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Top 4 Key Content Marketing Trends In 2024

Key Content Marketing Trends

Best Key Content Marketing Trends will be discussed in this article. When it comes to drawing in and converting visitors, content is always in. When done correctly & the content marketing can be a very economical (or even free) means of providing the knowledge your target audience needs to make decisions.

Top 4 Key Content Marketing Trends In 2024

In this article, you can know about Key Content Marketing Trends here are the details below;

The field of content marketing is developing in amazing new ways. Not only are new channels like Threads and appropriate formats to consider, but marketers are also utilizing AI more frequently to boost output and overcome writer’s block—a problem that is particularly problematic for content marketers who are constantly churning out a ton of text.

Let’s take a look at some of the key content marketing trends to see what you should be aware of or try out to see whether it increases performance.

1. Short-form immersive video

Video has long been touted as the essential content format for organizations looking to expand across media, particularly social media. According to the 2023 Content Benchmarks Report, over half of marketers believe that video is the most valuable content type, and 25% believe that live video is useful for achieving social media objectives.

As a result, according to Alison Battisby, Social Media Consultant and Founder of Avocado Social, all social media platforms—including those that may be more conventionally text-based, like LinkedIn—prioritize video content in their algorithms.

“If you’re making videos, you have to think vertically. Brands that take advantage of this trend and experiment with this format both naturally and through paid advertising will be more prevalent in the future.

According to Battisby, astute brands will test their creative through natural means initially, and then highlight the material that performs the best. TikTok users respond favorably to this trend, so if you see videos getting a ton of views and likes, you might consider promoting them.

The following are some crucial pointers for producing excellent short-form material for mobile:

The most popular video of 2023, according to TikTok, featured cosmetics artist Nyadollie performing a basic makeup regimen to music. Over 504 million people saw the video, with 35.7 million like it and 1.8 million saving it.

Short-form immersive video

2. An explosion in the creator economy

The creative economy is still expanding and evolving. Brands will compete fiercely to entice and keep the greatest artists across all platforms as a result of this growth.

The cause? Companies seek to connect with the newest trends and close any gaps in their content. However, they sometimes lack the skills or knowledge necessary to respond swiftly enough or in a way that maximizes engagement and conversions.

“Contact evaluations from content producers are reliable, and their accounts frequently see higher levels of engagement than those of brands. Thus, give careful thought to how you might incorporate artists within the promotion for your brand. Could you provide a few items for me to review? Would you please invite a few to something? Or would it be possible for you to cooperate on a piece of material, such as a popular sound?” asks Battisby.

Fortunately, social media platforms are helping brands locate relevant and high-caliber creators more easily. Creators can use Instagram’s creator marketplace to showcase their distinctive tales and position themselves on the platform for collaborations. To make it simpler for brands to collaborate with creators on third-party platforms and grant access to brand agencies, the platform has introduced new tools that broaden access to specific areas of its marketplace.

Along with the announcement of fan funding, shopping, and subscription revenue sharing, YouTube also announced a 45 percent revenue share on YouTube shorts. According to Battisby, YouTube is monetizing its new vertical video feature in order to draw content providers who want to produce original shorts.

3. Artificial intelligence and content creation

Copywriting and artificial intelligence (AI) have long been associated with one other. However, as customer desire for personalization increases, the technology is becoming more prevalent in content creation due to the faster adoption of ChatGPT and Jasper.

“Six months ago, Midjourney and DALL•E were entertaining yet a little awkward. They were definitely not helpful for programmed content generation, nor were they very helpful for producing meaningful material at scale. But they’ve come a long way,” says Brian Corish, DMI Global Champion and creator of the AI-focused company Elemental Intelligence.

This implies that there is a great deal of room for employing AI to both create and optimize content for your content marketing campaigns. The platforms will soon enable marketers to produce content on a large scale.

“How customers expect to interact with us, or how we expect to interact with the outside world, will also shift. In the past few years, there has been an increase in information searches. Corish concludes, “(With AI) that will switch from searching for information to expecting answers.”

Advice: Watch our tutorial video to learn how to use ChatGPT and begin experimenting and creating.

4. Long-form and live video content

Short-term content is preferred and relied upon by many marketers to draw in viewers. Longer-form content, however, should not be disregarded.

Long-form content, such as blogs, ebooks, and webinars, is beneficial for backlink building as well as search engine optimization. A Backlinko study found that posts longer than 3,000 words received 77 percent more backlinks.

However, what about lengthy videos? A top Google executive stated that instead of utilizing Google Maps to find lunch spots, 40 percent of young people now reportedly look for restaurants on TikTok and Instagram. Hence, making videos that highlight locations can aid in increasing traffic to your website or business.

Additionally, Battisby observes businesses using long-form films on LinkedIn with great effectiveness. “We’ve seen LinkedIn Live in recent years, and it’s a technology that keeps improving. Going live on LinkedIn and holding business webinars and discussions there is getting easier and more accessible.

Podcasts are one type of audio content available. The popularity of this format has grown recently; according to Podnews, U.S. podcast ad income is expected to reach $1.8 million in 2022, with 42% of monthly listeners in the U.S. and 41% in the U.K. Also check Search Engine Rankings Drop

The amount of individuals listening to audio content will only rise with the popularity of voice search and the ownership of smart devices like Alexa and Homey. To find out if their content is effective on various platforms, brands should capitalize on the trend.

Long-form and live video content

Content marketing trends round-up

Content is an invaluable channel for businesses of all sizes. The secret is to know who your audience is and to make use of every resource at your disposal to produce material that will be both relevant and helpful to them.

In order to reach the correct audience through the appropriate channels, use these major trends to help you brainstorm content ideas and plan and optimize your content marketing. Try new things, be imaginative, and have courage to boost your content marketing.

Use content to attract and influence your audience

There are many different types of content, and it can be confusing to know which ones are best for your company. The brief content marketing certification from DMI will assist you in developing personas, a successful SEO plan, and an understanding of how to be imaginative and convey an engaging tale. Along with knowing how to monitor success, you will also learn about the range of digital platforms available for content sharing. Start now!

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