Top 13 Best Smart Control Alternatives In 2022

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Your smartphone may function as a strong remote thanks to the Smart Control scheduling and light bulb control software. It replaces a cumbersome light switch and enables effortless lighting control from any place on the planet that is connected to your home Wi-Fi network. Additionally, using the built-in dawn alarm is the best way to wake up feeling rested and naturally. By setting light bulbs to switch on or off as necessary, it improves their efficiency.

You can schedule, dim, and create scenarios with your mobile devices. It is the best home automation choice for individuals who want to control their lights without having to pay a large price for a specialised installation service or challenging hardware devices. Overall, it’s an excellent tool that you may consider using.

Top 13 Best Smart Control Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about  smart control alternatives here are the details below;

1. App WeBack

Users of the smartphone app WeBack can wirelessly control their smart home appliances. Users may add devices to their accounts in just three easy steps. For your smart home gadget to be connected to your Wi-Fi network, you must first adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. The following action is to create a WeBack account by providing your email address and password. Connecting your smart home device to your account is the final option.

This is another smart control alternative. The software works with the majority of contemporary smart home appliances from all the major manufacturers, including Netgear, Samsung, Phillips, etc. Each additional HomeKit product now gets a unique tag in the app. In many areas, it’s simple to find the newest and most popular products. As of right now, you may effortlessly take control of your smart devices, quickly set them up, and obtain assistance. Also check work order software

2. Xfinity

Using the Xfinity mobile app, you can keep an eye on and control how you use Xfinity products and services, including cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless service provider companies. It provides consumers with additional services including VOIP phone service, IPTV video service, and internet access over a digital subscriber line (DSL). Feel secure knowing that parental controls are in place. Set device restrictions, enable family-friendly browsing, and disable Wi-Fi for all connected devices.

You can control your XFINITY Home devices and see their current status, including whether or not the lights are on or off, the temperature set by your thermostat, the status of your garage doors, and cameras. You can also track your DVR recordings remotely and perform operations like play, pause, rewind, and fast-forward, as well as view and search channel listings and place new service orders online or from a mobile device. You may also choose the deadline for paying my payment and adding to your account balance. Using the app, you may manage your time more effectively and conserve time and money.

3. TV Remote – Universal Control

With the remote control app TV Remote – Universal Control, you can control any brand of TV. You can remotely change the TV’s channel with this programme without getting up from the couch and moving around the room. It can control TVs using gestures and multi-screen displays. It can recognise the smart TVs automatically if they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You may also pause the music and speak the lyrics aloud. It may also be used as a universal remote control for IR gadgets like DVD, VCD, and other infrared devices, as well as some Bluetooth gadgets with an IR capability such Smart TVs, DVD, VCDs, and so forth. This is another smart control alternative.

4. Ring Never Leave

Ring – Always home is a video monitoring app for home security cameras. Since video recordings are kept on private, encrypted cloud storage, you won’t miss a thing. The software will deliver a clear, 1080p HD video feed with night vision to your phone, tablet, or computer. The motion detection sensor at your entrance detects a visitor, and the app connects to your Wi-Fi network to notify you of the situation.

The two-way audio capability, which is incredibly user-friendly and useful, is also supported. Once you have downloaded the app in your iPhone or Android device, place your compatible Ring device anywhere you want to keep an eye on things. With Ring, you can guarantee the safety of your family and home at all times.

5. EufyHome

You can easily control any smart home component in your home, from the thermostat to the front door, with the aid of the mobile app EufyHome. On link all of your smart gadgets, just download the app to your iPhone or Android device. It enables you to quickly set up customised automation rules so you can easily plan and control your smart home devices.

While you’re away, set a timer on your thermostat or set your lights to turn on and off at the same time every day. You can & control your energy consumption in real-time with EufyHome right from your phone. Check the energy usage of certain smart devices and compare it to those of other devices to save more money.

6. ViCare

This is another smart control alternative. The ViCare app allows you to connect your phone to your Viessmann heating system. Imagine a world where you could use your phone to control the temperature in your home. Now, using an app on your smartphone or tablet to control the central heating in your house is just as simple as using a remote. You may use it at any time, anyplace to keep an eye on your heating system.

The app gives you information about your home’s temperature, if everything is working as it should, and how much power or heating oil your system is consuming. Additionally, you may examine the weather forecast to be sure that your boiler will work well under the anticipated conditions. It saves your typical routine and uses it to automatically control the temperature and save energy. Another excellent feature is support for Amazon Alexa Control, which provides voice-activated heating control. Also check tutoring software

7. MSmartHome

MsmartHome was the first smartphone app that allow users to carry out necessary smart home operations. You are given the control to flexibly plan, manage, keep an eye on, and upkeep the convenience and safety of your house from a distance. An interactive remote control that functions as a hub for controlling all of the appliances connected to a Midea smart home system is also included in the app. From this hub, you can monitor the status of your appliances and turn them on or off with a single tap.

A single app may let you complete all of these tasks, drastically simplifying your life in the process. It further provides real-time updates and notifications in order to enhance the Smart Home experience. Overall, the app allows you to control various appliances, like air conditioners, robotic vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, and ovens, from a single user interface.

8. HomeHabit

A variety of well-known smart home devices may be combined and managed with the HomeHabit app, a smart home device remote control. You may use it to control and monitor a range of popular smart home appliances and devices, including Amazon Alexa, devices, appliances, AC, Chromecast, etc. With the help of this powerful programme, you can set up daily schedules for all of your connected devices, change device settings, and check the condition of your connected devices. Consider the situation when you realise you left a light on while at work. This is another smart control alternative.

You may instantly switch off any light or appliance by using HomeHabit’s Quick Action function, which enables you to save frequently used items and access them with a single tap. You can assign one or more actions to each device with only a few finger presses. Create scenarios that let you control many devices at once. Make a scenario that, when you leave your house in the morning, locks the doors and shuts out the lights, for example.

9. ORVIBO Home

You can protect, manage, and keep a check on the electronics in your house with the aid of the smart app ORVIBO Home from just about anywhere. Use one simple app to navigate your complete smart home from any device. Combine convenience of use with everyday tasks by using the app to connect smart devices, control them, and link with other services like voice assistants. The software, which is accessible on tablets and smartphones, has motion detection, temperature monitoring, as well as images, videos, and audio from your house.

In addition to turning on and off the lights, you can use it to control your TV, entertainment system, garage door, wall outlet, and more. ORVIBO Home is an additional IP camera that enables live viewing and saves footage on your phone. Use real-time video streaming to check in on what is going on while you are gone, rapidly switch off the lights, or quickly change the temperature. Remotely arming and disarming the security system is possible, along with receiving alerts on your phone when an alarm is set off.

10. eHomeLife

With the help of the app eHomeLife, you may control every aspect of your smart home anytime, anywhere. All of your gadgets may be controlled, watched, and interacted with simultaneously. With our notifications, you’ll never forget another deadline or be late again. Even while you’re away of town, you can keep an eye on and control your house. You may have confidence knowing that your home or apartment is always secure, safe, and under your control with eHome Life. Utilize the app to quickly configure your device, plan light on and off times, view motion events, and more.

11. Homematic IP

This is another smart control alternative. An app called Homematic IP can control smart home appliances including security, climate control, lighting, and different accessory parts. You can control smart home and garden gadgets with the app. You may also set up your gadgets to carry out tasks automatically. To turn on the heater, for instance, when you leave the workplace and to arrive home at a specific time regardless of the weather. Alternatively, you might start the heater before you get out of bed.

The Homematic IP app is compatible with gadgets including smoke detectors, window and door sensors, and controls for doors, windows, and blinds. Additionally, it enables a variety of programmable appliances, including blinds, shutters, and fans. The app also supports a variety of add-ons, including IR blasters and other sensors for measuring light, monitoring temperature and humidity, and detecting carbon monoxide. Also check Cybersecurity Software

12. Dyson Link

Your Dyson air purifier, fan, or heater can all be controlled and scheduled with the Dyson Link app. It is, in a nutshell, compatible with every Dyson product. You may quickly and simply create schedules for your Dyson items using the app. You might, for instance, programme your heater or fan to come on 30 minutes before you wake up each morning. By setting your air purifier to clean while you’re away, it also makes management of the device simpler.

It enables you to control your Dyson upright, canister, cordless, or robotic vacuum cleaner from your smartphone and makes your products useful as hands-free gadgets. With Dyson Link, you have complete control over your cleaning equipment. You can use your smartphone to establish schedules, start and stop the machines, and check the air quality. track the GPS position of where you last used your Dyson, Make a plan to have it turn on and off automatically. You can also check the battery life and anticipate how long cleaning will take.


Using the help of ELESION, any non-technical person can easily control their home appliances with smart gestures and personalised actions. Your smartphone may be used to control many household appliances, like the lights, air conditioner, TV, music system, security camera, etc. More than 200 smart gadgets, including those made by Philips Hue, Nest, Sonos, Monoprice, and many more, may be connected using the app. This is another smart control alternative.

You may control your household appliances by just swiping and touching after a brief setup period. By creating scenarios for all devices and setting timers for each one, you may streamline the way you manage your everyday activities. When you are working or trying to catch up on sleep, it may change the temperature of your home to make you feel comfortable whether you are at home or not.

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