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15 Best Live Chat Tools & Solutions In 2022

Live Chat Software

This post will explain Live Chat Software. Covid-19 has not only revealed the strengths and weaknesses of many companies, but it has also opened up new avenues for conducting business with the best live chat tools. Astute business leaders have realised that now is the moment to seize the chances to develop a strategic company plan and revenue projections for 2022.

15 Best Live Chat Tools & Solutions In 2022

In this article, you can know about Live Chat Software here are the details below;

You can improve your client communication by comprehending how live chat functions and utilising the best chat solution. With the best live discussion software in place, you can improve every visitor encounter and create enduring partnerships.

How we evaluated the top live chat applications

For the purpose of assessing live chat support options, a few things need to be taken into account. Each live chat platform was developed with specific goals in mind that set them apart. They have advantages and disadvantages, so you must clearly state your top objectives and needs.

How we reviewed best live chat software solutions.

Here is a more intimate look at the process that we followed to evaluate the well-known tools. The features will be thoroughly explained below so you may compare them based on your individual needs.

1. REVE Chat


For online support and sales, REVE Chat is an omnichannel customer engagement tool. The AI-enabled live chat technology assists in converting website visitors into leads and providing nonstop customer service while maintaining a human touch. Also check best free songwriting software

REVE Chat supports businesses in engaging with customers across their entire customer experience with a range of live engagement capabilities like video chat, co-browsing, and live chat. You can provide an omnichannel messaging experience to your customers by using REVE Chat to engage them across their preferred platforms, including websites and social media.

Businesses like Telenor, Southeast Bank, Samsonite, Al-Tijari, and many more rely on REVE Chat all around the world.

2. LivePerson


This is another Live Chat Software. A conversation cloud platform called LivePerson offers AI-powered messaging and chatbots to companies to help them improve their marketing, sales, and customer service. With the aid of an intent manager, organisations may quickly learn and comprehend what clients genuinely desire. The application makes effective use of data from live chat and messaging to expand, manage, and optimise all customer encounters for brands.

3. Bold 360

Bold 360

The best customer engagement tool is Bold360, which offers individualised interactions. By utilising AI, Bold360 improves every encounter regardless of the location, enabling companies to provide seamless customer experiences across AI and agent-based interactions.

4. Intercom


Intercom is advertised as the conversational connection platform that supports the development of customer relationships throughout the customer journey via message and live chat. With the aid of business messenger and a conversational support funnel, it enables providing first-rate support at scale.

5. Drift


Drift is a conversational marketing technology that facilitates online support and lead generation. They support conversational marketing, which enables customers to engage with your brand in real time. This is another Live Chat Software.

6. Comm100


Leading supplier of customer service communication solutions, Comm100 helps companies of all sizes better serve and engage with their customers. Businesses benefit from improved business success and the development of stronger customer relationships. Your brand becomes more trustworthy and communication is considerably more flexible thanks to the Comm100 platform.

7. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat

Small to large-sized businesses can benefit from Zendesk Chat, a cloud-based live chat service. By contacting clients before they ever raise questions, it enables proactive interaction. To provide the best customer experience that people genuinely desire, you can chat with customers using websites, mobile apps, and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger. Also check Lead Generation Tools

8. LiveChat


This is another Live Chat Software. LiveChat is a well-liked messaging programme that you can incorporate into your website to quickly respond to sales and support inquiries. Anywhere you are, you can interact with your consumers with the LiveChat Android & iOS apps. Its desktop applications for Windows and Mac have a feature-rich interface that makes it possible to elevate customer care.

9. Olark


One of the best live chat systems for interacting with clients and website visitors in real time is Olark. It is the best tool for sales and support personnel to increase sales, assist with problems, and comprehend customers. Give your customers the solutions they require right away to build long-lasting relationships while gaining insightful knowledge about what they desire.

10. Userlike


One of those live chat programmes, Userlike, enables you to communicate with your consumers over a variety of channels, including SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and the Website. It enables contacts to offer feedback on service and features and aids sales representatives in developing customised discussions. This is another Live Chat Software.

11. SnapEngage


With SnapEngage, businesses can transform customer engagement throughout the customer lifecycle, have a positive impact on KPIs, and generate quantifiable business results. You can routinely see more sales conversions, higher CSAT/NPS ratings, and lower cost-per-interaction by deploying SnapEngage.

12. Freshchat


Freshchat is a platform for live chat solutions that enables you to chat with customers through a combination of channels, including websites, mobile apps, and even social media pages. It aids teams and enterprises in concentrating on continuous and context-driven messaging. The use of social profiles, the events timeline, and the automatic uploading of leads to your CRM all aid in better understanding the customer with whom you are speaking.

13. JivoChat


This is another Live Chat Software. A well-liked and really simple-to-install internet customer support chat software is Jivochat. For e-commerce companies, it is one of the best instruments for commercial communication. In a single omnichannel app, it provides live chat, emails, calls, and Facebook messaging. Businesses can use it to create a 360-degree customer support system, connect message funnels, and flexibly modify and personalise. Also check Cybersecurity Software

14. Tidio Chat

Tidio Chat

One of the best free live chat programmes for small web businesses is Tidio Chat. It unifies email, Facebook Messenger, and website live chat into a single platform to quickly resolve any consumer issues. Chatbots can automate the lead generation process and offer round-the-clock customer support.

15. is a website live chat application that focuses on interacting with visitors. Businesses can assist customers help themselves by monitoring website traffic, engaging in live chat with visitors, responding to support tickets, and setting up a help centre. This is another Live Chat Software.

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