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9 Best Sendy Alternatives For 2023

Sendy Alternatives

The Top 9 Sendy Alternatives for 2023. The finest Sendy alternatives should be investigated if you plan to use Sendy for commercial purposes or if you are dissatisfied with the service.

9 Best Sendy Alternatives For 2023

In this article, you can know about Sendy Alternatives here are the details below;

In this article, we’ll look at some more reasonably priced Sendy alternatives that have more features and better usability so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

Comparison Table of the Best Sendy Alternatives

Sendy is a self-hosted email newsletter tool that enables you to use Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) to send trackable emails. Users like it a lot since it makes it inexpensive to send newsletters, transactional emails, and bulk emails.

In contrast to its competitors, it has certain significant downsides and limits in addition to its advantages:

The majority of users notice that eventually the aforementioned restrictions start impeding the expansion of their company. Therefore, the chart below will assist you in deciding whether to switch from Sendy or begin using an email marketing platform as your next step.

Best Feature Ratings for Free plan/Trial Pricing

Rules and webhooks rating star 4 and half Sendy No $1 per 10,000 emails + $69 one time cost

Powerful email automation and segmentation rating Moosend Yes (30-day free trial) $9/month

Constant Contact Yes (60-day trial) $12/month Posting to and reporting on social media: 4 stars

Brevo Yes, built-in CRM function, $25/month, star 4 and half

MailerLite Yes $10/month Quizzes and surveys rated 4.5 stars

Reports are available forever and cost $9/month (or $7/month for Amazon SES subscribers) with Email Octopus.

Mailchimp Yes $20/month Reliable and user-friendly platform, rated 4.5 stars

SendGrid Yes Star 4 Easy-to-use API Rating $19.95/month

Geo-tracking tool for $4/month in Zoho Campaigns, a rating of four and a half stars

Listmonk is absolutely free and open-source.

Let’s now examine each service in further depth!

1. Moosend

Pricing: A 30-day free trial is available with paid subscriptions beginning at $9 per month.

Best Feature: Sophisticated email segmentation and automation

One of the greatest alternatives to Sendy is Moosend because it does away with all of the aforementioned restrictions while maintaining a cheap price point. The platform offers a cutting-edge newsletter editor that is not only simple to use but also requires little training. The best part is that all of the email newsletter templates offered to Moosend users are mobile friendly and cater to a variety of sectors and objectives.

Another valuable benefit of using this email marketing strategy is time savings. In particular, you may easily design automated sequences and automate repetitive processes. This is all thanks to the visual workflow editor, which gives you a great picture of the triggers and actions in your process. On the other hand, Sendy users would require a tool like Zapier to create a series of follow-up emails depending on certain triggers.

Moosend offers you a selection of landing pages and subscription form types for growing your list. Additionally, you may further divide your audience into groups depending on a wide range of variables in order to more effectively target them and present them with relevant material. Finally, even with free accounts, the support staff is always available to assist you if you run into any problems with your campaigns.

Overall, Moosend provides an all-in-one service for email marketing and automation, saving consumers from having to use third-party apps (like Sendy) and incurring additional costs.

Best Sendy Alternative Features of Moosend


You can enjoy the platform’s wonderful 30-day free trial without even entering your payment card information. All services, including limitless emails, subscription forms, landing pages, and more, are available for a monthly fee of $9.

2. Constant Contact

Price: $10/month for paid plans, with a 60-day free trial.

Best Aspect: Posting and reporting on social media

With all the resources you need to connect with consumers and expand your brand, Constant Contact is an email marketing solution that can be used by both small and large organizations. With its convenient drag-and-drop editor, amazing email designs can be made with little effort. In order to save time, users also receive pre-made email templates.

To onboard, nurture, or convert your audience using automation, you can easily design drip campaigns or series of emails, and you can schedule email delivery to ensure optimum impact. Additionally, Constant Contact gives you the option to A/B push your email subject lines in order to raise your open rates. This is a tried-and-true method of improving your marketing plan.

Not least among its features is the platform’s connectivity with social media sites. Using a single dashboard, you can do this to generate and publish posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Constant Communication Best Qualities


Constant Contact offers paid subscriptions starting at $10/month for up to 500 members. For testing purposes, there is a 60-day free trial period available for the service.

3. Brevo ( Formerly Sendinblue)

Pricing: $25/month for paid plans, free plan

Best Function: The integrated CRM function

Another email marketing tool that can manage both your marketing campaigns and transactional emails is Brevo. The software’s free CRM, which allows you to save an unlimited number of contacts, is the most crucial component. Additionally, you can effectively manage your deal pipeline and keep track of each stage.

Email campaigns can be easily established thanks to the user-friendly email editor and the many available HTML newsletter themes. Despite the Starter plan’s cap of 2,000 contacts, the platform also offers users powerful automation and a visual workflow editor.

Finally, this tool allows you to customize your SMS and email campaigns. You can efficiently reach and convert your audience using a multi-channel tool when used in conjunction with WhatsApp marketing feature. This is another Sendy Alternatives. Also check AO3 alternatives

Brevo’s Best Qualities


For $25 per month, you may sign up for a paid subscription that includes 20,000 emails per month, total contacts, transactional emails, and SMS marketing. Additionally, Brevo provides a free plan with 300 daily email sends but unlimited contacts.

4. MailerLite

Pricing: $10/month for paid plans, free plan

Best Aspect: Surveys and tests

MailerLite is a relatively economical alternative to Sendy. You won’t run into any difficulties or need any specialized skills to use this email marketing service because it is straightforward and uncomplicated. Since it provides all the necessary tools in a tidy package, it is perfect for startups and small businesses on a short budget. This is another Sendy Alternatives.

To make creating emails easier, you receive a unique HTML editor and a ton of newsletter templates. Users of Mailerlite can also make an unlimited number of pop-up windows, embeddable forms, landing pages, and other lead generation and conversion aids.

You receive real-time performance data, email click maps, and eCommerce sales tracking with regard to the effectiveness of your emails and analytics.

MailerLite’s Top Qualities


The majority of capabilities are included in MailerLite’s premium plans, which start at just $10 per month. Regrettably, there are no multiple automation triggers. The service also offers a free tier. 12,000 emails a month are permitted for a maximum of 1,000 subscribers.

5. Email Octopus

Pricing: There is a free plan and paid options starting at $8/month ($7 for Amazon SES subscribers).

Best Aspect: Reports are always accessible

An email marketing tool called Email Octopus assists companies in creating, launching, and managing customized email campaigns. It provides normal users and Amazon SES users with separate options.

To plan any kind of drip campaign sequence, you have a decent drag-and-drop editor, editable templates, and basic automation capability. It’s interesting that customers can use multi-step automations with the free plan as well. Although the service is excellent overall, the documentation for its API is a little weak, so you might not have full control over specifics.

The reporting feature is where the platform really excels. In the paid plan, reports are permanently accessible, and you may view each subscriber’s behavior in real time. The historical picture of previous activity aids users in locating issues and streamlining their approach.

Octopus Best Features via Email


For the full functionalities of the platform, the tool’s paid subscription starts at $8/month (or $7/month for Amazon SES subscribers). A Starter plan that is free and allows for 10,000 monthly email blasts and up to 2,500 subscribers is also available. This is another Sendy Alternatives.

6. Mailchimp

Pricing: $20/month for paid plans, free plan

Best Quality: Reliable and user-friendly platform

A well-known platform for email marketing and automation, Mailchimp provides simple campaign creation and potent automation tools. To begin with, Mailchimp boasts a straightforward user interface and a powerful editor that make it possible for even total beginners to create an eye-catching email campaign. Users can also set up autoresponders, send transactional and RSS emails, and use A/B testing to enhance their campaigns.

Additionally, the platform gives you access to behavioral targeting, which enables you to design more specialized messages for your subscribers. Additionally, the A/B testing functionality assists you in selecting the most effective campaign variation by allowing you to test your email copy, send times, and subject lines. Also check Textbroker Alternatives

Mailchimp seamlessly interacts with a wide range of applications, such as CRM and social media, to streamline your procedures. The platform’s disadvantages include its exorbitant cost and the fact that its top tier plan is the only place to access its sophisticated capabilities.

Mailchimp’s Top Qualities


The majority of the necessary capabilities are accessible with Mailchimp’s premium plans, which start at $20/month but do not include all of them. Users can also take use of the service’s free plan, although it only allows for 2,500 monthly sends and 500 contacts.

7. SendGrid

Pricing: Free plan; paid plans begin at $19,95/month.

The best feature is the simple API.

Another well-known Sendy substitute is SendGrid, which enables customers to send bulk emails to subscribers through a dependable infrastructure. You may either create a newsletter from start or modify one of the available templates thanks to the platform’s simple email builder. This is another Sendy Alternatives.

Of course, you may automate sequences for your audience and speed up your workflow by integrating the service with other third-party apps. SendGrid can have your transactional emails without any deliverability problems if you run an online store.

Additionally, you receive tools for delivery optimization including SPF records, personalized DKIM, and suppression management to assure the highest level of deliverability.

Last but not least, SendGrid’s robust API will enable you to design a unique email campaign for your subscribers, ensuring the greatest outcomes.

SendGrid’s Top Qualities


The Email API package is included in the SendGrid premium subscriptions, which start at $19,95 a month. You get tools for delivery optimization, an SMTP relay, email marketing, and more. The service offers a free plan for 100 emails each day for all time.

8. Zoho Campaigns

Pricing: $4/month for paid plans, free plan

Geotracking function is the best feature.

A very user-friendly email marketing tool with a great selection of capabilities is Zoho Campaigns. To quickly design your newsletter campaign, use this tool’s drag-and-drop email builder and user-friendly UI. This also provides ready-made templates for your convenience so you don’t have to spend time and energy constructing your campaign from scratch.

Additionally, you can use the email workflows in Zoho Campaigns to create customized sequences with your own triggers and actions. By doing this, you may reach your audience with relevant messaging at the appropriate time.

In addition to marketing automation, you can utilize the segmentation and mailing list management tools to manage your contacts and nurture prospects with tailored content.

Last but not least, this Sendy substitute offers monitoring and analytics so you can monitor your performance and adjust as necessary. In addition to using social statistics to strengthen your multi-channel marketing strategy, you can employ geo-tracking and device reports to refine your promotional messaging depending on data.

Best Features of Zoho Campaigns


The premium plans for Zoho Campaigns are two. The Professional starts at roughly $6/month for the same number of subscribers, while the Standard forms at $4/month for up to 500 connections. Additionally, a free subscription is offered, providing the fundamental capabilities for 6,000 monthly campaigns and up to 2K contacts. This is another Sendy Alternatives.

9. Listmonk

No charge to use.

Best Quality: Open Source and Free

A self-hosted newsletter and mailing list manager is Listmonk. The key distinction between it and Sendy is that it is totally free to use. Since you’ll need to install the tool on our server and figure out the specifics, it’s clear that the utility calls for you to have solid technical expertise.

Although the UI is straightforward and simple to use, don’t anticipate anything fancy like other email marketing companies. You can design robust, dynamic email templates with Listmonk and write HTML emails using the WYSIWYG editor. Using pre-made templates and the API, you can also send subscribers transactional messages. Additionally, the tool supports specific JSON properties for every subscriber, allowing you to manage subscribers across numerous single and double opt-in lists.

Overall, Listmonk is a great tool for companies with certain requirements who are operating on an extremely tight budget. To utilize the program as intended, users require a solid technical foundation.

Listmonk’s Top Qualities


Use of Listmonk is totally free.

Choosing The Right Sendly Alternative

Sendy offers a service that is unquestionably inexpensive, but it lacks the usability and cutting-edge features that set it apart from its rivals. Your campaign creation time and budget will be impacted by this because you’ll require outside tools to help you.

Sign up for a Moosend account to experience how you can change your digital game for yourself if you’re searching for an email marketing solution that can handle your transactional and marketing emails while providing you with support agents who are available around-the-clock.

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