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Do I Need a Dedicated IP For My Business?

Dedicated IP is an excellent remote workspace protocol with a unique identity solely for your organization. It can help you maintain the security and anonymity of your remote employees while retaining the integrity of your online assets.

Your dedicated domain will ensure that the protocol will direct your visitors to the right place based on address and name. According to Statista, 60 percent of the respondents in the USA believe that a dedicated IP VPN is an effective way to secure corporate remote workspaces.

What is a Dedicated IP?

Dedicated IP is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol, and it is described as a unique address issued to each machine connected to a network. The Internet Protocol address serves as a great identifier used to indicate the correct location of a computer or remote workspace within a network.

Sharing information may be appropriate for firms just beginning to explore or do not require extensive supervision over their remote workspace. On the other hand, a dedicated IP address is a famous add-on from web hosting service companies due to its numerous benefits.

When you contact people, your mobile number assists in identifying you; an Internet protocol works in the same manner. It acts as a unique identification for a computer while communicating with other internet-connected devices.

A dedicated IP VPN provides multiple features for businesses to easily manage their information-sharing system and secure their remote workspaces. Hence, you can improve your server speed and performance through a dedicated internet protocol.

What is the difference between Shared and Dedicated IP?

The distinction between shared and dedicated IPs is straightforward. A shared IP address is a specific address shared by several remote workspaces on a single IP address. In this instance, the web host should perform additional work, such as processing the user’s request and redirecting it to the right page.

On the other hand, a dedicated IP does not provide access to many users. Only a specific person can access a company’s network if they are assigned to a reliable internet protocol. With dedicated internet protocols, you can control permissions, restrict unauthorized access, and ensure that your employees access corporate data safely.

Why does your business require a Dedicated IP Address?

There are several explanations for why you should use a dedicated IP address for your businesses, but we will focus on the most important ones here:

Secure Email Delivery

Dedicated IP reputation is one of the elements that impact email delivery. It influences how broadband providers assess whether you should send your emails to the inbox. If you do occasional email marketing, your emails will have higher credibility if sent from a dedicated origin IP address.

While communicating through a dedicated IP, the chances of getting flagged as spam are significantly low. However, using a customized email address is another approach to avoid ISPs labeling your emails as spam. Rather than utilizing a free email service like Google or Hotmail, use an email account with your web address.

Improve Remote Workspace Accessibility

You may need to visit your remote workspace using its IP address periodically. For instance, if you want to begin creating your web page without obtaining a web domain, simply enter your dedicated IP address into your browser’s address bar.

You may also retrieve your site’s files directly using File Transfer Protocol or an internet browser with a unique IP address. It implies customers can continue to access your remote workspace while your DNS records are propagating, which might take up to several hours.

You may use it to track the performance of your remote workspace, add media assets, and detect and resolve any issues that prevent users from accessing your organization’s online assets. Even if you’re a small company, you need to protect your interests while promoting productivity and efficiency.

It is sometimes required to preview the remote workspace before assigning the web address to the host and releasing it on the internet. A dedicated IP address allows you to connect to the host without modifying the DNS servers for the web domain.

Enhance Remote Workspace Performance

The length of time required for remote workspaces to download from hosting systems and show in users’ internet browsers is called remote workspace performance. It creates the first perception of your remote workspace and organization, leading to healthy work culture and high productivity.

If your cloud has connection issues, your remote employees will find it challenging to submit their tasks or collaborate with other team members. This will reduce your overall productivity and increase employee dissatisfaction. Therefore, you need a dedicated IP to retain the speed of your remote workspace by sharing the IP address with the required employees who need to carry out daily tasks.

With a unique IP address, you can navigate to a web address that immediately brings up the remote workspace’s content. However, a dedicated IP address is not the sole element influencing the performance of the remote workspace; it does increase speed since the host does not have to browse through many other domains.

Protect Yourself From Internal and External Threats

A dedicated IP keeps your network protects your remote workspace from intruders as it keeps your traffic anonymous. If you use a business VPN, you can encrypt the data transfer to keep it inaccessible from users outside of your network. Additionally, you can define permissions to monitor network usage and detect unauthorized data access attempts. Your IT team can also create a list of authorized IPs that can access your remote resources to carry out their daily tasks while staying protected.


A dedicated IP is an excellent internet protocol that helps companies increase remote workspace security through a unique domain name and address. It allows users to create a specific remote workspace address that you can only access by mentioning its true name or address. Due to multiple advantages, companies can rely on dedicated IP for better remote workspace performance and accessibility.

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