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How To Fix PlayStation “An Error Has Occurred” on Sign in

An Error Has Occurred

Error codes can be annoying, but having no error code at all might be far more aggravating. A simple web search for the “An error has occurred” number will help you troubleshoot an error you may have encountered on your console or on another device.

However, the consumer is given very little information about the error in this scenario. This nameless error, which appears with the somewhat scary statement “An error has occurred” and no more information, can be a regular visitor to your PlayStation 4 system.

This error normally happens when you try to sign in to your PSN profile or when you load up your PS4. It may appear occasionally while altering your account settings, but only extremely rarely during gameplay. In this article, we’ll look at a few different ways to fix the PlayStation “An error has occurred” with no error code.

How to Fix “An Error Has Occurred” on PlayStation (No Error Code)?

Despite the fact that this “An error has occurred” appears to be hazy and ambiguous, there are a few straightforward and simple ways to resolve it. For most people, tweaking their PSN account settings will be enough, while others may need to try using their account on a different platform.

It’s also possible to solve the An error has occurred by just removing the power line or changing the DNS settings. Each of the techniques listed below is simple and quick, allowing you to quickly return to your favourite game.

Method 1: Verify and update your PSN account information

Your PlayStation Network (PSN) account saves and syncs your personal information and allows you to shop for games, movies, music, and demos online. Most likely, An error has occurred because you rushed to begin gaming on a recently purchased console without first validating your PSN account. Verifying and updating your account details may assist you in avoiding this error code and gaining access to specific network areas.

To resolve this issue “An error has occurred”, follow the steps below to update and verify your PSN account details.

Step 1. Go to your email inbox on your PC or phone

Make sure you’re signing in with the same email address you used to create your PSN account. Look through your inbox for any messages from PlayStation.

Search for “Sony” or “PlayStation” in the search field to get started. The email will ask you to confirm your email address; simply click on the link provided in the email to do so. You shouldn’t get this error again once you’ve confirmed it.

Method 2: Sign up for a new PlayStation Network account using a different email address

Due to issues with the PlayStation Network’s server, users may be unable to validate their accounts. Any issues will be resolved by creating and logging into a new account. This isn’t a big concern if you’ve recently purchased a new console, because you won’t lose any progress. Before using the new account, make sure you validate it in a timely and accurate manner.

1. Log in to your PlayStation and go to the “New User” option. On the PlayStation log-in screen, select “Create a User” or “User 1”. This will not establish a PSN account, but rather a local user on the PlayStation.

2. Choose “Next,” then “New to PlayStation Network?” Make a User Account.

3. Finally, click the “Sign Up Now” button.

4. You can play the game offline right away by pressing the “Skip” option. Remember that you can sign up for the PSN later by going to your avatar on your console’s home screen.

5. If this is your first time using your PlayStation, go to User 1’s profile. You must enter your information accurately and truthfully, and then press the “Next” button on each successive screen.

6. In order to customise your account settings, you’ll need to submit your preferences in addition to your personal information. Sharing, texting, and friend preferences are among them.

7. If you are under the age of 18, you can only play in the offline mode. To use the internet mode, you must have permission from an adult. If you are a minor, we highly encourage you not to enter an incorrect date of birth to use the online mode because it is against the device’s terms of use.

8. If you are over 18, the address you select for the payment method should be the same as the address on your credit card bill. This will keep any future errors and problems at bay.

9. When entering your email address, make sure it’s the one you’re currently using, as you’ll be receiving a verification link shortly.

Check your spam or garbage folder if you can’t find an email from the PlayStation team. Type “Sony” or “PlayStation” into the search field to find the email. By providing your first and last name, you can create a new online ID by clicking the link. Keep in mind that the name will be made public and will be visible to others.

If you still can’t find the email, go to “Help” and change your email address again, or request that your PlayStation resend it. To link your PSN to your Facebook account, select “Login with Facebook.”

Method 3: Accessing your account through a different Console

This strategy is useful if you know someone who also owns a PlayStation 4 console. Temporarily log into someone else’s PlayStation console to fix the An Error Has Occurred issue. You can give a trustworthy buddy your account information and ask them to log out of their own and into yours for a bit.

The safest way to ensure that your account details and password aren’t compromised is for you to be physically there during the process and log into the account yourself. After a moment, log out of that console’s account and log into your own to see if the An error has occurred has been resolved.

An Error Has Occurred

Method 4: Select “No One” as your Privacy Setting

By altering their privacy settings, account holders can easily limit how visible they are to other PlayStation Network users. Although this is a solution to a different set of issues, some users have claimed that it may be a solution to your current one. It’s worth a shot to change your privacy settings to “No One,” since this may permanently resolve the problem. This way of changing the setting is straightforward and straightforward.

1. Turn on your console and select the “Home” option from the menu.

To access “Settings,” tap the gear symbol.

2. Go to the Settings menu and select “PlayStation Network.”

Click “Account Management” and then “Privacy Settings” in the submenu. You may be asked to enter your PlayStation ID password here.

3. Manually select each feature you want to alter privacy settings for and convert them to “No One” one by one.

For example, under “Sharing Your Experience,” there is a section called “Activities & Trophies,” where you can alter it to “No One.” The same goes for “Connecting with Friends,” where you can switch between “Friends of Friends,” “Friends Requests,” “Search,” and “Players You May Know.” “Protecting Your Information,” “Messages Option,” and “Managing Your Friends List” are all the same.

4. Return to the main menu and restart your PlayStation console to see whether the PlayStation “An Error Has Occurred” issue has been resolved.

Method 5: Change your Domain Name System (DNS) settings

The Domain Name System (DNS) serves as the internet’s phone book. We can use numerous domain names to access information available online (for example, you are currently using “”). Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are used by web browsers to communicate.

DNS converts domain names to IP addresses, allowing your browser to connect to the internet and other online services. The trick to avoiding this error is to change and optimise your internet connection. This will change the DNS address of your own internet connection to a Google-created open DNS address. This may resolve the problem; if not, a quick Google search will provide the correct Open DNS address.

Method 7: Disconnect the power Cord

If you get this error when trying to play your game and no other error number appears next to it, the approach mentioned below is the best way to fix the An error has occurred. Many users have found this technique to be useful in a variety of games, particularly Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

1. When the error message appears on your console, go to the Settings menu and select the “Account Management” option.

To log out of your account, press the “Sign Out” button.

2. Now, turn off your PlayStation 4 console completely.

3. Once the console has been completely shut down, gently unplug the power cord from the back of it.

4. Disconnect the console for a period of time. 15 minutes should suffice. Carefully reconnect the power cable to the PS4 and turn it back on.

5. Check to see if you can cure PlayStation An Error Has Occurred by logging into your account again as soon as the system starts up.

Method 7: Turn on or off Two-Step Verification

Disabling and re-enabling the two-step verification security procedure has been reported by a few users as the ideal and simple solution. If it isn’t already enabled, simply enabling the option will do the trick. The two-step verification system protects users from unauthorised logins by ensuring that only you have access to your PlayStation Network account. Basically, if your system detects a new login, you’ll receive a text message with a verification code that you must provide while attempting to log in.

The 2-Step Verification option is simple; simply follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: In the Settings menu, go to the “Account Management” choices. In the sub-menu, select “Account Information” and then “Security.” If it is already enabled, go to the ‘Status’ option and pick ‘Inactive’ from the drop-down menu, then click ‘Confirm.’ Reboot the device and turn it back on.

Step 2: If you haven’t already, sign in with your account details. Locate and click on the “Set up now” button under “2-Step Verification.”

Step 3: Carefully type your phone number into the pop-up box and click ‘Add.’ You will receive a verification code on your phone after your number has been added. On your PS4’s screen, enter this code.

Step 4: You will then be logged out of your account and prompted to confirm your action. Read the information on the screen and make your way forward. Then press the ‘OK‘ button.

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