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Top 12 Best Softclinic Software Alternatives In 2022

softclinic software

This post will explain softclinic software. The greatest clinic and hospital management system software that enables you to manage the patient’s work skills is called SoftClinic. The platform provides you with integrated solutions that help you manage operations more efficiently and with high levels of cooperation and support. By optimising the flow of data and information, the software is helping doctors, clinics, and hospitals take their practise management systems to the limit.

The software includes a number of modules, including Laboratory, Pharmacy, HR, Inventory, and Accounting. It also makes stunning use of cutting-edge digitalization to make it simpler to preserve patient information. Numerous features are available, including an online appointment system, a barcode reporting system, audio and SMS alerts, compliance cloud backup, sophisticated data analytics, equipment interface, and more standout features. SoftClinic is a time- and money-saving alternative for you that efficiently manages all of your everyday work at the hospitals with no issues at all.

Top 12 Best Softclinic Software Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about softclinic software here are the details below;

1. American Medical EMR

American Medical EMR

You may manage all of your electronic records using American Medical EMR, which is a single piece of software. The software has all the tools necessary to incorporate an automated workflow that produces better outcomes. The platform offers client-server and cloud-based medical software solutions that support several healthcare facilities and offer features including charts, billing, scheduling, and ultra-portals. This is another softclinic software alternative.

With 24/7 client access, an E&M coding assistant that reduces coding errors, and Ultra-scheduling that encourages optimum appointments, patient monitoring, and search features, the ASM charts service improves documentation for the clinicians. The well-known billing solution enables quicker payment, precise filling, and effective revenue management. Also check Tandem Software

Last but not least, Ultra-portal helps employees and patients build stronger ties by offering a secure communications platform. Your best option for managing all the healthcare personnel with a digital workflow to transfer data and information that reduces costs and saves time is AMS.

2. Clinic Master

Clinic Master

A versatile and reliable practise management software called Clinic Master was created with the purpose of handling all medical tasks in a professional manner. Rich tools are being provided by the software thanks to cutting-edge technology that has integrated the whole system and automated the flow of information both inside and outside of departments. Clinic Master offers you three different sorts of solutions: premium for managing your whole practise, optimal for improving customer relations and efficiency, and finally, ultimate for enhancing marketing services. This is another softclinic software alternative.

Scheduling, billing, charting, thorough documentation, cutting-edge data analytics, accounting reports, payments, client portal, and other capabilities are among the many that Clinic Master provides. The software’s extraordinary capacity to automatically sync data eliminates the problem of losing any data. The software is delivering a collaborative platform that delivers pro-effective solutions, tools, and services in the areas of billing, finance, and marketing that, in turn, expand healthcare practises and save time and money.

3. Clinicea


You can handle the work professionally using Clinicea, an all-in-one EMR, EHR, and practise management software. The software provides tools based on cutting-edge technology that integrates into the system and automates the entire system, increasing productivity.

The software is in line with the requirements that stipulate that every patient must receive advance services, such as records, reports, consulting time, and medical histories. You can handle projects, appointments, scheduling, online payments, and more with the help of practise management.

This is another softclinic software alternative. You will be presented with useful features by Clinicea, such as automatic appointment scheduling through email or SMS, client administration for several customers, pharmacy and inventory management, premium support, invoicing and referral, patient portal, thorough documentation, and more. The digital services and IT infrastructure are enabling a simplified workflow with round-the-clock assistance. The software is affordable, provides clinical services to businesses all over the world, and offers the largest selection of EMR modules.

4. ClinicKernel


ClinicKernel is a flexible, cutting-edge, safe, and web-based solution for clinical duties that, via functional agility, alter the scope of the management process in the healthcare industry. The software is dispensing reliable solutions built on cutting-edge features that make practise administration extremely efficient, which leads to more fruitful outcomes in the healthcare systems. Based on integrated processes and IT infrastructure, Clinickernel expertly automates management and information workflow.

Patient medical records, built-in client intelligence, intuitive medical search, learning, appointment system, online clinic scheduling, user-friendly registration, billing, revenue realisation system, and more dynamic features are provided by ClinicKernel.

You have access to comprehensive patient records and data through the software at any time. The software gives you the opportunity to scale up clinic operations more quickly, and features like security, integrable modules for the lab, radiology, and pharmacy, and comprehensive data management make this software very effective in its use.

5. Vertikal Systems

Vertikal Systems

With the help of the dynamic hospital management system software Vertikal System, you can handle all the challenging duties associated with patient care. The software is equipped with all the tools and features necessary for highly effective health care operations, which improves business productivity and profitability. Vertikal System is advancing by connecting all of your departments and procedures in a single location that is simple to use, easy to deploy, and provides cutting-edge assistance for his employees. This is another softclinic software alternative.

A wide range of services are known through the Vertikal system, including patient administration, medical forms, billing, scheduling, nurse modules, inventory management, internal and health communications, thorough reporting, and more. The hospital-based IT infrastructure is digitalized by Vertikal Systems, which simplifies automated operations and is ready to be optimised for quick searching and communication. The platform is advantageous in terms of the patient’s operational costs, a flexible payment mechanism, and the level of assistance you require.

6. PracticePal


PracticePal is a versatile and well-known web-based practise management software that consistently provides top-notch management services to the medical industry. With appointment reminders, task scheduling, online payment, a patent portal, and other features, the software provides a set of tools that efficiently automates the entire clinic procedure. PracticePal enables you to effectively manage all aspect of your clinic’s commercial operations from any location at any time. Also check tutoring software

The software is providing its efficient services in a variety of healthcare fields, including dentistry, mental health, aesthetics, and more. PracticePal is establishing the standard with its seamless integration, which gives your business operation more functionality and, as a consequence, produces effective outcomes from a marketing standpoint. There are many features that may be added, including a sophisticated and thorough scheduling system, user-friendly online bookings, clinic reports and notes, practise income, an intelligent patient retention system, and more.

7. CureMD


This is another softclinic software alternative. With CureMD, you have access to active practise management, EMR, telemedicine, billing, and more reliable health care services. The software’s user friendly interface causes it simple to operate and maintain, and it enables all the capabilities needed to provide services more quickly and improve client satisfaction. CureMD is presenting a range of solutions for practise management, patient portals, public health, health records, and more.

The electronic health records provided the framework for next-generation interoperability, electronic labs, and automated workflow. The practise management solution gives you access to corporate scheduling, intelligent invoicing, reporting, and other tools to increase efficiency.

You benefit from the patient portal’s secure registration, appointment requests, and refill requests. With Avalon’s cutting-edge approach to medical practise, you benefit from medical billing services to get payments more quickly. Through a continual workflow editor, templates, and knowledge, the software expands the capabilities of the management process to improve documentation, efficiency, and service quality.

8. AdvancedMD


The software package AdvancedMD was created for medical, physical therapy, independent libraries, mental health clinics, and independent laboratories. The platform is a practical option that offers completely integrated AdvancedMD EHR solutions, offers you expert practise management services, and keeps up a great user experience around the globe. To improve practise management, AdvancedMD offers solutions for numerous billing systems, scheduling systems, reporting systems, and benchmarks. This is another softclinic software alternative.

Smart dashboards, patient charts, configurable layouts, apps, and more are all part of the EHR offerings. Patient portals, rest, reputation management, patient messaging, and more services are available for a rich patient experience. The automated patient education system AdvancedMD focuses on technologies to increase practise productivity, monitoring services, momentum billing, and payment options.

9. Sunrise EMR

Sunrise EMR

Sunrise EMR is a reputable platform created to offer healthcare options in hospitals for improved administration and treatment. The platform provides useful tools and services that simplify management, allowing for more fruitful outcomes. Sunrise EMR is delivering high-quality, industry-standard healthcare, enabling you to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and to expand your chances to enhance clinician experience while providing high-quality patient care.

The software is presenting the data your teams require at the precise moment to help them decide more accurately. You may take use of a number of services offered by Sunrise EMR, including Sunrise Acute care, Ambulatory care, Pharmacy, Radiology, Emergency Care, Sunrise Patient Flow, and more sophisticated solutions in the future. Sunrise EMR is an agile, collaborative platform with an intuitive design that enables teams to work together to accomplish shared goals.

10. Cliniko


A flexible practise management software specifically created for clinics and Allied health services is called Cliniko. The software is built on cutting-edge technology, has a cloud network, and handles all management responsibilities, which lightens the load of managing intricate operations. You can manage all of your appointments, reminders, timetables, and time-saving automatic messaging with Cliniko. Cliniko includes all the cutting-edge tools required for efficient management that prepares the way for high-quality, standard-compliant online care work.

This is another softclinic software alternative. The software offers a wide range of capabilities that may be fully customised, including online reservations and payments, safe cloud storage for health records, easy payment administration, reporting, and tracking during rigorous business management. Cliniko is a simple-to-use dashboard and intuitive user interface. It is a time- and money-saving professional management solution.

11. Clinic Sense

Clinic Sense

Clinic Sense is a dynamic message clinic management software that enables you to expertly shorten the time spent on management tasks. You may save time by using the software to handle all of your daily tasks, reminders, scheduling, and invoicing. With Clinic Sense, you can manage all aspect of your massage company in one location, which simplifies the complexity of dealing with to fill cabinets. Clinic Sense offers everything that has an efficient management process required.

Due to its full software management in one location, the software saves you from having to switch between different programmes and eliminates the necessity for searching all over the place. Clinic Sense includes all the resources you need to expand your client base, sell more gift cards, use email marketing, and build a profitable company. The essential functions include SOAP notes, online scheduling, warnings for missed appointments, configurable intake forms, online payments, and more. Also check Lead Generation Tools

12. Jarvis Legal

Jarvis Legal

Jarvis Legal is a reputable and straightforward legal practise management software that offers you a sophisticated solution to maintain your knowledge, increase profits, and save time. The software’s automated workflow, which includes time-tracking, centralised case management, and 3-click billing, enables you to complete tasks more quickly. Jarvis Legal is a helpful tool for case collaboration that establishes parameters to improve team effectiveness through work assignment, counsel invitations, document sharing, and post-it notes. This is another softclinic software alternative.

The software offers automatic backup, document versioning, bank-grade security, and 256-bit encryption while keeping all of your data in one location and safe in the cloud. Documentation automation, outlook sync, processing in offline mode, case sharing, trust accounting, data reporting, and other features are among the many capabilities. You have the ability to share the automatic tracking of delinquent payments with clients through Jarvis Legal.

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