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11 Powerful Digital Mailroom Management Software In 2022

Digital Mailroom Management Software

This post will explain mailroom management software. In this review, we’ll look at some of the top online mailroom management tools for effectively organizing and running commercial mailrooms. Over the one-time several years, there has been an unexpected increase in critical mailroom functions, including package scanning, logging, sorting, alerts, and pickup, due to the growth of the e-commerce sector and the high number of consumers who shop online.

Even while traditional mailing systems are still in use, outdated workflows are finding it more and more challenging to manage all correspondence. According to a survey, the global market for mailroom management software was worth $321 million in 2018 and is projected to grow to $466 million by 2027.

11 Powerful Digital Mailroom Management Software In 2022

In this article, you can know about mailroom management software here are the details below;

This shows that many businesses have been utilising such software to cut down on operating expenses and mistakes. We wanted to locate the best mailroom management software out of the many options available.

1. PackageX Mailroom – Digital Mailroom Automation Software

PackageX Mailroom

The finest mailroom management software for businesses, according to our list, is PackageX Mailroom.

This package room management software in the cloud gives you all the resources you need to effectively scan and log incoming and outgoing mail, inform recipients, gather proof of pickup, and more.

You can set up your mailroom and streamline every step of the process using PackageX Mailroom.

Package Label Scanning Using OCR

The software’s robust optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which can read bar codes, QR codes, and even handwritten labels, significantly decreases package scanning time and increases operational productivity for mailroom workers.

Automated Reminders and Notifications

The completely automated notifications and reminders offered by PackageX Mailroom are another helpful feature. Staff members of the mailroom are no longer required to manually make calls or send emails. As soon as a label is scanned, notifications are automatically delivered to the appropriate recipient. This is another mailroom management software.

Smart Dashboard on the Web

PackageX Mailroom not only helps your mailroom workers work less, but it also helps you gain more knowledge about all the mail items your company receives on a daily basis. A web-based dashboard offers management personnel helpful analytics so they may make data-driven mail handling decisions for any firm.

Mailroom’s reputation speaks for itself; it is trusted by eminent businesses around the world, including WeWork, Delaware Valley University, Goucher College, and others.

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2. Envoy Deliveries – Simple Mailroom Management Software

Envoy Deliveries

Envoy Deliveries is the second item on our list of the top Mailroom Management Software. Envoy, one of the top mailroom management programmes, is recognised as a market leader in the visitor management sector and trusted with thousands of deliveries each day.

With the help of this capable mail management programme, make the most of your space and minimise the headache of package accumulation. With your Envoy Mobile, you easily scan the package to activate the software. The owner is then informed to pick up their delivery when the device automatically recognises them.

The receivers receive prompt notices and reminders that make it easy for them to locate their deliveries. Additionally, the software requests a signature from the recipient of the packet for added protection.

In addition to its impressive capabilities, Envoy Deliveries is affordable and simple to use. The software distinguishes itself from other mailroom management programmes for this reason.

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3. Notifii Track – Mail Management Software

Notifii Track

A cloud-based mail management tool called Notifii Track was created with the user’s time savings in mind. It operates by using its many effective features to manage all of the users’ parcels and mail. Also check  construction estimating software.

This is another mailroom management software. Notifi Track, one of the best mail management applications, features a simple user interface. Additionally, the software includes a strong collection of features that are ideal for managing enterprises, properties, and educational institutions.

The software also offers a feature-rich mobile app that lets you quickly manage your workflow from a mobile device. If you want an app that can serve multiple purposes, you should definitely get your hands on this great one.

Key Elements

4. QTrak – Package Management Software


QTrak has more than 30 years of experience in the software and application of mail delivery systems, and it has earned a spot on the list of the top package management programmes.

This user-friendly management programme is a simple yet effective way to keep track of and arrange all of your goods.

The monitoring app’s availability on numerous well-known platforms is the best feature among all the fascinating features it has. Additionally, the app established itself in the market by providing incredible features at a reasonable price.

Additionally, the software’s most recent cloud database app makes the procedure of delivery tracking a breeze. It safely stores all the package information, including the name of the recipient, the delivery time, the routes, and a lot more.

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5. Parcel Tracker – Parcel Management Software

Parcel Tracker

A excellent digital package room software created especially for residential complexes is Parcel Tracker. Parcel Tracker has gained a management of popularity among its rivals thanks to its 35,000 managed units and 250,000 tracked packages.

Numerous useful features are incorporated into this outstanding inbound package tracking software. Parcel Tracker provides all the capabilities required to offer its users everything they could possibly need, including tracking all of the shipments, scanning, labelling, email/text notification, and enabling digital delivery log.

If you want to spend less time tracking goods and more time concentrating on your business. The best package room management software will then turn out to be Parcel Tracker.

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6. Earth Class Mail – Virtual Mailroom Software

Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail is a capable digital mailroom automation software that was introduced in 2004. The software reduces the user’s workload by giving them access to a virtual mailbox. It offers various fun features that help save time and money.

The software supports all kinds of enterprises and gives them access to their mail online. Your postal mail is taken in and sent to a virtual address, which is how it operates. This is another mailroom management software.

The company’s secure facilities then examine the mail. You are then able to access your Earth Class account to check your mail. You can forward or keep it once it has been fully digitalized depending on your requirements.

The software syncs up without a hitch with many well-known systems. Additionally, the business gained notoriety through collaborating with organisations like Lyft, Reddit, and Zapier.

Key Elements

Your physical mail can be kept there for up to 30 days. Your inbox stores virtual mail that is accessible at any time, anywhere.

7. iLobby Deliveries – Mailroom Management App

iLobby Deliveries 

One of the top package management programmes, iLobby Deliveries introduces cutting-edge solutions to the industry. The software has amazing capabilities that make it simple for you to keep track of and manage deliveries, pickups, and mail.

With the help of this robust mailroom management software, you can automate package management at your front desk and prevent mail pile-up. The software has established itself well in the sector because to its user-friendly UI and a number of useful functions.

The software offers everything, including tracking deliveries, managing mail, scanning, and sending employees immediate notifications.

Key Elements

8. EZTrackIt


Are you sick and weary of spending countless hours managing and arranging your mailroom? Just relax; we’ve got you covered. With years of experience and a skilled team on board, EZTrackIt will simplify the process of managing your business. Also check Amazon PPC software

No other mailroom management software delivers the variety of fascinating features that EZTrackIt does. The software assists with tracking your packages, clearing out unnecessary data from the database, displaying reports, and much more.

The nicest aspect of this room management software programme, besides its incredible functions, has to be its “Lock field.” You can use this feature to lock the details of a certain package. Users that must receive many deliveries from one person find it to be quite helpful.

Key Elements

9. SwipedOn


This is another mailroom management software. This effective mailroom management programme made its debut in the market with a host of fantastic features. SwipedOn offers the ideal set of tools for efficient mailroom management thanks to its strong connections with platforms like Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Active Directory.

SwipedOn unexpectedly appeared during the epidemic and offered innovative features like contactless sign-in, visitor screening, and more. It enables package delivery and receipt without any interaction between customers and staff.

The software also helps to organise the mailroom by giving the staff access to a delivery log. It is beneficial to maintain track of every delivery, including its time, recipient, and other details.

Key Elements

10. Switch


Software for a secure digital package room called Switch was created especially for small firms. You should choose Switch to efficiently organise your mailroom.

It is among the best mailroom management programmes and offers a wide range of essential features. Switch makes sure that your staff members don’t waste time managing and preparing mail, but rather encourages them to focus on more crucial responsibilities.

You must upload your document in order for this online digital mailroom automation software to function. Mail is then sent to the correct address when it has been printed.

Key Elements

11. SphereMail


The last software on our list of the top package room management programmes is SphereMail. Use SphereMail to manage your mailroom so you don’t have to put in a lot of work. The ideal way to deliver digital mail to your clients remotely is using our simple digital package room software. This is another mailroom management software.

For remote workers, the software’s easy start-up feature manages and signs them up for office mail automatically. Additionally, it enables your staff to scan, forward, and destroy email from anywhere.

The “Live answering service” offered by this digital mailroom automation software is one of its main benefits. It allows users to specify and personalise greetings. Additionally, it enables the capability of providing the receptionist with a predetermined set of responses to client inquiries. Also check work order software

Along with its unique features, this platform is really useful and helps your business grow. It gives you a flexible way to make more money and supports business growth.

Key Elements

Shipping labels: instantly prints pre-paid shipping labels. It makes use of numerous postal services, including USPS, CANADA POST, UK ROYAL, FedEx, and DHL.

Frequently Asked Questions for Mailroom Management Software (FAQs)

1. Mailroom management: what is it?

An area (room/office) where mail and packages are received, managed, and delivered is called a mailroom. Mailroom management is a service that handles the mail for a particular business, organisation, or structure. The management of mail begins as soon as it is received and continues until it is delivered.

Automating the entire process—from collecting the mail at its origin to delivering it to its final destination—is a key component of mailroom management. It also involves telling you when the mail is delivered, tracking consignments across numerous locations, and much more.

2. How Should a Mailroom Be Set Up?

Mailrooms of various organisations all over the world frequently utilise handwritten logs to record package receipts. Excel spreadsheets have helped some businesses modernise their working environments, but data entry still takes a lot of time.

You must therefore be familiar with mailroom organisation in order to save your valuable time. In order to successfully arrange their mailroom, people are spending more money today on mailroom management software.

These package room management tools not only help them manage and organise their mailroom, but also streamline the entire software. Mailroom management software includes everything from receiving mail through scanning, labelling, delivering, and tracking.

3. What is electronic mail?

Electronic mail is another name for digital mail. It entails converting incoming paper mail into digital mail through a scanning process. You can then electronically deliver the mail to the designated location.

Many firms have switched from the conventional form of mailing to digital mail as a result of the development of technology. The use of a digital mailbox is required to send or receive digital mail. Send, receive, and keep mail with this safe online service.

4. How Does the Mailroom Operate?

There are various steps in the standard mailroom job process. A person is hired to work in a mailroom to carry out these duties. Accepting and sorting incoming mail typically kicks off the process.

The task of delivering the mail to the confirmed/authentic recipients is then completed. Additionally, the mailroom handles the delivery of outgoing mail.

The outgoing mail is set up for delivery, including correct labelling and packaging. Additionally, the overnight distribution and logging of mail are part of the process. Additionally, mailroom employees are responsible for maintaining the facility’s supplies of stamps, tape, and envelopes.

Continuous tracking of incoming and outgoing mail is another step in the process. Additionally, an order is placed to replenish the supplies as soon as the stock level drops. To automate mailroom operations, several businesses utilise mailroom management software.

5. The best mailroom management software, which one is it?

You will find that the Mailroom Management Software that best satisfies the requirements and needs of your company is the finest for you. The features, functions, and price that a user purchases determine the software’s quality.

When it comes to mailroom management software, it should be able to offer some of the fundamental functions that each user need. It must include features including automatic notifications, label scanning, a digital log, and the requirement for the recipient’s signature prior to pickup.

Consequently, it is important to initially be clear about your requirements before purchasing software for your business. Take a free trial of the software you plan to use in the following stage. Knowing whether the software will benefit you or not will be helpful.


Even while mailroom management software may not be crucial to the operation of a company, it is nonetheless crucial. The software keeps you focused on your company’s most important activities while also assisting in keeping your mailroom orderly.

You should always take the time to research any software before selecting it, including those on the list above. It is preferable to request a free trial before making a final decision on a certain piece of software. In this manner, you may determine whether the software can satisfy all of your needs.

We have compiled a list of some of the top mailroom management programmes to assist you in making your choice from a vast selection of software. So, decide wisely and share with us in the comments which software you prefer!

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