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Top 15 Best Shortery Alternatives In 2022


With the help of the automation tool Shortery, you can create your own robust automation for macOS Shortcuts. Anyone who wishes to build or update shortcuts in macOS should use it, including programmers and developers. You may share and use your shortcut in just three simple clicks. Users that frequently switch between computers, create a large number of shortcuts, or need a quick way to save and distribute shortcuts will find Shortery to be very useful.

You can now share your shortcuts with anybody, access them from anywhere, and import shortcuts from well-known services. You can create shortcuts for a variety of things, including WiFi, Time, Sleep Timer, Login, Keyboard, Appearance, Power, Screen, Monitors, and much more.

Top 15 Best Shortery Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about shortery alternatives here are the details below;

1. Efficient Macro Recorder

Efficient Macro Recorder

A computer keyboard and mouse automation programme called Efficient Macro Recorder may record all mouse and keyboard actions over the course of a given period of time. You can replay the strokes whenever you like after recording them. Time setting and step could be used to regulate the playback speed. Accuracy increases with step count, but file size also increases. Typically, there are ten steps every second. Therefore, you can automate any monotonous tasks with the aid of this macro recorder to save a tonne of time and money. To assist players in completing your game’s levels, you can provide a strategy guide. This is another shortery alternative. Also check artus software 

Use it to capture user activities in any software or game and create macros with hotkeys. The recorded macro will be played back exactly as you recorded it as many times as you need. This will help you with your computer job and save you a tonne of time. With the user interface of Efficient Macro Recorder, you can perform keyboard and mouse operations, play and pause recorded macros, save and load profiles, and more.

2. Keyran


With the help of the software Keyran, any setup can generate mouse and keyboard macros. In the program’s GUI, hotkey editor, or from the command line, create new macros or modify existing macros you already use. Frequently used instructions can be bound to a certain mouse button or hotkey sequence using Keyran, which can also be used to create sophisticated hotkeys and automation for games.

Users who want to cut down on time spent on routine tasks can benefit from the tool. You can perform all of these actions simultaneously and automatically rather than manually repeating them. For example, you can use this software to open a website, browse some web pages, and click on some buttons, and so on. The programme contains a button bar where you may add shortcut keys and programme buttons, and it supports hotkeys.

3. Do it Again

Do it Again

Do It Again is an application that automates a task on your computer. It automatically formats text and inserts images, links, quotations, and doodles while recording what you enter and playing it back to you with a single keystroke. Do It Again is designed for speed and produces great results with little effort and a short learning curve. The application can be configured to begin recording automatically when a user accesses a particular webpage, or users can manually initiate recording for more exact control.

This is another shortery alternative. Every action you do will be captured by Do It Again, which will then replay it on the same page or another of your choosing. Every action is broken down into its component steps, allowing you to watch each step separately and share your steps with others via an exportable video. It is simple to use and compatible with every font and programme you have installed on your computer.

4. Quikey


Quikey is a well-known producer and supplier of clothes, bespoke awards, corporate gifts, and promotional products of the highest calibre. T-shirts, labels, sunglasses, golf balls, screen-printed hats, nametags, and pen boxes with personalised branding are available. Your company brand is printed on its promotional materials, making it simple for customers to recognise your goods. Additionally, it provides reasonably priced screen printing and embroidery services.

Additionally, you can shop its online store to purchase promotional things in large quantities. To guarantee the highest quality and quickest turnaround times, all of its items are produced at a facility in the USA. Additionally, it offers free nationwide shipping on all of its products. It features a significant selection of premium personalised products for marketing, sales incentives, and special occasions. Overall, Quikey is a fantastic site that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

5. AutoHotkey


With C++ programming, AutoHotkey is a versatile and open-source platform for bespoke scripting languages intended for Microsoft Windows. The software offers quick macro building as well as simple hotkeys and shortcuts for you. Windows apps that allow repetitive operations to be automated are being made more efficient via AutoHotkey. You must define the hotkeys for the keyboard and mouse, and you can remap the button or use autocorrect. Creating hotkeys has never been so easy and quick that it takes no time.

The software enables you to effortlessly develop complex scripts for many types of tasks, including form fillers, macros, and auto-clicking. With a complete scripting language for tiny projects and rapid prototyping, AutoHotkey is forcing developers to wager at their comfort level. When it comes to operational duties that need to be automated, the software excels. It is compact and functional right out of the box. Additionally, your plain syntax sets the tone for concentrating on the task at hand rather than being overly technical.

6. Mini Mouse Micro

Mini Mouse Micro

Mini Mouse Macro is a clever programme that records all of your in-progress mouse and keyboard movements. If you’re using your PC to perform a repeated operation, the software is especially crucial. Because you don’t want to repeat the same process, Mini Mouse Macro stores the action in its memory so you don’t have to. You have the power to use macro scripts to schedule your Mini Mouse Macro jobs. This is another shortery alternative. Also check edi software

The software just requires a single executable file, so you may save it on a USB drive, carry it around with you, and use it on another computer. Your quick keystrokes, mouse actions, and motions will save whenever you have access to it. The features available include customised displays, loop macros, drag and drop assistance, the ability to create custom macros, the ability to control and receive commands, and more.

7. Pulover’s Macro Creator

Pulover's Macro Creator

A complete automation and script generator, Pulover’s Macro Creator offers users a variety of effective and Autohotkey languages. Using a window activation strategy that is automated will allow you to duplicate your macros. You are able to record your keystrokes, mouse movements, and several screen clicks on your device. With Pulover’s Macro Creator, you can automate repetitive processes and speed up your productivity by employing a customised hotkey whenever you need to.

You have more than 200 advanced instructions and functions that you need for your automated task, from basic to advanced, and it allows you to construct several macros on a single project. It is simple to work with strings, match data, manage the flow of your macros with if statements, automate for internet explorers, and more. Multiple capabilities, including an integrated recorder, control and window commands, loops, user-defined functions, and many more, are available in Pulover’s Macro Creator.

8. AutoIt


For Microsoft Windows, AutoIt is a quick freeware programming language designed for general scripting and GUI automation. Using simulated keystrokes, mouse movements, and window control manipulation, the software enables you to automate your operations. AutoIt has made a lot of progress recently in terms of both general functionality and programming language design. Because the software is stand-alone, scripts cannot be assembled into separate executables using external DLL files or the registry.

This is another shortery alternative. There is a script editor for AutoIt called SciTE that has the capability to highlight and fold syntax and generate a specific installer. The programme is small and doesn’t require any runtimes to function on any version of Windows out of the box. Standard Windows Control, compiled scripts, COM support, regular expressions, graphical user interface, Unicode support, and more useful features are included with AutoIt.

9. Vision RPA

Vision RPA

An clever programme called Vision RPA (formerly known as KantuX) enables you to automate web and desktop apps for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Your data will be kept secure in your system if you use a browser extension that is enhanced with local apps for Desktop UI automation and is secured with enterprise-grade security. Within GUI desktop and online clients, Vision RPA makes SAP UI automation surprisingly simple and provides outputs that are unmatched.

Your workflow and browser will benefit greatly from desktop automation, screen scraping, UI, and web automation, all of which are made simple for you by Vision RPA. The programme provides you with the latest picture and text recognition technologies to automate your applications. With precise OCR screen scraping, you can add data API to nearly any Windows, Linux, and Mac, and you can easily migrate data and integrate it with surface automation. Additionally, you may automate the most difficult operations using app scripting via an API and combine it with other programmes for full robotic process automation.

10. Sikuli


Sikuli is a clever, user-friendly, open-source test automation tool that enables you to automate everything you require that is displayed on the screens. Utilizing GUI controls and image recognition, the software recognises the objects. With Sikuli scripts, you can use screenshots to automate GUI interaction, and the project can keep images of all the site elements.

You have a user-friendly Sikuli-Scripter that can work easily with a selenium web driver and is useful for automating flash objects. Sikuli’s basic API makes writing incredibly simple and can automate Flash games and Adobe players. For your automated Windows process, greatest engagement with the image, attractive visual match, testing tools, and many more, there are numerous advantages.

11. AutoKey


With its easy scripting language in place, top script creation software AutoKey enables you to build scripts of all sizes. With its sophisticated essential bindings, the product is your best choice for developing automated scripting for your Windows system. Simple hotkey creation has never been simpler, but with AutoKey, you can do it in a matter of minutes whether you’re wanting to replace autocorrect or remap keys. This is another shortery alternative.

The open-source programme allows users to legally automate processes including form filling, macros, and auto-clicking. You can focus on the task at writing with AutoKey’s versatile yet clear syntax, which supports both command-based and object-oriented programming. Additionally, the software is simple to install, offers a variety of hotkeys, and makes it simple to automate desktop operations.

12. Macro Toolworks

Macro Toolworks

Macro Toolworks is a top-notch Windows desktop automation software tool that enables you to complete your monotonous tasks in a convenient setting. You can manually create the task you’re automating or record it using a mouse or keyboard macro. You have an automated job scheduler, hundreds of commands, and many sophisticated functions available at all times, so you don’t have to worry about completing any work. Also check  construction estimating software

The user interface is clear and uncomplicated, with a full file view, tools, numerous macro files and tabs, a recorder, and many other features. You can develop a macro with Macro Toolworks that will carry out a task automatically based on micro triggers such as screen images, a file change, hotkeys, and more. There are many capabilities to look forward to, including the ability to insert plain text and clipboard data as well as run complex scripts, alter apps, test shortcuts, organise macros, organise keyboard shortcuts, and organise mouse movements completely.

13. Axife Mouse Recorder

Axife Mouse Recorder

The intelligent application programme Axife Mouse Recorder enables you to legally record and playback a variety of mouse and keyboard operations. You can play and stop recording at any moment using the tabs that are designed to capture activities. This tool is user-friendly and renowned for reliably reducing complexity due to the large number of expansions.

This is another shortery alternative. You have a scheduler for recording activities, and it should be noted that the software will only record those events that are suspicious as a result of the triggering. Axife Mouse Recorder is completely compatible with your Windows 64-bit operating system and allows you to playback recordings of your activities as many times as you like. Axife Mouse Recorder is an excellent piece of software to have in the system thanks to the addition of more potent colour detection, a handy action set, macro editor, clever recoding, and control managers, to name a few major highlights.

14. WinTask


WinTask is expert robotic process automation software that enables you to carry out your routine, repetitive tasks in a trustworthy and expert manner. Your window system will become automated thanks to the programme, and you’ll see that your company will start out with scalable productivity. WinTask automation will free up a significant amount of staff time and produce outcomes that are extremely important, without the trouble of digging into mistakes that were made when things were done manually.

WinTask’s most crucial function is interacting with the data of platforms and apps that will help the company, not making any modifications to the current system to prepare for the implementation of RPA. Web data extraction, optical character recognition, macro recorder, UI automation, task scheduler, data capture, and more are some of the notable features. Other features include automated web, picture recognition, a robust scheduler, data and excel tools, and an easy programming language. Additionally, WinTask is all about swift action, resource optimization, superior compatibility, process adaptability, and improved compliance management.

15. FastKeys


FastKeys is a piece of utility software that offers automation capabilities to help users complete activities more quickly. Text expander, the start menu, gestures, and other instructions are available to automate any system function. The software offers capabilities for extending commonly used acronyms for certain texts, which saves hours of typing. This is another shortery alternative.

Users can create a start menu from which they can launch any activity, and they can quickly hide the start menu by tapping the screen. It facilitates automation processes like keyboard shortcuts that let users to launch applications, navigate to websites, or do anything else with the simple press of a key.

With the use of the tool’s mouse gesture capability, users may automate virtually anything. FastKeys aids in automating operations by assisting the computer in deciphering keystrokes. Users may always edit key shortcuts and keep track of everything.

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