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Best 20 Call To Action Examples & Ideas

call to action examples

This post will explain call to action examples. A call-to-action (CTA) is a button or a small sentence; usually, smaller elements are considered irrelevant as compared to other elements of your website or business, but that is untrue when it comes to CTA. This button, small sentence, or even a word for that matter, is an element that determines your customers’ actions.

You might have tons of traffic on your website, but your sales and conversions graph might stay flat regardless of this traffic. Without your customers taking action, such traffic is incomplete in a way.

Every marketing professional wants their target customers to take specific desired and measurable actions; CTA is mostly the way to get this to fruition.

Best 20 Call To Action Examples & Ideas

In this article, you can know about call to action examples here are the details below;

How CTA Works

To understand it better, let us explore these essential components that combine to form a compelling CTA that increases conversion:

  1. Actionable text and tone: Based on your target audience and the goal of designing a CTA, you must decide the tone of the text. For the most part, using command verbs such as ‘get,’ ‘buy,’ and ‘register,’ are safe and effective.
  2. Instant gratification: If your potential customer is taking time to provide you with any information or action, it is important to give them the proposed value right away and not lead them to a page that says ‘you will receive your offer in 2-4 business days.’
  3. Exceptional design: Contrasting the color of a CTA button with the rest of the page or font color can highlight your CTA more than a dull color. Also, the shape of your CTA (if in a button) is an important factor to consider. For instance, if your brand is in the skincare industry, a sharp-cornered square shape might not be the best option for your CTA.
  4. Placement and Clarity: Your CTA is where all the action happens. Thus, it needs to be distributed evenly throughout the page and its placement should be highlighted (perhaps, by using negative space around it). Also, clarity in customer benefits can facilitate the whole process more smoothly.

Now that we understand that there are certain components that play a role in the effectiveness of your CTA, let us go through the best CTA examples for a better understanding and inspiration.

1. Home Page CTA, By Dropbox

Company: A renowned American company that helps its customers with file hosting, file storage, and file synchronization. Also check timeboxing tools and apps

CTA: This home page CTA talks about what Dropbox has to offer to its customers through its clear headline ‘Keep life organized.’ With its blue-colored CTA button that matches the Dropbox logo color, Dropbox calls potential customers to explore Dropbox as it suits them by giving them options in the form of ‘Find the plan for you.’

What makes it effective: As you scroll through the Dropbox website, you will see that its home page starts with a CTA button, ‘Find the plan for you,’ and ends with the same CTA button. This consistency is a thoughtful approach by Dropbox to make its home page a journey for its target customers where they can either directly choose their plan or read further and decide accordingly.

2. Facebook Ad CTA, By Project Repat

Company: A US-based company that takes custom clothing to a more customized level and offers t-shirt quilts.

CTA: This Facebook CTA includes all the ingredients that make an effective call-to-action. Everything about this call-to-action is quite simple yet strong. The primary information ‘T-shirt Quilts and Blankets from Project Repat’ is made quite clear, and so is the direct CTA button ‘Shop Now.’

What makes it effective: It attracts Project Repeat’s target customers by stirring a relevant emotion in them, and by including a video of a happy customer, Project Repat not only created a connection with customers but also strengthened its credibility.

The two most important elements of the CTA, ‘T-shirt Quilts’ and ‘Shop Now,’ are combined to help target customers reach the pre-decided goal of this Facebook CTA.

3. Pop-Up CTA, By OptinMonster

Company: A well-known company that excels at helping customers with visitor-to-lead conversions.

CTA: Similar to Project Repat, this CTA creates relevancy between the target customer and the brand with its ‘Your visitors do exactly what you did.’ It gives its target customers reassurance that OptinMonster understands what their customers face and has a solution for the same.

What makes it effective: All the colors work perfectly to highlight each section. OptinMonster managed to include its logo in the CTA, provide clarity in terms of the offer ‘Save 35% or more,’ and underlined the discount again.

4. Email CTA, By Ixigo

Company: An Indian AI-friendly online travel portal that helps with affordable travel bookings.

CTA: While there seem to be 3 clickable call-to-action buttons, there are many CTAs distributed throughout the page: ‘New,’ ‘12% off up to Rs.1000,’ ‘10% cashback,’ etc. The colors of all CTAs are quite contrasting, which allows the target customers to explore a CTA that fits their needs; if they want to explore, there is an option to ‘Know More,’ and similarly, there is also an option for direct booking.

What makes it effective: Starting the CTA straight away with the offer – and a clear offer ‘Flat 12% Off On 1st Flight’ is a way to tell customers why they should go ahead and read it further, as it brings the discount to the forefront of ixigo’s customers’ minds.

5. Footer CTA, By HubSpot

Company: A widely known company that provides products that help in marketing, sales, and customer relationships.

CTA: HubSpot has had a strong and consistent color palette for quite a long-time now. This CTA shows that aligning brand identity elements (font style and color) is crucial to stir that credibility that HubSpot has earned over the years.

Also, every element of this CTA: email input box, CTA buttons that straightaway says ‘Subscribe,’ and heading is working together to let HubSpot’s customers know what they can expect.

What makes it worth: CTAs – especially footer CTAs – can sound pushy when written in the wrong tone, but this HubSpot CTA uses an educational approach and shows that its target customers will genuinely receive valuable knowledge in the areas they want.

6. Home Page CTA, By Peloton

Company: A fitness company that connects the world through technology and design.

CTA: When you look at this CTA, it is very likely that its price will grab your attention instantly. That shows that it is a good CTA, as the target customers of Peloton get to focus exactly on the benefit that Peloton is providing.

Also, its authenticity ‘Plus delivery and setup ($350)’ and ‘Peloton All-Access Membership separate’ win the hearts of potential users who value transparency.

What makes it effective: There are multiple CTAs in the form of sliders on the Peloton website, which is difficult but very wholesome as well. It opens the doors for different users to engage and take action on the same page, but also there is custom content for all as different CTA have different content (visual and text).

7. Pop-Up CTA, By MOO

Company: A company that leverages technology and design to help businesses look great.

CTA: The headline of this CTA is quite straightforward, as it clearly speaks to customers who are ‘New to MOO.’ By adding ‘Get free shipping to the headline, MOO ensures that its customers do not necessarily have to read it further, and they can go ahead in no time.

Nonetheless, MOO clarified the offer details by giving the minimum amount to spend to get the offer (free shipping).

What makes it effective: It is refreshing to come across a CTA where the input field and CTA button are not separate. Here, a right-facing arrow does the job. Unlike many CTAs, this CTA is very easy on the eyes and on-point for customers’ convenience.

8. Footer CTA, Ugmonk

Company: A Pennsylvanian design studio that curates functional and minimalist products.

CTA: Aligned with Ugmonk’s product design style, this CTA is quite minimalist and modern. Though it is very direct and to-the-point, there is a certain flair of creativity in terms of content (such as ‘Get the inside scoop’ and ‘5 Things I’m digging’) as well as color-contrasting. Also check prtg alternatives

What makes it effective: A footer CTA is a part of most of the websites we come across. However, unlike email CTAs and pop-up CTAs, Ugmonk’s target customers do not come across its footer CTA without landing on Ugmonk’s website. This shows that those target customers are already looking for a reason to engage with Ugmonk; thus, a simple footer CTA has a good chance of doing the job.

9. Email CTA, By EazyDiner

Company: A well-known Indian company that allows its customers to book a table at restaurants and get hefty discounts while doing so.

CTA: Here, color is playing quite a major role. As the offer is in association with Axis Bank, the color contrast is done along similar lines. Also, including the logos Axis Bank and EazyDiner at the top makes it clear that it is for customers who are Axis Bank users as well.

What makes it effective: Adding an image where people are on a cricket ground, and using a made-up word that targets ‘cricket’ and ‘eaters’ are all clear and creative ways to encourage EazyDiner’s target customers to grab the offer. With such clarity and creativity, the chances of a high degree of conversions definitely seem quite good.

10. Home Page CTA, Hulu

Company: A content subscription streaming platform for the American audience, majority-owned by Walt-Disney.

CTA: This CTA is strategically designed with an appeal denoting abundance by using the phrase ‘Get The Disney Bundle.’ Below that, Hulu gives another option with a CTA button saying, ‘Sign up for Hulu only.’

This is a legitimate example of a CTA where target customers get a choice, but the CTA is designed in a manner that highlights the action that Hulu wants its target customers to take.

What makes it effective: With a background of popular and trending content, Hulu gives us a peak that tells us what we can expect upon signing up.

The placement of the Hulu logo is also quite subtle yet noticeable. This extends as the logos of Disney and ESPN are placed right next to it in white color. It is perfect to ensure its target customers that subscribing to Hulu will fulfill all their content streaming requirements.

11. Facebook CTA, Coursera

Company: A United States-based company that provides open courses, certifications, and degrees.

CTA: The image in this CTA potentially speaks louder than a detailed 20-page description of this course. In the first instance, as Coursera’s target customers come across ‘Coursera | Google’ it shows Google’s association with the course and increases its credibility; so does the 4.8 ratings by 24,320 customers.

What makes it effective: Social media is a space where people are mostly scrolling (and rarely looking for a solution to a problem); thus, a CTA should be formed while keeping it in check. Coursera does an excellent job at keeping it short and clear at the same time.

Also, the ‘Learn More’ CTA button is perfect to encourage Coursera’s target customers to explore the course but does not seem like an aggressive sales technique.

12. Footer CTA, By Beauhurst

Company: A data-centric company that helps businesses track companies, funds, and accelerators.

CTA: Color contrast is one of the most essential elements of a well-designed CTA. Be that as it may, this footer CTA shows that color contrast can also work with colors in the same color family or different shades of the same color.

Besides color, the capital and bold font used to create this CTA represents how sure Beauhurst is in its services.

What makes it effective: This CTA is a great example of how a single-sentence CTA with a clear button can be as effective as a long scrollable CTA with several CTA buttons. Also, the tone of this footer CTA is very direct and confident, which shows that Beauhurst means business.

13. Pop-Up CTA, By Pampers

Company: A company marketed by P&G that is known for its toddler and baby products.

CTA: On the design front, this pop-up CTA has it all: an image showing what the Pampers application is about, negative space around the CTA button, color contrast, and clearly laid out benefits ‘Promo code’ and ‘Flat 50%.’

Also, adding ‘New’ to this CTA not only tells existing customers that it is a newly launched application for their convenience but also stirs a feeling of trying something new among Pampers’ customers.

What makes it effective: As a company that makes products for babies, being playful with its CTA is one of the best ways to tell its target users (such as parents and guardians) that Pampers values the comfort of babies. With a simple ‘Download the App Now’ CTA button, this clear pop-up CTA has everything laid out very clearly.

14. Referral Page CTA, By Casper

Company: An e-commerce company that is known for its quality sleep products.

CTA: When you reach the Casper website footer section, you will come across many hyperlinked subsections, which you may or may not want to explore.

Here, I would like to highlight not only a great referral offer but also the way it is portrayed with an image that speaks the word “friendship,” a well-thought CTA button that says ‘Start Sharing,’ clear font which is used in bold in places it is required, and an excellent color palette that induces gratification.

What makes it effective: This referral page CTA is not only intriguing but also wholesome. You get two different options of referral: mattress and pillows, and the information regarding both are crystal clear. Below the CTA button, the Casper team has also slid the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and questions section in the CTA.

15. Home Page CTA, By Tiffany And Co.

Company: An American luxury jewelry brand that also sells personal accessories.

CTA: The first look at this CTA and you can tell it is about mothers: a mother-child image and ‘love your mothers’ in bold font says it all. You can also feel a personal connection to this CTA as Tiffany and Co. tells who the people are in the image ‘Devyn with her son, Cassius.’

What makes it effective: When you notice it closely, you will see that the mother-child image is slightly bigger than the pendant on the right. This shows that Tiffany and Co. is pursuing a more emotional connection with their target customers.

The CTA portrays that it is more about Mother’s Day and less about jewelry (which will encourage its target customers, even more, to engage with the brand given their thoughtful intentions).

16. Email CTA, By Myntra

Company: A renowned Indian fashion e-commerce giant (now acquired by Flipkart).

CTA: After every section of this email, there is a CTA button saying ‘Shop Now,’ which is not very pushy but is also inviting at the same time. Also, the creativity in terms of content, for instance, ‘Take a Look Right Now’ and ‘For The Love of Lavender,’ creates an encouraging tone to the entire email.

What makes it effective: As this email is relatively long, Myntra added multiple CTA buttons (and hyperlinks) which bring convenience to customers, ultimately increasing conversions. With email marketing being one of the most important marketing strategies, Myntra understands how to leverage the combined power of CTA and email marketing.

In this CTA, Myntra also shows the power of the target market as it focuses mostly on lavender-colored items, which might be directly targeted at some customers but do not exclude others.

17. Footer CTA, ManyChat

Company: A US-based company that helps businesses grow by providing tools for better relationships and automation for conversions.

CTA: While there is one CTA button that says ‘Get Started Free,’ there are numerous action-oriented words in this CTA (such as ‘free,’ ‘easy,’ and ‘proven to get results’) that encourage ManyChat’s target customers to give it a shot.

What makes it effective: Similar to Ugmonk, this ManyChat CTA is short yet descriptive. It shows perfectly how to convey your message, your CTA value proposition, and customer benefits in a few words. Its yellow-colored is a good choice to make the CTA button noticeable.

18. Facebook CTA, By Adobe

Company: An American multinational computer software company that is widely known for its design tools.

CTA: This CTA is one of the most effective, easy-to-understand, and attention-grabbing CTAs I have come across. Notice that there is only a 2-sentenced description associated with this Facebook CTA, but with a headline that strongly says ‘Students save up to 60% off,’ this is one of the most well-designed CTAs.

What makes it effective: Association with an influencer (over that, as established as Billie Eilish) definitely gives companies and their CTAs an added benefit. Besides that, all the elements of this Adobe CTA inspire Adobe’s target customers to take action and even give them a little, creative, and inspirational tip within the ‘what-if’ approach.

19. Referral Page CTA, By Thrive Causemetics

Company: A luxury, high-performing cosmetics based in California.

CTA: Adding an image (or any visual element for that matter) to a CTA is known to bring additional benefits to it. To top it off, adding ‘Refer a Friend’ and highlighting clarity is certainly doing the job. The sub-heading is also very clear on what the offer is on what purchase.

What makes it effective: This makeup brand uses sustainable practices and also donates to women for each product they sell. This referral CTA ‘Give $10, Get $10’ works wonderfully when you put a helping spin to it, knowing about the cause at Thrive Causemetics.

Their customers – and even potential customers – must get encouraged to share the word; especially when the content of the CTA is not a salesy gimmick but an authentic win-win scenario for customers.

20. Pop-Up CTA, By Italic

Company: A member-only premium clothing company that does not work on a label basis and keeps products affordable.

CTA: This CTA gives Italic’s target customers a variety of options and areas to engage with it. With a very light color around it, a solid-colored black CTA cannot go unnoticed.

What makes it effective: As Italic has a range of products for men and women, including an option to select product preference via this pop-up CTA is quite a smart move on Italic’s end. Also, for target customers who do not want to subscribe but want to log in, Italic gives an option of doing so at the end of this CTA.


You must have come across imperative or requests in the form of CTA, such as ‘Sign Up Today,’ ‘Get Your Free Demo Here,’ ‘Buy Now,’ etc. If most of the companies are using these, then why are all these companies not equally established and successful in their conversions?

A CTA is not merely about throwing words or information at your potential customers; it is about expressing to them how clicking on your CTA is the best possible option among the crowd of many options they have.

With these 20 best CTA examples, you have a lot of creative CTA ground to explore and used to design your CTA.

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