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9 Customer Onboarding Software Platforms For Businesses

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This post will explain onboarding software. Use these customer onboarding software solutions to turn website visitors into customers! If a company has no clients, then it isn’t really a business, right? All of your marketing efforts and company ventures revolve around your customers. Therefore, when running a business, gaining new clients should be your top focus.

9 Customer Onboarding Software Platforms For Businesses

In this article, you can know about 9 Customer Onboarding Software Platforms For Businesses here are the details below;

Onboarding those clients, or turning signups into active users, is an entirely different challenge even if you are able to successfully direct visitors to your product’s website or app.

Customer Onboarding: What Is It?

Customer onboarding includes all of the steps necessary to introduce a customer to your product or service offerings and persuade them to register for your website or app.

Customer onboarding does not entail haphazardly sending advertisements and signup forms to clients in the hopes that they will comprehend the advantages of your good or service.

To assist a customer with any questions they may have and to ensure a simple sign-up and checkout procedure, a methodical and well-thought-out approach has been used.

Instead than telling new customers what to do, customer onboarding teaches them.

If your strategy fails, your consumer is likely to leave with a bad impression of your business and is very unlikely to ever return.

Benefits of Successful Customer Onboarding

Your company’s success depends on effective customer onboarding. According to Andrew Chen, 77% of consumers uninstall an app barely 72 hours after downloading it, while TechCrunch claims that one in four mobile apps are abandoned after the first launch. An example of a pie chart representing a statistic relating to poor customer service. Also check Task Management Software

People are apt to leave if your product/user app’s interface is difficult to understand, if they are immediately inundated with numerous functions, or if they are unsure of where to even start using the product.

Poor new user onboarding will result in high attrition rates, making your marketing efforts worthless.

1. Inline Manual

Inline Manual

Customer onboarding software inline manual. You can create interactive walkthroughs, tool tips, and support articles directly in your app with Inline Manual’s client onboarding platform—no coding is necessary. This is another onboarding software.

A single dashboard can be used to manage all onboarding documentation and tutorials, which can all be developed in minutes.

Inline Manual, a leading provider of customer onboarding software, is used by more than 500 businesses, including UNICEF, Freshdesk, and Snapchat.

Key Features:

Segmentation of users with in-app messages

Version control for productive teamwork

The usage of hotspots to attract users

2. WalkMe


This is another onboarding software. You can add interactive on-screen tutorials with WalkMe to your website or mobile app to give users a narrated tour of how to use your product.

With the help of Walkme’s customer onboarding software, you can easily market new services to existing customers, increase customer engagement, lower drop-off rates, increase retention rates, and increase the possibility of up- and cross-selling.

Key Features:

Exhaustive analysis

Onboarding procedures for new hires

Solutions for digital transformation

3. Nickelled


Customer Onboarding Software from Nickelled In that they are interactive, self-paced, highly immersive, and yet as simple to play as a video, Nickelled offers a “genuine” customer onboarding experience.

Because Nickelled guided tours are supplied from the cloud, no software or code installation is necessary. Get immediate feedback on how users are interacting with your guided tours, including views, completion rates, and satisfaction ratings for each recording. Also check Anti spyware software

4. Evergage


Customer onboarding software called Evergage. You can monitor consumer behaviour and take action to boost engagement and conversions with the help of Evergage, a real-time online personalization software.

You can create a single, comprehensive view of each of your customers and prospects with Evergage’s real-time customization and customer data platform (CDP) and then use that data to deliver pertinent, personalised experiences.

Key Features:

Optimization for e-commerce

Content creation

Supply creation

5. Userpilot


Customer onboarding software called Userpilot By enabling teams to deliver the appropriate in-app experience to the appropriate persona at the appropriate point of their user journey, Userpilot—another code-free installation tool—helps teams increase user adoption. This is another onboarding software.

Userpilot’s highly personalised product experiences, which will meld perfectly with your product UI, are its best feature. Also check Task Management Software

Userpilot performs an excellent job of tailoring the in-app messages to the segment, buyer’s path, or even the visitor’s mouse clicks because every person visits your website in a different way.

Key Features:

Testing A/B proceeds

Modifying user interactions

Full UI customization

6. Appcues


Customer Onboarding Software from Appcues. Appcues, a platform for product-led growth, starts off our list.

Delivering outstanding user experiences at scale and bringing your business together around the product are both made simple by Appcues.

By collecting NPS scores, in-depth product reviews, and user-declared data with Appcues, you can get actionable insights to improve your user experience. This will help you make better product decisions and further enhance your product experience.

Key Features:

Talk to your analytics software.

Email correspondence with in-product messaging

User information to your CRM

7. Auth0


Customer onboarding software, Auth0. Auth0 offers authentication and authorization as a service, reducing friction in the login process. This is another onboarding software.

Visitors to your website can easily and quickly sign up for your product using a regular email address and password or using their preferred third-party app, such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter.

Developers may connect any application created in any language or stack using Auth0, and they can specify the integrations and external identity providers they want to employ, decreasing client onboarding barriers.

Key Features:

User administration

Discovery of password breaches


8. Hopscotch


Customer onboarding software called Hopscotch This is another onboarding software. Do you want to learn some coding? No issue, play some Hopscotch! A framework called Hopscotch makes it simple for programmers to include product tours on their websites. Also check  facility management software

The developer can use an API provided by Hopscotch to customise how the tour display is rendered and how the tour progress is managed. Hopscotch takes JSON objects as input.

You can quickly design your client onboarding process by just including the Hopscotch CSS and JS files on your website to get started.

Key Features:

Prepared templates

Highly adaptable

9. Whatfix


Whatfix: Customer Onboarding Software is the last great tool on our list of great tools for customer onboarding software. According to the stage of the buyer’s journey each of your incoming visitors is at, Whatfix enables you to build customised communications for them. This is another onboarding software.

In-app communications sent in real-time assist in resolving customer issues and delighting customers.

Users of the Whatfix self-help widget can self-serve themselves at any time using a list of interactive walkthroughs that are available in real time.

Whatfix may be set up in a matter of minutes and operates through a browser extension.

Key Features:

Context-Aware & Personalized Omnichannel presence Useful widgets Before leaving! To assist you run your business better smoothly, our team at has developed a few fantastic customer support templates. Check them out before you leave in case your team needs them.

Customer onboarding is one of the numerous important phases of any marketing plan and should be treated seriously. If visitors aren’t turning into active users, driving traffic to your website is useless. The client onboarding software packages described above are all excellent at what they do.

Simply utilise the free trial to determine what works best for you. Whether we missed your preferred customer onboarding software, please let us know if you use any of the aforementioned tools.

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