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Top 15 Best Orbund Alternatives In 2022


Orbund is a cloud-based, high-level school management software system that enables you to automate, optimise, and lower the cost of running the school. This programme enables you to sell and publicise your products and educational initiatives in order to draw more students to your institution and increase income. You can utilise the digital registration and admission option to register online, which enables parents and students to send the required documentation from anywhere. It enables you to set up a student portal where they can conveniently view their schedule, assignments, and other pertinent data.

It enables you to engage in interactive activities and helps you to increase communication among all parties. Additionally, the calendar integration allows you to establish a timetable for the entire year and provides you notice notifications in advance. Because of its simple deployment and upkeep, Orbund is the ideal choice in its category.

Top 15 Best Orbund Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about orbund alternatives here are the details below;

1. StudentTrac


You may perform and manage all of the activities pertaining to your students with the help of StudentTrac, a student management software solution. It includes a digital registration option that makes it simple for parents and students to complete the form and upload the required paperwork to register for classes and tests. The finest part of this programme is that it makes it possible for you to cut back on paperwork and spend less money. This programme allows you to effortlessly generate any document and send it to the appropriate parties. This is another Orbund alternative.

It enables you to manage your kids’ digital attendance and gives parents real-time access to how their children are doing. Additionally, you may quickly personalise the reports using the templates. Even better, use your institute’s logos and create the user experience around that. It enables you to carry out all activities in full compliance with all rules. As a result, StudentTrac is a comprehensive piece of software that addresses every area of the educational institution. Also check edi software

2. Campus Cafe

Campus Cafe

You can effectively handle, conduct, and manage the numerous operations of the educational establishment using Campus Cafe, a web-based student management software. It assists you in promoting your offerings and drawing more students to your university. Additionally, you can use the online registration option, which enables parents and kids to submit all of their necessary information from any place. The students may readily access their schedule, assignments, and other pertinent data. Utilizing this programme, you may email your pupils.

It enhances your financial operations and makes it easier for you to use this programme for all of your activities. By using its forms, you may also make instructional papers, reports, result cards, etc. The dashboard is fairly complete, and it makes it simple to keep an eye on each student’s progress. Campus Café is the ideal choice if you’re seeking for comprehensive software to fully automate your school operations.

3. Classe365


This is another Orbund alternative. Classe365 is a management platform for educational institutions that provides you with a wealth of features and solutions to streamline operations and bring all the stakeholders together. To make better judgments, it enables you to consolidate your data and get rid of data silos. You may easily complete the registration procedures and obtain the necessary data and details from the parents. The instructors get access to their timetables, course descriptions, and information about their pay, bonuses, and accomplishments.

It is adaptable software that can handle running any type of school, including performing arts schools, language schools, etc. It provides you with a large selection of templates, all of which are simple to customise. Additionally, you may provide a user-friendly module for parents so they can assess their children’s performance. As a result, Classe365 offers you the greatest and most useful features while covering every area of the educational institution.



MAESTRO SIS is a sophisticated student management software solution that enables you to manage and organise student-related information and directs you in how to effectively convey the information. With only one click, you may instantly verify the facts. You may quickly design a progression track for your pupils, who can then follow it to advance. It provides you with basic yet effective communication tools and enables your pupils to communicate more effectively.

You can effortlessly share any document with your parents thanks to the programme, which also helps you handle your accounting and financial activities properly. Additionally, you may design interesting parent portals so they can keep tabs on the performances. This programme allows you to build tests, quizzes, and online examinations. MAESTRO SIS is the ideal choice for you if you’re seeking for software to automate your procedures.

5. Day School

Day School

With the help of the web-based school management software DaySchool, you can automate and optimise your operations while also increasing enrollment by marketing your offerings. You may design unique portals for parents, instructors, principals, department heads, alumni, and students so that everyone has access to the material according on their own interests. This programme enables you to design tests, quizzes, and even online polls and voting. You may create reports that are tailored to your needs with this feature. This is another Orbund alternative.

You have extensive alternatives for carrying out financial tasks, and you can simply keep tabs on your institute’s success. Additionally, homework assignments may be readily uploaded by students and teachers alike. DaySchool is the greatest option in its category as it provides you with all the features you need to properly manage and carry out the school activities.

6. SchoolCues


With tools to efficiently conduct and manage school activities, SchoolCues is an all-in-one school management programme. You may use it to perform online registrations, and by advertising your school’s programmes and services, you can draw in additional students. Create an online payment system to use this programme to collect any outstanding debts. It enables you to create a variety of papers, including invoices and fee vouchers, which you can then email directly to the people involved. Also check facility management software

This is another Orbund alternative. Its dashboard is fairly complete, and you can simply keep an eye on each student’s progress. You may also make portals for parents, instructors, and students so that everyone has easy access to their data. You may run online polls and surveys and see the results right away. As a result, SchoolCues is a comprehensive piece of software that provides all the tools and options needed to manage school operations efficiently.

7. NLET School Management

NLET School Management

A web-based software programme called NLET School Management enables you to automate school or educational institution operations and tracks a single person’s performance in real-time. With only a few clicks, this programme enables you to quickly and easily check and keep track of student information in real-time. It enables you to create a progression route for your pupils so that they may simply go along the path to success and improvement. You may make advantage of its straightforward yet efficient communication tools, which help pupils become better communicators.

It has a fee collecting tool that enables parents to pay fees from any place and receive a receipt right away. Additionally, you may run a quick and simple online admissions procedure, making your institution paperless. You may use its attendance tracker tool, which enables you to keep tabs on each student’s participation and attendance. NLET School Management is the top choice in its category as a result, and it offers features that you may customise based on the needs of your school.

8. Sycamore Campus

Sycamore Campus

Sycamore Campus is a management tool for educational institutions that enables you to carry out all business transactions through the programme while also assisting you in managing, conducting, handling, and controlling institute operations. It enables you to carry out the straightforward and basic online admission and registration procedure, assisting you in turning your institution into a paperless one. Parents may quickly upload the necessary paperwork and images, which you can then simply check. This software’s attendance tracker, which enables you to keep track of and confirm each student’s participation and attendance, is its finest feature. This is another Orbund alternative.

You may make a separate site for parents, instructors, and kids so that everyone involved can readily access the necessary data. Additionally, parents may access their children’s attendance records, performance charts, and report cards from any place at any time. Sycamore Campus is the finest choice in its category since it addresses every area of school administration.

9. SIS Education

SIS Education

The comprehensive school administration software Educate SIS gives you a variety of options to properly complete each step while streamlining and automating them all. With the help of this programme, parents and students can quickly fill out the necessary forms, submit the necessary paperwork, and register for examinations and classes online. This software also provides digital registration. For students to readily access their necessary material, such as the syllabus, assignments, etc., you may develop a separate portal. You can communicate with students’ parents by sending them emails or text messages.

Software that is adaptable and easily incorporated into any size educational institution. You may also use this programme to administer online tests and quizzes. Reporting, attendance, donor management, payment, communication centre, grading, family portal, student and instructor portal, online registration, and many more incredible features make Educate SIS an all-in-one and comprehensive solution.

10. SchoolCare Works

SchoolCare Works

The administration can effectively manage and handle school activities including registrations, fees, salaries, reports, result cards, lectures, assignments, quizzes, polls, and votes thanks to the cloud-based and web-based management software system known as SchoolCare Works. It gives you the option of online registration and admission and enables you to publicise your school’s offerings to draw in more pupils. The online payment mechanism of this programme, which enables you to collect the payment and deliver the receipt to the parents right away, is its finest feature. With the aid of this programme, you can effortlessly create various papers and transmit them to the relevant persons.

This is another Orbund alternative. Its dashboard and user interface are quite straightforward and easy to use, and you have plenty of room to monitor several metrics simultaneously. Additionally, you may access its reports and historical data to assess the functioning of the school and make crucial decisions. You may quickly gather input on a specific issue from all the professors and instructors by just communicating with them all. SchoolCare Works would be your finest selection if you’re seeking for software to simplify all of your operations and cut costs.



EDUHAPPY is a software programme for managing educational institutions that enables you to go paperless and cut money by simplifying and organising all of your operations. You may use it to efficiently control, handle, and manage accounting and financial activities, and you can use it to swiftly share any document with the parents online. For everyone to have access to the necessary information, you may develop several portals for parents, instructors, students, and alumni. It is a small, simple programme that integrates well with any educational institution’s activities. Also check Cybersecurity Software

You may use it to effortlessly conduct a digital registration and obtain the needed data and papers. Additionally, you may take online tests and quizzes and view the results on a specific site. On the parent and student sites, you may display the assignment, syllabus, and homework. Therefore, EDUHAPPY is the greatest option in its category and encompasses all component of a successful digital educational college. This is another Orbund alternative.

12. MyStudentsProgress

MyStudentsProgress is an all-in-one software resolution that enables you to manage all of the operations and activities of the educational institution using just one piece of software while also making a sizable profit by effectively marketing your offerings. It enables you to perform the online admissions procedure and makes it simple for you to obtain the necessary data. With the use of this software, entrance exams may be administered and taken remotely by students. It enables you to simply share information by displaying the merit list and other data on multiple websites.

You have the option of building a timetable for the entire year and integrating it with the calendar using this tool. Additionally, it marks the calendar automatically when a job is finished. Because of its adaptable features, is an excellent choice. In addition to its other incredible features, it also offers fees and tuition, text, voicemail, emails, grade books, attendance, report cards, communications, sports and games, transportation, dashboard, school files, and other related services.



This is another Orbund alternative. With SEDUCA, an innovative and comprehensive educational management software solution, you can efficiently cut down on paperwork while planning, managing, organising, and controlling every aspect of the school’s operations. It is an integrated piece of software that can manage the operations of any size institute. This programme lets you choose from more than fourteen different languages, so you can. The classrooms may be made digital, and the lecturers can provide their lessons from anywhere.

You may set the work in advance and use this programme to monitor and observe every academic activity and task. Additionally, it enables you to enhance communications amongst all stakeholders and makes it simple to obtain feedback. Consequently, SEDUCA is a straightforward and basic piece of software, and you can quickly change its features.

14. e-School ERP

e-School ERP

With the help of the school management tool e-School ERP, you can efficiently manage the operations of your school and quickly access any information. It enables you to create an interesting student-specific portal where they can access the necessary information, such as the syllabus, tasks, projects, homework, etc. Voice calls, text messages, and emails are all simple ways to get in touch with your parents.

It enables you to set up a digital fee gateway that allows parents to simply submit fees from any place and receive a receipt in return. Additionally, its dashboard is fairly detailed, and changing the parameters is simple. Biometric, RFID, exams, results, reports, HR, account management, fee collection, salaries, transportation live tracking, inventory management, digital notice board, homework, assignments, ID card, mark sheet, and many other noteworthy features are included in the all-in-one software known as e-School ERP.



A top-notch student information system called EMPOWER SIS enables you to link all the stakeholders, including administrators, parents, teachers, professors, instructors, students, coordinators, alumni, and donors, through a single piece of software. It enables you to design information-accessible portals that are lovely and enticing for employees, professors, alumni, and students. In the event of any hardship or problem, you may obtain comprehensive and devoted customer service. This is another Orbund alternative.

The daily assignment is made available to the students, and they can even upload their activities and assignments for grading. Additionally, its dashboard gives you a lot of room and allows you to customise it using drag-and-drop functions. With the aid of this programme, you may quickly produce a receipt for students’ records after collecting a charge from them. Your exam procedures can be easily automated and digitalized, and a portal can show the outcomes. EMPOWER SIS would be a wonderful option for your institution if you’re seeking for software to automate your school.

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