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Best Grooveshark and Limewire Alternatives In 2022

grooveshark alternative

This post will explain grooveshark alternative. Remember when you used to just want to log on to your computer and download the newest songs from your favourite musicians after a day of running errands or getting home from school? You undoubtedly likely remember Grooveshark and Limewire, two of the most well-known music download software programmes that swept the globe a long time ago.

However, neither of the aforementioned services is offered because they were both outlawed following protracted legal disputes. Short version: Grooveshark and Limewire are no longer accessible for download or use because they were both taken down from “public service.”

Best Grooveshark and Limewire Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about Best Grooveshark and Limewire Alternatives In 2022 here are the details below;

After enabling users to submit copyrighted music for others to stream and arrange in playlists, Grooveshark received a court injunction. It was unsuccessfully attempted to be replaced by a number of clones; Grooveshark was already dead and buried.

Similar fate befell Limewire, which was taken down in 2010 for legal considerations. A never-ending cycle was mostly caused by individuals sharing unauthorised tunes on the platform, which allowed others to not only stream but also download and share them with others. Naturally, this service, which openly supported piracy, was brought before the court and finally defeated.

What to use instead of Grooveshark or Limewire?

If you’re groaning at the thought of Grooveshark and Limewire running on your computer, you presumably already know that there are a number of better options that are both superior in terms of quality and online security and legal.

Tell me you didn’t download a “Linkin Park – Numb” EXE file as a teenager that managed to wipe out your operating system in a matter of seconds despite only being a few KB in size. All of us have been there.

Let’s return to our subject at hand: Limewire and Grooveshark alternatives. You can join up for and use a number of services in place of the regrettable Grooveshark-Limewire combination, as we’ve already highlighted.

What’s a Good Groveshark alternative?

By the end of our guide, you will be able to make an informed decision because we won’t just list them for simple access but also explain more about each service. Ready?

1. Spotify


The most well-known music streaming service, Spotify, enables you to make playlists, find new artists, and share your favourite songs, albums, playlists, and artists with friends in a fun and interesting way. The service is also available for free, but you should be prepared for advertisements and a lack of functionality, such as the inability to select a certain song from a playlist. This is another Grooveshark  alternative. Also check Flixtor Alternative.

2. Deezer


This is another Grooveshark  alternative. Deezer is a fantastic French music streaming service that offers access to a huge selection of musicians, songs, and albums from several record labels, including Warner Music Group, Sony Music, and Universal Music Group. Due to the wide range of platforms this streaming service is available on, many users also rely on it for listening to their preferred podcasts on their devices.

3. SoundCloud


Based in Berlin, Germany, SoundCloud is a music-sharing website and online audio platform. It allows you to listen to what others have shared as well as publish, share, or promote audio content like songs, albums, or full mixes or mixtapes. Amazing sound quality may be found on SoundCloud, which is free to use.

4. Bandcamp


Bandcamp is a place where you can directly support your favourite artists in spare to being able to download and listen to a huge selection of recordings from them. When you purchase content from your favourite artist, your payment nearly immediately reaches them. In addition, Bandcamp only retains up to 15% of your contribution, which when combined with the costs charged by payment processors (4–7%), results in 80–85% of your money going directly to the artist you’re supporting. This is another Grooveshark  alternative.

5. Mixcloud


This is another Grooveshark  alternative. Mixcloud is a fantastic music streaming platform that primarily serves DJs, radio programmes, and podcasts. This website allows you to browse, find new artists, listen to their content, and even subscribe to your favourite accounts in addition to distributing this kind of content. After removing the 100 MB restriction in November 2011, it now permits users to upload files up to 500 MBs. Also check KatMovieHD 



TIDAL is a hi-fi music streaming service that guarantees to provide users with only the best audio and music videos. As long as you can match the platform with a quick Internet connection, the combination of HD music videos and lossless audio ensures that you’ll have a pleasurable music listening experience. However, TIDAL also provides a lossy quality plan that you may buy at a reduced price if you’re not that keen in crystal-clear audio. This is another Grooveshark alternative.

7. YouTube Music

YouTube Music

This is another Grooveshark  alternative. Although it’s a paid service, YouTube Music is essentially identical to the original YouTube and is designed to meet all of your music-related demands, whether you choose to just listen to audio tracks or watch music videos. You may browse songs, playlists, and music videos on YouTube Music, but you can also count on it to offer some suggestions based on your prior listening history and Favorites collection.

8. Apple Music

Apple Music

The virtual library of Apple Music, a well-known streaming service, contains more than 75 million music that you may listen to. On-demand music tracks can be streamed to your smartphone using it, but if you’re feeling experimental, you can also select to listen to playlists that other Apple Music subscribers have already built. It’s important to note that Apple Music also offers a selection of online radio stations for listening. Also check quicken 

9. used to be a fantastic site that allowed you to compile a list of your favourite genres, artists, albums, and songs. It also gave you access to a specially curated radio station that played your favourite songs with others you might have enjoyed. It was a fun method to find new musicians and enjoy on-demand music listening. Although the service is still available, you can no longer play music on-demand, and the curated radio station has been discontinued for quite some time. This is another Grooveshark  alternative.

Use a VPN with music streaming services.

You might not be able to access and utilise some of the services we’ve listed above from where you currently are since they are geo-blocked. However, as has been demonstrated numerous times before, employing a reliable VPN solution can assist you in getting around these unjust geo-restrictions and making the most of these music streaming services.

It’s important to note that some services can demand a credit card from a nation where the service is available, making it possible that even with a VPN, you won’t be competent to sign up for and use such a service. Make sure the service you’re seeking to unblock permits payment methods that aren’t explicitly associated with the nation you’re in before making a VPN investment.

A VPN is handy in a variety of other situations, such as when your ISP throttles your connection or you worry that someone might be spying on your connection, even if it can politely avoid any geo-restrictions thrown their way.

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