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Handy Applications That Assist in Essay Writing

Writing an essay is always a daunting task that requires learners to spend a lot of time. They have to perform many different activities and pay close attention to small details to deliver papers of impeccable quality. Unfortunately, most students are short on time or don’t have the required skills to craft essays that get scored by top grades. However, modern-day students have a great chance to improve their academic paper writing skills by using handy applications. Find the selection of the top ones in the post below.


The bibliography is part of academic papers that most students hate. They need to do meticulous work to cite all the sources correctly. Learners need to compose all the citations correctly to match the required standards. Therefore, many undergraduates order essay online. They reach out to professional writers and delegate essay writing tasks to them. Experienced writers do know how to compose academic papers that match the highest standards, so they deliver ready-to-submit essays of top quality.

With the help of the Citations application, you can create references hassle-free. This app is convenient to use. It supports thousands of referencing styles, so you can compose proper citations, even if you got custom instructions from your tutor. To generate a citation, you need to find a source and choose a reference style. The app can help you find an academic paper ever published, a book, a website, and many other sources. After selecting the required one, it can form a citation of a specific format upon a click.


Composing essays that imply zero grammar mistakes is one of the largest challenges for students. To get top grades for their papers, they need to submit essays that require zero corrections. Unfortunately, it may be extremely hard to spot all the mistakes and misspellings in a paper, even if you read it multiple times thoroughly. If you don’t know how to spell every word, you will find the Grammarly app extremely helpful.

It is a niche-leading application that foresees the ability to check the correctness of papers fast. The application has a simple and intuitive design. You need to copy and paste it into the app. It will assess your writing simultaneously and highlight incorrectly composed words and phrases. You will be able to fix them by clicking the highlighted words.

Also, the application can offer suggestions for improving the overall quality of your essay. If you have a poor vocabulary, you can use the app to enrich your essay with diverse words. It’s required to double-click a selected word in the app. After this, it will offer plenty of synonyms to replace a selected word. Finally, you can use the app to check the plagiarism level in your essay. It will help you ensure that you won’t receive any plagiarism charges after submitting your academic paper.

Write or Die

Even though essay writing isn’t the most challenging academic task, many students experience a lot of issues with getting their papers crafted on time. Those undergraduates with low performance frequently miss deadlines and request their tutors to provide extensions. When there is no option to do so, they pay for homework online. When they place an order on a trusted paper writing platform, they get rid of stress. Professional writers always compose top-grade essays and deliver them upon the specified due dates, so students submit their papers on time and get top grades.

If you have low writing performance and want to increase it, use this application. This application needs you to adjust your writing goal by specifying the time of your writing session and the number of words to write. Also, some minor settings help adjust the interface of the app. The app forces users to write fast without interruptions when the writing session begins. If you slow down or stop composing your paper, you will get a warning. The app will punish you by erasing your draft if you miss it. It will help you increase your writing performance significantly.


It’s required to research a lot to compose a top-grade essay. Students need to find and analyze a lot of information from different sources. While researching, they should make notes to save the important information in their writing. With the help of the Evernote app, you can get rid of the mess when gathering information for your academic paper.

It is a powerful note-taking tool that will help you take notes in any format. The application allows saving text, images, charts, audio, documents, etc. There are almost no limitations on the types of files that can be saved. Meanwhile, all the information and files get synced on your devices under one account. It also offers the opportunity to create a to-do list, so you will be able to create checklists to not forget about any crucial point when composing a college essay. With the help of smart search, you can browse all the notes saved and find the required information fast.

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