for your marketing plan. This is another tiktok analytics tools.

YouScan’s detailed pricing is accessible upon request, but if you want to improve the reputation of your business, evaluate your marketing initiatives, identify the relevant influencers, and track trends and viral content, the cost may be justified.

Competitive analysis, custom alerts, influencer tracking, reputation management, sentiment analysis, trend tracking, visual analytics, dashboards, and reputation management are key features.

Channels include websites, blogs, forums, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Quora, Reddit, and YouTube.

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The Takeaway

Marketing strategists are becoming aware of TikTok’s ability to connect with and convert consumers. TikTok’s brief videos allow for a wide variety of content, and without reliable analytics to direct you, it might be difficult to design a strategy.

TikTok analytics tools may improve your current content, help you generate material that is beneficial for your target audience, and even help you become viral on the social media network.

Questions and Answers

What kinds of media are popular on TikTok?

The platform TikTok is well-known for its humorous dance and lip-syncing videos, but there are many other kinds of material that are equally popular. You might also try making the following kinds of videos to increase your fame and gain more followers on TikTok:

– Problems with social media

– Videos created with popular hashtags

– Song parodies

– Reenactments of dialogue

– Videos of cute animals

Videos of your day-to-day activities

– Quarantine conditions

– Experiments in science

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