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10 Best Construction Estimating Software In 2023

Construction Estimating Software

This post will explain construction estimating software. Businesses in the construction industry are in a unique position to serve customers and clients. These small enterprises must not only produce the desired outcome but also accurately predict what will happen next. Estimating is important early on in the ideation and project conception process.

Estimates assist construction companies in providing a reasonable prediction of the approach and completion of a new project. Estimating software saves significant time and resources because manual estimations can be tiresome and time-consuming.

Fortunately, the construction sector has no trouble finding estimating software. We’ll outline our top picks in this guide to assist your company’s estimation process.

How does estimating software work?

Contractors and organisations can automate the estimation process to submit bids for certain projects with the aid of estimating software, a sort of computer programme.

Paper copies, spreadsheets, and manual calculations are common in traditional techniques of writing estimates. Estimates are used by a variety of business kinds to introduce prospective clients to new initiatives.

Business owners discuss labour prices, materials, schedules, and delivery dates while estimating a project. Business owners can streamline the bidding process utilising simple software solutions by adopting estimating software to replace past manual processes and computations.

Benefits of Using Software for Estimating

Although some small firms can insist on using outdated techniques, there are a number of benefits to employing estimating software. Benefits can significantly impact a construction company’s ability to secure new contracts.

Software might affect how clients are acquired. Clients may be more likely to accept a project bid that appears expert, accurate, and thorough. The likelihood of concurrent projects per client can be increased by this benefit.

The Top 10 Construction Project Estimating Software

In this article, you can know about construction estimating software here are the details below;

Fortunately, there is now widespread access to construction estimation software. The majority of specialist solutions are often reasonable, and some even offer free use up to a particular threshold. Other options provide tailored pricing for companies with specific requirements.

If you own a construction business & are unsure of which option is best for you, we’ve whittled the list down to 10 options that offer cutting-edge capabilities for producing expert estimates.

1.  FreshBooks


With small business users in more than 120 countries worldwide, FreshBooks is a wise choice for construction estimation software. The estimating tools in FreshBooks are essential for construction enterprises, despite the fact that it is also a complete accounting software solution. Also check ivr software

Small company customers of FreshBooks can:

Construction industry experts require software that is user-friendly, adaptable, and distinctive. FreshBooks delivers all of these features in addition to many others.



For companies of any size, STACK is a software application for construction estimating and takeoff. The capacity to estimate the amount of material required to finish any given task is known as construction takeoff. Along with powerful cloud-based options for creating and sending fresh estimations, this functionality benefits STACK users.

Additionally, STACK serves a wide range of clients and customers in the construction industry. Suppliers, general contractors, home builders, and subcontractors are all included in this. This software is a great option because it has the capacity to compute numerous metrics from numerous angles.

3. ProEST


In the global construction business, ProEST is one of the top estimating and cloud-based takeoff software solutions. This tool is primarily intended for project management. As a result, ProEST provides a variety of adaptable and strong integrations to further streamline the entire business cycle.

To assist business owners in enhancing this area of their operations, ProEST also provides a library of information for construction estimating. ProEST enables users to recognise how effective estimating techniques can affect and alter the path of an entire business model, from corporate planning to profit margins to resource management.

4. Esticom


Another cloud-based tool for construction takeoff and estimating is Esticom. The features of Esticom encourage real-time access to business KPIs and a current view of new bids or projects. The goal is to reduce dependency on time-consuming Excel spreadsheets and paper business plans, both of which can reduce productivity.

Small enterprises and other kinds of construction contractors are served by Esticom. Painters, HVAC experts, electricians, and plumbers are included in this.

5. Builder Trend

Builder Trend

Builder Trend is a piece of estimating software designed with home builders, renovators, and remodelers in mind. When it comes to construction projects, these specialists have particular requirements, such as needing to know the fair footage and age of a property in relation to demolition and structural modifications. Also check edi software

The estimating software is housed in Builder Trend’s pre-sales suite. Users may manage leads, place bids on new construction projects, run email marketing campaigns, and engage in business collaborations swiftly with this suite of tools.

6. The construction foreman

The construction foreman

Small company contractors who require an intuitive platform for managing construction projects will find an economical answer in Contractor Foreman. Plans at Contractor Foreman start at at $49/month after a free 30-day trial (a lower amount than most comparable services).

The ability to develop and send expert estimates is one of the platform’s more than 30 capabilities and integrations. The customer support team and extensive knowledge base make it simple to get started while using this software for the first time.

7. Projul


A software company called Projul is dedicated to streamlining the construction industry. The platform and user experience were created for small businesses and organisations with less than 50 employees in mind.

Users can quickly and accurately create project proposals, and they can copy and repeat their work to save time. Additionally, Projul assists companies in hiding markup prices from prospective clients and customers.

8. Clear Estimates

Clear Estimates

Clear Estimates is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a platform that focuses solely on estimates (rather than having a large list of additional capabilities). It’s also a cost-effective option for smaller contractors, with plans starting at $59/month without a commitment.

The fact that Clear Estimates generates supply and material costs depending on geography using data from RemodelMAX is one of its key advantages. Customers can obtain the most precise estimate based on their location thanks to the large variety of data that is available.

9. Sage Estimating

Sage Estimating

A software platform called Sage Estimating aids construction companies in increasing their bid-to-won ratio. Pre-construction bidding uses artificial intelligence and significant industry data to produce the most precise estimations. Not only does this boost efficiency, but it also gives clients more precise information about their particular needs.

Additionally, Sage Estimating includes tools for choosing vendors, getting quotations from subcontractors, placing orders, and monitoring construction costs. Users who want a complete understanding of the process can sync these information with estimates.

10. SimPRO


SimPRO, a cloud-based alternative, offers dependability, adaptability, and simplicity of use. The integrated estimating tools support firms in creating precise quotes and communicating them to potential customers in an easy and transparent manner. Also check work order software

SimPRO is a particularly wise option for companies that depend on field personnel. SimPRO can be used on the go by staff members to provide potential clients with quick estimates that are accurate. By eliminating the time lag present in a more conventional estimation procedure that depends on human computations and back-and-forth communication, this flexibility enhances conversion.

Why Is Cloud Computing Important?

Make sure you comprehend the flexibility and security of each software solution if your corporation relies on producing thorough estimates. The best options are cloud-based tools since they let you create estimates whether you’re at your desk or on a job site. This ease makes sure that your company never loses a chance to inform a prospective customer.

Data stored in the cloud is even encrypted, providing top-notch security features and protection. Clients benefit from knowing their information is secure and safe, and you get real-time access to your estimating programmes.

Determine your special business Need.

Make sure you have a solid knowledge of your organisation and its particular requirements before deciding on any of the aforementioned software options. Being realistic will help to guarantee that your decision is supported by accurate information and that the proposed solution achieves the desired result.

Set aside time to respond to the following questions before selecting construction estimating software.

What essential cooperation tools are there? It’s improbable that only one person is involved in the estimating process, even though that person may have the job. Select software that encourages departmental cooperation and oversight where it is required.

Tips for using Construction Software:

One piece of the puzzle is giving potential consumers accurate estimates on time. The following suggestions should be kept in mind when utilising estimating software.

Key Takeaways

For small enterprises, home contractors, and specialty contractors alike, cost estimates for construction are crucial. To handle such a crucial phase in the client signing process, many of these experts want an all-in-one solution. It’s challenging to preserve expenses and labour hours while still providing top-notch customer service without reliable projections.

The best software is frequently determined by your company’s needs, your budget, and your preferences for extra features. Once you’ve identified each client’s preferences and objectives, obtain a competitive edge by employing contemporary software to produce estimates that both you and your clients will value.

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