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Best 10 Identity Services And Access Management Solutions

identity services

Digital identity services

This post will explain identity services. We’ve compiled a list of the top identity and access management tools so you can control your users’ digital identities and make sure everyone has access to the tools they require to do their jobs.

Identity and access control (IAM) solutions help enterprises safeguard their users’ information and persons while also ensuring regulatory compliance, cutting expenses, and improving user experience. IAM is a catch-all phrase for the variety of technical approaches, rules, and procedures that businesses can implement to manage user identities and control user access. By ensuring that only the appropriate individuals have access to certain data or resources in the appropriate circumstances, identity and access management solutions are intended to safeguard organisational assets.

According to estimates, the market for identity and access management would increase from USD 13.41 billion in the 2021 to USD 34.52 billion in 2028. The potential of data exposure, leakage, loss, insider assaults, and unsecured usage is a major factor in the market expansion for identity and access control solutions. Cyberattacks are on the rise as a consequence of the quick adoption of new developing technologies by enterprises, such as cloud-based services, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD). Therefore, it is evident that improved security efficacy, operational efficiency, and insider threat reduction are required. Solutions for identity and access management are some of the most effective ones that businesses may use to address these issues.

Best 10 Identity Services And Access Management Solutions

In this article, you can know about identity services here are the details below;

We’ll walk you through the Top 10 Identity and Access Management Solutions to help you choose the best platform for your businesses. The essential components of IAM solutions, including as role-based account restrictions, single sign-on (SSO), user monitoring, and compliance, will be discussed. We’ll also make recommendations for the kind of users each service is most appropriate for.

The following are the top ten identity and access management solutions:

1. Duo Above

Duo Above

A provider of identity and access management known for its multi-factor authentication solutions, Duo Security was acquired by Cisco in 2018 and is best known for its user authentication, account security insight, and safe access to servers and applications services. Duo gives businesses the resources they need to safeguard digital accounts by fusing security know-how with a strong user-centered mindset. They offer a variety of plans and alternatives for their services, from a free version appropriate for smaller teams to Duo Beyond for larger enterprises. Duo Beyond enables administrators to restrict untrusted endpoints and give users secure access to internal apps without the need for a VPN. It also makes it simple to distinguish between business and personal devices through certificate deployment.

Trusted Endpoints and the Duo Network Gateway are two of Duo Beyond’s most important features. With the help of policies that help secure this process by validating systems via device certificates, application verification, or management status, Duo’s Trusted Endpoints feature allows you to specify and manage the endpoints you authorize and grant them secure access to your organization’s applications. Without the need to manage VPN credentials, users can access your on-premises websites, SSH servers, and web applications through Duo’s Network Gateway. Duo Prompt, a two element authentication app that gives users a choice of how to confirm their identity when logging in, also helps to increase login security. Every functionality from Duo Access and Duo MFA, such as Trust Monitor, Duo Access Gateway SSO, Duo Single Sign-On & Policy & Control, Device Insight and Endpoint Data, Directory Sync, & others, are also included in Duo Beyond. This is another identity services.

The comprehensive identity and access management platform Duo Beyond allows enterprises to offer access to any application, from & device, to any user, all while keeping sound security hygiene, expanding secure access beyond conventional perimeter-based network protection. It allows your team to choose and regulate which people can access what application, and under what circumstances, and strives to reduce risk by applying certain policies and restrictions. Organizations can increase security without sacrificing end-user experience by creating access policies per user group and per application. We advise larger enterprises wishing to control user authentication and access rights to adopt this solution.

2. Ping Identity SSO

Ping Identity SSO

Global businesses who want to implement Zero Trust security and give their employees better, more secure experiences rely on Ping Identity, a pioneer in identity and access management. Ping Identity is trusted by some of the top companies in the world, including 8 out of the 10 largest biopharmaceuticals and 13 out of the 15 largest banks in the US, to help them with their identity and access management problems. Ping Identity was named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management for the fifth year in a row in 2021. Customers, partners, and workers may access cloud, mobile, SaaS, and on-premises apps and APIs through the Ping Intelligent Identity platform, which also manages identity and profile data at scale. Also check EtQ EHS Software

With a high level of identity intelligence and a range of capabilities to support passwordless authentication and real-time and risk-aware authorisation, Ping Identity’s Intelligent Identity platform enables enterprises to achieve robust security without sacrificing convenience and usability. Additionally, their solution includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), which analyses activity to find anomalies and offers a variety of authentication procedures to limit access to specific assurance levels. With policies in place to implement authentication and permission requirements, it also enables simple integration with a variety of signals to indicate risk, fraud, and threats. By enabling you to sync, combine, and safeguard crucial information from a variety of directories, it serves as a single source of truth. The platform, which is intended for businesses, gives them a variety of solutions to match their identity and access control requirements with their resource and customization requirements.

Ping Identity provides consumers with a complete cloud identity solution that includes multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, intelligent API security, access control, directory, and data governance capabilities to secure account access and safeguard digital accounts. Users of this solution highly praise it for its functionalities, and we would suggest it to businesses searching for adaptability, easy implementation, and uncomplicated management.

3. Prove


Over 1,000 firms in a variety of sectors, including banks, financial services, insurance, healthcare, and e-commerce, rely on Prove, a rapidly expanding identity proving and affirmation provider. Prove presently provides services to eight out of the top ten US banks and seeks to reduce fraud while increasing sales, cutting costs, and enhancing user experiences. A variety of access management solutions are available from Prove, all of which are built around their Phone-Centric Identity technology. This technology is distinctive in that it uses the customer’s existing mobile devices to verify and authenticate identity without the need to download an additional app or buy a hardware token, and it leverages the customer’s mobile phone and phone number as the primary authenticator.

With Prove’s Pre-Fill technology, clients can create accounts in under 10 seconds by utilising phone signals and validated identity attributes. The Identity Management system from Prove handles customer phone numbers using a register of tokenized customer identities, improving the accuracy of customer data and facilitating compliance. The Prove Identity solution validates a customer’s identity by validating customer-provided data, assigning a real time, risk-scoring “Trust Score,”  & confirming they are in fact in control of the phone they are legally entitled to. This helps prevent SIM Swaps and other identity threats. These verifications help compliance procedures for Know Your Customer and Customer Identification Programs. A passwordless login and/or seamless second factor authentication are both possible with Prove’s Auth solution, which is a mobile-first, all-inclusive suite of authenticators spanning from conventional OTPs to sophisticated mobile authentication and biometric authenticators. Customers may customise authentication for low- to high-risk transactions with this authenticator suite, reducing friction and improving the customer experience. This is another identity services.

With omnichannel solutions offered in 195+ countries, Prove’s cloud-based solution is simple to integrate with the infrastructure a business currently has in place. For SMBs and businesses looking for a simple, seamless identity and authentication process that gives users increased security and administrative control, we suggest Prove.

4. Tenfold


Identity and access management company tenfold Security has a strong emphasis on manageable, user-friendly security. Their IAM platform is made to make it easier for mid-market businesses to control user access rights across local systems, cloud services, and outside programmes. The tenfold platform assists IT teams in enhancing security and achieving compliance with data protection laws including GDPR, SOX, HIPAA, and ISO 27001. tenfold is presently used by more than 1,000 businesses all over the world to help them manage user lifecycles and access rights.

Users can request access to various network locations whenever they need to, including resources in local systems, cloud environments, and hybrid environments, using tenfold’s self-service interface. The appropriate authority receives access requests by email and decides whether to grant or prohibit access. Regular messages are given to these authorities encouraging them to examine rights they’ve granted and confirm or withdraw them, reducing the possibility of network-wide over-privileged users. Tenfold logs all modifications made to access rights and provides powerful reporting tools, enabling IT administrators to monitor all current and previous privileges held by each user in order to ensure comprehensive visibility into user access and support compliance with data protection standards. Tenfold also generates reports on access modifications made from within the system itself (rather than from within the tenfold platform), enabling administrators to spot discrepancies between different sets of user permission information.

The Microsoft 365 suite, SAP ERP & HCL Notes are just a few of the popular corporate tools and apps that tenfold offers a variety of out-of-the-box connections with. The platform’s REST-based Generic Connector and API also make it possible for businesses to seamlessly combine it with their own unique in-house applications. This makes tenfold simple to set up and gives companies the ability to guarantee safe user access over their entire network. For mid-sized businesses wishing to more effectively manage and secure user access to corporate resources, especially those looking to offer self-service access requests, we strongly advise tenfold as an IAM solution.

5. Thales SafeNet Trusted Access

Thales SafeNet Trusted Access

Thales, a leader in high technology around the world, offers customers equipment, services, and solutions that help them strengthen their defences while putting people at the centre of decision-making. SafeNet Trusted Access, an innovative access management solution developed by Thales, is now available on the market. It is a cloud-based solution with an integrated platform that seamlessly combines SSO, risk-based policies, and universal authentication techniques without significantly affecting user convenience or usability.

This is another identity services. The solution simplifies user access to cloud services, eliminates password headache for users and IT professionals, and delivers streamlined authentication and access control. A wide range of multi-factor and contemporary authentication capabilities, simple cloud access via Smart Single Sign On, SaaS delivery efficiencies, flexible scenario-based access policies, fine-grained key policies for maximum security, and secure access for contractors and partners are all significant features of this solution. They provide a single pane view of access events for the whole app estate, giving clear insight and guaranteeing that the appropriate people have access to the appropriate applications at the appropriate times. Because the system provides visibility into all access events and is cloud-based, it can be deployed quickly and scaled easily as the needs of the organisation change, simplifying compliance.

Businesses and organisations have the freedom and capability to secure a wide range of user groups that may require a variety of authentication methods to access all apps thanks to Thales’ SafeNet Trusted Access. The system has obtained high marks for its reliable authentication, usability, and simple deployment. We would advise enterprises to use SafeNet Trusted Access, especially if they need strong contemporary authentication capabilities to satisfy the needs of various users. Also check construction estimating software

6. JumpCloud Directory Platform



Identity and access management (IAM) solutions are offered by a full and integrated suite through the JumpCloud cloud directory platform. Administrators can provide Directory services, Single-Sign On (SSO), Privilege Account Management (PAM), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and other essential IAM capabilities with JumpCloud. These capabilities help manage users, devices, secure uniqueness & secure access to a variety of IT resources on prem or in the cloud, across Windows, Linux, or macOS.

A cloud-based IAM solution called JumpCloud links employees of a company to almost any resource & configures & secures their remote devices wherever they work. Using automated workflows from a single online portal, managers can use JumpCloud to provide zero touch onboarding for provisioning people and devices anywhere in the world.

When accessing high-value and sensitive resources, they can implement adaptive secure remote access to demand MFA at login, but they can re-enable MFA for more convenient user workflows when they access regular resources on reliable devices and networks. The best part is that JumpCloud gives administrators the ability to install Zero Trust security features, which guarantee that users may only access resources they require from trustworthy networks and devices. This is another identity services.

Over 150,000 organisations use JumpCloud worldwide, and clients continually rank it as one of the best solutions. JumpCloud Directory Platform is a solid choice for businesses searching for an IAM solution to support remote, hybrid, or even conventional on-premise work because it is totally cloud-based. We would advise enterprises searching for a user-friendly, adaptable, secure Identity and Access management system to consider this solution.

7. HID Identity and Access Management



This is another identity services. HID Global is a security and access management provider that safeguards and authenticates individuals, objects, and locations. Millions of users in more than a hundred nations are supported by their products and services. In order to secure digital accounts, HID Global, a leader in trusted identity solutions with a zero-trust philosophy, offers risk-based multi-factor authentication solutions. They offer a complete identity and access management system that supports simpler management for larger enterprises by incorporating MFA, identity management and credentialing, digital certificates, and PKI-based authentication.

Advanced multi-factor authentication, which uses a layered and flexible zero-trust approach to improve security, and physical identity and access management, which enables you to maintain control over physical identities (employees, visitors, or vendors) throughout the organisation, are features of HID’s identity and access management solution. Additionally, they offer consumer authentication tools that completely protect the digital identities of your customers. They offer access to a number of cloud-based apps through their comprehensive HID WorkforceID service for business clients, making it simpler and more unified to handle identities.

Organizations can design smooth, easy-to-understand experiences for issuing, managing, and using identity credentials within workplaces, for both digital accounts and physical premises, thanks to HID’s end-to-end identity and access management solution. This product is a solid option for companies that have decided to implement a hybrid or totally remote workplace in the wake of the pandemic because of the flexible features they provide and the multi-factor authentication that is streamlined, secure, and offered by them. We would suggest them to businesses, whether they are mid-sized or major corporations, that are searching for a reliable and comprehensive access management solution.

8. IBM Security

HID Identity and Access Management


IBM is a multinational technology company with clients in 170 different nations. Businesses may adopt identity-as-a-service with IBM Security Verify, providing multi factor authentication, single sign-on, password less authentication, adaptive access, lifecycle management & identity analytics for all users. This is another identity services.

With the help of federated single sign-on, users of IBM Security Verify may access a variety of valuable services while still preserving safe access to their accounts and their applications. With multi-factor authentication, this solution provides an additional layer of security and supports compliance requirements. Identity analytics improves risk awareness and aids in breach prevention. Contextual, risk-based authentication is used to streamline the access rights of low-risk users. Additionally, IBM Security Verify offers unique activity reports to help you quickly investigate suspicious occurrences and allows you to better defend your on-premises apps from the cloud.

IMB Security Verify helps business, IT, and security professionals protect their digital users, data, and assets in a hybrid multi-cloud environment while preserving operational effectiveness and technical agility. This solution, which rates in the top half of IAM products, is best suited for businesses and is praised for its cutting-edge features and competitive cost. We would advise businesses interested in deploying Zero-Trust identity management in the cloud to use IBM Security Verify, which is an automated, feature-rich solution that provides SSO, password-less authentication, and risk-based MFA.

9. Microsoft’s Azure

IBM Security Verify

This is another identity services. Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management service that aims to make it easier for users to log in and access the resources they require for Office 365 and related applications. This software manages more than 1.2 billion identities globally and handles more than 8 billion authentication requests daily.

Single sign-on, which streamlines access to connected apps and automates procedures for user lifecycle and provisioning, is made possible for O365 users via Microsoft Azure AD. Multi-factor authentication, which may be given using the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app, enhances account security with this solution. With Azure’s easy API-based development tools, administrators may quickly integrate their users into third-party apps and services. The solution also enables admins to use FIDO2 Security Keys or the Microsoft Authenticator app to enable passwordless authentication.

By enforcing robust authentication and conditional access restrictions, organisations may more efficiently protect user credentials. They can also securely manage user identities and make sure that only the right people are allowed important permissions. To consolidate and safeguard account access, administrators may quickly impose conditional access controls from their O365 dashboard thanks to Azure AD’s integration with hundreds of SaaS apps. Users have given the solution great ratings, and we would advise enterprises to adopt it to deploy secure single sign-on and multi-factor authentication across corporate apps and services.

10. Okta Workforce



One of the top identity and access management companies is Okta. They provide a business-class IAM service that is built for the cloud yet works with a variety of on-premises apps. The solutions from Okta have been used by more than 10,000 businesses all around the world to manage employee and customer identities. Global teams may protect their digital accounts with the help of Okta Workforce Identity, which supports hybrid and secure cloud application environments. Additionally, Okta offers users a consistent password-free experience across all corporate accounts and allows custom created applications, increasing visibility and control. This is another identity services. Also check softclinic software

Features of Okta Workforce Identity include sophisticated server access, a universal directory that stores all users, groups, and devices, secure, intelligent access for your workforce and customers with single sign-on and multi-factor authentication, as well as these features. With adaptive security policies, Okta SSO interfaces with over 7,000 integrations to secure user behaviour. Admins are given a thorough dashboard by Okta where they can manage internal and external users and examine thorough reports. Additionally, Okta offers lifecycle management, which makes it simple to automate provisioning, an access gateway that extends modern identities to on-premises apps while protecting the hybrid cloud, and API access management.

Users give Otka Workforce Identity high marks for its user-friendliness, deployment simplicity, and wide array of security-related features and applications. We advise businesses searching for a flexible solution that can be tailored to their particular requirements to consider Okta Workforce Identity.

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