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Best 5 Ways To Fix A Discord Fatal JavaScript Error

fix a discord fatal java script error

Ways To Fix A Discord Fatal JavaScript Error will be discussed in this article. Discord is a platform that may be used for various purposes, such as playing your favorite games, creating friends, planning get-togethers, or sharing ideas with like-minded individuals. While Discord is mostly used in online browsers, it may also be used on desktop applications. If someone uses the desktop application, there’s a possibility that they will encounter an issue known as a Discord Fatal JavaScript Error.

Best 5 Ways To Fix A Discord Fatal JavaScript Error

In this article you can know about Ways To Fix A Discord Fatal JavaScript Error here are the details below;

There are multiple causes for the error to occur. One frequently encounters issues with corrupted Discord configuration files and overzealous antivirus software that prevents the app from loading. Do not be alarmed if you are among those who are dealing with these bothersome issues. By employing the following tips and adhering to many functions, we will ensure that the Discord Fatal JavaScript Error is fixed. It’s crucial to understand the causes of the Discord Fatal JavaScript Error before moving on to the solution key, though. Also check How To Fix Discord Not Loading On Windows 


At first, it can be challenging to identify the underlying reason of the Discord JavaScript error. Discord installation errors or corruption are, nevertheless, the most frequent cause of the Discord Fatal JavaScript Error. Furthermore, other services or apps, such as antivirus software, can seriously impair Discord’s ability to function properly. Repairing and reinstalling the Discord app usually resolves issues, but if another program is the source of the issue, further investigation is necessary to determine whether the problem has been eliminated.

If the Discord JavaScript Error is being caused by a third party, it is advisable to debug Discord. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to understand that if your app is giving you trouble and you can’t resolve it right now and you’re using a PC or Mac, there’s always the Discord Website as a backup. Furthermore, Discord smartphone apps are available to help during emergencies.

1. Remove and Regenerate discord AppData Folder

To ensure proper operation, the Discord desktop application saves files on the PC. It contains usage logs, configuration settings, thumbnails, and other information that the app needs to load quickly when it is reopened. If the data is corrupted, there’s a chance Discord won’t function at all. Discord’s AppData folder should be removed in order to help regenerate the Discord setup and remove superfluous files. For deletion, adhere to the instructions listed below.

Navigate to the AppData folder and find the Discord folder. To choose “Delete,” perform a right-click on the folder. Be adamant that the Discord isn’t working. Check Windows Task Manager one more time for the discord.exe process. This is another Discord Fatal JavaScript Error. Also check How To Fix Can’t Remove A Bluetooth Device

The recycle bin will have the Discord AppData folder. After that, to confirm that the files have been completely deleted from the computer, right-click the Recycle Bin hero on the desktop & choose “Empty Recycle Bin.” Following the deletion of the Discord AppData folder, Discord will automatically produce a fresh set of configurations. One should then use their Discord user account to log in once more.

The Discord Fatal JavaScript Error can be resolved with this method alone. You should utilize the alternative techniques discussed below if, despite trying this solution, the Discord Fatal JavaScript problem persists.

2. Remove and Reinstall the Discord Desktop Application

It may be more effective to completely remove the Desktop App and then reinstall it whenever Discord has problems such as the Discord Fatal JavaScript Error or errors of any other kind. You can be confident that no other corrupted file is preventing Discord from trying to launch. Take these actions to uninstall and reinstall:

Although removing and reinstalling would be a better way to resolve the issue, there’s a potential that some residual temporary files—like the faulty AppData folder—might still be there. Therefore, you should do your research by making sure the AppData folder has been deleted beforehand if the issue still doesn’t go away even after removing and reinstalling. This is another Discord Fatal JavaScript Error.

3. Running Discord as an Administrator

User privilege issues arise when Discord fails. Even though using Discord on Windows is the normal method, it is also feasible to get Discord to work by enabling administrator privileges. One’s computer won’t be harmed in any way by this safe procedure. To accomplish this, take the subsequent actions.

Start by launching Windows File Explorer. The “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Discord” folder can be accessed by using this navigation bar. Changing the username associated with your user profile folder is advised.

The Discord folder has several numbered folders. These figures provide details regarding the various Discord desktop app versions that are available. Select the folder with the highest number or the most current Date Modified information.

All issues pertaining to the Discord Fatal JavaScript Error can be fixed with the administration rights. If your computer has antivirus software installed, Discord cannot operate in a sensitive user folder, therefore granting yourself administrative capabilities might not be able to resolve the problem. This brings us to the subject of our following tip. This is another Discord Fatal JavaScript Error.

4. Check Antivrus

Discord Desktop operates from within the AppData folder, in contrast to other standard programs. To ensure that the most recent version of Discord is installed automatically, an update file is constantly running on each version of Discord. There is a protected system folder within the app, and the limits increase when an antivirus program is used. Antivirus software has the potential to stop the automatic installation. To be sure that this isn’t the case, it is therefore preferable to explicitly verify the anti-virus settings. If so, add your antivirus program to the list of “allowed” programs so that Discord can function properly.

5. Discord experience on Windows20

Utilizing its functions is advised after resolving a Discord Fatal JavaScript Error. For instance, setting up a Discord server can help one develop a community. Discord bots can then be used to grow the server by adding features like games, music, and moderating.

Final Thought:

JavaScript allows for a multitude of operations, including updating material, managing multimedia, animating graphics, and more. Considering its importance, one can only imagine the level of annoyance that Discord Fatal JavaScript Error may cause if left handled. In order to solve the issue, we have so attempted to provide a number of solutions and workarounds. It is advised to use alternatives like Teamspeak or Slack, etc., if the error persists even after trying every possible solution. Whatever you decide, be sure it supports your position.

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