Top 10 Best Free USB Speed Test Software for PC

USB Speed Test

USB speed test software has become an extremely useful tool, particularly for determining the write and read rates of USB flash drives or SD cards.

Furthermore, many devices now link to a computer or other devices via USB ports. With so many USB-enabled gadgets USB speed test software, it’s critical to understand the integrity of the USB connection.

Most people have more than one USB flash drive, either because they are inexpensive to stockpile or in case the other one fails. Furthermore, with so many counterfeit things on the market like USB speed test software, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re getting what you paid for; this is where USB speed test software comes in.

10 Best Free USB Speed Test Software for PC to Test USB

The following are some of the top free USB speed test software. Please download the USB speed test software, install it, and begin testing and measuring the speed of your USB to test the speed of a simple USB.

SpeedOut USB Speed Test Software

If you want to test the USB speed, you’ll need a USB speed test software called SpeedOut. SpeedOut is a tiny, straightforward, and portable tool for measuring the read and write speeds of USB flash devices. It can perform USB Speed Test at a low level; there is no need to run it as an administrator; this helps to display results as accurately as possible without being influenced by the drive file system.

Simply put in your USB drive and pick it from the SpeedOut drop-down menu; if you have multiple devices, all of them will appear on the menu. SpeedOut will conduct both reading and writing exams four times, then display the average scores for each.

By right-clicking the title bar, you can save or copy the score to use later or compare it to other devices. SpeedOut is also incredibly clean and smooth; it operates without a hitch and leaves no traces on your devices. To run USB Speed Test, you do not need to format your discs, and no files are erased on the drives. This is a good option if you want a quick way to test your USB drives with clear findings.

Check Flash

The primary function of Flash is to verify the health of a USB flash drive. It can determine whether the device has a faulty sector or any other type of damage. It can, however, do a read and write speed test. It can employ the more powerful logical or physical access type, which allows flash drive erasure, backup and restoration, and partition customization.

Of course, if you only want to do read and write speed tests, you may disregard the extra features. The “Use Temporary File” approach is a two-test run in which temporary files are used to fill the remaining space on the flash drive and an error check is executed while reading the read and write speed at the same time. Some programs will not run in this manner, i.e. without cluttering the drive with temporary files.

For FAT/FAT32 format, the file will be limited to 4GB. Testing an empty USB flash drive will take some time due to the manner of testing. On the plus side, it’s portable and lightweight, and it can be tweaked using the command-line parameters in Switches.txt.


Nirsoft created USBDeview, which is a portable USB speed test software. This tool displays a list of your USB devices. You have the option of uninstalling any USB devices that are connected to your computer. The interface may appear overwhelming to new users, but you just need to seek your primary USB device.

If your USB device is highlighted in green with the device type “Mass Storage,” right-click to access the menu and select Speed Test or use the hotkey Ctrl + T. It will run a sequential read and write test on a 100MB file and collect the results.

You can upload your benchmark results to the Nirsoft Speed Tests webpage for viewing and comparison. Despite its appearance, USBDeview is still supported and updated. On a newer system, it should operate without any problems.

USB Flash Benchmark

USB Flash Benchmark is a USB Speed Test software for measuring the speed of USB flash devices. It will do a comprehensive set of benchmark tests for speeds ranging from 1KB chunks to 16MB. The results are shown in a lovely graph at the bottom.

Regrettably, the page where you could upload and compare your results is no longer available. The website, as well as the database, are no longer accessible. But don’t worry, the app itself continues to function normally. To run the test, launch the portable software, choose your flash drive, and push the button. The test will begin with a 16MB test and progress to a 1KB test. The test takes a few minutes to complete. Don’t forget to uncheck the report button, as it does nothing.

The software does an excellent job of displaying the test results. There is a log that is updated in real-time, and the results are visible while the test is running. Extremely useful for expert users. However, we do not advocate using this software to test newer flash drives. There may be a few typos here and there.

Flash Drive/Card Tester

The Flash Drive/Card Tester is the last but not least. It is a utility that checks your removable USB flash drives, Compact Flash cards, or SD cards for reading and writing issues while also displaying the drive’s speed. Consider doing many tests at the same time; this will save you a lot of time if you examine multiple USB drives. The results are simple to read and are located at the bottom.

Flash Memory Toolkit

Flash Memory Toolkit is a robust utility for testing USB devices and SD cards. This is a must-have tool that runs on Windows and may be downloaded for free for personal use. This utility allows you to examine the read and write speed of the error on the USB drive that provides you with real and bogus product information. Is it possible to suspect a fraudulent product if the delivery speed is not reasonable? It can read several files from a single USB device, making it a very useful USB speed test software.


CrystalDiskMark is the most well-known USB utility for measuring sequential and random performance (Read/Write/Mix). It may be used to test the performance of hard discs, SSDs, and USB drives. The software is available in portable, installation, and themed editions.

We recommend that you reduce the default text size to 50MB/100MB and the number of passes to 1 or 2 for slower USB drives before running the test. CrystalDiskMark is intended for considerably faster devices that can satisfy a large number of enthusiasts, therefore it can be quite powerful.

It should not take long to run the test on your USB drives. If you have a faster drive, consider changing it to 500MB/1GB. Choose your drive from the drop-down menu and execute the test you want. By choosing All, you can conduct all four tests.

You may see the results in real-time and save them after they are completed. You can also share your findings with the rest of the community. Because the community is large, it is easy to find gadgets that are comparable to yours. It is critical to compare data to determine whether or not your gadgets are functioning properly.


RMPrepUSB is an excellent tool for testing USB speed. When compared to most other pieces of software, it contains a plethora of functions. It can perform a wide range of functions on USB drives. The read and write speed test is, of course, the most significant element.

Run RMPrepUSB and choose your USB drive from the top. To run the test, click the Test Speed button in the lower right. The software will then start RMPartUSB.exe to run the test by reading and writing to a 63MB file. The outcome will be stored to a CSV file, from which you may view the record of drives and scores.


ParkDale is a dependable disc speed test tool for determining read and write speeds from your SSD, HDD, SD Cards, USB Flash drive, or Cdroom devices. This application is simple to use, and it has a “QuickAccess” function that allows you to test the file system with a single click!

USB Flash Drive Tester

This application is useful for testing the read and write speeds of SD, MMC, CF, and USB flash drives. This tool is absolutely free and maybe downloaded at Lightweight, but dependable for USB Speed Test flash drive or SD card and avoiding counterfeit products. Remember that there are numerous phony SD card items on the market right now.

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