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Top 15 Best Tandem Software Alternative In 2022

Tandem Software Alternative

Tandem Software is a platform that helps customers manage all facets of their audits and tests. Tandem offers services in audit management to users. Users of the site have access to a variety of information about the health of companies that will aid them in enduring anything.

It aids users in expediting the conduct of audits and their responses to them. Users of the platform can standardise their documentation procedures, and the platform makes sure that any issues are promptly resolved.

Users can follow the progress of responses using the tracking tool that is included. Users have the option of saving all findings in accordance with their dates and the advice given to them.

Tandem Software gives users full access to the management tool and the ability to establish and carry out audits.

Users are able to recognise the techniques that they can employ to validate the control procedure. Finally, users can access the dashboard to view their actions and progress.

Top 15 Best Tandem Software Alternative In 2022

In this article, you can know about tandem software here are the details below;

1. Information Vault

Information Vault

Knowledge Vault is an online-based auditing and reporting tool that assists users in configuring and securing various business applications and software storage platforms.

The platform reduces complexity while keeping an eye on users’ attack surfaces and doesn’t require agents.

It includes a scalable solution that enables users to manage a small number of servers or thousands of servers at once.

The platform includes an integrated alert system that enables users to alter the auditor to instantly alert users to any type of assault.

It enables users to quickly assess activities, put systems into place, and keep track of hazards throughout the entire environment.

2. Audit Prodigy

Audit Prodigy

Users may do audits like professionals using the platform Audit Prodigy, which also makes user collaboration simple.

Users can request papers with deadlines through the platform, which provides real-time visibility and drives seamless process control. This is another tandem software.

Through the workflows, it enables smooth user collaboration, and users can store and tag any number of documents as they see fit.

The platform has resource optimization built in, allowing users to always stay on top of their plan.

It assists in preventing project delays and removes team discontent caused by ambiguous schedule adjustments.

3. Certainty Software

Certainty Software

One of the tested options for any audit-based performance improvement programme across all economic sectors is Certainty Software, a strong and adaptable instrument.

It makes it simple for users to add data, and users may create and manage inspection checklists.

Additionally, customers don’t need to manually add the audit data because this software allows them to rapidly access the data online.

The platform is a fantastic resource for managing data and corrective actions resulting from audit processes, including quality audits, risk assessments, regulatory compliance audits, and many others.

4. AuditBoard


A platform called AuditBoard provides compliance and audit management, enabling auditors to monitor, control, and report on business processes.

Internal and external auditors, accountants, and other professionals in the same sector can use the platform.

It provides users in the audit, risk, and compliance programmes with 360-degree view.

The platform includes SOX compliance software that enables customers to handle the straightforward documentation process and testing while also taking charge of SOX. This is another tandem software.

Additionally, it assists customers in saving time by automating certifications and administrative duties.

5. AuditFindings


With the help of the platform AuditFindings, users can adopt powerful solutions for tracking their audit issues from a fresh perspective.

Users may concentrate all of their data and administration on a single dashboard and avoid the difficulties associated with utilising spreadsheets by using the platform, which is available as a web-based solution.

Users of the platform can swiftly obtain complex information, which they can understand more quickly, and execute powerful reporting.

It allows users from many locations to express their comments on the audit management process, and it may notify users automatically, saving time.

6. Lumiform


The Lumiform platform makes it simple for users to conduct inspections and addresses problems that arise with regard to team safety. The platform provides customers with an easy-to-use interface that allows them to quickly create customised forms. Users can also access pre-made templates for the inspection procedures.

This is another tandem software. With the help of their coworkers, users can resolve their problems using this software, and they can also receive completely unique reports.

Users of the platform can design forms, solve problems, and conduct in-depth analyses using a variety of tools available on the platform. Users have the option of creating a form from scratch or customising one to suit their needs as a starting point for their work.

7. IndustrySafe


A safety management software called IndustrySafe assists users in setting up their workforce and business processes in accordance with EHS laws. The platform provides a time-saving method for managing safety data that also aids in meeting regulatory requirements.

Additionally, it includes incident management software that enables users to determine the nature of workplace incidents, the harm they are doing, and the number of injuries and fatalities.

Users can access insights on incidents and other metrics using the dashboard on the platform, which also assists in receiving readings on KPI indicators.

8. Onspring Audit Software

Onspring Audit Software

A platform called Onspring Audit Software encourages effectiveness and openness throughout the internal audit and assurance process. Users of the platform are able to deliver strategically and improve their performance in the field of internal audits.

Users can use it to coordinate with stakeholders and align audit strategies with the risks and objectives of the organisation. This is another tandem software.

The platform enables users to generate audit reports in a variety of forms and drive accountability into the organisation for issue mitigation. With only one click, audit staff may handle the electronic work papers and review notes. Users can make sure that all concerns are resolved by assigning audit findings to business owners for resolution.

9. HighBond


HighBond is an all-encompassing solution created by the GRC platform that enables users to strengthen their relationship with IT security, risk management, and compliance. It automates tedious operations, streamlines all workflows, fosters cross-organizational communication, and provides solutions to spur strategic transformation.

The platform offers growth prospects and serves as the organization’s single source of information and solutions.

The platform includes integrated risk management software that evaluates, identifies, and keeps track of any hazards that are present in the company. It enables real-time data, centralises regulatory compliance management, and reduces risk exposure.

10. EASE


No matter the size of the firm, EASE is a platform that gives health insurance brokers a place to relocate online enrollment. The platform supports customers’ usage of cutting-edge technologies to expand their businesses and strengthen client interactions.

This is another tandem software. Additionally, it enables the owners or managers to oversee every site from a single location.

The platform has a super-fast setup that enables users to digitally map enrollment forms, rates, and contributions and provides clients with support around-the-clock.

Additionally, it enables the employees to view their enrollment process, and they must accurately complete the information.

11. Audit Me

Audit Me

Users may manage all of their auditing and tracking needs with AuditMe, a top piece of software. The platform is used by some of the top sectors, and it gives users access to information. It guarantees that the entire tracking, planning, and reporting process continues to be efficient and precise.

Users of the platform can create one of the most precise and effective auditing and inspection procedures with it, and they can control the intricate audit and inspection processes at their fingertips. It has a strong core structure that offers a tonne of connectivity for financial management and reporting.

12. Xandria


In order to assist customers in transforming the setup into a self-healing enterprise, Xandria is a scalable and trustworthy platform for SAP automation operations. By using predictive analysis, the software enables IT workers to automate and offer high levels of availability. This is another tandem software.

Enterprises benefit from the support of massive databases and SAP technologies, which streamline the entire audit process.

The platform comes with pre-configured procedures and capabilities and enables users daily automatic checks and proactive real-time monitoring for all types of SAP installations.

It enables preventive monitoring using methods like trend analysis to identify possible issues and fix them quickly.

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