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Top 15 Best Qualer Alternatives In 2022


Qualer is an intuitive, feature-rich, and contemporary platform created by asset management experts for asset management experts. It is a safe cloud-based system that gives businesses the ability to manage all of their building and property maintenance activities in one location. It’s simple to start. With this service, you can add vendors and staff, upload or enter information about your facility, and save all of your papers in one simple place.

Using drag and drop, users may add, update, or remove suppliers and equipment from the platform. Its staff holds the opinion that a company’s most valuable resource is its employees. Its asset management system covers a variety of individual, team, and knowledge assets and provides a number of features that enable everyone in a company to do their duties more effectively. Additionally, it provides a smooth API that uniquely interfaces with platforms from third parties, such as Questa and other property management software programmes. It is, in a nutshell, the ideal IT automation software.

Top 15 Best Qualer Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about qualer alternative here are the details below;


Micro Focus Operations Orchestration

This is another Qualer alternative. IT process automation software called Micro Focus Operations Orchestration enables you to automate common company operations like procuring supplies, setting up new services, and managing users and devices. It is a sophisticated process automation system that employs a graphical user interface to assist IT specialists in automating business processes and making them quicker, simpler, and less error-prone. Workflows, online services testing, database administration, networking, performance management, and Windows system management are just a few of the complicated jobs it can do.

In UNIX/Linux, Windows, and mainframe platforms, it offers full-text search. It enables full or partial workload transfer to another instance or host. It automates the execution of instructions at certain intervals or under specific circumstances. It interfaces with other Micro Focus products, including BizTalk Server, HP Operations Manager, and Microsoft System Center, to provide users with simple access to and usage of single views of IT service management and system monitoring. It’s the greatest software available for robotic process automation overall.

2. RPA for UiPath | Robotic Process Automation

RPA for UiPath

The quickest and simplest approach to automate any repetitive task is through robotic process automation. It uses a point-and-click user interface to deploy automation software quickly and easily without the need for coding or IT personnel. Tasks in IT, HR, and finance are sped up and made easier with the technology. You have the option to automate procedures in any browser thanks to this native web application’s sleek design. A free mobile app for iOS and Android is also included. Also check Tandem Software

Robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent process automation (IPA), data science, and machine learning are all combined in its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to give highly scalable, flexible RPA capabilities that can be created and deployed fast, at scale. More than 600 firms utilise technology every day to automate tasks in a variety of departments, including finance and accounting, human resources, IT services, and customer support. It provides total support for business processes and workflows; unlike other automation tools, it goes beyond just “recording” recurring actions and really comprehends them. It’s the greatest software available for robotic process automation overall.

3. Vmware

Vrealize Orchestrator

Vmware A formidable IT automation tool called Vrealize Orchestrator helps businesses make the most of their multi-cloud and private cloud systems. It gives businesses the ability to automatically administer any application across all public clouds, including those that are on-premises and those from other companies. It is a platform for process automation that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT. It is a highly available, adaptable, and scalable application that can serve the requirements of many teams, IT departments, and the entire company. This is another Qualer alternative.

It enables interaction with other programmes that are often inaccessible via an intuitive user interface. Using plug-in tools and customising workflows and tasks as needed will meet your demands. It increases the capabilities and usefulness of apps that have been virtualized. It streamlines operations for all IT services. It develops unique user interfaces for both new and old applications. It gives users the ability to change how they create, deliver, and use information technology resources in a mobile environment. It is, in a nutshell, the ideal IT automation software.

4 Automation Anywhere – RPA | Robotic Process Automation

Automation Anywhere

Robotic process automation is a type of software that anybody may use to automate digital chores like taking notes, placing phone calls, and setting up meetings. Organizations and regular people utilise it all around the world to significantly reduce time and costs. By automating laborious and uninteresting jobs, it will also change workplaces and organisations, freeing up workers to concentrate on more valuable and innovative duties.

It is hailed as a key facilitator of the digital revolution, allowing businesses to access new audiences, enhance consumer experiences, and accelerate the deployment of digital projects. By 2019, more than 50% of businesses will utilise RPA to automate operations that are presently done by people that are high volume, high variety, and low complexity. Additionally, it combines programmes from several platforms. It is dedicated to interoperability, open standards, and innovation. It’s the greatest software available for robotic process automation overall.

5. Automic Service Orchestration (ASO)

Automic Service Orchestration

A cloud-based SaaS platform called Automic Service Orchestration (ASO) enables companies to automate their business processes. In the areas of production, service and efficiency, and customer experience, it enables the achievement of digital business transformation. By integrating processes and systems, it serves as a leading enterprise-class automation solution with the aim of improving corporate performance. Companies may automate all business activities at a previously unheard-of level by orchestrating all B2B and B2C processes, from order to delivery.

This is another Qualer alternative. It is a collection of tools that enables you to model, oversee, and control the IT operations that support the vital services your company depends on. This software enables the operation of IT services in diverse and complex settings spanning several on-premises and public cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. This automation lowers operating costs, improves corporate agility, and makes sure that requirements are met more effectively. It is, in a nutshell, the ideal IT automation software.

6. Automationedge


With the aid of an AI-powered automation tool, AutomationEdge is a potent RPA solution for automating business and IT operations. To digitise your company operations and achieve $1M ARR in 3 months, use AI-powered AutomationEdge. To provide efficient IT services, it automates Sysadmins’ responsibilities, cutting down on mistakes and freeing up valuable time. enhances productivity, manages cloud migrations, and hastens deployments. It is a web-based tool that enables businesses to automate their business processes and turn manual tasks into workflows that are entirely automated.

The user only needs to submit their essential workflow and activities; the AI will take care of the rest. This saves time that would otherwise be spent training computers to understand data and carry out various tasks. With the help of its potent machine learning algorithms, businesses may easily increase the speed and efficiency of their business operations. It provides an open API, a flexible deployment approach, and it interfaces with many other business applications. It’s the greatest software available for robotic process automation overall.

7. Simplisys

Simplisys Service Desk

For small to medium-sized organisations, Simplisys Service Desk is a top service desk and IT service management programme. It is user-friendly, intuitive, and was created with the client in mind. It’s a fresh take on IT service management that was developed by experts in the field. It is the easiest and most natural method to supply IT services because to its contemporary visual style and innovative approach. Real-time self-service gives your IT service a face, and fully integrated ticketing, knowledge management, and communication tools ensure that you are always in charge. This is another Qualer alternative. Also check work order software

It offers a solitary solution for each stage of the lifecycle of both IT operations and service management. Organizations are able to increase the effectiveness of their operations, lower operating expenses, and maintain total control over their data. It provides an open API, a flexible deployment approach, and it interfaces with many other business applications. It is, in a nutshell, the ideal IT automation software.

8. Aiwozo


Aiwozo is a robotic process automation platform with a ground-breaking method for developing and carrying out RPA workflows. It offers a graphical user interface that makes it simple for users to design, modify, and carry out robot processes. The GUI displays the actual RPA code in real-time as the procedure is being carried out, making the code clear and easy to comprehend. The user gets quick access to storing files and doing results analysis while the RPA process is running, as well as real-time insight into exceptions and alarms.

It makes use of a special “smart” keyboard that makes creating workflows simple and intuitive in a matter of minutes. The “smart” keyboard displays fields of data that are crucial for the current robotic process step, such as whether checkboxes should be selected or left unchecked, spaces for free text input, etc. It gives businesses the ability to increase operational effectiveness, cut operating expenses, and fully manage their data. It’s the greatest software available for robotic process automation overall.

9. SS&C Blue Prism RPA | Robotic Process Automation

SS&C Blue Prism RPA

RPA for SS&C Blue Prism | Leading robotics process automation (RPA) firm Robotic Process Automation facilitates corporate outcomes by hastening the digital transformation of fundamental systems and processes. To streamline and hasten the deployment of RPA, Blue Prism’s patented open-architecture platform seamlessly interacts with current technological investments. Its mission is to bring the value of automation on a vast scale while assisting businesses in achieving their objectives. It is a top supplier of services and software to international financial institutions.

This is another Qualer alternative. It consists of payment-related solutions, business consultancy, and outsourcing, as well as enabling technology. Its autonomous, proprietary software platform enables the biggest companies in the world to automate their business processes. You may use it to assign IT resources to certain users and exercise control over what is used when. It gives you complete control and a solitary solution for all of your asset management requirements. It’s the greatest software available for robotic process automation overall.

10. Tandem SoftwareKyberna


An easy-to-use all-in-one programme for IT & enterprise service management is Ky2help. With the use of this programme, you may manage your IT and corporate services just as a business would. It contains an easy-to-use dashboard that displays what’s happening and the appropriate time for you to act. Additionally, it offers an automatic workflow function that allows for time savings, increased productivity, and quick resolution. The IT & Enterprise Service Management software is user-friendly and all-in-one.

You can control service delivery completely and end-to-end with the help of this cloud-based package, which combines Service Desk, Billing, and Analytics on a single platform. It is an effective all-in-one software solution that seamlessly combines SaaS, Web, and Mobile Portals to fulfil the management demands of IT, Enterprise, and MSPs. It enables businesses to provide better services with more service effectiveness, proactive monitoring and management, in-depth root cause analysis, and quicker problem solving. It is, in a nutshell, the ideal IT automation software.

11. WinAutomation by Softomotive


WinAutomation by Softomotive is the ideal answer for your company since it makes it simple for you to develop, manage, and track your software. With its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, automated processes may be started without having to write any code. WinAutomation is simple to include into your company procedures, increasing the effectiveness and productivity of your programmes. It gives you the chance to increase worker productivity by automating plenty of repetitive chores. This is another Qualer alternative.

You may utilise a number of the libraries it contains to carry out complicated projects more quickly. Additionally, it has a real-time reporting feature that lets you see all activities associated with your business operations in one place. It is intended for both businesses in a range of sectors and people who want to handle their own chores more effectively. Based on the current business processes, it is possible to automate repetitive tasks. It is, in a nutshell, the ideal IT automation software.

12. Rocketbot


Rocketbot is a flexible platform for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) for small and medium-sized businesses and parts of big businesses. It automates all normal tasks at a significantly lower cost than traditional personnel by utilising the best tools. It is a straightforward, web-based platform that offers software as a service. It allows for the integration of legacy software, IT systems, and applications without the need for infrastructure investments or additional expenditures for software implementation, customisation, and integration.

For organisations of any size and complexity, it is an agile platform that aids in the development of a unique process automation solution. To assist businesses in becoming more agile, it offers automated business process automation. Workers and contractors can coexist side by side, around the clock, in the same way. It’s simple to set up and use. It provides an open API, a flexible deployment approach, and it interfaces with many other business applications. It’s the greatest software available for robotic process automation overall.

13. Servicenow


This is another Qualer alternative. All manual task-based systems and apps that are external to the infrastructure instance are streamlined by ServiceNow Orchestration, a comprehensive IT process automation tool. It allows IT employees to effortlessly undertake these duties throughout the enterprise and automate manual procedures. ServiceNow Orchestration may now be used by businesses to enhance the job of their IT professionals. For peace of mind when running a firm, it offers an integrated approach to IT operations. Also check  construction estimating software

It has several advantages, including better operational efficiency, enhanced service levels, seamless IT function interaction, digitization of processes and procedures, and much more. Businesses encounter several difficulties because they lack a reliable and effective IT infrastructure that is not powered by automation, but thanks to ServiceNow Orchestration, these issues are a thing of the past. Companies may pursue their objectives for better productivity, scalability, and cost control with the aid of ServiceNow Orchestration.

14. Pagerduty


An IT management and operations performance platform called PagerDuty was built specifically to improve the dependability and performance of enterprises by removing chaos throughout the whole operation lifecycle. It provides IT and development operation teams strong tools for managing their servers, apps, and websites, including as monitoring, on-call planning, and incident tracking. DevOps teams can offer excellent client experiences and high-performing apps thanks to the software. Operations teams can swiftly identify and fix issues from development to production thanks to real-time alerts and insight into crucial systems and apps.

It is additionally referred to be an agile incident management system created by former Amazon engineers who drew on their expertise to produce a strong solution. In addition to the regular email alert, customers may also add SMS and audio message capabilities and set up and prioritise notifications for the whole team. It is incredibly easy to use, comes with a tonne of supported monitoring systems, and includes robust GUI scheduling and escalation policy panels. Popular features of PagerDuty include user and system reporting, real-time collaboration, service grouping, mobile issue management, etc. Comparatively speaking, it is a superior IT management system.

15. Laserfiche


An innovative method for managing content and business processes is Laserfiche. This tool enables firms to frequently monitor digital documents and guard against their loss. This is another Qualer alternative.

Through digital means, this software has increased transparency in work management and assists managers in making informed decisions to achieve desired outcomes. Businesses save time and energy thanks to the influx and outflow of digital data through Laserfiche, which also helps staff stay focused on their jobs. The document archiving function is critical for preserving those important papers that will be used for decision-making in the future.

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