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15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives In 2022

google adsense alternatives

This post will explain google adsense alternatives. You want to monetize your material to make money, but Google AdSense won’t let you? Are you trying to find any decent AdSense alternatives? If so, this post is for you because we’ll give you some useful options for your search here. Continue reading to discover which ad network is most appropriate for you after reading our list of the finest AdSense alternatives and a brief description of each one. Let us first supply you with some information about the significance of AdSense alternatives before continuing.

What Role Do Ad Networks Play?

Whether you live an advertiser or a publisher, ad networks are useful in many ways. You will need one or more of these networks. As an advertiser, you may quickly and cheaply target the traffic you want. The team of that particular ad network will set up your advertising campaign, so you don’t need to worry about organising anything yourself.

Running ads on your website or blog is a good way to earn passive income if you’re a publisher looking for the advantages of ad networks. You can charge for ad space on your website, and ad networks will show pertinent advertisements there for a fee based on the bidding process.

What makes it important to hunt for Google AdSense alternatives?

Here are some explanations why you should search for suitable AdSense substitutes in order to avoid future alternatives.

15 Best Google AdSense Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about google adsense alternatives here are the details below;

1. Bitmedia


This is another google adsense alternatives. Bitmedia is undoubtedly the greatest choice if you’re seeking for Google AdSense substitutes. It is a top-notch cryptocurrency ad network that offers reliable services to its subscribers. There is no better platform if you are establishing a cryptocurrency website or business. It only takes a few minutes to sign up with them, and the process is really simple. Another amazing thing is that Bitmedia provides you with different ad formats as well. Also check Best VPN Services 

Additionally, Bitmedia offers some of the top advertising options available. They can make money off the traffic to your website via their extensive network. They only offer traffic that is 100 percent real. As soon as you begin using this platform, you will start to see a lot of leads. The solutions they provide can also be customised to meet your specific business requirements. They have outstanding customer service that is available at all times.

The Bitmedia ad formats are all highly efficient and yield the highest results. Therefore, it is irrelevant which ad format you use. To target your audience, there are various targeting choices accessible. One of the most useful Google AdSense alternatives is unquestionably Bitmedia.

2. Push.House


Are you seeking for a better option since you’ve had it with Google AdSense? If so, you can be confident that we will give you access to one of the greatest ad networks available. One of the world’s ad networks that is expanding the quickest is Push.House, which has its roots in Ukraine. You will receive a lot of visitors from all over the world because of their vast user base. Push.House makes advantage of push notifications to monetize all website visits. This is another google adsense alternatives.

Depending on your demands, you can select from the several ad formats that are offered. The best thing about this particular ad network is that you may also target a specialty demographic if you have one. With these filters, you may filter users based on factors like their age, CPC, OS version, etc. You also get extensive targeting choices. You can see all of the impressions and clicks being produced because the results are displayed in real-time.

A dashboard is available, which makes keeping track of everything very straightforward. Push.House has made managing your campaigns really simple and intuitive, so you don’t need a third party. Their customer service is really top-notch and available around-the-clock. One of the best Google AdSense alternatives, in our opinion, is Push.House.

3. Adport


Adport is an advertising network that offers publishers and advertisers distinctive monetization options. Sometimes you don’t get organic traffic and a lot of bots are using your site. With Adport, this isn’t the case because it features fraud prevention that separates the fake users from the bots. Adport’s availability of several ad types is another another fantastic feature. You have the option of using Smartlinks, pop-under, in-page, or push alerts. You may receive a lot of visitors and make a lot of money by using these ad layouts.

You also receive a tonne of excellent features as an advertiser. Adport offers you more than 220 geolocations worldwide if you’re trying to reach a global audience. There are numerous targeting choices available, and creating an advertisement campaign is very simple. Publishers who partner with Adport gain greatly and aren’t left behind. When using Adport, you receive the greatest income share of 85%.

This is another google adsense alternatives. Additionally, there is automated optimization accessible, which is effective and saves a lot of time. You may view every spot and the effectiveness of the advertisements using the admin interface. The onboarding procedure is also very straightforward. You can pay using any of the accepted ways, including PayPal, a credit card, etc. Overall, Adport is among the greatest ad networks available if you’re looking for the best.

4. Ezmob


Look to substantially scale our campaigns? Pop-under advertisements give us a significant reach at the lowest cost. Ezmob has access to a select group of advertisers who guarantee visitors and speedy conversions.

Ezmob offers a DSP, or self-serve advertising platform. You have made money working with the biggest advertisers in the world and supply-side platforms with prestigious publications and brands. With an effective algorithm, dynamic targeting, real-time reporting, and optimization, you have provided exceptional services, supplies, support, and technology.

Maximize our ROI by using the easiest mob to invest our next advertising money. It receives more than 5 billion daily pop, display, and native impressions. It offers a controllable or self-serve dashboard (we will choose). It has a meagre $100 starting budget. It supports banner ads, JS tags, pop-under ads, overlay ads, and more.

It has been targeted based on the OS, the country, the connection, the browser, and the carrier. Remove publishers and placements that don’t work for us right away. You can review reports and macros for further information.

5. Newor Media

Newor Media

Newor Media is a full-service ad management solution that allows header bidding, in contrast to many of the alternatives on the list. While maintaining the integrity of the user experience and website performance, the platform leverages header bidding to spur competition and boost revenue for publishers. This is another google adsense alternatives.

For medium-sized to large publishers, Newor Media is a fantastic AdSense substitute. They work in a combination of industries, including banking, education, gaming, and lifestyle. The platform works with publishers to optimise back-end features for enhanced website performance and earnings. For instance, they cooperate with publishers to enhance website speed, balance user experience, and optimise ad layout and placement. They also give publishers more control over ad space, money-making options (including ad refresh and Adblock revenue recovery), and higher-yielding ad formats. Also check Eleads crm login

Publishers can integrate the platform onto their website if they get 30,000 unique impressions each month. Because Newor is non-exclusive, they collaborate with other networks, including AdSense, to boost earnings.

6. Amazon Partners

Amazon Partners

We can think of “Amazon Associates” in the sense of a surprise for many if a client is seeking for an Amazon advertising programme advertised as a “AdSense alternative.” Even though, in 2019 it was regarded as one of the fantastic options for website monetization among many writers.

Recent study indicates that it was only thought to be the Amazon Affiliate programme, Amazon Native Shopping Ads, and CPM-based ads; we may also consider it to be a better option for clients looking for something other than AdSense. We can also think of Amazon’s display as a fantastic programme that is perfect for EU and US travellers.

Based on a straightforward and specific perspective, Native Ads can be compared to affiliate marketing on multiple steroids. We can say that earning money with the Amazon affiliate programme is quite simple and straightforward. In the sense of product marketing on the blog, a buyer can also select any product based on their preferences.

7. Taboola


You should give Taboola a try because it is an advertising network that more than 1 billion people use worldwide and it can serve as a good Google AdSense substitute if you’re seeking for one. NBC, USA Today, Business Insider, MSN, and Bloomberg are just a few of the elite media the platform has already helped and benefited.

This network may generate a lot of traffic for you as an advertiser because it is quite effective at doing so. As a publisher, you can also earn well because you can run native advertisements, one of the most lucrative ad formats, on your websites. This will allow your visitors to see advertising that are relevant to their interests and, as a result, increase ad interaction.

This is another google adsense alternatives. Additionally, audience segmentation, targeting, and retargeting are available. It is also quite helpful if you’re trying to find an ad network that can work well as a mobile ad network because it places a lot of emphasis in this area.

8. RevContent


Revcontent has been added to our list of the finest ad networks other than Google AdSense. RevContent is a top-performing ad network for all bloggers and marketers, therefore that is why we chose it. Additionally, it shows ads that are pertinent to your blog and website, which can increase ad interaction. Your visitors won’t find it annoying; rather, because they are already browsing for similar items, they may find this form of advertisement useful.

If you’re a small- or medium-sized blogger, you should give RevContent a try because it supports even the smallest ones with minimal traffic. When compared to other native ad networks with comparable capacity and levels, its CPMs are relatively high. This network’s advertisements are made to be so difficult for your audience to identify as advertising content. Additionally, it supports a number of ad types, including email-based ads, native ads, and video ads. Various screens, including desktop and mobile ones, are supported.



We can also consider to be a very advantageous network in terms of AdSense substitute ad networks. Yahoo and Bing power or sponsor Additionally, it has incredible and appropriate control over the advertising sector. One of the newest and most popular advertising technologies is also Users may also view it as a market leader and top-tier contextual advertising network and monetization platform.

We may use their current number to calculate the growth rate that would result in their employing over 1300 people. Viewers can observe their operations expanding throughout North and South America, Asia, Europe, and numerous other nations. In 2018, 90% of their traffic by ad spend and revenue came from the USA, 5% from the UK and Canada, and the remaining 5% from other nations across the world. In this context, mobile devices can take 62%, while desktop devices can take 32%.

10. BuySellAds


BuySellAds is more than just a catchphrase for busy and diligent digital marketers who need advertising. Another way to consider of it is as a website that curates and develops a network of more than 1,200 partner publishers. It is also regarded in the sense that it targets specific users and audiences, like as developers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, IT professionals, and various business professionals and specialists. This is another google adsense alternatives.

We can also take into account some of the most popular or well-known publishers, such as Roku, Firefox, Blockchain,, and National Public Media. It has several benefits, such as the availability of better advertising combinations, but some publishing websites have conversion rates that are significantly higher than those of other websites.

The advantage of BuySellAds is that it provides premium marketers with access to a particular audience and advertising space. Publishers can submit websites to BuySellAds for approval on a basis, but they can only accept high-quality websites. They can look at your Page Rank, Alexa score, inbound link count, and other metrics to decide client’s website’s overall best performance or quality.

Many different ad formats are supported by BuySellAds, including background takeovers, display, email newsletters, RSS feed advertisements, picture plus text, and text ads, among others. They provide publishers 75% of the money that their ad space generates. Only sites written in English are accepted by BuySellAds. Additionally, publishers must receive a minimum of 100,000 monthly page views. Also check accounting software for gas stations

11. InfoLinks


Infolinks is one of the greatest options as an AdSense substitute for small blogs and websites because it is another highly developed ad network that allows a variety of ad types and units. This network’s approval procedure is straightforward. You must apply for it, and after you are accepted, the advertising will soon begin to appear on your page.

This is another google adsense alternatives. The Infolinks dashboard is user-friendly and comprehensive so that even beginners can benefit to the most without encountering any technological difficulties. You choice be able to become familiar with some extremely effective and practical reporting tools as well as valuable ad customization options when using this ad network. so that you can monitor the effectiveness of your advertising efforts, the actions of your audience, and the money that is made.

You can identify which ad units should be kept in-market and which ones shouldn’t after you have a comprehensive view of your advertising’ development and audience response. Once you’ve made a decision, you may quickly and easily enable or disable such ad units from your dashboard.

12. Propellers Ads

Propellers Ads

For the benefit of publishers, we can consider Propeller Ads to be a fantastic alternative ad network to AdSense. Since it first launched in 2011, this ad network has expanded quickly, quickly, and furiously. They can be a fantastic alternative for publishers, while not having the same business kind or model as Google Absence.

They occasionally also have the ability to pay publications more and larger CPMs. Based on data, we can estimate that PropellerAds has approximately 5000 publishers, 4600 advertising campaigns, 700,000 advertising impressions per day, and 8600 trending and leading ratios per month.

The Ad Network can also provide multichannel advertising alternatives or solutions for desktop and mobile devices, such as display ads, video commercials, mobile ads, and in-app advertising. Their advertising system has the ability to provide advertisers and publishers with a wide range of outstanding customization options.

13. Bidvertiser


A client can find some ad formats for desktop and mobile devices on Bidvertiser. Additionally, we can choose from a variety of native advertisements to push various messages. In order to prescreen different segmented traffic sources, we can execute direct navigation, pop-unders, and marketing. Additionally, target consumers based on their location, time of day, device, operating system, browser, channel, carrier, and many other factors are crucial in this regard. This is another google adsense alternatives.

A consumer can place a bid at the appropriate time depending on available ad spots, including those on the websites itself where they can place advertising. It has a lot of advantages, such a budget that starts at $100 for a small package, and the platform is straightforward and simple to use. However, one crucial enhancement is needed for automatic optimizations. The ability of the bid advertiser to pay based on both clicks and conversions may boost the publisher’s revenue from the websites.

14. PopAds


This is another google adsense alternatives. Another fantastic AdSense substitute ad network for publishers and advertisers was PopAds. This ad network was designed for publishers who loved Pop-Up ads, Pop-under ads, and other comparable ad units and sought speedy rewards. Publishers were paid by PopAds every day up to a maximum of $5 in their accounts. You mentioned it’s fantastic for those publishers that need rapid money and get paid every day because of this.

Another fantastic aspect of PopAds was how simple it was to get approval, and how quickly we could set up our first batch of ads and get them running. Delivery of pop-under ads is PopAds’ area of expertise, and the company touts itself as the best in the industry. Publishers choose the lowest bid they will take from advertisers and decide how frequently site users will see pop-under advertising.

We could request Payment of our PopAds revenue at any time, which was one of PopAds’ outstanding features. They arranged payments using wire, PayPal, and Alert Pay. Additionally, there was no minimum deposit requirement for wire transfers, but there was a $10 minimum payment threshold for PayPal and Alert Pay. With PopAds, obtaining an account and site approval was simple. Overall, that made it a solid AdSense substitute.

15. Adsterra


With a dynamic site and a capital “hello” that looks like a 3D pin-art toy with more fluidity, Adsterra was one of the top ad networks. You can try Adsterra as a decent AdSense substitute because it is a well-known ad network that many users prefer and have confidence in on a worldwide scale. As a publisher or an advertising, you can profit from it. This is another google adsense alternatives.

However, how will the substitute ad network win over users in our place? Here are some statistics: 25 billion impressions each month, coverage of about 250 geotargets, and more than 50,000 campaigns that were successfully managed. For desktop and mobile, there were display banners, responsive native banners, pre-roll movies, pop-unders, push notifications, interstitial advertisements, and more.

CPM, CPA, CPC, cost per lead (CPL), and cost per order are some of the pricing strategies that can be chosen (CPO). With the personal account manager service, it offers very effective, round-the-clock client care. Some commercials could be perceived as hostile.

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