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How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft 1.14 Game 2022

Zombie Villager

Have you ever come across a zombie-infested village or witnessed a baby zombie villager in Minecraft riding around on a chicken? It sounds like a lot of fun. However, it can be extremely aggravating when your own employees turn into zombie villagers.

When regular zombies attack your villagers, this can happen, and your difficulty settings affect how often the villagers become zombified. On Hard, every zombie villager in Minecraft murdered by a zombie may turn into one of the undead, but this does not happen on Easy.

Even if you’re playing on Easy, zombie villager in Minecraft prowl the countryside, waiting for you to come across them. If you wish to restore your villagers to their previous status and resume normal operations, there is a simple approach that works across all platforms.

How can you cure a zombie Villager in Minecraft?

Two actions are required to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft:

This can be accomplished in a number of ways:

You can either use the potion yourself or hire a witch to perform it for you. Because of their restricted spawning, it’s more difficult to get witches to engage with villagers, although you might find one in the Overworld.

Keep in mind that witches are the rarest type of monster to appear in any of the game’s biomes. Waiting for lightning to strike near a regular villager is an easy way to get a witch near your zombie villagers.

This will turn them into witches right away. You can also look for a witch’s hut. By creating a splash potion of weakness with Dragon’s Breath, you can construct a lingering potion of weakness. If you throw it, it will impact any villager who passes across the area affected by the cloud. Creepers can also be useful, as a creeper explosion will create a lingering potion-like effect in an area.

But be careful, because dealing with creepers, especially within your town, can be incredibly dangerous. Finally, a tipped arrow can be made by combining an arrow with a lingering weakness potion. If you use this strategy, keep in mind that a tipped arrow still delivers damage, so make sure your zombie villager isn’t critically wounded before shooting them.

In addition, compared to the potion, the effect on tipped arrows lasts only one-eighth of the time, so you’ll have to act quickly. Using a golden apple on a zombie villager when they’re under the weakness effect is the second step in curing them. It’s important to remember to use the apple on the zombie villager in Minecraft rather than throw it at them.

They’ll tremble and emit crimson particles once they’ve been influenced. Allow two to five minutes for the change to finish. After the required amount of time has passed, you should have a standard, living villager once more.

How to Cure a Zombie Villager: Minecraft PS4

In the PS4 version of Minecraft, here’s how to use a splash potion to cure a zombie villager:

  • Put the splash potion on your person.
  • By using the L2 button, you can throw it.
  • Equip yourself with the golden apple.
  • To apply the apple to the villager, press the L2 button.

How to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft for Xbox

Follow these instructions to cure a zombie villager if you’re playing on Xbox:

  • Open your inventory and put the splash potion on your body.
  • Toss the potion with the LT button.
  • Take the golden apple from your inventory and equip it.
  • By pressing the LT button, you can use it on the villager.

On the Nintendo Switch, how can you cure a zombie villager?

To cure a zombie villager in Switch, use the following method:

  • Equip the Weakness Splash Potion.
  • Toss the potion at the zombified villager by pressing the ZL button.
  • Equip yourself with the golden apple.
  • To apply the apple to the villager, press the ZL button.

How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft on iPhone, iPad, and Android?

The necessary actions to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft will be extremely simple to do on any mobile device with a touchscreen. All you have to do now is equip the Weakness Lingering Potion and tap on the villager. Prepare the golden apple and tap on the affected villagers once more once they’re under the effect.

Zombie Villager

In Minecraft for PC, how can you cure a zombie villager?

Whether you’re using Java, Education, or Windows 10, curing a zombie villager is the same regardless of the version of Minecraft you’re using on your PC. You must first apply the Potion of Weakness to the villager by right-clicking on him, and then present the golden apple in the same manner.

In Minecraft 1.14, how can you cure a zombie villager?

The game received a big change with Minecraft Java Edition 1.14, although the essential principles of treating zombie villagers remained the same:

  • A splash potion should be equipped and thrown.
  • Use the golden apple to attack the villagers.
  • With the update, there were various changes made to the zombie villagers.
  • Villages were given a lot of attention in the 1.14 release.

Since the game’s release, you’ve been able to encounter a solitary zombie villager rather than find them in huge groups in zombie villages or mobs. Update 1.14 also added the frozen tundra variant to the biomes where zombie villages can spawn, as well as upgrading plains, deserts, savannas, and taiga villages.

Since the update, zombie villager in Minecraft who have been treated have been able to keep their trade when they revert to their original state. Villagers who are injured by zombies can now transform into iron golems, even if they survive the attack.

In Minecraft 1.15, how can you cure a zombie villager?

The majority of the features from the previous edition were retained in Java Edition 1.15. The cure for zombie villagers remains the same as it was in version 1.14. It entails equipping the splash potion and throwing it at the villagers, as well as equipping and using the golden apple. The update addressed a number of issues and addressed a number of flaws that had been plaguing players.

When it comes to zombie villagers, all items they’ve previously picked up are now dropped. The feature was originally planned to work this way, but for some reason, once the villagers were cured, the picked-up objects didn’t drop. The 1.15 update also fixed certain purely visual issues, such as seeing a hand animation when treating villagers.

How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

The Bedrock Editions are a collection of editions that encompass all major gaming platforms. Regardless of the new name, the steps for treating zombie villagers are the same as in prior versions. You’ll need to use the golden apple on the zombie villager after throwing a splash potion. Bedrock included some adjustments to their behaviour and inventory.

Since Update 0.16, zombie villagers have been able to drop their weapons, but only if they are in possession of them. Update 1.0 added a useful mechanic in the form of a “Cure” button. When you attack a zombie villager with a weakness potion and approach them with a golden apple, the button appears. This doesn’t modify how you heal villagers in any significant way, but it does make the procedure a little easier.

If you want to, you can now replicate zombie villagers using their own spawn eggs, thanks to Update 1.2. Finally, the Bedrock Edition includes a function that was previously only available in Bedrock. It changed Steve the zombie villager’s attire to Villager’s clothes. However, as of the 1.9 version, this feature is no longer restricted to Bedrock.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the quickest way to cure a zombie villager?

Follow these steps to cure zombie villagers in the shortest period of time:

  • Protect the villagers from hostile mobs by erecting a roof over their homes to shield them from the sun.
  • Make a weakness splash potion. This is the quickest way to inflict weakness on a villager, and it needs the least amount of crafting. Give the villagers the potion.
  • Use the golden apple on the villagers as soon as they begin to generate grey swirls, indicating their weakness.

Use iron bars and beds to encircle the villagers. This will expedite the procedure.

2. How Do You Give a Golden Apple to a Zombie Villager?

In most Minecraft versions, you can deliver a golden apple to a zombie villager by facing them and hitting the “Use” button. If they’re already under the influence of weakness, you’ll get a prompt to cure them in the Bedrock Edition. The apple is automatically given to the zombie villager by the cure function.

3. What Is the Best Way to Heal a Zombie Villager in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can heal zombie villagers by hitting them with a harm potion. Although it may appear paradoxical, the strategy is extremely effective.

4. How Do You Heal a Zombie?

If you want to heal an ordinary zombie, use a damage potion in the same way you would a zombie villager.

5. How Do You Make a Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there are various ways to make zombies. Using zombie spawn eggs is the simplest approach. Alternatively, you can use console instructions to activate cheats.

6. In Minecraft, can villagers be turned into zombies?

Regular zombies will turn into zombie villager in Minecraft if they assault and kill villagers. In Minecraft, zombie villagers are one form of zombie, but there are many others. Villagers have no ability to transform into the standard variety.

Bringing Your Villagers Back to Life

You’ll have no trouble keeping your town alive and well now that you know how to return your zombified inhabitants to their normal state. Simply be wary of roaming zombie hordes and take precautions. You might run out of golden apples and potions before you’ve cured everyone.

Have you ever cured a zombie villager?

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