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14 Best Strava Alternatives and Similar Apps

Strava Alternatives

14 Best Strava Alternatives and Similar Apps. Every sports lover out there already know that Strava is one of the, if not the best cycling and running app. However, if you’ve already used Strava for years, you’re bound to get bored. So, what apps are the best Strava alternatives? Are they as good as Strava?

Why don’t we look at what Strava has to offer

Despite protests that Strava is becoming more like a social connection app rather than a sporty app, you can’t deny that the Strava app has its pros.

What is Strava offering to you?

Tracking feature

Syncs with your devices to measure your performance

Share experiences with photos and status on the Strava app

The million-dollar question: is Strava free? Yes, you can download it for free on Google Play or App Store. But, there are some features that you have to pay to enjoy. You can call it a freemium app.

So, you see that Strava is good.

Now, are you ready for the best running and bicycling app similar to Strava? Let’s find out!

14 Best Strava Alternatives and Similar Apps

In this article, you can know about Strava Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Map My Ride

Map My Ride

Map My Ride is the best free Strava alternative for sharing your biking route with your connections. No matter what you use, IOS, Android, Windows, or Mac, the Map My Ride app is available to all.

After you download the app, you can choose to use the free or paid version. Don’t worry; the free version is enough to satisfy you!

It comes with a basic tracking system, goal tracking, lifetime stats, and mapped routes for you to download. But, you have to deal with the ads.

The paid version is free of ads, including cadence analysis, live tracking, and printing maps.


You can connect it to other apps, such as MyFitnessPal

Unlimited mapped routes

Easy to use

Personal goal tracking

Audio feedback such as calories burnt and pace

Can connect to heart rate monitor

Can connect to social media and share routes


The free version has ads

No live tracking on the free version

2. Cyclemeter


If you want to schedule your rides before you go, Cyclemeter is the best free Strava alternative for it. Complete with a calendar to plan your personal workout training, Cyclemeter is the perfect app to motivate you. It also gives you comments to encourage you to work out more.

So, Cyclemeter vs. Strava, which one would win? One thing that is convenient for you is that Cyclemaster doesn’t need you to log in every time you want to use the app.

As for the features, Cyclemeter has maps, splits, intervals, and charts of your rides. It’s an easy app to use, so don’t worry if you’re a beginner. It supports skiing, running, skating, and walking as well.


Can schedule rides

Calendar for a personal workout plan

Have trail maps, split intervals

Detailed personal stats graphs

Suitable for every type of cyclist

Can stop or start by pressing the earbuds button

Announcements about your stats

Can connect to many social media apps, including Strava


You have to scrutinize each feature to understand fully what they mean.

3. CycleStreets


For personalized routes suitable to your tastes, Cyclestreets is the best free Strava alternative for you. If you want to choose a quiet route, find safe ways for yourself, choose the Cyclestreets app.

Like a GPS, it has a live tracking system to tell you where exactly you should go, where you should turn, etc. It provides how many distances you’ve covered as well. Tracking your journey wouldn’t be a problem, too.


Simple to use compared to other apps

Easy route planning for a personal journey

Live tracking system to tell you where you should go


Not as sophisticated as other apps

Not many features for training

4. TrainingPeaks


Setting a goal and be ready to finish it is the primary purpose of this Strava alternative. It tracks your gradual progress and plans your training to reach the goals in a particular way. TrainingPeaks app is like your biking coach. This is another Strava Alternatives.

Training Peaks offers more than adequate tools for workouts. However, it’s not an app where you can share your experiences with friends. It’s strictly for your training.


Comprehensive training tools

Coach-like app


Can you plan your workout


No social connections

5. Runkeeper


Runkeeper is one of the most popular apps for running in this Strava alternative list. It’s easy to use and utilize. While you’re running, it gives you audio updates on your time, distance, calories burnt, and pace.

Runkeeper is also suitable for those who like working out indoors. It provides a stopwatch for you to track your treadmill time. The app connects to Google Maps as well.

Many are wondering why people compare RunKeeper vs. Strava. Why is it? Both are popular with runners, but RunKeeper is chosen as the best because of its flexible running logs where you could add your runs manually.


Easy to use

Tracks pace, calories burnt, time, and distance

Manually add runs

Connects to Google Map


Runkeeper doesn’t have as many users as Strava, so the community is much smaller.

6. Komoot


Komoot is more suitable for those who like the outdoors and remote locations. It gives complete insights into elevation, trail type, and road type. This is another Strava Alternatives.

If you encountered a new route, you could enter it into Komoot’s system for other users to use. It also gives complete data for users to plan their trip to certain terrains that needs more preparation, like hiking terrain.

Komoot vs. Strava is asked many times. They aren’t competing in many aspects because Komoot has a different purpose: to assist those who like to go off-grid or offline.


Suitable to use in the outdoors

Map new route

Complete terrain data

Excellent for offline use


Not suitable for sharing with a community

The free version only provides one region

7. Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect

This free Strava alternative is for you who resents that Strava has turned into a social networking app rather than a sporty app.

Garmin Connect mobile app is designed for people who are experienced with cycling. It gives you a trainer-approved training package that you can plan weekly, monthly, and yearly. But, it doesn’t mean that Garmin Connect doesn’t have a social networking system.  You can share your stats, but it mainly compares your results with others on a leaderboard.


Veterans cyclist using the app

Trainer-approved exercising plan

Plan weekly, monthly, and yearly workout

Activity tracking feature and annual statistics

Leaderboard for comparing results

Connects to MyFitnessPal and Strava


GPS Drains battery quickly

8. RideWithGPS


RideWithGPS is one of the most popular apps for cyclists as of now. It has a mode with a feature which you can actively map your route. Another mode is to search for a specific area by elevation and distance.

Unlike any other app, RideWithGPS is browser-based. You can use it on smartphones, but navigation is quite complicated because of its web-based nature. It also has a fitness tracking feature, which can track calories burnt and heart rate. This is another Strava Alternatives. Also check  payday loan apps

Ride with GPS vs. Strava: which will win? They’re both great in their ways.

The free version of RideWithGPS gives you a complete enough package, including all the aforementioned features. Other features available for free are weekly and monthly schedules and gear functionality and durability. The paid version gives you more fitness tools and shapes your body, such as hydration levels and body fat tracking.


Detailed route

Can connect to Garmin GPS

Tracks gear durability after certain miles

Fitness support

Search function to find routes


Navigation is complicated

Offline routes are limited

There is no undo function if you accidentally delete a route

9. Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run!

Unlike the other Strava alternatives, Zombies, Run! is more lighthearted and designed to motivate you to run. It is thick with game elements where you are given missions to complete each time you run.

Zombies Run app is heavy with the audio element, so you’ll have to use headphones or earbuds for audio cues. You’ll be instructed to run faster when you’re ‘chased’ by zombies. The app enables you to share your achievements and create your training missions.


Like a game with a storyline to motivate you to run


Can be used outdoors or indoors

Fitness training like 5k run


App size is large, and it needs a constant internet connection

10. RGT Cycling

RGT Cycling

Now, this app is the obvious Strava alternative in this pandemic. RGT Cycling is the rising star app of indoor cycling. So, if you’re looking for riding indoor with the authentic feel of riding in the open, RGT Cycling is your solution. The best point of this app is that it’s free! However, you can choose to subscribe to the premium version for $10 each month. This is another Strava Alternatives.

RGT Cycling app is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iPad, and Apple TV. For the controller, IOS and Android will do. There’s a library of training programs for you to choose from, and you can add your own custom training, too! The app can track your power, cadence, and heart rate as well.

This app’s biggest competitor: RGT Cycling vs. Zwift. We’ll get to Zwift in a moment.


Authentic roads for immersive training sessions

Completely indoors

Can chat with fellow bikers

Many terrain options even on the free version

Compatible with many systems


Many roads are only available in the premium version

Resolution can be a bit off depends on the quality of the device

11. Zwift


Zwift, like RGT Cycling, is a Strava alternative for indoor exercising. Unlike its competitor, the Zwift app has a running option, as well. This is another Strava Alternatives.

While it’s designed to appeal to runners and cyclists, only the running option is free. For cycling, you have to pay $15 per month. However, you have the option of using the free trial for 15 days.

It supports iOS and Android devices. Much like RGT Cycling, Zwift is an immersive app that makes you feel like you’re exercising in real life.

It tracks your speed, power, cadence, and distance. Your features, as mentioned above achievements are presented as a game, and you can give thumbs up to others’ accomplishments.


Immersive indoor cycling experience

Suitable for socializing

Compatible with IOS and Android

Free running option


The cycling option is unavailable for free

Hard to get used to the app

12. Bikemap


This Strava alternative is convenient for you to use. With its handy search function, you can easily find the biking routes you like all over the world. This is another Strava Alternatives.

The Bikemap app gives you the option of choosing a route based on distance, location, and preferences. Because of the simple app design, Bikemap is easy to use with plenty of benefits.


Simple design and easy to use

Convenient searching option

You can choose routes to your tastes


No detailed information about the routes

13. Adidas Runtastic

Adidas Runtastic

As stated in its name, this Runtastic app is known for its running regime. Adidas Runtastic for running is free, but it’s completely up to you to update it to premium. The free version tracks your calorie burnt, pace, and speed. Also check Daily Planner Apps

It also connects to GPS and Garmin Connect. You can make notes of your body changes so the app can adjust the best running plan for you.


The free version tracks cardio exercises

Connected to GPS

Adjust your running plan to your body composition

Easy to sync with a phone

Audio cues


Battery draining quickly

Can’t create a custom training plan

14. Google Fit

Google Fit

Last but not least is the Google Fit app. This Strava alternative relatively has familiar and easily accessible for all of us. It provides tracking metrics such as heartbeat, calories burnt, distance, and elevation.

You can gain ‘Move Points’ every time you do an activity such as running, swimming, yoga, etc. It’s easy to plan your journey, too. The routes will be available through Google Maps. This is another Strava Alternatives.

This app is versatile and it can connect to many apps, including Strava and many apps mentioned above.


Easily accessible whether by IOS or Android users

Easy to use

Connects to many apps

Challenges you to workout

Record ‘Move Points’ when you do sports


No social connections and sharing are available

No training programs

No progress display

So, what’s the best Strava alternatives?

All 14 of them have their uniqueness that other apps can’t mimic.  However, if you’re searching for a cycling app the closest in features to Strava, you can choose Garmin Connect.

It is suitable for people that like casual riding and outdoor, grueling rides. The winning points of Garmin Connect are its tracking system and its trainer-approved training plan.

As for running, the fans’ favorite is RunKeeper, with its simple app and its manually added running logs. RunKeeper is also suitable for outdoor and indoor running, which caters to a lot of users.

But, if you like a simple, casual workout app, the best fit is Google Fit. It’s easy to manage, easy to use, and is accessible to almost every device. The benefits Google Fit offers are just as valuable as any other app, despite its simplicity.

That’s it. Many apps to choose from. Choose the one that suits you, your body, and your routine the most.

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