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The Best Free Airtable Alternatives of 2023

free airtable alternatives

This post will explain Free Airtable Alternatives. Over time, Airtable, a programme that combines characteristics of a spreadsheet and database, has grown in popularity. In contrast to other databases, Airtable has an engaging user interface and offers a number of options for storing and visualising data. The top Airtable alternatives will be highlighted in this post for you to use immediately.

The Best Free Airtable Alternatives of 2023

In this article, you can know about The Best Free Airtable Alternatives of 2023 here are the details below;

Why should you search for free Airtable substitutes?

Customers have used Airtable in a variety of professional settings, including customer data management, personal productivity, and creative initiatives.

Additionally, Airtable can draw in a large number of teams with its low subscription levels. Nevertheless, it is not an all-inclusive tool for project management in general. Listed below are a few of them: Principally serves as a tool for data storage and visualisation.

Features for task and project management are scarce. Lacks project time tracking

Not to worry, we’ve compiled a list of the top 18 free Airtable alternatives so you can make the transition right away and stop stressing about lost data or poorly managed workflows.

Today, enhance team communication and job visibility!

1. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects

The second project management tool you should think about as one of the top free Airtable alternatives is teamwork.

It has a long number of capabilities that enable you to manage teams under one roof and organise your workflow.

Teamwork may be used with peer programmes like Teamwork Desk and Teamwork Chat and is compatible with both Windows and Linux.

As a result, managing projects becomes much simpler for you without adding additional integrations or spending extra money.

Key Features:

Utilize the following elements when working in teams:

Task and subtask management, including tracking, time logging, dependencies, and task prioritisation

Numerous capabilities for managing projects, such as project charts, reporting, owner assignment, milestone tracking, and cost tracking. Also check tools for project managers

Kanban panels

templates and colour schemes of all kinds

Concept and financial management

tracking of time

strong search

iOS and Android mobile applications

Integration with numerous outside applications

Pricing Plans:

Free Forever Pro ($45/month)

High-end ($75 monthly)

Plans for large (custom) businesses.

2. Quire


Give Quire a try if you adore Kanban boards and require a clear yet focused user experience without having to go through a tonne of unnecessary functionality.

Although it is primarily intended for creative teams, other professions can also benefit from its capabilities.

Give your projects a whole new workflow from ideation to completion with distinctive tree structures and open team communication.

Key Features:

Quire offers a number of important characteristics to offer, such as:

Instantaneous team collaboration in real time

With distinct trees and limitless tasks and subtasks

Organize, assign, and prioritise tasks.

Simple task status updates

Tasks’ start and due dates and times

A workstation that is clear and uncomplicated

Exclusive access for third parties

Siri and the iPhone camera integrations

Various team permissions and roles

Filter function plus smart folder

Integration with numerous outside applications

Mobile apps for iOS and Android

Pricing Plans:

Quire is a fantastic option for this list of free Airtable alternatives because it is now completely free.

3. Hansoft


Hansoft is a flexible project management application that supports Scrum and Kanban with a wide range of capabilities.

Hansoft is a good free alternative to Airtable because of its user-friendly workspace and extensive range of functions.

Utilize Gantt charts, individualised, visual dashboards, Kanban boards, to-do lists, individualised reporting, effective resource allocation to tasks, and much more.

Additionally, thanks to its effectively constructed team collaboration channels, your team maintains coordination with simplicity.

Key Features:

For your projects right now, give the following Hansoft features a try:

Make planned items and link them.

Divide scheduled items for quicker project completion

Several tasks assigned

Fixed hours or work

Explain the connections and dependencies

Backlogs and Kanban boards

Resource levelling for efficient resource use

A percentage of completion is used to track workflow and task progress.

Items may be placed to “Out of Office” status.

The timeline key path for projects

Various baseline settings for particular projects

Pricing Plans:

Hansoft provides a risk-free demo.

Although there is no pricing information displayed on the website, customer support does provide an email address for requests of pertinent information.

4. Asana


On our ranking of free Airtable alternatives, Asana is ranked fifth. This is another Free Airtable Alternatives.

There is no formal introduction needed for Asana to the group of project management software.

It includes a broad range of functions that may be used by both teams and lone users.

Asana provides teams with clear channels for efficient collaboration and communication while enabling task and project management at its best.

Through choices for comments, likes, and following, team members may quickly communicate with one another and work together on the task at hand.

Additionally, Asana makes it simple to share documents and other types of data. You can even tag a team member in comments to include them in a particular task.

You can collaborate without using email or other external add-ons thanks to Asana.

Key Features:

Centrally accessible activity stream for team and process changes

Complete task management with tools to track tasks, assignees, upload attachments, and comment on tasks, as well as options to indicate the significance of tasks with “hearts” and task dependencies

Comprehensive project management with project permissions, Gantt charts, project sections, and search views

Set objectives, priorities, and deadlines.

Updates in real time on jobs and projects

Automatic inbox updates

Create your own calendars and choose from a variety of views

Inbox bridge

List of my tasks and Focus Mode

Alerts and recollections

Multiple workstations to manage several teams concurrently

Option to examine the tasks and priorities of team members

Observe tasks for additional clarification

Kanban assistance Minutes of meetings

iPhone compatibility, mobile HTML5 site

Many app integrations

Pricing Plans:

The Free Premium plan from Asana costs $9.99 per user each month.

Enterprise (custom) strategy

5. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Teams of any size can choose the effective Airtable substitute Zoho Projects.

The tool has a variety of capabilities that help an Agile team successfully complete their project objectives.

By offering an interactive feed and forums to swiftly acquire insightful project information and offer criticism, the technology makes team communication simple.

You may better understand your project trends and move toward making educated decisions by using the task dependencies and milestones.

Zoho Projects has a number of built-in reports for project reporting and analytics.

Key Features:

Zoho Project has a wide range of features, however some of the most important ones are as follows:

Management of tasks and subtasks

Tracking milestones and task dependencies

Online stream for immediate team collaboration

Discussion boards and chat rooms for team members to exchange ideas

Integrated project status reports

Monitoring development throughout time

Graphing resource use for efficient resource allocation

Time monitoring alongside tasks to assess how much time is spent on jobs

Transforming timesheets into invoices so that clients are accurately billed

Monitoring and managing issues

Many integrations with external applications

Pricing Plans:

Standard Free ($20 monthly)

Express (monthly fee of $40)

Deluxe ($85 monthly)

Business ($125 monthly)

6. Notion


Notion is the following substitute for Airtable that we’ve included to this list.

Notion, which is mostly a note-taking programme, has a respectable collection of task management features that let you keep track of your to-do list without becoming frustrated by overly intricate functionality.

It’s a product that combines note-taking, task management, spreadsheets, and databases into one platform and has a relatively slick user interface.

Notion organises the collective knowledge of your team into a knowledge base that can be accessed anytime necessary.

Key Features:

With Notion, you can receive some of the following key features:

Management of the to-do list

Data base for shared team information

Management of tasks using the Kanban process

Keeping all of your documents in one location with document management

Integrations with external applications

Pricing Plans:

Free Personal ($4 flat rate per month)

Team ($8 per month per user)

Enterprise ($16 per month per user)

7. Podio


Podio can be the finest option for you if you’re seeking for a tool that offers a wide range of collaboration options.

The platform offers a centralised task management solution by bringing together material, context, and collaboration.

By offering a solution with sophisticated social communication features, such as file attachments, likes and sharing, and instant audio and video chats, the technology assures transparency and accountability.

Additionally, you may significantly streamline your operations by adding if-this-then-that logic to workflows that you develop. This is another Free Airtable Alternatives.

Key features:

Personal dashboards for quickly tracking progress

Managing tasks and incorporating routines

Workplaces for various initiatives that are both private and public

Recurring tasks for routinely occurring tasks

Activity Stream to monitor recent updates

Likes, remarks, and file sharing

Calls over audio and video with the team

Use Podio chat to communicate with team members immediately.

Pricing Plans:

Free Basic ($9 a month per user)

Additionally ($14 per user/month)

Premium ($24 monthly per user)

8. Freedcamp


Freedcamp is a free Airtable substitute made to help single and multiple users efficiently plan and manage their projects.

You can use the tool to create secret tasks to safeguard your privacy as well as Gantt charts to track the advancement of your project.

The programme also includes a wiki that allows you to centralise all of your company’s knowledge and access it whenever you need it.

Additionally, it enables you to consolidate all of your leads and contacts for efficient client relationship management.

Additionally, you may quickly bill your clients and generate invoices based on the entries you make in your timesheet.

Key Features:

Management of tasks and subtasks

Workflow visualisation using Kanban

Project templates already designed for repeating projects

Gantt charts are used to schedule projects.

A platform for team members to communicate on a wall

Milestones for tracking the important occasions in your project

The tool for managing and tracking issues

Document management to keep all of your team’s information in one location

Timekeeping and bill generating together

Access to third-party applications

Pricing Plans:

Free Minimalist (monthly user fee: $1.49)

($3.49 per user/month) Freelancer

Enterprise ($7.49 per user per month)

Enterprise ($16.99 each month per user)

9. Quip


Quip is the tenth alternative to Airtable.

Quip has a lovely user interface and offers spreadsheet and document features for managing your team’s critical data. This is another Free Airtable Alternatives.

Like Notion, Quip creates a single collaborative workspace from spreadsheets, papers, slides, and chat.

The wide range of functions makes it easier for team members to collaborate quickly.

Spreadsheets, to-do lists, and other documents can be readily created and edited, and each document includes a chat function that you can use to interact with team members.

Key Features:

Management of documents

Discussion in spreadsheets and documents

PowerPoint slides for group presentations

Version history to capture all the modifications made

A team member mentions talking to the appropriate individual.

Integration with Salesforce to efficiently close sales

Shared team files to store crucial information centrally

Customized document permissions to protect privacy

Excel documents can be imported or exported into quip spreadsheets, and vice versa.

Pricing Plans:

A team of five costs $30 per month.

The price is increased to $10 for each extra participant.

The tool costs $25 per user/month for Enterprise.

10. Zenkit


Naturally, Zenkit is included on the list of the top Airtable alternatives.

This tool was chosen by us specifically for its capacity to collaborate with people inside and outside the business, as well as for its clutter-free appearance.

There are many such highlights where Zenkit shows off.

The technology, for instance, streamlines everything to ensure that your projects are delivered exactly as planned while boosting both individual and group efficiency.

Key Features:

Work together with team members and stakeholders to deliver projects more effectively.

Using the calendar tool, you may mark crucial business days.

There are numerous file formats and extensions supported by file sharing.

Task prioritisation for simple risk management.

Merchandise Road-mapping

Project Administration

For individuals who depend on secondary/local data storage in the event of power outages, etc., offline mode is provided.

Additionally, the Scrum, Agile, and SDLC frameworks can use this tool.

Pricing Plans:

Personal plan is cost-free.

Additionally, Business and Enterprise Plans are available for a range of €9 to €25+.

11. Procore


Project management using Procore

Truthfully, Procore is a tool that is a little less well-known.

While seeking for the top Airtable alternatives, we researched the market.

This application caught our attention since it enables limitless, seamless collaboration and real-time communication with anyone, everywhere.

The availability of real-time data in Procore is said to aid decision-making regarding projects in addition to the collaborative aspect.

Key features:

Procore’s signature document management system lets you manage papers like never before.

This programme does enable for the saving and administration of drawings even if it is not a mind mapping tool.

Has a large number of collaborative tools.

Integrations with 3rd party apps make it simple to track emails.

Management and scheduling of meetings.

Additionally provides Procore Drive to customers searching for additional cloud storage.

Pricing Plans:

The annual cost of the fundamental “Project Management” Plan is $375.

The annual cost of the “Project Management + Financial Management” Plan is $575.

12. Google G Suite

Google G Suite

The collection of all Google apps that fit under the large G umbrella is known as the G Suite.

Consider Google Docs, Google Keep, Google Sheets, and all of the rest.

So why do we suggest the G Suite rather than focusing on a single application?

There are a few causes, actually.

The fact that all G Suite apps are free to use is the main benefit.

G Suite will take care of everything if you want to test free Airtable alternatives without spending a penny.

If not “everything,” you could anticipate getting by with the majority of the work you already completed on Airtable.

Speaking of a centralised approach to productivity, G Suite’s handling of spreadsheets and documents makes it one of the top Airtable alternatives for 2020.

You may recall that we stated at the beginning of this article that Airtable is exceptional for having a “Fun interface with a number of options to handle spreadsheets in a database.”

G Suite contains numerous apps that may be used to efficiently complete all the tasks you would have completed on Airtable as a convenient substitute. This is another Free Airtable Alternatives.

In fact, a tonne of user-requested features are frequently added to G Suite apps.

Behind the G Suite platform is a strong application development team at Google.

In terms of future-proofing, that gives using their apps even more justification.

Key Features:

When you are face-to-face using Google Meeting or their renowned Hangouts app, make decisions instantly.

Meeting scheduling is made simpler in this approach.

For as multiple daylights as you like in a week, you can set it to “Auto Recurrence.”

In the cloud, you can secure and manage your data.

Most people know Google for its constant remote access.

It depends on the millions of users.

Organize all of your productivity-related tasks in one location, preferably under Google’s guidance.

Invite stakeholders to observe workflow so that you can collaborate with them without worrying about interruptions.

To prevent any interruptions, authorization levels can be specified.


$6/user/month for the basic package.

Plan for business at $12 per user per month

Enterprise plan at $25 per month per user

13. ClickUp


For all of your project management requirements, ClickUp is a simple and user-friendly tool that can treble your team’s productivity.

This app’s flexible features provide tools and capabilities that can scale with various users and business models.

With ClickUp, you may additionally modify and enhance functionality based on the requirements of your team.

Key Features:

Management of documents

File exchange

import/export data capability

Road-mapping and product planning Task management

Process automation


Management of QA and testing using Waterfall, Scrum, and Agile


A Free Forever option is provided by ClickUp.

Business plan costs $9 per user per month for the Unlimited plan.

For a price on the Enterprise package, get in touch with the provider.

14. Evernote


You and your team can use Evernote, a web-based tool, to get things done.

Through a consolidated platform, Evernote’s functionalities can assist with project collaboration, task management, and scheduling. This is another Free Airtable Alternatives.

Staying connected while on the go with Evernote has never been simpler thanks to multi-device connectivity.

Key Features:


Web clipping assistance

Being able to draw on paper and sync notes with any device

Save your preferred websites

Save documents, web clippings, notes, and photos.

Text and drawing revision

You can also collaborate on documents and exchange notes.

Simple feedback and idea sharing


The free Evernote basic plan allows users to sync up to two devices.

Cost of the Premium plan per month is $7.99.

You can also upgrade to the Business plan for $14.99 per month for each additional user.

15. Stackby


Stackby is the better automated Airtable replacement you’ve been looking for.

It is simple to use like a spreadsheet, acts as a database, and is frequently referred to as Airtable’s “missing half” because it is powered by APIs and automation.

It’s a collaborative platform designed for non-technical teams that enables you to personalise your own work tools.

It is robust yet easy to use with over 25 different sorts of unique columns and 30+ native column connectable API connectors with well-known services like Google Analytics, YouTube, MailChimp, and Facebook Ads.

Key Features:

Choose from more than 100 templates, create a database from scratch, or import data from spreadsheets.

25 different types of columns, including aggregates, lookups, dropdowns, links, and attachments

Users can also connect columns to well-known third-party APIs to obtain the information they need. Connects columns to third-party APIs.

Multiple data layouts, including Table, Kanban, Calendar, Gallery, Custom Forms, and Internal Updatable Forms, can be used to visualise and manipulate data.

Utilize checklists, chat, reminders, and slack notifications on each row to collaborate with your team in real-time.

You can use an API to retrieve the data programmatically or connect to many apps and services.

Pricing Plan:

Personal plan is free; if you need assistance, the Economy plan starts at $9 per user per month and the Business plan at $18 per user per month 17.

16. Plutio


One of the most cutting-edge and business-minded management platforms, Plutio was created from the ground up for freelancers and small business owners. This is another Free Airtable Alternatives.

The application provides a straightforward yet creative way for users to manage various enterprises and interact closely with their clients.

From a single intuitive interface, the application also enables users to cooperate and talk to their team colleagues about their job.

One of the best features of this programme is how simply you can use it to give the appropriate people all the information about the activities and procedures that the team is carrying out.

As its user interface offers everything you need to manage your business if you are just starting out, the software also lessens or even eliminates the need to juggle numerous distinct apps and features for various items.

Below are a few more things that this amazing Airtable substitute has to offer.

Key Features:

Utilize time tracking to keep track of all of your tasks and procedures in accordance with the time given for their completion.



Managing tasks in the inbox

Project administration

Management of proposals & contracts

Plans for calendar pricing

The software is available for free trial.

$15/month for a single.

$20/month for the studio package

$30/month for the team plan

17. Agiled


Agiled is a fantastic alternative to Airtable that you may use right now in 2023.

The programme is ideal for creating contracts, billing customers, managing employees, and even managing projects. This is another Free Airtable Alternatives.

Initially intended for corporate management, the application.

It has a very user-friendly and intuitive layout that makes it simple for you to keep track of and manage all of your spending, jobs, and projects.

Key Features:

This amazing Airtable substitute has the following features to offer its customers worldwide.

Alerts/Notifications to make sure you are aware of any changes to any tasks or projects you are working on using the application.

Billing & Invoicing to ensure that all of your employees have their pay transmitted to them and that there is a proper directory of all the various transactions taking place in the business

Budget management to ensure that the funds allotted to the various members of the development teams and the teams themselves are utilised in a beneficial manner.

To ensure that all crucial business-related activities and interactions take place as scheduled and that there are no interactions that are missed, use a calendar or reminder system.

Tools for collaboration to ensure that all stakeholders, managers, and members of the various development teams collaborate and communicate with one another on every job and project being worked on within the organisation.

To ensure that all client and customer contacts and queries are correctly logged so that they may be assisted easily and swiftly, a client portal is used.

Pricing Plan:

The business gives a free trial so that everyone can sample its excellent capabilities, but if they want to purchase the software and use the premium feature set, they must pay $15/month, which includes five users using the application.

Which application do you employ to coordinate your work with teams?

Comment below with your suggestions for free Airtable substitutes.

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