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Email Tracking for Service Now – Generate Leads and Improve Customer Support

Companies strive to get extra information about regular or potential clients, and the most affordable and easy-to-integrate way is to use email tracking extensions or applications. Although there are an impressive number of such add-ons available on the Internet, not each can help you predict your customer actions. However, Email Tracking for ServiceNow is more than just a system for tracking email opens.

The Service Now platform has its marketplace with many extensions designed to optimize some of the working areas. Among them, Email Tracking creates the opportunity to see what happens with sent emails and view their open rates.

So, let’s determine how you can strengthen your customer outreach.

What Is Email Tracking and How Does it Work?

Email Tracking is an application designed for ServiceNow to monitor how receivers interact with each email. The integration tracks how many times the email was opened and when. The app collects information from all incidents and transforms it into numeric data.

To be more precise, let’s take an example. Your agents put lots of effort into creating welcome emails, promotions, or informative messages. However, time goes by, and they have no idea about sending emails. They can only wonder whether it was opened, read, or ignored. So, agents will send follow-ups and still know nothing about customer engagement.

That’s the right time for Email Tracking to be activated. The app starts working when you click Save to send off the email.  Then, a recipient opens it and you get an internal notification. This work note keeps information such as the sender name, sending and reading time, and email body. Therefore, there is no uncertainty around emailing anymore.

Will I break the Users’ Data Legislation?

Before we continue explaining the Email Tracking features, we want to discuss whether tracking software usage will negatively affect your business.

It won’t bring any trouble if you inform customers about using email tracking software. Besides, the correct way to not break any right legislation is to get the recipient’s consent to track their emails. Therefore, it’d be better for you to take care of this field and if you work, for example, with European or Californian residents, read more about GDPR and CCPA. This way, your business saves lots of money.

Read Receipts

A read receipt is a message that notifies you that your email was opened or read by a recipient. In ServiceNow, when an agent sends an email to a customer, and it gets read, the app notifies the sender about it. In the Compose column of the incident, the agent sees a Work note with the following information:

So, such an internal note informs you about the email sending and opening time and refreshes your memory about the incident topic. Moreover, analyzing this data helps you measure the success of the email campaigns and ensure that you are reaching the target audience. If you see stuck emails, it means you need to leave the customer as it’s probably not the right customer.

By the way, you also can track whether your co-workers read emails. And if you point out that emails haven’t been read, it’s a good time to say personally “Hello,” and remind agents about the importance of organizational moments.

Email Tracking Statistics

Well, the notification system described above is handy for analyzing the activity tracking of separate incidents. However, the Email Tracking for ServiceNow gathers email metrics to give you more data for defining the current state of your email marketing and building the mailing strategy. For example, you will find the main three indicators on the Home page of the Agent Workspace. These metrics are:

  1. Total Emails Tracked – demonstrates how many emails were tracked by the app. Compare what amount of emails recipients read among all tracked items.
  2. Total Emails Read – lets you know how many emails were opened and read by recipients. See if email subjects are engaging enough for your customers and whether they entice them to read the email content.
  3. Average Read Time – calculates and shows the time took for recipients to open the received email. If this indicator counts more and more time, you’d better check your clients’ time zone or investigate the best time for mailing.

Email Tracking for ServiceNow – Main Benefits

Advantages for business

From the business perspective, it will help increase revenue, save time, improve internal and external communication, and strengthen customer relationships. And it’s not just empty words.

For example, you are a B2B business owner who starts the negotiation process to sell your product to a large company. And you know that this deal will bring you a lot of money. So, everything goes smoothly, but when you send an email for the deal confirmation, the client disappears. Next, there are two ways how the use case can ends up.

The first way, you give up on it. The second way, with Email Tracking, you wait for the notification pops up on your desktop and inform you that the client opened the email almost after one month. Then, you can see him on your website reading your articles and case studies. And it’s the right time to remind him with a follow-up about the deal you almost made one month ago.

It seems like such a deal is going to be closed, right?

Advantages for Customers

If you provide services for many customers from different segment groups simultaneously, monitoring email performance allows you to make these services personalized. Combining read receipts information with Email Tracking indicators enables you to tailor and deliver content your audience wants to read.

On the other hand, prospects who are not interested in your product or service won’t get unnecessary follow-ups if you see they haven’t interacted with your emails. Therefore, they won’t be irritated, and it can leave a good impression.

Sum Up

Competitive companies have already used different tracking systems to make customer support, marketing, and sales more effective. Thus, Email Tracking for Service Now is a tool that can help your business to give the best service to present and future customers. As a result, it will bring more conversions and sales that inevitably lead to an increase in revenue.

So, be brave and just try the app with a trial period and decide whether it suits you.

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