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Top 15 Best Self Storage Software in 2022

Self Storage Software

This post will explain self storage software. Utilize self-storage software to keep track of vacant and occupied storage spaces. Watch who enters the building, and automate the billing. These self-storage software programmes frequently offer interactive facility maps that display each storage unit’s status, such as whether it’s vacant, unpaid, filled, or in good standing. As a result, you will always have the most recent information at your disposal for marketing and payment collection.

Top 15 Best Self Storage Software in 2022

In this article, you can know about self storage software here are the details below;

Website design is a service offered by several self-storage software providers. Their software and websites are designed to function together. The ability to accept online applications, electronic signatures, and payments gives self-storage software companies more flexibility. Typically, tenants can view their account information and set up automated payments through a tenant portal.

Self-Storage Software Features

Tenants can establish recurring payments to avoid incurring late fines.

Allow renters to reserve a space online and have access to real-time storage unit availability.

Gather electronic signatures for contracts relating to facilities.

Automatically send invoices through email or regular mail.

Make a schedule for sending out recurring invoices at predetermined intervals.

Keep track of how many days the rent is past due and put the unit up for auction after a specific amount of time.

Send out reminders for late payments, advertise upcoming auctions, and organise auctions.

Create dynamic facility maps that show you the locations of your storage units, their characteristics, and their availability.

Along with signed leases and the contact information of those who want to rent from you, persons who rent from you should have their contact and payment information.

Tenants can be reached by automated SMS and email notifications.

Benefits of Self-Storage Software

Using a self-storage option has a lot of benefits, such as: There is minimal overhead with online applications and payment processing. Using self-storage management systems, prospective customers and tenants can enter their information online. Automating the application and payment processes may allow you to save time on pointless paperwork.

The tenant portal, which enables rent payments and contact information changes, can be accessed by registered tenants. In order to avoid dealing with repeating payments later, tenants can set up automatic repeating payments. Credit cards, electronic checks, and other payment options are accepted by self-storage systems.

Some software programmes integrate with third-party payment processors like PayPal, allowing your tenants to make secure payments for their rent. The software will get in touch with your tenants right away if a payment is overdue or tardy. If necessary, the system may automatically impose late fees. New clients can apply for a storage unit on your website.

The software will record all of the potential tenants’ data, including their contact and address details. The applicant may also provide their driver’s licence numbers for a background investigation. A list of available apartments is published online, and prospective tenants can select their own move-in date and apartment from that list. The device also collects electronic signatures for lease agreements. You can manage who is allowed to enter and exit the facility by using self-storage facility management software in conjunction with improved access control gate systems for your storage facilities. PINs or passcodes can be put up to let renters access to the facility without the assistance of a staff member.

Using cloud access control systems, you can change a tenant’s rights from any location. The system may temporarily bar a tenant from entering the storage facility if their payments are past due. You might be informed by self-storage software about who has opened the gate and when. This enables you to monitor who enters and exits the building, ensuring that only employees who are permitted to use it do so.

Interactive Facility Maps Offer More Clarity Regarding Unit Status

Property managers may get a complete image of the layout of the facility and the condition of each storage unit using facility maps provided by self-storage software. These maps commonly use color coding to show if a storage facility is in good standing, vacant, in default on payments, or subject to a lien.

Giving vacant flats to new tenants is simple when you can see plainly which units are available and which ones aren’t. Renter notifications for past-due units can be sent out automatically, stopping the unit from being up for auction.

These interactive maps typically provide more details when a specific storage unit is chosen.

The pricing and specifications of the storage unit, as well as the tenant’s name and contact information, are all disclosed.

1. 6Storage


With better than ten years of knowledge in the self-storage industry, 6Storage offers more than simply software to assist you with administration, automatic invoicing and payments, custom invoices and receipts, leases and rental contracts, payment reminders, and automated late fees. Also check construction estimating software

2. storEDGE


This is another self storage software. Software for managing self-storage facilities is available under the name StorEDGE.

Software that is web-based can be accessed by users from any computer or smartphone, regardless of whether it runs Android or iOS.

3. Unit Trac

Unit Trac

Any appliance with an Internet connection, including Windows and Mac laptops, tablets, and smartphones, can use Unit Trac, a web-based self-storage software management system.

A user-friendly customer support interface, integrated credit card processing, and a

4. Storage Commander

Yardi Breeze

Cloud are all features of this system. A simple user interface and a variety of price points allow Storage Commander Cloud, a cloud-based self-storage software, to accommodate the needs of every operator. This is another self storage software.

Online reservations, payments, and more are simple to manage thanks to Storage Commander’s platform and web services.

5. Yardi Breeze

Yardi Breeze


One variety of Yardi is Yardi Breeze. For property management organisations, such as self storage software managers, who need to keep track of their properties, Yardi Breeze is a user-friendly, mobile-friendly business solution.

Utilize user-friendly websites to collect money from potential applicants, tenants, and owners.

6Easy Storage Solutions Software

Easy Storage Solutions Software

The web-based management tool used by self-storage companies is called Easy Storage Solutions software. This is another self storage software. Also check facility management software

The main component of the system is a website that supports online reservations, payments, and credit card processing. Rent payments can be sent to tenants via the website.

7. QuikStor Express

QuikStor Express

A quick-storage system is QuikStor Express. QuikStor Express, a self-storage application, doesn’t require you to do many laborious tasks.

Expres advances administrative processes. It offers rapid rent increases, automatic bill payments with extensive reporting, and access control.

8. Rent Manager

Rent Manager

This is another self storage software. Rent Manager’s comprehensive property management databases are available to self storage software providers who want integrated accounting, contact management, and marketing solutions.

9. ResNexus


The ResNexus property management system allows users of Self Storage software to monitor payments, unit rentals, and website statistics.

10. WebSelfStorage


WebSelfStorage is an internet-based platform for managing self-storage software used by small and large businesses. This is another self storage software.

Because WebSelfStorage integrates with other systems, you can use it for tenant administration, customer support, payment processing, online reservations, and customer service.

11. Rental Station

Rental Station

You can book storage rentals straight from your website using StoragePug’s Rental Station. From the convenience of their homes, customers can view available units, complete the move-in process, and sign new lease agreements. A payment portal is provided on Storage Pug.

12. SiteLink Web Edition

SiteLink Web Edition

For modest to big sites, SiteLink Web Edition is a cloud-based self-storage management solution. SiteLink is easy to use and supports businesses’ smooth operation. This system can be customised to meet your needs and financial constraints…

13. Storman Cloud

Storman Cloud

This is another self storage software. Web-based self-storage management system Storman Cloud. Businesses can operate on a single or several sites thanks to Storman Cloud. It also supports the broad-based operation of businesses. Any appliance with an Internet connection can be used to manage and keep an eye on your self-storage company’s operations. Also check EDI software

14. Self Storage Pro

Self-Storage Pro

Self-Storage Pro is a self-storage facility management software that runs on Microsoft Windows. With the self-storage industry, this software aids in the management and automation of tasks like billing, late fee reminders, and more, such as making sure tenants pay their rent on time. There are numerous reports you can create.

15. Syrasoft Connect

Syrasoft Connect

A service offered by Syrasoft is called Syrasoft Connect. Self-storage management software called Syrasoft Connect can be used both locally and remotely. This is another self storage software.

Self-storage companies utilise Syrasoft for billing and invoicing, tracking unit usage, enforcing late fees, processing payments, and other tasks.

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