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Top 15 Best EtQ EHS Software In 2022

ehs software

Industrial enterprises use EtQ EHS Software, the industry-leading Electronic Health and Safety Compliance Management Software, to handle safety compliance and environmental standards. It has OSHA Voluntary Protection Program certification. It provides a cloud-based solution known as the software as a service (SaaS) approach. From a single system, it enables enterprises to successfully achieve compliance, enhance work management, and boost productivity.

It offers training and solution services, as well as consulting services to assist firms with the design, implementation, and maintenance of all aspects of their EHSQ system. Companies can use it to continuously audit data and follow it from birth to death. It is a user-friendly platform that offers efficient solutions that assist businesses in managing ongoing operations and ensuring due diligence.

It complies with internal and external compliance requirements and provides comprehensive OSHA 10 and ISO 14001 reporting. In other words, it’s the ideal tool for searching for compliance needs particular to your industry.

Top 15 Best EtQ EHS Software In 2022

In this article, you can know about ehs software here are the details below;


Organizations can easily monitor real-time environmental data from a range of sources, including sensors, satellites, aerial photos, and more, with the help of the cloud-based software platform

Any company that wants to gather, analyse, and react to data can utilise this robust and adaptable solution for data collecting and reporting.

More than 100 large businesses, governmental institutions, and nonprofit groups are already using this software to monitor the sensors on their properties for air quality, water quality, temperature, humidity, light, and many other factors. Also check self storage software

It is an environmental, health, safety, and quality (EHSQ) software and service provider for businesses looking to ease the creation, implementation, and upkeep of EHSQ management systems.

It is a cloud-based IoT platform for the environment that assists businesses in keeping an eye on environmental conditions and natural resources.

It is made to be used by businesses for all elements of the software with subscription pricing, doing away with the upfront costs and ongoing maintenance costs of legacy software.

2. Enviance


Enviance is a small- to medium-sized business’s (SMB) cloud-based Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) software. It is team collaboration software that encourages more workplace accountability, transparency, and compliance. It helps your business save money and guarantees that everyone is working safely.

It keeps track of changes to safety regulations, enabling you to stay current on important information like hazardous chemical inventories and material safety data sheets (MSDSs). In order to keep your team safe, it also has access to comprehensive training materials and procedures. Webcams on this enterprise (EH&S) software platform send live video to portable devices.

It was designed with the purpose of making EH&S data easily accessible to everyone and capable of being displayed in a variety of dashboards.

You can keep an eye on and track your documentation, software and licences, compliance and certification, and training. The Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) software is among the best overall.

3. Perillon EHS Management Software

Perillon EHS Management Software

Perillon EHS Management Software is a business enterprise health, safety, and environment management software with integrated analytics that enables firms to analyse, enhance, and manage risks. It is intended to serve as an organization’s single point of “risk” control.

It gives consumers access to a single source and replaces numerous older systems. You can create your own Environmental Management System with this software.

In order to help businesses fulfil their present EHS management duties and get ready for forthcoming regulations, it combines the essential features of EHS Management systems into a single, straightforward solution.

Companies looking for an easy way to manage their environmental, health, and safety data can use the Perillon EHS Management Software.

It allows you to keep trace of your certifications, software, licences, compliance, and paperwork.

SDS documentation, hazard reporting, safety inspections, workplace incidents, and many other things are also manageable. In other words, if you’re searching for an easy-to-use environmental management solution, this is it.

4. Pure platform

Pure platform

UL, formerly known as Pure Platform, is a straightforward, potent, and user-friendly enterprise shift scheduling software.

With only a few clicks, you can move your roster from spreadsheets to a single system. It serves as the platform for collaboration between EHS teams and centralises team communications. You may effortlessly gather schedules and plan shifts thanks to it.

Your schedule computations and shift reminders are automated. It makes it simple for you to keep tabs on your teammates’ activity.

You can alter your business procedures and operations because to its adaptability. You may manage shift scheduling procedures with greater flexibility thanks to the platform, freeing up your time to concentrate on how to service your clients most effectively.

The platform, which includes all facets of environmental, health, and safety (EHS) management from hazard analysis to training and certification, is robust yet simple to use. In a nutshell, it’s among the best EHS management software available.

5. Niyati EHS Management System

Niyati EHS Management System

A complete, web-based, and on-demand EHS management system, Niyati EHS Management System aids in meeting Chemical Accident Prevention and Safety Act requirements (CAPPSA). Its purpose is to assist businesses in managing their environmental health and safety policies, programmes, and practises in conformity with CAPPSA. Corporate executives can use it to document, monitor, and manage the outcomes of their organization’s EHS efforts.

Users may streamline risk assessment, safety data management, OSHA compliance, training management, and incident reporting on an industry-level basis. Also check work order software

It offers comprehensive tools for managing safety inspection reports, creating and managing training records, tracking inventory, and creating bespoke reports based on user requirements.

By enabling users to share data with other business systems, it also makes it easier for internal and external stakeholders to coordinate seamlessly.

Users can connect it to any third-party logistics provider (3PL), environmental programme provider, or health and safety programme provider using one of its many built-in interfaces. It’s the ideal EHS management solution overall.

6. AirsWeb


The software formerly known as AirsWeb is now known as ecoonline and is designed for use by businesses of all kinds, including municipalities and those in the industrial and construction sectors. Organizations can use it to gather, manage, and analyse data on quality, health and safety, and the environment.

It assists you in centralising all of your health and safety initiatives while giving you up-to-the-minute performance information about your company. It offers you the chance to use its user-friendly enterprise data analytics to make better decisions.

By utilising its workflow capabilities, it enables you to find areas where work processes could be improved while also saving time and money. It is a cutting-edge software programme that gives businesses the ability to efficiently and effectively manage their Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment.

It has translated its user interface into English, Spanish, and French to cater to the needs of international customers. It is the finest option for you if you’re seeking for software for health, safety, and the environment.

7. Effective Software

Effective Software

Effective Software, commonly known as ecoonline, is a Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Software for businesses of all kinds, including municipalities and the manufacturing and construction sectors.

It makes it possible for businesses to gather, examine, and manage quality, health, and safety, as well as environmental data. It assists you in coordinating all of your health and safety initiatives from a single point. It gives you immediate knowledge on how your company is doing.

Software is used to assist businesses in managing the essential elements of an effective EHS Management System.

By giving them access to a straightforward compliance system, it is intended to assist staff in producing more consistent and trustworthy compliance data. Documents are kept on the drive, where they may be accessed at any time and from any location.

It offers integrated compliance modules, best practises that are at the forefront of the industry, integrated analytics, a user-friendly design, and more. It’s the top health, safety, and environmental software overall.

8. HSEQ Innovate

HSEQ Innovate

A solution designed exclusively for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that maintain their EHSQ data on-premise is called HSEQ Innovate, also known as Prosapien.

It offers a simple user interface for gathering data, organising it, and producing charts and reports. It monitors compliance for your business using integrated third-party management solutions.

It is a potent safety and quality management tool that aids businesses in managing their EHSQ procedures, dealing with pressing problems, and enhancing general health and safety performance. It gives enterprises the ability to manage their EHSQ management processes and operations considerably more quickly than was previously feasible.

It provides integrated compliance modules, best practises that are at the forefront of the industry, integrated analytics, a user-friendly design, and more. Additionally, it aids in cost-cutting and consistent EHSQ performance for enterprises.

For businesses planning to apply ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001, or other industry-specific standards, it offers a cost-effective solution. Overall, it’s the finest option for managing health and safety.

9. IsoMetrix


Software as a Service (SaaS) company IsoMetrix provides risk management solutions. It was created exclusively to real-time manage and minimise risk. It offers a two-way, interactive platform for communicating risks to clients in real time.

It may refresh the dashboard to show the state of hazards right now, enabling it to react quickly to fresh threats as they appear.

Numerous organisations, including smaller insurance companies, sizable insurance brokers and third-party administrators, self-insured organisations, colleges, governments, school districts, and other significant commercial businesses are among the hundreds of entities for which it manages risk.

It is a risk management tool that harnesses the strength of social media, online analytics, and user feedback to assist businesses in managing their risk and liability concerns. It works flawlessly with any system and is applicable to any sector.

It has clever monitoring features and useful insights that assist businesses in tracking and managing problems at every stage. It is, in essence, the best risk management approach.

10. Emsphere Headcount Management Solution

Emsphere Headcount Management Solution

A web-based enterprise HSE management system called Emsphere Headcount Management Solution has integrated modules for compliance, training, safety, quality, and inventory management.

It is a cutting-edge software programme that gives businesses the ability to efficiently and effectively manage their Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment.

By utilising its simple enterprise data analytics, it helps you make better decisions.

It has translated its interface into several different world languages, including English, Spanish, and French, to better serve its international customers.

By giving staff members a simple-to-use and comprehend compliance system, it enables them to provide more reliable and consistent compliance data.

For businesses planning to apply ISO, OHSAS, ISO, or other industry-specific EHS standards, it is a cost-effective solution. It is the ideal option for you if you’re seeking for health, safety, and environmental software.



Software for managing energy is called ENSYS. Its main objective is to reduce the expense of energy management for any firm while also making it simple for all of their devices to be managed, regardless of how many, what kind, or where they are located (geolocation). For the analysis and optimization of energy usage, it provides a number of tools.

The building envelope, HVAC, lighting, heating, and water management are just a few of the topics it addresses that are important to energy management. Also check ivr software

It includes a large selection of modules and excels at managing activities across multiple sites.

By assessing driving habits and adjusting each vehicle’s speed, it aids fleet management and equipment monitoring, making it possible to lower fuel usage in trucks and other fleets. It is next-generation energy management software for industrial processes, thermoses, and solar photovoltaic systems.

It provides efficiency and security in the use of energy resources by enabling the user to optimise their energy self-consumption, energy expenses, and CO emissions. It’s the greatest energy management software overall.

12. GHSAuth


A software programme for creating Safety Data Sheets that adhere to Global Harmonized Standards (GHS) is called Computer Systems (SDS). As part of the E-GHS project, it is created and managed by the Global Harmonization Task Force (GHTF). The visual editor, which allows you to apply warning and cautionary words to your product, is its key feature.

It is a uniform system for communicating and classifying hazards. It offers a standard language that makes it possible for authorities, emergency responders, suppliers, and employees to communicate consistently. Over 100 nations use this global approach for classifying and communicating chemical hazards. The necessary GHS data can be created and formatted using a simple point-and-click interface.

You can use it to construct the necessary sections, tables, and parts. In other words, if you’re looking for software for the Global Harmonized Standard, this is it.

13. CorePoint


CorePoint is the safety management tool that enables you to monitor the degree to which your company’s safety policies are being followed. There will be no more paperwork or manual data entry. All of your safety management systems’ safety data are automatically tracked and recorded.

Even breaks, login times, and other crucial employee behaviour can be tracked. You can control the data from your computer and smartphone, so it works everywhere. It is a safety management system that runs on the cloud.

There are several instruments in it that companies can use to assist their employees in upholding their duty of care commitments.

Additionally, it offers in-depth reporting and analysis of workers’ accident and illness histories, increasing their awareness of business hazards and areas in need of development. It enables companies to increase productivity and save expenses by using their current industrial assets. It offers the best safety management approach overall.

14. Aware360


Aware360 is a top supplier of IoT and M2M solutions that assist clients in boosting worker efficiency and security at crucial industrial sites. It uses GPS, RFID, beacons, sensors, and other RF technologies to follow the whereabouts of employees, assets, and vehicles.

The collected information can be used to determine where they are going, how well they are doing, and where help is needed. The information is provided in a straightforward mobile interface, enabling use on the production floor or in outlying areas, which is its major advantage.

In addition to enhancing safety, efficiency, and production, it provides managers with real-time visibility into their operations and empowers them to take better decisions. It provides you with a way to manage workplace safety proactively through a range of solutions that may be customised to meet your needs.

Additionally, it offers Time GPS Tracking of Workers, which lets you view a list of selected employees’ whereabouts in real time on a laptop, desktop, or mobile device. In a nutshell, it’s the ideal M2M and Industrial Internet of Things solution.

15. NeoEHS


NeoEHS is a web-based software created to track, assess, and manage workplace safety issues. A risk management system will offer all the information and facts required to guarantee safe working conditions.

It provides organisations with creative and effective ways to reduce expenses and safeguard people and property. Clients can manage their complete OHS programme from a single screen thanks to this one cloud-based application.

In a single cloud-based software, it offers a comprehensive solution for occupational, health, risk, and safety management. It is based on the presumption that anything that is significant enough to track should be completed well.

It links companies of all sizes to a network of knowledgeable experts that provides the latest cutting-edge technologies to assist business owners in managing certain hazards they encounter every day. Through the use of real-time behavioural analytics, it is a software-based, non-intrusive solution that gives physical access control systems an additional layer of security.

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