10 Best Gogoanime Alternatives & Gogoanime Proxy Sites

GoGoAnime is a fantastic platform for streaming anime for free online. You can watch both subtitled and dubbed anime episodes and movies in HD video quality here.

To watch anime on Gogoanime, you do not need to register. On Gogoanime, you’ll find a wide range of anime genres, including ids, fantasy, horror, action, drama, comedy, adventure, music, and more.

You may also download the episodes from this site. Although the site provides a large selection of synchronized and post-synchronized HD and SD anime, the design may be improved. The website is helpful, although Gogoanime is blocked in a number of places.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t watch your favourite anime series; there are superior anime streaming services available. So we’ve compiled a list of the greatest Gogoanime alternatives and Gogoanime alternatives that you should certainly check out if you want to watch anime.

Gogoanime Proxy Sites [Working in 2021]

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Best GoGoAnime Alternatives:

Anime Heaven

Overall, accessing Anime Heaven takes a long time, but you should take advantage of it while you can.It comes in a red and black colour scheme. It offers a clean layout with slides displaying the best and most recent anime episodes. The home screen is essentially a calendar, with each new anime release being displayed from time to time. The designers devoted close attention to the smallest details. A visitor to Anime Heaven can change the website’s theme to the most recent dark mode.


There are numerous reasons why AnimeFreak is considered one of the top GogoAnime alternatives. AnimeFreak, like other anime sites, has large databases of HD anime series and movies that are available for free. Through categories, one may easily access a large selection of anime shows and movies.

It’s one of the top GogoAnime alternatives because of the site’s navigability and ease of use. Users on Anime Freak number in the millions. due to its user-friendliness and navigability. For those who like to watch anime series on their cellphones, Anime Freak is also accessible for Android and iOS devices. Again, if you’re looking for a GogoAnime replacement, this is the service to use.


The finest part about 9Anime is the website’s quality and design. 9Anime blows its competition out of the water in terms of color palette, simplicity, and navigability. It provides synced and structured content for HD transmission. Another advantage of this tube site is that it does not display advertisements. 9Anime makes it simple to find anime programmes based on their genre.

Users can also watch the most recent and current anime episodes. It also lets you know when the next episode is scheduled to air and may be downloaded. It has the appearance of a TV guide. 9Anime is without a doubt the best option to gogoanime.io. Registration is not required, but it allows users to create their own anime playlists and notify the site about new anime series.

Users can also connect with one another and share programs and movies. One can also watch animated programs and submit their thoughts and scores on them. I’m hoping this is the best GoGoAnime substitute.


Do you realise that the majority of streaming websites are illegal? If you’re looking for a legitimate site with legal content, Anime-Planet is the place to go. Anime-Planet is more than just a streaming site with over 45,000 movies and anime series to choose from. It’s absolutely free to use.

Registration is not required, but it allows users to create their own anime playlists and notify the site about new anime series. Users can also connect with one another and share programs and movies. One can also watch animated programs and submit their thoughts and scores on them. I’m hoping this is the best GoGoAnime substitute.


KissAnime is known for being the most popular anime streaming service. KissAnime provides a larger collection of content than other anime and animation streaming services. When it comes to downloading content in various quality and resolutions, KissAnime viewers have a lot of options.In addition, movies in 1080p can be streamed.

It offers a straightforward and easy-to-use user interface. Horror, humor, action, adventure, and romance are among the genres available on the site. KissAnime remains one of the best-animated streaming services and worthwhile Gogoanime alternatives, despite their ad blocking restrictions, which may turn off some customers.


If you believed Anime-Planet was the only website where you could legally watch anime, you were mistaken. Crunchyroll is a continuous anime series distributor, publisher, and licencing corporation based in the United States. It has the greatest archive of legal anime content available for streaming. It has a global user base of more than 45 million registered users and more than 2 million subscribers.

The program is free to use, or users can pay for a premium subscription that allows them to watch without ads and get access to the top series broadcasts right after they air in Japanese. Crunchyroll should be a more than worthy alternative if AnimePlanet was not good enough for you. A premium account costs at least $6.95 a month and can be cancelled at any time if you no longer require it.

Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy is comparable to KissAnime and Anime Freak, however it isn’t as well-known. It does, after all, have notable traits. The online chat function is the most significant feature, since it allows users to quickly define a name and talk with other people. Ascertain that the site is ad-free but relies on user donations.

It allows you to not only show cartoons, but also to watch live Hollywood and hentai movies. You may read and download manga for free, much like Chia-anime. The ability to display content on the main screen in a grid or list is a capability that most people take for granted. With GoGoAnime, you can discover and compare.

Chia anime

Chia anime, which is near the end of the list, is one of the top anime streaming sites. While most of the sites on our list offer free cartoons, Chia-anime allows you to download and play manga, listen to anime soundtracks, and watch Asian animated dramas. It also has a mobile site for customers who want to watch videos on their phones.

Furthermore, the service is entirely free. They do, however, deploy adverts that can be quite intrusive. You can either avoid this site or purchase one if you do not use an ad blocker. You may watch animated cartoons for free and search all databases on this site. Yes, it may be a GoGoAnime competitor as well as the greatest GogoAnime alternative.


Look no farther than AnimeUltima if you’re looking for a place to make friends while streaming and watching anime. Many of the things on this list are only decorative, while some incorporate a chat feature. AnimeUltima takes it a step further by bringing together animation films from around the world.

It features a flourishing community where you can talk about cartoons, watch them, and share them. When it comes to streaming, the site lets you search the database by genre, year, and kind. On the site, you may also witness the live animations. It also includes a complete anime calendar that shows when new series will premiere and when new episodes will be broadcast.

You can easily request a series or film if you can’t locate it on the website. I’m sure it’s one of the greatest Gogoanime substitutes.


Most anime fans are unaware of AnimeShow, which has a big database of the most recent synchronised and subdivided series. On computer screens, however, the user interface design is a little tight. It was most likely created with mobile devices in mind. The navigation bar is not as functional as the others on our list, but it is still usable.

If you don’t have any anime to watch, the amount of animation on the home screen can be overwhelming. There is, thankfully, a random cartoon button. You’ll be brought to a random anime on the site if you click on it. I believe this is the best feature you’ve ever seen. This site also has the most up-to-date features. When you get bored with GoGoAnime, it’s a smart idea to switch to AnimeShow.


The fact that AnimeLand is available in several languages is the main reason I included it in the list. This also allows you to conveniently navigate and filter anime series alphabetically. In terms of dubbed subtitles, the site itself provides the greatest quality photos. We can remark that the quality is far superior to GogoAnime’s.

It is significantly slower than Gogoanime due to the various scripts that are executed on the site. Despite this flaw, it is a fantastic alternative to GoGoAnime.


Next to GoGoAnime, Kuroani is the king of all anime sites. Similar to Chia-anime, the site is mobile-friendly. When you visit the site, you’ll notice a fantastic Navigation bar that includes practically all of the options. You can find the material you want by searching, filtering, and selecting it.

It also has a chat feature that allows you to express your thoughts. In addition to GoGoAnime, I frequently use Kutoani to watch anime shows. Well, I did my best to compile a list of GoGoAnime’s top alternatives websites. I hope you found this information useful, and please share it with other anime fans.


If you enjoy anime and Japanese cartoons and would like to download them for free, AnimePahe is another excellent option. This platform is cleaner and easier to use than others, with a search box in the upper right-hand corner to help you find your favorite anime or cartoon quickly. You don’t have to be concerned about advertisements while viewing anime because there are relatively few of them. This site currently has over 2.5 million active members. Most of them are from the United States, the United Kingdom, and India.


Aniwatcher is one of the greatest simple anime sites out there, with a library of your favorite anime shows. This site has both subtitled and dubbed anime. This website’s developers are constantly upgrading their sites in order to provide the finest anime-watching experience possible. The most popular titles are listed on the site, along with information about them.

There are also some categories such as currently airing series, random series, just added, and recommended, as well as movies. You do not need to log in to watch any of the series or movies; you can watch them instantly. This site has fans from the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Anime Lab

Anime Lab is a great alternative to Gogo anime, which has thousands of free anime series. It has a very basic and unique design that allows users to quickly choose their favorite series. You can get their apps through the Google Play Store, the App Store for iPhone, the Playstation Store, and the Xbox Store. Every week, this site’s developer adds new series and episodes. Anime Lab is a completely free and legal way to watch anime online.

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