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Top 5 Online Services To Convert Files For Free

online services to convert files

This post will explain online services to convert files. Everyone must periodically feel the need to convert files between different file formats, I wager. Additionally, because there are so many different format combinations, it may be difficult to find a tool that meets your stringent conversion needs.

Top 5 Online Services To Convert Files For Free

In this article, you can know about online services to convert files here are the details below;

Because of this, I’ve chosen to show you today how to convert files without downloading any software.

These methods will enable you to convert different kinds of photos, video, music, and documents into a wide range of supported formats while maintaining the input files’ excellent quality.

Here are the top 5 free web services with user-friendly files that may meet all of your file conversion needs in one place. Also check best free audio converter 



To convert your files, use the incredibly simple online service Zamzar. It was developed by English brothers Mike and Chris Whyley about ten years ago, and it continues to delight users with excellent functionality and a straightforward file conversion process. This is another online services to convert files.

In almost any format you desire, Zamzar can convert films, photos, music files, e-books, and documents.

More than 1200 (!) different file types, including uncommon ones like zipped files and CAD conversion formats, are supported by the web application.

Four actions can be taken to change the format of a selected file on this site:

You enter the file’s URL or upload it from your computer (1), choose the output format (2), provide your email address to receive the result (3), and click the Convert button (4).

The good news is that Zamzar users have not yet reported any spam concerns.

In addition to handling files up to 100MB, allowing you to convert files directly from your email account, providing you with incredibly useful how-to manuals, and offering a sizable FAQ area with in-depth responses, Zamzar is a completely free service.

But if you register and get a premium account on, you can get even more fantastic opportunities (yes, there are still some).



Another service that lets you convert files online is CloudConvert. It takes advantage of the benefit other websites do not have, namely the capacity to save your files in the cloud, and supports more than 200 formats across 12 distinct categories (spreadsheet, presentation, vector, audio, and others). This is another online services to convert files.

Currently supported services are Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, and Box.

Of course, not everyone would be pleased to give the CloudConvert team access to their cloud storage account, but it’s still a fantastic (though optional) idea.

On, you may convert your files without entering your email address or wasting time going between tabs; the outcome is available on the page itself.

The website service is undoubtedly free, but if your needs grow, you can easily use prepaid packages.



Convert.Files maintains its status as a very robust and trustworthy utility in the field of online conversion, despite having a design that somewhat resembles Windows 98. This is another online services to convert files.

Although the conversion speed on the website is very slow and this web application doesn’t request any contact information, if you can’t wait, be prepared to enter your email address to receive the download link.



Online-Convert is a more complex option than the services that were previously mentioned.

It enables you to convert files as well as, if possible, edit them (for example, rotate, resize, change the bitrate, etc.). This is another online services to convert files.

On the Online-Convert website, in addition to the fantastic conversion methods, you can discover a lot of helpful thematic articles in the Blog part to deal with a conversion process properly. Also check best currency converter

You may also transfer the converted files from Online-Convert to Dropbox or Google Drive.



The format that is probably converted the most is PDF. Smallpdf is likely the greatest online management tool for it. The service, which was created by a group of three smart individuals, effectively converts from and to PDF (including Office to PDF and PDF to Office) and gives you the option to split, merge, compress, and even unlock password-protected PDF files! This is another online services to convert files.

An incredibly useful, quick, welcoming, and gorgeous service is available for you to use.

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