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Roku Remote Not Working? Here Are Some Fixes

roku remote not working

Roku remote not working properly? Following Are Some Solutions. TVs used to come without any kind of remote control in the past. This is absurd, isn’t it? Remote controls are currently included with every television and streaming device. You can’t even imagine watching television without a remote, and Roku is no exception. While relaxing on your couch, you can control the appliance using the included remote.

Roku Remote Not Working? Here Are Some Fixes

In this article, you can know about roku remote not working here are the details below;

However, it can be inconvenient if your remote doesn’t work while you’re watching a movie or a web series. Do Ruko and you have the same issue? We’ll help you, so don’t be concerned.

To fix your Roku remote, you can try the potential solutions we’ll suggest in this article.

Why is your Roku remote inoperative?

There are several reasons why your Roku remote might not be working, some of which are easier to remember than others. Common causes include things like dead batteries or blocked signals that are usually quite simple. Problems with the remote can occasionally be caused by the TV itself. Applying the fixes below should usually make the problem obvious.

Which Roku remote model do you use?

Before we get to the solutions, we need to know what kind of Roku remote you are using. There are two different types of Roku remotes available.

You can point Bluetooth-enabled enhanced remote controls anywhere in the room and still control the screen. They are additionally known as “point anywhere” remotes. According to the company’s website, enhanced remotes include the “gaming remote” and “enhanced voice remote” from Roku.

Standard infrared remote controls need to be in immediate line of picture with the object they are controlling in order to work properly. Roku’s “voice remote” and “simple remote” both fit the bill for this.

Please be aware that infrared remotes cannot be reset; only enhanced remotes can. This is true because the streaming device does not require an infrared connection. It only needs to be pointed in the direction of the TV to work.

Among the Roku streaming devices with enhanced remotes are the Roku Streaming Stick, Roku 2, Roku 4, Roku Premiere, and Roku Ultra.

How Would You Fix Your Roku Remote?

Now that we’ve covered some common reasons why your Roku remote might not be working, let’s move on to the solutions section. You’ll need to try them all because there isn’t a specific fix for your Roku remote. Here are some solutions for fixing your Roku remote.

1. Check the Remote Batteries

Sometimes straightforward fixes can solve complex problems. Therefore, check the Roku remote’s batteries first. I suggest changing the batteries even though you just replaced them. This is because it’s possible that the recently bought batteries are flawed. Then, try new batteries.

Furthermore, AAA batteries are used to power the Roku remote. Simply remove the battery cover on the back panel of the remote to change the batteries. Check the remote’s operation. If not, try the fixes described below.

2. Check for Blockage

If you use a Standard Infrared remote, make sure there are no obstacles between the remote and the TV. The Roku standard remote connects via infrared technology rather than Bluetooth, so you need a line of sight between it and the streaming device. The Bluetooth remote used by the Firestick, in contrast, can be used from anywhere in the room.

The Roku standard remote won’t function if there is anything, like a wall or piece of furniture, between it and the Roku streaming device. Raise the remote so it can clearly see the device in front of it if you are unable to remove the obstruction.

3. Reset your Roku Remote

Only the upgraded Roku Remotes can be reset, as was already stated. Therefore, if you have upgraded Roku remotes, you can try this method. Resetting the remote will result in it becoming disconnected from the device because it connects via Bluetooth technology, necessitating a new pairing procedure. Use these steps to reset your Roku remote.

Remove the batteries from the remote control first.

Unplug the Roku streaming device for 15 seconds, then reconnect it.

Replace the remote’s batteries once you see the Roku home screen on your TV.

In the battery compartment beneath the batteries, as shown in the illustration below, press and hold the reset button.

When you notice a flashing light on your remote, pairing has started. It might take up to 30 seconds to re-pair with the streaming device, but a pop-up message will let you know when it’s done.

Verify if the problem is still present right now. If so, you might want to try using a Roku remote substitute.

How Can I Repair a Broken Roku Remote?

If the suggested solutions didn’t work for you, you can try some alternatives.

roku remote not working

1. Use the Roku mobile app

The Roku mobile app has a lot of features available. One can perform video searches, find new channels, and even project their own screen onto the TV.

With the help of this app, you can use your smartphone or tablet as a Roku remote control. To operate your phone or tablet as a small control for your Roku player, install the Roku app for iOS or Android and make sure it is connected to the identical WiFi network as your TV. You’ll see on your screen an official Roku remote control with a D-pad and dedicated media controls.

There are some restrictions even though you can use your mobile device as a Roku remote control without end. It shortens phone battery life, and while watching TV, you might need your phone for something else. Therefore, if you’re concerned that your current Roku remote is irreparably damaged, you’ll need to purchase a new one.

2. Get a New Remote

The only other choice is to buy a new Roku remote. You are unable to simply roam without a remote. One day you’ll require it. Buy a new one instead of wasting your time trying to fix the old one. Currently, Roku sells three types of remote controls, including.

roku remote not working

Roku Voice Remote Pro Voice Remote for Roku ($20) costs $30.

The Roku Simple Remote costs $15. (with IR).

The Roku remote’s malfunction cannot be fixed in any other way. You should find this knowledge useful. If you have any questions, kindly post them in the comment section below.

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