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10 Tools For Social Media Ecommerce

Social Media Ecommerce

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10 Tools For Social Media Ecommerce

In this article, you can know about 10 Tools For Social Media Ecommerce here are the details below;

There are too many cool things happening in social media not to keep the conversation going. We talked some time ago about social media for ecommerce. Remember Topsy, Buzz Sumo, and Piktochart? Well, today, I’ll add 10 more great tools to the previous list.

1. Buffer

Simple and easy to use tool for those who want to queue curated content. Same drill: you schedule the content and Buffer automatically posts it when you please. Cool feature: great to see which post performed best.

2. Social Rank

This tool keeps an eye on your Twitter account and helps you identify top followers. Thus, you’ll find out who are ‘the best’ ones (the influential accounts, the ‘valuable’ ones), and those who interact with you often. You’ll figure it out in no time. Cool feature: it’s all turned into statistics that will hit your inbox on a monthly basis. Some followers DO need special attention. Honestly.

3. SocialBro

Here’a another tool for Twitter. It’s a bit like ‘all about your Twitter account’. And I mean everything: tweets analytics, community insights, etc. In those two weeks free trial, you’ll have plenty of time to test all the uber cool (healthy) ‘spying’ features.


With this one you can manage your followers, but you can also organize and grow your business as it can help you manage multiple accounts. Don’t forget to make the most of it, and keep an eye on those influential accounts hovering about. Also check CDN Services

5. Tweetdeck

Yet another highly popular Twitter management tool. Makes it easy to organize and track your content. Oh, yes, AND helps you engage with followers. The customizable dashboard keeps everything on one page (literally). Saves time too.


Infographics are everywhere, and this tool helps you build them. You just enter information, and with the help of great features, like design templates, you’ll get that amazing infographic in no time. Visual content it’s a must, so, don’t think twice.

7. Visually

This tool helps you with visual content too: infographics, charts, videos, presentations and the like. Big plus: cheaper than hiring an agency to do them for you. I said cheaper, not necessarily cheap.

8. LikeAlyzer

Facebook analysis tool that puts together  statistics and insights. It also throws in helpful recommendations and allows you to compare yourself to other similar brands. Also check International PEO Services

9. Fanpage Karma

Another tool that collects valuable information on Facebook. You’ll know more about engagement, growth, service, etc. It helps you with useful insights into Twitter and YouTube too.

10. Klout

I’m sure you’ve already heard of this one, even if you’re new to social marketing. The amazing thing about this one is that it collects information on several social profiles. It comes up with a popularity score you’ll probably end up checking obsessively (joking!). They keep adding handy features (like tracking topics or making content suggestions).

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