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12 TickTick Alternatives To Manage Your Tasks

TickTick Alternatives

This post will explain TickTick Alternatives. is a straightforward to-do list software with a surprising number of capabilities. Due to the fact that it enables them to concurrently plan their workflows and measure time, many entrepreneurs and small business owners choose it. It is considered as one of the finest task management software due to its simplicity of use, collaborative features, and cross-platform compatibility.

12 TickTick Alternatives To Manage Your Tasks

In this article, you can know about 12 TickTick Alternatives To Manage Your Tasks here are the details below;

TickTick isn’t the only app with a lot of features, though. Today, many software packages include capable task managers for both personal and professional use. The best strategy to identify the appropriate app is to make a shortlist of platforms that have TickTick-like functionality. I’ve already taken care of that for you. Let’s start by bringing a look at the factors to take into account while choosing the finest option.

What to Take Into Account When Selecting a To-Do List App?

A to-do list, time blocking, and note-taking facilities are all provided by TickTick on a single dashboard. It’s intended to assist you in organising your schedule and managing everyday chores.

In light of this, the following are some features you ought to look for in a to-do list app:

1. Morgen


Morgen assists busy business people with managing their calendar-based schedules. It contains a tool for consolidation that gathers information from your external calendars and consolidates it on a single platform.

That’s not all, though. Additionally, it links your to-do list and calendar so you can complete the activities quickly. Its scheduling function is also quite sophisticated.

It enables you to schedule virtual meetings directly from the dashboard by integrating your Zoom or Google Meet account. Its scheduling tool’s automation is what makes it so wonderful.

Every time someone asks a meeting, you don’t have to keep going back and forth to look for open timeslots. Morgen scans your calendar automatically and displays open times to other people.

Core Features


Basic accounts with Morgen are free, and premium plans range from $4 to $9.

2. Taskade


A good place to create to-do lists, keep track of activities, and collaborate with your team is Taskade. You can re-group to assess weekly progress, create projects and subtasks, and set deadlines. This is another TickTick Alternatives.

You can start a bullet journal to keep entries if you enjoy taking notes for whatever reason. To enable you to manage both from a single platform, it offers discrete workspaces for personal and professional workflows.

The greatest asset of Taskade is its library of templates. It includes mind mapping, checklists, and agenda layouts so that it may be used for practically any situation.

Core Features


Use of Taskade is totally free.

Some functions, however, are restricted to the premium plan.

Purchase its premium subscription if you want unlimited access.

The monthly fee is $5.

3. Todoist


A well-liked task management programme is Todoist, like TickTick. It almost contains everything you require to plan your daily tasks and stay on schedule. This is another TickTick Alternatives.

Let’s examine some of its salient characteristics. To keep things separate, you may add sub-tasks under main projects. You can also add reminders to be informed of important projects.

To oversee and coordinate team tasks, it also has a collaborative option and a Kanban board. The repeating due dates and karma points of Todoist are two of its best attributes. Also check Best STL Editors

With these two resources, you can add a routine-building repetitive job to the planner.

Core Features


Todoist offers a free onboarding experience.

Purchase its pro plan to gain access to premium features.

The monthly fee is $4.

4. Notion


Powerful project management capabilities are provided by Notion.

It offers a sophisticated to-do list widget with a homepage for solopreneurs and independent contractors to organise activity and keep track of daily obligations.

You can make lists, move cards around to change their state, and keep track of your ideas in a digital notepad.

Even publishing your homepage as a point of contact is an option.

If you manage a small team, you can create workspaces for different departments, giving the Kanban board a clear view of your calendar.

The software supports a number of systems and functions on a variety of devices.

Core Features

5. Sunsama


This is another TickTick Alternatives. Sunsama is perfect for to-do lists every day. Its user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop feature make it simple to make and synchronise your to-do list with the calendar. To make sure you answer to critical emails on time, you can integrate your inbox and add emails to the timetable.

A combined calendar to improve visibility, a focus mode to block off distractions, and a nighttime routine widget to organise the following day are some of its best features.

Sunsama also provides a daily reflection of your day so you can see where you spend the majority of your time. It’s a terrific approach to gauge progress toward objectives and identify problem areas.

Core Features


The $20 monthly fee for Sunsama’s subscription.

A 14-day free trial is also available so you may examine the features.

6. Motion


The best automation and team collaboration features are provided by Motion. It contains a smart calendar that schedules your day automatically and warns you of any improbable deadlines. In order to customise the planner as you see fit, you can also let Motion know your preferences.

Motion adjusts each team member’s schedule so they don’t miss any allocated work in order to increase team productivity. Your teams can quickly monitor their work and view deadlines thanks to its calendar connection and Kandan board display.

The planners for your team are also accessible. You can choose from the available slots to accommodate last-minute meetings or jobs.

Core Features


The cost of Motion’s basic plan is $34 per month.

You might need to add $20 for each additional team.

7. Akiflow


To help you manage your time more effectively, Akiflow offers a combination of task management and scheduling tools. You may plan your days, put projected completion times next to each work, and use focus mode to rank tasks in order of importance. This is another TickTick Alternatives.

Your schedule is more visible because to its straightforward user interface and centralised dashboard. You can use Akiflow to, among other things, sync your Gmail and Slack accounts to convert discussions into tasks, share available time slots to schedule meetings, and enable notifications to set reminders.

You may also copy content from any online page and turn it into projects using the capture tool. It’s a useful programme for time blocking overall.

Core Features


The monthly fee for Akiflow’s premium plan is $15.

Additionally, it’s free to try.

8. Memorigi


Memorigi is easy to use, highly organised, and visually appealing. Each of its features has been tailored for the intended user.

This is another TickTick Alternatives. As an example. It also offers a “do date” feature that serves as a reminder of the project you want to do on a certain day in addition to due dates. In order to create realistic deadlines, you can divide your tasks into various milestones and categorise them according to whether they are personal or professional. Also check Dumpor

To make the jobs more interesting, you can customise them with various icons and colour schemes. A few of Memorigi’s features were created especially for the company’s mobile app.

If you usually keep a to-do list on your phone, you can enable the “nag me” and “read aloud” notification alerts to be reminded of impending tasks.

Core Features:


The basic plan for Memorigi is free, while the premium subscription is about $50 per month.

9. Notecircle



Although Notecircle is free to use, some premium features cost roughly $2.

10. Taskito


An Android productivity app is called Taskito. Although the company intends to eventually provide a web version, it is currently only accessible through Google Play. With a few differences, its features are essentially identical to Notecircle’s. This is another TickTick Alternatives.

One benefit is that it arranges your daily tasks into a timeline that shows up on your home screen. You can view upcoming tasks, deadlines, and a notification informing you of any unfinished work. You can check off tasks as you complete them by doing so.

Second, you can alter how the chronology appears. It provides several font styles and themes to make it visually appealing. The programme offers crucial task management capabilities, supports calendar synchronisation, and is simple to use.

Core Features:


Although Taskito is free to use, in-app purchases could cost money.

11. Quire


Quire offers sophisticated team collaboration and work management capabilities.

This is another TickTick Alternatives. Over 50 capabilities are included, ranging from simple calendars and to-do lists to job delegation and batch editing.

You may create weekly routines, put minor milestones under major projects, and arrange agendas thanks to its adaptable capabilities.

In order to examine timelines and keep track of your tasks, it features both a Kanban and list view.

In addition to its primary capabilities, Quire offers a number of intriguing auxiliary tools that can be used to enhance your dashboard.

For instance, if your task list grows excessively large, you can hide some of them and set others to reappear in three or seven days.

Additionally, you can link Quire with Zapier and use third-party applications if you can’t locate a functionality for a certain job.

Core Features:


The initial plan for Quire is free.

The price of its premium plan ranges from $8 to $20.

12. Marvin


Marvin and TickTick almost have the same qualities. You may create a to-do list with repeating items, sync your calendar, and monitor your progress with a timer. Also check Imginn

It enables you to make schedules and estimate completion times, postpone projects, and view statuses to gauge productivity. This is another TickTick Alternatives.

To finish the project on time, you may also set reminders and prioritise jobs according to importance.

You can simply organise, manage, and track goals using the app’s abundance of task management and productivity capabilities.

Both a browser and a mobile device can be used to access it.

Core Features:


The $12 monthly fee for Marvin’s membership.

Its lifetime plan is also available for $300.

Consider a 30-day trial to investigate it.


Because of its simplicity, TickTick is popular. The programme greatly simplifies task management and routine creation.

It also provides the best user experience, with a simple UI and strong features. When choosing the greatest alternative app, keep those factors in mind.

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