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Top 12 Best Sound Effect Apps For Android And iOS

Top 12 Best Sound Effect Apps For Android And iOS

Best Sound Effect Apps will be discussed in this article. Do you feel like having a good laugh? Do you like to play practical jokes on your loved ones or pals using kooky sounds? See how this time-tested technique for evoking laughter still works by downloading the top sound effect applications for Android and iOS devices.

You’re not a trickster, are you? Don’t worry; you may use these sound effects to edit your songs or recordings as well. For your device, you can also make your own alarm or ringtone. With just a few taps, you may enhance your music with a huge variety of effects.

Top 12 Best Sound Effect Apps For Android And iOS

In this article, you can know about Sound Effect Apps here are the details below;

There is a big selection of apps on the market. However, the following list will assist you if you don’t want to download a scam on your smartphone. The best sound effect programs for music and recordings have been gathered by us. Look them up!

1. Meme soundboard Ultimate

Meme soundboard Ultimate

This sound effect software, which is made for both Android and iOS, contains all the tools you need for trolling. It includes all of the best sound effects that are frequently utilized in memes, from the horn and roll to the cry and gunfire. Select an effect that works with your audio if you want to.

With this program, you can keep track of your tap number, mute the sound at any time, and even arrange your favorites. The effect can be readily recreated in the subsequent editing by using the least mentioned.

This soundboard makes it so much pleasure to spend hours in front of the screen. Thanks to a user-friendly UI and simple tools that make it easy to use. This is a fantastic software to install on your smartphone, whether you want to make memes or a custom ringtone.

2. 100’s Buttons & Sounds

100’s Buttons & Sounds

Use amusing sound effects to enhance the comedy of your pranks. The hundreds of amusing and unpleasant sound effects that are accessible in this app make it the greatest sound effect software for anyone looking to have a good time with friends or family.

New upgrades include larger buttons in widgets and apps, the removal of location permission, and bug fixes are all included in the most recent version. Additional features include more than 400 buttons, multi-touch support, and simpler navigation. This software has a variety of loops of loud and amusing sound effects. This software includes everything you need to troll your pals, whether you require DJ noises or joke sounds.

Playing various sound effects is a lot of fun with the dark background and bright, big buttons. Additionally, it has a user-friendly interface that adds to its engaging qualities. What’s more, it functions nicely on the majority of Android smartphones.

3. Atmosphere


In the Atmosphere, you can listen to a range of soothing sound effects. The pleasant and calming sounds from various settings in this particular app are ideal for relaxing. Simply select a sound you enjoy, then savor the atmosphere.

There is a collection of environmental sound effects, including forest, beach, city, and rural settings. Additionally, East Asia, underwater sounds, and many more soothing sounds are available. combine with calming pursuits like yoga, meditation, or sleep.

Additionally, this top sound effect software includes isochronic tones and binaural beats to help you find inner freedom. It also includes the ability to mix in your own audio files with the pre-installed noises. This is a fantastic way to unwind and get some sleep. This software is useful to help you relax even though it’s not made for making fun of your buddies. Thanks to artificial intelligence that creates realistic noises and natural sound effects.

4. Rain Rain Sleep sounds

Rain Rain Sleep sounds

Do you require rain sound effects to aid with your sleep? Install Rain Rain Sleep Sounds on your smartphone to sleep more quickly than usual. To help you accomplish your sleep goals, it is packed with soothing, high-quality noises.

From light rain to heavy rain and even rain on a tin roof, there are many different rain sound effects to enjoy. It also has a vast variety of natural noises, including snoring Shih Tzus, ocean waves, crackling fireplaces, and purring cats. Every sound is intended to promote relaxation.

The amazing thing about this software is that you can combine several sounds of various intensities. Save the audio to your device and set it as your personal ringtone if you’re pleased with the outcome. As an alternative, you might listen to it nonstop on your MP3 player.

In the free version, there are 35 free sounds. Upgrade to the premium version if you require more noises, and you will receive 60 more sounds. To get better quality sleep, save your favorite sounds and play them all through the night.

5. iFart


Make fun of your buddies or loved ones by using the iFart fart sound effect. Thanks to its extensive library of funny fart noises, this program has amused millions of people and is still counting. There are 35 different fart sounds available, such as dirty Raoul and wipe out.

Because of its simple UI, this free program is incredibly simple to use. Additionally, there are functional buttons that are useful, such as the timer, share, and favorite buttons. The least mention lets you store your preferred fart noises for future convenience.

Additionally, iFart has the option to record fart sounds. By recording humorous fart sounds, you can enhance your collection and fool your friends. The coolest part is that it features a Sneak Attack feature that lets you set a countdown and choose which fart should be played when it expires. You can set the device on a level surface using the Security Fart feature as well. When your phone is moved, any selected fart sound will start playing automatically.

6. Meme and Vine Soundboard

Meme and Vine Soundboard

Are you looking for well-known and amusing sound effects for vines and memes? This top free sound effect software is worthwhile considering because it features a huge selection of distinctive sounds. Look through the tabs to discover your favorite sound.

This application offers a variety of settings, so you can select whether you want to annoy your friends or make a meme. To enter the menu and select a sound effect, simply press and hold any button. To fully hear the sounds, make sure your phone is not muted.

It contains a share option that enables you to share amusing sounds with pals in addition to its extensive library of sound effects. They can be used as a custom alarm, notification, or ringtone. You can also store them on your device as an alternative.

7. Voice Changer

Voice Changer

One of the greatest sound effect apps, Voice Changer supports a variety of audio effects for a range of uses. Enjoy a better user experience when playing with your music with this software, which is absolutely free to download.

This tool emphasizes sound effects that you can customize to enhance your recordings. More than 20 audio effects are available, making it one of the most practical and straightforward apps for enjoying music.

Voice Changer isn’t made expressly for trolling, but it might be your greatest friend for recording voices in high-quality sound; amusing sound effects like enormous and alien are also available. We can change the impact with just a tap thanks to built-in special effects.

Have you finished recording? You have the option of saving the recordings or disseminating them to your followers on social media. Additionally, it functions as an alarm, notification, and ringtone.

8. Ambience


How about exercising while taking in some natural sound effects? One of the best sound effect apps is called Ambience, and it has a ton of soothing sounds including rain, river, and night sounds. You can meditate in peace and get better sleep with the help of this instrument. The secret to better relaxation is high-quality natural sounds, which can help you fall asleep more quickly and achieve serenity during meditation.

If you need more noises, combine some calming sounds and save the result. Play it all night long whenever you want a tranquil atmosphere. Don’t worry; when you nod off, the playback will be interrupted immediately by an in-app timer.

Ambience emphasizes individual volume control among its characteristics. Additionally, you can blend up to 10 sounds at once. Ambience offers a ton of pre-made combos if you are too lazy to create your own.

9. Big Button sound Effects

Big Button sound Effects

Big Button’s mosquito sound effect will annoy your buddies. This soundboard is packed with a variety of high-quality sound effects of common noises, like alarm clock, airplane, insect, bike bell, and many more. With the touch of a button, prank your friends.

The sound effects are given to you in a large button with an appealing image for your convenience. All you have to do to hear the sound is tap a button. Just make sure it isn’t muted on your device. To download this program is free, but it may also contain advertisements.

The ability to keep your favorite sounds as a special ringtone, alarm, or notice makes this soundboard more intriguing. Simply give a button a long press and select an option to set the sound for that button.

10. Scary Horror sounds

Scary Horror sounds

The best way to scare your friends is with frightful horror sounds. Everyone who hears the eerie sounds in this sound effect app will experience chills. This application offers all the sounds you need if you’re looking for Halloween music.

It only requires a tap. Select a sound button to hear how your friends respond. You can use these sounds as alarms and ringtones in addition to playing pranks. Do you have the fortitude to listen to these noises at night? The 40 scary noises in this sound effect application are ideal for playing zombie or Halloween party games. Make a list of your favorites so you can easily find the sounds.

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