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Top 15 Metaverse Coins You Must Buy In 2022

metaverse coins

This post will explain metaverse coins. The introduction of the metaverse has changed the direction of the entire cryptocurrency market trend in 2022 as well as the top crypto games. Simply changing the name of Facebook to Meta tells a lot about how much promise Mark Zuckerberg sees in the metaverse’s future.

It’s not too late for you to capitalise on the emerging industry, as Mark Zuckerberg did quickly after deciding to act. Without a doubt, you could do that, but you could also wisely invest in metaverse coins.

Why hold off on making an investment in the metaverse until someone like Elon Musk declares their interest in it out of the blue? The result would be that you would have to spend more for something you might have purchased for much less.

Top 15 Metaverse Coins You Must Buy In 2022

In this article, you can know about metaverse coins here are the details below;

1.  Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Prices Chart

Check out the Zipmex exchange’s AXS real-time price chart.

Axie Infinity: What is it?

One of the most played & financially successful blockchain games is Axie Infinity.

Does the title “Pokemon Go” come to mind?

Similar to Pokemon, the adorable NFT pet game Axie Infinity has filled the wallets of both crypto enthusiasts and non-experts who would have otherwise shied away from the cryptocurrency sector.

In our earlier articles, you may learn more about Axie Infinity (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP).

What exactly is Axie Infinity?

The operation of Axie Infinity

By participating in their game, players can obtain AXS, the Axie token.

It has been a huge success, and some claim to have resigned their jobs in order to live the “play-to-earn” lifestyle.

It permits the use of its tokens within its metaverse.

On the Axie Marketplace, the AXS token can be converted to ETH and used to purchase NFTs.

2. The Sandbox

The Sandbox

The Sandbox price Chart

View the Zipmex exchange’s SAND token real-time pricing chart.

Describe The Sandbox.

The Sandbox is a digital environment where users may create, control, and sell their game experiences using the SAND token on the Ethereum blockchain. This is another metaverse coins.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a type of digital asset that players can generate, submit to the market, and include into games using Game Maker.

How is The Sandbox put to use?

The Sandbox pays creators for taking part in the ecosystem’s activities and interactions, such as transaction fees, staking, or buying and selling game objects, by giving them genuine ownership of their works in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Anyone can create fantastic 3D rounds for free using Game Maker.

Using the marketplace where users can post, publish, and sell their creations generated with VoxEdit, users may access visual scripting tools to create aesthetically amazing games in minutes without needing to know any coding.

3. Decentraland


Chart for Decentraland Prices

Describe Decentraland.

On the virtual reality platform Decentraland, you can purchase LAND lots.

The plot may be developed by adding anything you like to it and making money off of it.

One of the first projects to attempt to create a decentralised virtual reality based on Ethereum was Decentraland, which was created in 2017.

Only 90601 chunks of LAND, each measuring 16 square feet, are available.

How is Decentraland organised?

The ecosystem’s native token, MANA, has a 2.2 billion token supply. This is another metaverse coins.

There are 1.8 billion tokens in use right now.

This site is used by gamers, producers, and companies trying to profit from metaverse potential and find amusement.

The coin is in high demand due to its broad target demographic.

This is what attracts consumers to Decentraland as a purchase.



Gala Price Chart

What is GALA?

Eric Schiermeyer launched Gala, a blockchain gaming venue, on July 21, 2019.

It combines Non-Fungible Receipts (NFT) to build a blockchain-based gaming ecosystem where users can buy, sell, and own game assets at any moment on a worldwide scale. Also check photo editing software

By giving players back possession of the game, Gala Games hopes to elevate the gaming sector to entirely new heights.

Gala Games’ goal, as stated on the platform’s website, is to make “blockchain games you’ll actually want to play.”

How is Gala put to use?

GALA, the native utility currency of the platform, is utilised for network administration, node operator rewards, and in-game prizes for gamers taking part in platform games.

Additionally, it can be used as in-game money to buy NFTs and other items from the Gala store.

Gala, a blockchain-focused gaming platform, lets players use their distinctive NFT characters as well.

5. Enjin


Enjin Price Enjin?

What is Enjin.

The Ethereum network was used to create the ERC-20 token known as Enjin Coin (ENJ).

It is intended to be used as in-game cash for game item purchases. This is another metaverse coins.

In-game assets gain worth as a result as well.

Additionally, it can be used as a medium of exchange for any in-game goods.

The marketplace feature on Enjin’s platform is an additional feature.

This feature enables free marketplace trading between game producers and users for the products they have made.

How is Enjin put to use?

Through a technique known as “minting,” Enjin Coin (ENJ) may be used to make in-game assets like weapons and medicine that boosts HP points.

The game’s characters’ powers can also be improved by ENJ.

Along with the amount of game elements, it may also create the names, shapes, and appearances of each character.

These things are all worth the same as ENJ.

6. High Street (HIGH)

High Street (HIGH)

“High Street Game” (HIGH) – what is it?

Do you have to work hard to get a good living?

No longer!

The ability to play and earn on High Street is what draws many gamers to this coin.

We are convinced that you will adore this coin if you think hybrid working models are cool.

Why is High Street Game unique?

Its hybrid virtual model is what distinguishes it from other coins. It is exciting because it is both virtual and physical, and NFTs are essential to this platform. In order for their products to be used as NFTs, many prestigious brands can be enrolled.

Users are allowed to buy them and take possession of the tangible goods. The platform uses a smart bonding curve to alleviate the liquidity difficulties that token holders encounter. High Street is a worthwhile investment since the excitement comes from completing objectives and collecting in-game currency.

7. Somnium Space

Somnium Space

Somnium Space VR: What is it?

Who doesn’t enjoy 3D content?

Somnium Space’s distinctive 3D avatars give users exactly that.

As the NFT market continues to expand, several NFT collections make use of these avatars. This is another metaverse coins.

The nice thing is that anyone may access any section of the metaverse using Somnium’s WebXR platform.

Why is Somnium space unique?

The idea is distinctive in that users can set up full-body Avatars on their land parcels and construct the scenes they choose.

Somnium has turned to Polygon whereas the majority of metaverse applications are built on the Ethereum blockchain.

This venue is powered by the CUBE token, and users can move assets with ease.

This might make a nice addition to your investment portfolio if you’re trying to diversify your holdings in metaverse coins.

8. Meta Hero

Meta Hero

Describe Meta Hero.

By collaborating with Wolf Studio, Meta Hero has introduced modelling and 3D scanning to the metaverse.

The 3D scanning industry’s counterpart of the Big Four is Wolf Studio.

The collaboration would make it possible to thoroughly evaluate some of the most popular games, like CyberPunk 2077.

How are Meta Hero NFTs implemented?

Users can convert their physical assets into NFTs using their seamless technology.

If you thought 4k HD scanners existed the norm, you’d be shocked to learn that 16k ultra-HD scanners are on the horizon.

Their utility token, HERO, can be used to pay for scans and royalties.

With the one-of-a-kind Meta scanners, characters may be created for use in video games, printed, and scanned in the metaverse. Also check construction estimating software.

9. Red Fox Labs

Red Fox Labs

Describe Red Fox Labs.

The existing retail ecology would be disrupted by having a virtual shopping location, & Red Fox Labs, a technology startup, is building just that. Its goal is to be a special metaverse venue that offers an immersive retail experience. This is another metaverse coins.

By fusing game components in Callinova Auction and RFOX VALT, it is attempting to achieve this.

How do I obtain the Red Fox Labs token?

The Red Fox Labs ecosystem includes two tokens, each with a unique set of operational uses.

While RFOX tokens can be used to purchase virtual assets and regions, VFOX is a coin designed for rewarding.

In order to create a one-stop platform in the metaverse, the business is aiming to develop its own financial and gaming platforms, known as RFOX finance and RFOX games, respectively.

10. Bloktopia


Describe Bloktopia.

The Bloktopia project has been listed in well-known cryptocurrency exchanges like KuCoin and OKEx despite being a newcomer to the metaverse arena. Leading gaming investors have provided cash for it.

The usage of a cutting-edge real-time 3D creation engine in the games results in a mind-blowing visual experience in virtual reality. One of the few initiatives in the metaverse supported by the Polygon network is this one. This is another metaverse coins.

How can I purchase Bloktopia tokens?

The NFT method may be used to purchase BLOK real estate, which gives a sizable yearly yield of 60% when its utility token BLOK is staked.

The games become more thrilling as you complete the 21 levels.

The three main checkpoints are Auditorium, Level 1, and Spawning.

It might be wise to think about making this investment.

11. Star Atlas

Star Atlas

Star Atlas: What is it?

The blockchain game Star Atlas strives to provide the finest AAA gameplay. The game gained a lot of traction among players after the release of its trailer. This Solana-powered metaverse is causing a genuine frenzy. This is another metaverse coins.

How are Star Atlas tokens earned?

A dual token idea is used in the game, allowing tokens to be staked.

By engaging in combat and building alliances while exploring numerous planets, tokens can also be used to buy expensive in-game things.

Due to the game’s use of the Unreal Engine 5, you can expect a real-time cinematic experience.

The game is still in its earlier phases, so now would be a great opportunity to invest and benefit from being an early adopter.

12. MetaCity


Describe MetaCity.

An NFT-based multi-gaming platform on the blockchain is called MetaCity VR.

It is the foremost free-to-earn (F2E) game model ever developed.

Additionally, it provides play-to-earn (P2E), thanks to its connection to Enjin.

How is MetaCity put to use?

Players will have a variety of things they may perform in MetaCity to gain in-game rewards.

Players can play cross-game to exchange things and earn NFT real estate.

In essence, it is referred to as a metaverse-based Minecraft.

13. Theta Network

Theta Network

Theta Network: What is it?

Theta Network was developed with the intention of broadcasting videos.

Users can share their peer-to-peer bandwidth and resources without a third party because to the decentralised nature of the network. This is another metaverse coins.

Experts in the game and video industries Mitch Liu and Jieyi Long introduced the initiative in March 2019.

For further information, view the Theta introduction video.

How is Theta Network put to use?

The ecosystem is powered and governed by the native tokens of the network, THETA and Theta Fuel (TFUEL).

By providing participants with a more effective, affordable, and equitable service, it seeks to address the issues with today’s centralised video streaming systems. Also check work order software

14. Wax (WAXP)

Wax (WAXP)

Describe wax.

Wax (WAXP) was introduced in 2017 with the goal of improving e-commerce transactions by making them quicker, safer, and easier to use. This is another metaverse coins.

WAX is a decentralised application where markets and NFTs are also accessible thanks to the platform’s blockchain-based features.

How is Wax (WAXP) put to use?

Delegated proof of stake (DPoS) is the consensus algorithm used by the WAX blockchain, and WAXP serves as the ETH bridge between the utility token WAXE and the governance token WAXG.

It is rigorously guarded against corruption of any type. Additionally, token holders have the ability to directly create blocks and cast votes for system approval.

15. Ultra (UOS)

Ultra (UOS)

Describe Ultra (UOS).

Ultra was created to serve as a publishing platform for video games. It attempts to address the problems with the outdated game publishing systems while giving game developers and players more options. This is another metaverse coins.

Utilizing the platform, users can earn UOS, Ultra’s native coin.

Additionally, the advertising space service offered by Ultra is advantageous to both players and developers.

What sets Ultra apart?

Through beta testing, ad watching, and game curating, people can play games and make money using Ultra’s software downloading technology.

Additionally, referral bonuses and awards schemes can be used by game producers to expand their businesses.

Bottom Line

In the cryptocurrency market, there is never a dull moment, and who doesn’t enjoy waking up to something new every day?

If the excitement surrounding the metaverse hasn’t kept you on the edge of your seat already, be assured that it will if you make an investment in the expanding sector.

We were able to dance while compiling this list for you!

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