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16 Features That Make a Great Task Management Software

Task Management Software

A Great Free Task Management Software Has These 16 Features. Our suggested free task management programme Fred Wilson examines the top 16 attributes that an excellent free task management tool should have in this article. Finding the best tool can be time-consuming and perplexing with the explosion of free task management applications. The requirements for each tool are determined by the organisation, its demands, and work procedures. Your choice of management tools can be significantly influenced by a variety of features, convenience of use, dependability, security, and cost.

16 Features That Make a Great Task Management Software

In this article, you can know about 16 Features That Make a Great Task Management Software here are the details below;

How can you ensure that the tool you choose will help you manage your tasks effectively while without adding task to your management processes? It’s crucial to comprehend the precise needs before choosing a tool, whether you need a straightforward to-do list app or a complex one, to assist your team in completing duties. The ideal tool should be furnished with the qualities necessary for your job habits. In other words, the perfect free task management software features shouldn’t increase your workload but rather should aim to increase your productivity and efficiency. There are some essential elements you should look out for and well, not compromise on, even though optimal free task management software features must comply with your workplace standards. Here is our hand-picked selection of the top products to help you in your search for the best.

1. Task Planning

What are the tools utilized in project management for efficient project planning?

The first step in effective task management is thoughtful preparation.

Effective task planning necessitates segmenting the work into stages using a disciplined methodology, depending on the budget, resources, scope, and timeline.

You should be able to divide your job into easier-to-manage tasks by using an excellent free task management tool.

Additionally, there should be a choice to arrange and rank assignments according to need.

2. Task Scheduling

The purpose of task management software features is to routinely organise work, whether it be personal or professional, to make it more efficient.

Making and managing schedules should be possible with a competent management tool.

Daily, weekly, or monthly planning makes it simpler to avoid skipping critical activities and facilitates tracking of advancement.

Task scheduling is improved by notifications and reminders since they keep you awake and prevent you from spending too much time on a single task.

3. Recurring Tasks

The ability to set a task and plan it across numerous days for varied objectives is another feature that the majority of effective management programmes offer.

There are some something you ought to do every day, like setting your alarm, and others you need to do just sometimes, like going to the doctor.

A single task may occasionally serve many projects when it comes to professional initiatives.

For instance, it is possible to schedule for several teams on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis the task of updating timesheets by the end of the week.

4. Priority

It is only natural to become confused while arranging jobs according to priority when there are so many items on the list.

By providing the opportunity to prioritise work, an effective task management function can assist with that.

Normally, tasks are ranked in order of task depending on their own level of urgency or their dependence on other activities.

A decent tool should have a way to declare these priorities in addition to the tasks.

This facilitates finishing urgent tasks first and expedites the execution of the project’s key phases.

5. Task Tracking

Keeping track of every task completed when several activities are scheduled, especially in teams, can be challenging.

Adopting a tool that can help you track precisely which tasks are initiated, carried out, and completed will make this process simpler.

The added benefit of being able to search for and exclude tasks using any of the criteria is available when tasks are clearly defined in terms of the team members they are assigned to, the project they belong to, and their level of urgency.

It is simpler to plan projects and tasks when you can keep track of them, and you can avoid having to repeat tasks that don’t need to be repeated.

6. Calendar

An intuitive calendar that is simple to use and maintain should be easily integrated with decent free task management software.

A calendar can be used for task organisation and scheduling, as well as planning meetings and keeping track of project deadlines.

A central calendar is essential, whether you need to organise meetings and conferences or set deadlines so the team can simply track the progress of the task. Also check project management software

7. Collaboration

In teams, task management software functions go hand in hand with cooperation. We think that outstanding free task management software should be built to promote better teamwork because of this.

Apps that are difficult to use or operate poorly can significantly disrupt communication, which can therefore have a detrimental influence on task management. One of the most important features to look for in a task management platform is an effective collaboration channel.

The group should be able to share tasks, receive task updates, and exchange information. The team should be able to share information easily and on time, whether it be file attachments or explaining tasks that have been assigned.

Looking for a team collaboration tool?

8. Time Tracking

The ability to keep track of the time spent on each task is essential for simplifying labour. By doing so, you can calculate how much time each task takes, if it is worthwhile, and how it affects the project as a whole both in terms of time and budget.

When working with teams, keeping track of time is crucial for two reasons: to determine how long a resource spends on each task and to determine pay based on the number of hours worked.

After that, the hours are entered into timesheets for management to review. If you’re planning to buy one, you may also want to look at our list of the best time tracking tools.

9. Reporting and visualization

Monitoring and tracking task progress is a component of task management.

This is required to control task flow in order to prevent missing deadlines and advance tasks more successfully.

Good software should be able to offer features that make it simple to track and report on task progress.

10. Budgeting Feature

The presence of a budgeting capability in project management software is crucial for some projects.

There are some technologies that enable the manual creation or importation of time, cost, expenditure, and revenue budgets.

11. Documentation

Are you using Microsoft Excel to manage all of your data?

Then you should reconsider because 88% of spreadsheets have mistakes.

The following are some typical benefits of include a documentation feature in a project management app:

  1. Easy access to your entire data set

With a top project management tool, you can view all of your papers in one location and share them with other team members with just a single click.

To find and exchange data, you don’t have to switch between several spreadsheets.

Invoice automation is not a feature that all project management solutions offer.

So be cautious while deciding whether to opt-in for a certain tool.

  1. You get access to all of your data in a single dashboard

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have all of your project management data in one location?

12. Resource Management for Free Task Management Software

Not only must you monitor the time demands of your staff… You might also need to keep a record of all the administrative, human, and financial resources used for a project. Also check facility management software

The top free task management tools let you keep track of the supplies and meeting spaces used during the project.

13. Dependencies, Milestones, and the Critical Path

It happens rather frequently in projects that two or more tasks are related to one another. A top task management tool would need to allow users to specify each project’s development state.

Setting up milestones to identify particular project phases will guarantee that the project is proceeding in the desired direction.

14. Ease of Using the Task Management software

It’s usually beneficial to have a tool that is both simple to use and simple to configure. People should be able to access the tool via desktop, iOS, and Android platforms. The potential advantages are greater the easier it is to train your staff to use the tool. Also check project management tools

15. Third-Party Integrations

It is crucial that the ideal task management software supports integrations because your larger teams will be using it. This is one method for significantly enhancing your task management programme.

16. Real –Time Data Use

This functionality is somewhat less well known. We have now examined and reviewed a number of project and task management applications, but only a small percentage of them use real-time data. How does it function? Consider the case of Procore.

It is a project management tool that also gives customers the ability to handle their financial records for their companies. Procore gradually monitors end-user activity in order to better recommend and automate all upcoming tasks. Due to real-time data activity, the majority of your job will already be completed when you need to use such a task management tool in the future.

Since it takes a lot of work to create anything that deals with artificial intelligence, such applications are a rare breed. However, hey, if you do manage to find a free task management programme that has a flair for artificial intelligence, go for it.

Our Recommendation for free task management software

In light of the aforementioned possibilities, we suggest nTask as a fantastic free task management tool. It is an all-inclusive task and project management tool designed for both people and teams. With this all-inclusive tool’s straightforward interface, you can manage your activities and customise the project flow using a variety of choices.

Meeting management, timesheet management, problem and risk management are all addressed by the additional modules that nTask offers you in a tidy environment with a central taskboard. These modules are meetings, timesheets, issues, and risks.

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