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Free PDF Editor: What is PDFescape and how does it work?


You know how difficult it can be to edit a PDF file if you’ve ever had to do so. PDF files were not designed to be altered. However, owing to the open-source PDFescape application, changing a PDF file is now not only possible, but also easier than ever.

Finding a reliable free pdf editor online, especially if you’ve never edited a PDF before, can be time-consuming. While the concept may be appealing, there is little software on the market that can give you with the necessary resources. PDFescape is a free web programme that allows users to edit PDF files at will, and it has some of the best features available. PDFescape sets the bar high, from the ability to reorganise and remove pages to the ability to add annotations and photos in an appealing GUI-interface.

What is PDFescape and how does it work?

PDFescape is one of the first online tools for reading, editing, and creating PDF forms. It’s essentially an internet application that removes the limitations of any software while streamlining the user’s complete process. All that is required to run PDFescape is an active internet connection and a web browser.


The Advantages of Using PDFescape

PDFescape has its own set of benefits that entice consumers to use it. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to use PDFescape:

What is the purpose of PDF Editor Software?

In contrast to editable text files, PDFs are images of documents (such as a Word document). A PDF editing software solution converts a PDF into an editable, living document. These sites allow for the creation of PDFs as well as the uploading of PDFs. Document generation software is not to be confused with these solutions.

In contrast to document production software, which is collaborative and allows users to edit any area of the document, PDF editors frequently feature password protection to access and edit documents and defined fields. Users that work with contracts on a regular basis will benefit from the PDF editing software.

This includes, but is not limited to, realtors and salespeople. This programme can be used by these users to customise contract templates for each specific customer. Document scanning software and PDF editor software are frequently integrated.

Users can use document scanning software to scan PDFs and use PDF editor software to edit required data. A product must meet the following criteria to be considered for the PDF Editor category:

Because PDFescape is a web-based tool, you’ll need to go to their website to utilise it (registration isn’t required). Click the orange “Edit your PDF Now” button when the site loads. After you click, you’ll be taken to another page where you can either edit an existing PDF file or create a new one.

Using PDFescape: Free PDF Editor

PDFescape is a programme that allows you to convert PDF files to other formats. We’ll show you how to edit a PDF file that’s already on your computer for the sake of this review. Choose a file to upload by clicking the “Upload PDF file to PDFescape” link.

Click “Upload,” and your PDF file will appear in the user interface, along with all of the editing tools to the left of your screen, in a few moments. After you’ve submitted your file to the programme, you may start modifying it. Text, photos, links, form fields, and freehand writing can all be inserted into a PDF file with PDFescape.

For example, to enter a picture, click “Image,” pick the file to upload, and it will show on the first page of your document. In PDFescape, you can also add annotations.

To do so, go to the top left-hand menu and select “Annotate,” where you’ll find two annotation tools: “Sticky Note” and “Highlight.” To use one of these, click on it, then drag it to the desired location in your file. The annotation box will appear wherever you click.

Enter your message, then click away to permanently embed it in your document. Simply click the yellow bar at the top of the page that says “Click here to disable” to close this tool, or any other tool in PDFescape.

The ability to shuffle and edit the pages of a PDF file is another feature that makes PDFescape a wonderful editor. “Move,” “Rotate Left,” “Append,” “Delete,” “Rotate Right,” and “Crop” are among the editing choices available when you select “Page” from the top left-hand menu. To shuffle the order of the pages in your file, click “Move,” and a dialogue box will open, asking for the preferred order.

PDFescape’s user interface of other useful features:

There are buttons for uploading, loading URLs, examining recent edits, and sharing your edits with friends, as well as viewing settings, at the top of the screen. When you’re through modifying your file, go to the icons on the left-hand side of your screen to save it. To save, click the “Save” symbol on the blue disc.

It’s difficult to argue with PDFescape’s reputation as a strong open source PDF editor. It’s a lot of fun to be able to edit a PDF file to this extent, plus the programme is speedy and includes a lot of features. Visit PDFescape’s official site to try it out, and if you edit PDF files frequently, check out these other well-reviewed (and free) PDF editing tools.


Making some of the most fundamental modifications to a PDF file doesn’t necessitate the use of a full-fledged PDF editor. The majority of your needs are likely to be met by the free web version. So, if you want to have a better idea of what free pdf editors are like, try PDFescape. Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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