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Best 12 Businesses to Start in an Economic Downturn

businesses to start in economic downturn

This post will explain businesses to start in economic downturn. An economic downturn can make it seem as though everything is coming to an end. Market meltdowns, business failures, or the elimination of entire departments are the subjects of every news story. There has been a fantastic deal of anxiety worldwide. The good news is that each financial crisis presents its own set of chances.

In order to inspire entrepreneurs to start businesses now. Yes, that’s right—during a recession. After all, many of the most well-known businesses in the world were established during economic downturns. That includes, to mention a few, Trader Joe’s, HP, Burger King, and Microsoft.

You could possibly start a business that transforms your life and career if you’re ready to take a small risk and gamble on yourself.

Businesses that can weather a recession have two qualities.

Go back to the fundamentals. In a downturn, many people cut back on their spending. They spend less on luxuries and concentrate more on necessities. That means during a recession, businesses that cater to our most basic needs, such as food, shelter, and safety, tend to be the most profitable.

Best 12 Businesses to Start in an Economic Downturn

In this article, you can know about businesses to start in economic downturn here are the details below;

Think about accessibility. When circumstances become threatening, many individuals try to keep their money safe. If a person or organisation has more than one choice for fixing an issue, they will probably choose the less expensive one by default.

We’ve compiled a list of recession-proof company concepts along with suggestions for tools and other resources that can assist you. These are all one-time payments that eliminate the need to worry about ongoing costs.

Here are 12 businesses you can launch during a recession.

1. Freelancing

During an economic downturn, hiring often becomes more difficult. However, businesses must continue to take precautions. During a pandemic, a lot of businesses will stop employing full-time employees. However, they will keep using freelancers because of the flexibility they provide—a freelancer can work for however long is necessary on any given project. You might be able to start making money as a freelancer if you have a skill that is in high demand in the corporate world. Popular freelance services include the following:

Design for print

Website creation

Both copywriting and content creation



Community leadership

Image editing


There are two simple ways to begin working as a freelancer. Also check  automation tools

Contact those in your network who hold full-time jobs in positions that are related to your services. Contact those who work in marketing departments and agencies if you are a designer or copywriter.

Become a member of freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and others. Within minutes, you can set up a profile and start submitting bids for jobs.

Recommended tools

($49) Vollna

Want to quit browsing countless job listings on the internet? An AI-based aggregator called Vollna searches for freelance jobs on the best freelance sites and notifies you of opportunities that match your expertise.

2. Agency

Agency owners, like independent contractors, have the freedom to continue serving their clients even when they aren’t on the team. In order to obtain the services they require without making a significant financial investment, a business that wants to maintain a lean operation during a recession may decide to outsource some of its projects to specialised organisations. This is another way for businesses to start in economic downturn.

Beginning an agency is different than starting a freelance business since agencies frequently take on bigger, more complex tasks. While agencies can manage whole branding updates or the introduction of unique apps for businesses, freelancers may assist with writing or developing duties on projects.

Teaming up to start an agency can be the ideal option for you if you already have a network of brilliant individuals with whom you enjoy working. To attract clients, be ready to present thorough portfolios and cite the outcomes of your earlier work. However, if you have a lot of connections and experience in your profession, opening your own agency could place you in a highly advantageous position with businesses that prioritise their bottom lines.

Many of the same criteria that apply to freelance services also apply to agencies. Here are a few suggestions for agencies that are in high demand:



Website creation



The internet

You might start by recruiting just independent contractors as an agency owner to lower your own hiring risk. As a result, you don’t have to take on as much risk as you might with full-time personnel, even if your customer demands change.

A freelancing business can be started similarly to an agency. Within your network or on freelance websites, you can frequently find your initial clients. Try attending a few local business gatherings as an additional recommendation. You never know when you might start a discussion with someone looking for a reputable agency.

Tool Recommendations

($49) GabMeet

Agency proprietors are constantly on the phone. With only one click, video and audio conference calls may be started with clients and team members using GabMeet. Best of all, there are no downloads essential for this Zoom substitute.

($75) SheerSEO

You want to make sure you’re ranking higher than your rivals as a growing agency. SheerSEO is an SEO platform that enables you to monitor the health of your site as well as analyse and improve your keyword and backlink strategy.


Even if you’re a new marketer, here’s how to start an agency.

You intend to start a business, then? There are 11 things that are important.

How to start a Successful Agency After Freelancing

3. Expense reduction Consultant

In a terrible economy, businesses must conserve funds and make better use of their resources, just like private individuals. Working with consultants who specialise in assisting huge firms to significantly reduce costs may be necessary in some cases. (As the phrase goes, you hold to spend cash in order to save money.)

This is another way for businesses to start in economic downturn. Lean logistics experts, for instance, focus on assisting businesses in performing more tasks with less resources. In order to avoid spending money on more tools than necessary, some technology consultants specialise in assisting businesses in creating the most of their current technology stack.

Finding software businesses that work with implementation partners, and then applying to be a recommended partner, is a common way to discover computer consulting jobs. Reaching out to the software businesses directly or setting up a profile on Upwork are the two best ways to find these gigs.

Tool Recommendations

Earnie ($29)

It takes a full-time job to create invoices, make bids, and handle accounts receivable. With Incomee, you can automatically send invoices to your clients for online payment within seconds, anticipate your monthly earnings, and understand the status of your accounts receivable.

($79) Samdock

Looking for a CRM platform that is functional, easy to use, and actually intuitive? Small businesses may handle leads, customers, and tasks in a structured and effective way with Samdock CRM.

($69) Vizologi

Vizologi motivates you to generate ideas for brainstorming, gives you access to study knowledge, markets, and trends, and helps you design original and imaginative business strategies for your startup.


Information on Cost-Reduction Consultants

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4. Career Coach

Have you ever written a strong cover letter? Do you know the formula for crafting winning resumes? People frequently encounter difficulties in finding employment or advancing in their careers during a recession.

Despite the situation of the economy, many people still desire to advance their careers and improve their standard of living. Start a career counselling business to assist people in getting promotions, finding new employment, or securing their next position.

Working with people who haven’t had a job in years, if not more than a decade, is likely. These people require assistance with creating strong cover letters, practising for interviews, and updating their resumes.

Using a programme like to help you, you may ensure that your own application materials stand out, or you can give clients formatting suggestions for their own files. Also check business tools

Try advertising your resume and career counselling services on LinkedIn or on websites like Upwork to find clients.

Recommended tools

$30 for a remedy

You can easily generate stunningly designed, ATS-ready papers that highlight your skills using Resoume, a resume, portfolio, and cover letter builder.


Eight Steps to Becoming a Career Coach

Guide to Career Coaching: How to Get Started (2022)

5. Create and sell information products

Even when the economizing is weak, people still need to learn. In fact, several individuals view the current economic climate as their chance to advance professionally. Investing more money in accessible professional development can be a fantastic idea this time of year. People desire to increase their skill sets so they can be more accessible to better and greater professional chances and less susceptible to being laid off. This is another way for businesses to start in economic downturn.

You might be able to discover opportunities to teach online if you have a set of transferable talents, such as any of the ones outlined in the section on freelancing. Here are a few concepts:

Provide private tutoring sessions

Offer ebooks in your area of expertise

Own courses that you sell

Corporate training is a different strategy. Businesses frequently spend money on group workshops to train their staff in a new skill. Workshops can be conducted live or virtually utilising simple webinar software. Bring the public your talents!

Recommended tools

($69) ProductDyno

A user-friendly content delivery mechanism is crucial for digital goods and courses. You may build and sell memberships, video courses, and digital products with the aid of ProductDyno. Utilize plugins to personalise your look and templates to expedite the process. It is that simple.


You can create nine information products in one afternoon.

Informational goods (beginner’s guide plus top selling concepts)

6. Start a Youtube channel, newsletter, podcast, or blog

Advertising is still necessary for businesses even in difficult economic times. Influencer marketing with content creator brands is another of the advertising mediums that is expanding the fastest. You might be able to make money by only selling ad space if you create a blog, YouTube channel, or newsletter that has a steady audience.

Adsense (or other ad networks) is used by YouTube and many blogs to establish seamless connections with potential sponsors. Usually, newsletter hosts have to go looking for their sponsors. In any case, you might be able to make a livelihood from ads if you have a faithful audience focused on a certain subject. This is another way for businesses to start in economic downturn.

Online platforms can be used for entertainment as well as instruction. The entertainment industry has the potential to be quite recession-proof. Fears of an economic downturn are driving many to seek retreat. If you produce a fun YouTube series or podcast, you might gather a sizable audience that enables you to make a respectable livelihood from adverts or upsells.

Tool Recommendations

For your podcast or YouTube channel:

Beginning Pack for YouTube

Start Your Podcast Library

For your blog or newsletter:

($49) SendFox

Email is the top lead generation channel for 89% of marketers. For independent contractors and content producers on a tight budget, SendFox is a need for email marketing. Unlimited customised emails may be created, scheduled, and automated in a lot less time.

(59) Writecream

There is no shame in asking your AI buddies for a little assistance when you are having writer’s block. Writecream is your secret weapon for producing content, including voice-overs, cold emails, and blog entries. Create a 1,000-word article in 30 seconds by using the AI Article Writer!


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7. Service-related tool

In this post, we’ve covered service businesses in great detail. That’s because service businesses have strong profit margins and only require a small number of customers, making them relatively resilient.

The majority of the work performed by freelancers, consultants, and agencies is completed in front of a computer. You can develop a sticky product that these service providers rely on if you develop necessary tools for these businesses, such as design and editing software.

What use is a writing business if its word processing programme is subpar? Without editing software, how much video editing could you accomplish?

This is another way for businesses to start in economic downturn. Build tools that enable other businesses, in other words. Meet with a few somebody in the enterprise you want to service before you start constructing a product from scratch. Learn about their requirements, problems, and business objectives. Use these discussions as a springboard to create the tools that service entrepreneurs actually require.

A software product’s launch necessitates a little more effort than some of these other business models. Listed below is a quick outline of how to get going:

Choose the issue you want to address.

To test the concept, create a minimum viable product.

The development of user-friendly software

Market to potential customers.

Recommended tools

($59) Nichesss

With a single click, Nichesss enables you to locate lucrative niches inside your target market. To acquire all the marketing resources you require for that topic, click one more button.


Easy Ways to Verify Your Business Idea

8. Lifetime deals on software

While we’re discussing SaaS, let’s look at another strategy for selecting the best tool to build: your monetization model.

Many businesses instantly begin reducing their unneeded recurrent costs when the economy is struggling. This means that if you provide a lifetime deal alternative to well-known business tools, you might be able to draw in incredible customers who have all recently cancelled their subscriptions to their previous software. Naturally, you might develop into a business that is more resilient to recessions than your rivals.

We now serve as an online marketplace for business owners. In the start, we offered software lifetime licences. By transitioning from subscription-based software to lifetime deals, we’ve seen numerous business owners save hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of dollars. Companies can purchase a tool once and use it for all time, rather than paying monthly fees perpetually for the software.

Start by investigating the most well-known online software industry before starting this firm. Look for sectors where monthly subscriptions are the norm. You may now create a comparable product and offer it as a lifetime deal.

Recommended tools

Blisk ($59)

Make certain your app is functioning appropriately before launching it. Blisk is a browser that streamlines your productivity while assisting you in developing and testing web applications.

9. Commercial cleaning and maintenance

Even in times of economic crisis, there is a lot of money to be made in “boring” businesses. In this field, Codie Sanchez established a reputation for herself. When the economy is struggling, many families forsake luxury like housecleaning services. However, when it comes to cleaning, some businesses are at a loss for options. For them, keeping a spotless office or storefront is an essential expense associated with conducting business. This is another way for businesses to start in economic downturn.

In that situation, employing a frequent cleaning crew enables the company to keep up its immaculate appearance while providing employees with a welcoming workplace. Because of this, a bad economy can be a good time to start a commercial cleaning, lawn care, window washing, or maintenance company.

These businesses are very affordable to start. In fact, if you’re hesitant to risk money, look for clients first. You can even rent the necessary tools from a nearby hardware store as you market your services and attract a few customers. Once demand has been established, you can start getting the tools you require.

Recommended tools

CleanCal ($29)

You’ll want to organise your bookings and meetings as your clientele grows (congrats!). For easy, efficient scheduling and calendar management, use TidyCal. We adore the embeddable booking widget.


Seven Steps to start a Cleaning Business

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10. Same-Week home services

There are some household expenses that almost everyone will continue to cover, even when the economy collapses. The majority of them involve personal home emergencies.

HVAC, handymen, and plumbers help homeowners avoid emergencies. No matter how bad the economizing is, you call on these professionals as soon as your sink breaks and starts spewing water or your air conditioner stops working in the summer. Because of this, same-week home services specialists are constantly in high demand. It’s also the reason why these businesses succeed regardless of the state of the market.

The problem with this is that some of these professions need specific licences in order to operate. If you have a talent for construction and maintenance, you can learn about the certification procedure, follow the steps, and hopefully open your own company in a few months or years. This is another way for businesses to start in economic downturn.

Recommended tools

(89) Sellix

On the e-commerce platform Sellix, you can create a custom storefront and sell any kind of service or digital good.

(69) Refrens

The most boring and time-consuming tasks you must complete every day are typically invoices. Keeping track of clients, professionals, services, & prices can be exhausting. Refrens is a straightforward yet effective tool for managing invoices and client data.

$40 DottedSign

Use DottedSign to safely eSign contracts for purchases, leases, permission slips, and other things. Simply import your document, designate signers, and sign using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


An extensive manual for online service sales

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11. Repair Shop

This is another way for businesses to start in economic downturn. When money is scarce, people like to get better out of everyday home items. Families might not have the funding to constantly replace every little thing that hurts. When a phone, car, or laptop stops functioning during an financial downturn, individuals are additionally likely to seek rehabilitation rather of replacements. That’s why extending a repair shop for vehicles, client electronics, or home appliances can be a great recession-proof enterprise idea.

You can find your sooner clients within your network. Center on Facebook—or text a bunch of your friends—and ask if anyone requires their phone repaired. Once you get a few repairs underneath your belt, you can know skills like Facebook or Google ads to pay for local leads.

Recommended tools

ShortySMS ($19)

SMS is the next boundary of marketing channels. With ShortySMS, you can utilize text messages to engage & boost your top customers, clients, & leads.

System Repair Status ($89)

System Repair Group is an easy-to-use, repair law and GDPR-compliant software to record and track electronics, manage invoices, and more. To quote one analyst: “Perfect PC Repair tracker system for the solopreneur! Not overly complicated like some other tracking designs.”

12. Reselling goods

People still need essential goods like clothes & furniture during a downturn. But paying full price power be a no-go. When finances are tight, more people are ready to thrift shop for everyday commodities. Customers prioritise price.

If you have the talents to start quality in-demand items, you may be capable to start a flipping business. You can source items for free or inexpensive via garage sales & thrift stores, sell them online at a more elevated price, & profit from the distinction. Flippers commonly resell their conclusions on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, & Craigslist. This is another way for businesses to start in economic downturn.

The most useful way to succeed is to find a niche. Don’t try to flip everything. Go for results that you know inside and out. For example, if you know favored men’s clothing brands, you may be competent to find luxury items that other people would watch at a garage sale. With a periodic rate pictures and a nice description of the development, you can list the item online to turn a profit.

Recommended tools

Dukaan ($49)

If you’ve got stock to sell online, you’ll need a robust medium to do it. Dukaan is an ecommerce resolution that enables you complete an online store in seconds. Once you connect to a payment gateway & set up your plugins, you’ll be able to process amounts, manage shipments, and more!


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Find opportunity during an economic downturn

Some of the biggest business opportunities exist in the scariest markets. With a careful assessment of opportunities in your area and skill set, you may be able to turn the fear and pain of an economic downturn into an opportunity to build a powerful business.

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