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12 Best Online Cartoon Streaming Sites To Watch Cartoons

Are you bored at home on lockdown days with nothing to do? Perhaps you can watch cartoons online for free to pass the time at home; today, I’ll provide a list of the best free cartoon streaming sites. Check to see if your internet connection is working properly.

With the best cartoon streaming sites services, you can relive your youth. All of your favorite cartoon characters may be found on these cartoon streaming sites. The cartoons are just as entertaining as they were before. That was the period when you were full of energy and had little to worry about. You know what they say about good things never-ending.

Kid-friendly material is among the most profitable that has ever been made available to the public. If you have children and need some time away from them, cartoon streaming sites may be your finest babysitter.

There are so many cartoon streaming sites out there that you must not only find the most trustworthy site but the safest one. Adults like the cartoon just as much as children. Fortunately, we are here to assist you. Here is our list of the best free cartoon streaming sites.



As long-time South Park fans, we had to include this in our piece. While we all know that South Park isn’t really suitable for children, adults may have a great time watching it. If you’re unfamiliar with South Park, it’s a cartoon about four young boys and their strange lifestyles.

The program contains a lot of material that some people find objectionable. From the first season to the most recent, South Park Studious offers a complete list of episodes. It includes feature clips and compilations from the full duration of the series. Unfortunately, it appears that the website is only available to persons in the United States. If you are not in the United States, the contents may be unavailable.


Netflix is everyone’s favorite streaming platform, and while it does not specialize in cartoons, there are cartoon streaming sites to watch on Netflix. As one of the first media streaming services, it was a forerunner in the field. The number of options available is dizzying.

If you already have a Netflix membership, you may as well let your kids watch cartoons on it. You can also establish a second Netflix profile for your child and enable the kid-friendly setting so that your child may only watch episodes that are appropriate for his or her age.

Netflix features a number of original series that are only available on the platform, and with recent releases like The Witcher, The King, and The Irishman, it’s a fantastic time to be a member.


Cartoon Network features some of the greatest cartoons available. The site is incredibly simple to use; you’ll be able to discover the program you’re looking for in no time. Cartoon Network offers more than just your favorite cartoon shows; there are free games and cartoon streaming sites to enjoy. You can have your kids watch Cartoon Network for hours and never run out of programming and games.


Watchcartoononline.CC is a website where you may watch free online cartoons. I would definitely recommend it if you enjoy viewing anime or cartoons with Dubbed. Because they offer it, and the bulk of cartoons and anime are available in English. You may watch free animations on this website. Do you need to sign up? There is no need for registration or memberships because it is completely free.


Funimation Now specializes in Japanese animation. We’re confident you’re already aware of anime and know what kinds of shows you like. With a single click, you may watch all of your anime’s most recent episodes.

There is a free trial that you may take advantage of, and the monthly fee is quite inexpensive compared to most other services. Funimation Now is available on Android and iOS devices, and Amazon FireTV, APP TV, Xbox One, and Windows. You may improve your experience even more by streaming it to your TV using Google Chromecast at home.


ToonJet is another famous website where you can watch classic cartoons online for free. If you enjoy watching vintage or old cartoons, this is the place for you. Many popular cartoon series, such as Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Looney Tunes, and Popeye, are accessible for free online streaming on this website. The good news is that you don’t have to sign up to watch any cartoon show online.


They have to be among the legal cartoon streaming sites because they are the largest anime streaming platform in the world, or at least in the western world. If you enjoy Japanese manga and animation, Crunchyroll should be your primary source of pleasure.
You may test Crunchyroll for free and watch past episodes and some complete episodes as a guest with advertisements, or you can pay for their service and enjoy everything without any commercials.

Their content is available in excellent resolution, so even the most ardent fans will be delighted. Anime may be streamed to a variety of media devices, including phones, tablets, and desktop computers. The Crunchyroll community is quite large; you may connect with the community and discuss Japanese comics and animation.


It seems to reason that YouTube should be included on our list of the top legal cartoon streaming sites. Google owns YouTube, which has one of the largest online audiences ever. You may watch a variety of content, including cartoons, on this website.

We’re confident everyone knows how to utilize YouTube, where you can quickly locate whatever type of video you’re looking for. To begin, seek any legitimate cartoon networks. If you wish to upgrade to a premium service, consider YouTube Red, which provides ad-free access to video content.


Hulu is another major online streaming service rival. Hulu provides a free trial and a low monthly fee of $6. By subscribing, you may access all original Hulu content, including sports, movies, TV shows, and, of course, cartoons and animations. Hulu has been around for a while and will undoubtedly continue to improve its service. That concludes our list of the top legal cartoon streaming sites.


Amazon Prime is a formidable competitor to Netflix. Amazon recognized an opportunity to compete with other cartoon streaming sites and was successful in doing so. Amazon charges $0.99 per month for their service, and there is a free 30-day trial period.

You may make it more worthwhile by using their Amazon Prime service. By utilizing Amazon Prime, you will not only be able to enjoy their streaming service, but also all other Amazon services, as well as receive advantages such as free delivery on anything purchased from Amazon.


Nickelodeon deserves to be on our list of legal cartoon streaming sites. Nickelodeon includes everything, from the most popular cartoon Spongebob Squarepants to another popular series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Like Disney Junior, Nickelodeon is highly bright and vibrant and can catch every kid’s interest.

Nickelodeon provides a large selection of complete and short episodes and title-specific games that anybody may play. We are confident that you will not be disappointed with Nickelodeon.


Disney, being the behemoth of cartoon material, is without a doubt one of the legal cartoon streaming sites you can attempt. If you’re familiar with the Disney Junior channel on cable, this channel features a plethora of popular cartoons.

The site is intended for children and adults who wish to watch cartoons, ranging from the most popular to the most obscure. If you want your children to remain quiet and not run about, show them Disney Junior; the colors alone will capture their attention.


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