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Textbroker Not Working Out? Here Are 20 Textbroker Alternatives to Use

Not Working Out for Textbroker Alternatives ? Here Are 20 Other Options to Consider. Because they have been operating for a while and have weathered many Google algorithm upgrades that eliminated weaker content mills, Textbroker is one of the most well-known content mills. However, they continue to rank among the lowest. It will bring a lot of trial and error, a lot of revision requests & dropped projects, and a lot of money spent on content you don’t actually want to unearth some gems in the rough on their pool of authors, who are typically of low quality.

Alternately, you could just use another content mill instead of putting up with Textbroker’s problems. You know, they’re not the only game in town. There must be at least 100 separate content mills out there, even though some of them may have very small populations. There are a lot more if you consider agencies, but you then have to decide where to draw the line between a content mill and a better agency.

Textbroker Not Working Out? Here Are 20 Textbroker Alternatives to Use

In this article, you can know about Textbroker Not Working Out? Here Are 20 Textbroker Alternatives to Use here are the details below;

Here are twenty content mills you can choose from if you want to check out a different one but aren’t sure which one. Although I haven’t personally used any of them, I have spoken with some of their authors and clients and have a general view of them. However, none of them have a history of open fraud or other wrongdoing, so you can feel comfortable to give them a try. The most harmful that can happen is that you lose a small amount of time and money—neither of which is very much.

1. Writer Access

Imagine a website that performed much the same functions as Textbroker but was superior in every way. It has everything you want from a content mill—the writers are nicer and more knowledgeable in their fields, the profiles are more thorough, and the content is of greater quality.

You are envisioning Writer Access. It’s still a content mill, but they have better writers overall. You can target your tasks towards experts in specific areas, and you can post a call for writers to join your team so that you can select the best ones. This is another Textbroker Alternatives .

The price is the only drawback of Writer Access. In general, you’ll be paying a little bit more than Textbroker prices here, and you’ll have to spend more if you want the top talent available on the platform. It is still worth more than many other items on this list, though, which is why I placed it first.

2. Media Shower

Media Shower is a little strange. If you pay them, they’ll help you with more than simply material because they’re both a content mill and a marketing company. Additionally, unlike a content mill, their payment structure involves a monthly subscription fee for which you receive the services you have paid for, such as content, a marketing toolkit, press releases, or content optimization. Prices per month range from $500 to $5,000.

One of this site’s most peculiar features may be how much it leaned toward blockchain technology. They have a strong belief in the technology behind Bitcoin and its offshoots, and they frequently use it as a buzzword even when it makes no sense. If you fit that niche, you can profit from their attention to detail, but if not, it just comes out as unpleasant.

3. Zerys

Zerys offers a self-serve platform for a content mill and a managed service. However, the managed service basically only involves having someone else create your listing on your behalf. On the back end, it’s just another content mill, complete with open pools, job descriptions, and authors competing for the opportunity to write your content. This is another Textbroker Alternatives .

Pricing is typically slightly more expensive than Textbroker for simple tasks, and significantly more expensive if you require more technical content. Since there are fewer people here than in many other content mills, it can take some time for someone to pick up and write your assignments. It’s still something to think about.

4. Constant Content

An easy-to-use content marketplace was what Constant Content formerly was. If you loved something that was written on spec, you could purchase all or part of the rights to it. It’s fascinating to purchase partial rights because it allows you to publish the content while simultaneously allowing others to purchase further rights. Unfortunately, this indicates that someone else can legally replicate your content, which could harm your SEO. As a result, few authors anymore give partial rights because doing so only results in one sale rather than the expected several sales. This is another Textbroker Alternatives .

Additionally, you may create teams, assign tasks, and buy as many submissions as you’d like from authors. It’s actually one of the better spec networks available, despite the fact that its fee is more than that of many content mills.

5. Verblio

Verblio resembles a hybrid of a spec writing website and a content mill. You can post assignments after signing up, and authors will create sample work for you to read. You can purchase everything you want, and anything you don’t purchase is placed in a pool for other companies to choose from. You can also browse through old writings and purchase anything that appeals to you.

Blogmutt was the previous name for Verblio. They continued to operate under that name, but the rebranding gave them the opportunity to disassociate themselves from some unfavorable comments and raise their prices to a premium rather than entry-level level.

6. Words of Worth

Because Words of Worth is just the writer-facing division of a content marketing organization, it is one of the few content mills that I hesitated to include on this list. When you visit their website, all you can find is information on how to write for them—no information on how to work with them. To hire the writers at Words of Worth, you must get in touch with another company; I’m not sure which. If this interests you, it might be worthwhile to get in touch with them. This is another Textbroker Alternatives .

Another intriguing feature of Words of Worth is the option to purchase a bundle deal rather than paying for individual initiatives. Let’s say you need 10 articles on a variety of topics; you may hire a single writer to produce all 10 of them, ensuring that they are cohesive and written in the same manner. This can be quite helpful for writing blogs!

7. Contently

When you join up for a monthly subscription at Contently, you gain access to their writer talent pool as well as content ideation and strategy tools that can help you decide what kind of content your site needs.

You should be cautious when employing a content mill at first because the fee is relatively high for one. Before you invest more extensively in higher tier plans, make sure to test it out and see whether you can actually benefit from it. This is another Textbroker Alternatives .

8. ClearVoice

Similar to Contently, ClearVoice has taken attempts to expand the platform’s value beyond merely content creation. You receive editorial calendars, tools for content brainstorming and organizing, and other benefits when you purchase a package.

Additionally, you have access to their list of author portfolios. You can perform a search to locate authors that fit your needs and price range, then offer them projects. To create high-quality material, you collaborate with authors and an editor. The content is then published using their tools automatically or manually, depending on your preference. The main drawback is that a content mill’s pricing can be rather exorbitant. This is another Textbroker Alternatives .

9. Skyword

Skyword comes close to what I would describe as a content mill. Their pricing straddles the line between being high for content from a content mill and being low for an agency. They actually work with small and midsize companies as a content marketing agency. It’s not terrible, although the system has a few oddities.

The editing procedure may be the main negative. You can occasionally bring your own editor and other times you can employ an internal editor, but it’s not always consistent. Additionally, it’s possible that an editor will nevertheless spot-check your text before to distribution, which can cause some delays. But overall, it’s not a terrible platform to try. Also check Leadpages Alternatives

10. eByline

In contrast to other content mills, eByline places a stronger emphasis on journalism than on other types of content. This may be advantageous if your company is attempting to establish itself as the next Vox or Verge, but if all you want is a reputable industry blog, you should seek elsewhere.

Pricing varies greatly as well. Your requests are evaluated for scope, complexity, content type, and volume before a price is determined. Although there isn’t much opportunity for negotiation, there is some variability from project to project. This is another Textbroker Alternatives .

11. Compiling content

In that it serves as a marketplace for material, material Gather is comparable to Constant Content.

Is your blog bringing in money for you? Let’s correct that if it’s not.

We choose blog themes like hedge funds choose stocks in order to produce blog content that converts for both ourselves and our clients. Then, in order to take the top spot, we produce articles that are 10 times better. Content marketing requires both marketing and content. We have both attained the rank of black belt.

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This site’s main drawback is that it has a relatively limited stable of customers and writers, which makes turnover extremely slow. If you don’t like what you see, you can browse the marketplace for content, but don’t count on seeing a lot of fresh material any time soon.

12. iWriter

There are four star levels for authors in this specific content mill, and the price is determined by the star level and length of the content you wish to buy. Their content starts out at a level that is roughly equivalent to Textbroker’s 3–4 star content, and it increases from there.

Pricing is still quite reasonable, and you can buy a variety of content types, including rewritten articles that have been manually spun. Naturally, I advise choosing original content over rewrites because they may cause problems with Google’s algorithm. This is another Textbroker Alternatives .

13. Scripted

Scripted is a brand-new content mill that employs authors from several different European nations, as well as some more unusual places like Japan. If you live in one of those locations, this means you can access more local content, albeit it might not be as helpful as you’d want because the majority of web content is written in English.

Depending on the type of information you desire, prices vary, but in reality, all you’re paying is a monthly subscription cost, which starts at $124. The low tier plans have restrictions on the number of authors you can invite to a project, the number of revisions, and some other benefits available to higher tier plans. Which plan you prefer is entirely up to you.

14. The Content Authority

Another generic content mill similar to Textbroker is The Content Authority. You can get a variety of content from them, such as blog articles, ebooks, press releases, social media postings, and more.

Prices for low-quality content start at 1.2 cents per word and go up to 6.5 cents for high-quality content. Although you won’t be receiving the next Odyssey or even the next major viral post at those fees, it’s still sufficient if you just want to seed a blog with some basic content.

15. Draft (formerly ContentFly)

Similar to Textbroker, ContentFly is a content mill, although it markets itself as a more expensive option. Depending on the length of your content, they may charge 7–10 cents per word instead of 2–3 cents. They provide a money-back guarantee, but only if you buy 4,000 words or more of content. They offer free revisions, just like Textbroker. This is another Textbroker Alternatives .

Unfortunately, several of our clients who worked with ContentFly echoed the overall consensus of the content created on their platform, which is that it is just “okay.” The fact that ContentFly includes royalty-free photos is the main advantage over Textbroker. There are many sources to find free photographs, and those are free anyhow.

16. BKA Content

BKA was established somewhere around 2009, making it one of the older range mills on this list. They are as typical of a content mill as they come. They concentrate on keywords and create concepts around them. The fact that they supply content in MSWord formats rather than the more customary online form or integrated tool is the only peculiarity.

Pricing for content mills is standard practice. The quality is what you get for the price, which is not particularly high. If you enter with minimal expectations, you might be pleasantly pleased, but if you’re hoping to uncover that undiscovered gem, you might be out of luck.

17. CopyPress

Copypress is a mid-range content mill, and its pricing reflects the fact that it has a talent pool that is a little better than average and places more of a premium on content that has been well-researched and well-thought out. One of the major problems of many content mills is that authors produce the most basic information they can within their constraints in order to make writing easier. With a focus on more insightful, superior content, Copypress strives to break this trend. This is another Textbroker Alternatives .

Does it operate? That depends on who you ask, I suppose. Some customers leave happy, while others think the content is still too simple for their sites. It all depends on the situation and how well you express your needs to the assigned authors.

18. SmartBug Media

I’ve included SmartBug as an example of a content marketing company mainly to demonstrate that there are other options besides content mills. You are getting this because some content marketing companies target small firms with little resources. They will encourage you to use their platform, managed services, or other tools even though you can hire them for a variety of other types of content. What you require will determine how much you benefit from it. This is another Textbroker Alternatives .

It’s also important to note that this business places a lot of emphasis on B2B content. They can manage B2C material if necessary, but since it’s not their primary focus, it might not be as effective. Though it can be challenging at times to locate B2B writers, it’s worthwhile to look.

19. NewsCred

Another one of those content mills, NewsCred prioritizes journalism and distinctive, in-depth reporting considerably more than it does evergreen and informational content. Their pricing reflects the fact that they have amassed a team of competent writers and researchers as a result. This is another Textbroker Alternatives . Also check  InVideo Alternatives

For the content you receive from this agency, don’t plan on paying the cheap content mill rates. They don’t have premium prices, but they also aren’t outrageously low. You’ll pay reasonable prices considering what you receive. However, what you receive will probably be fairly good.

20. Upwork

Due to the fact that Upwork isn’t actually a content mill, it is listed last. Upwork gives you the option to get in touch with freelancers directly and hire them, as opposed to withholding their contact information. You locate someone, you hire them, and you get what you get; there is no messing about with open pools or hidden talent. Pricing is determined by the freelancer, and it’s up to you to negotiate a deal that appeals to both of you.

I’m merely including Upwork as one of many freelancer hubs to demonstrate to you that there are other options available besides content mills if you need material, even inexpensive content. Try it out and let me know how it goes.

Update: Dead Sites in 2022

Links expire, and information needs to be updated, just like with any blog entry. This section is a list of the websites I mentioned but are no longer active or are experiencing problems; I’ve included them here for historical purposes:

1. London Brokers

Another business that employs writers for a pittance and distributes their content through a separate agency under a different name is London Brokers. You would have to contact them personally rather than through their website to find out how to employ them to write material for you, just like Words of Worth (and Writer’s Domain, which I didn’t list).

The fact that this content mill had a roster of writers from nations other than the US was potentially advantageous. Normally, this might not seem like an advantage, but it was a brilliant method to generate multilingual content or content with a foreign angle.

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